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									                                         September 2010
William King Elementary School

A few things to think about . . .                                           Dates to Remember:

                                                                            Sept. 6 – Labour Day
Welcome to the 2010 – 2011 school year! The first day went very
                                                                            (no school)
smoothly, even with the heat, thanks to all the work the staff did
over the previous weeks in preparation – cleaning the school,               Sept. 7 – School
organizing classrooms, refining class lists, buying supplies, working       Picture Day
out schedules and adjusting their plans for the temperature. I have
been here long enough to know they are a very dedicated group of            Sept. 9 – Stand up
people. Thanks also to all the parents/guardians who prepared your          Against Bullying Day –
children for the first day – getting them up sooo early, having their       We encourage
clothes and lunches ready, buying their supplies, feeding them              everyone to wear pink
breakfast, getting them to the bus stop, calming their excitement or
possibly convincing them to go - working together we can help to            Sept. 23 – Curriculum
                                                                            Night and Ice Cream
make this year a successful one for each student.
                                                                            Social 6:30 - 7:30
                                                                            Welcome &
Communication                                                               introductions 6:30pm
Communication between school and home and home and school is
essential to the success of your child. A few things to think about…        Sept. 24 -
will be available the first week of each month, the school website will     Professional
have the most up-to-date information and the school sign will have          Development Day (no
important dates listed.                                                     classes for students)

Teachers will be sending home class notices to help keep you up-to-         Oct 11 – Thanksgiving
date on specific class activities. Students in grades 2 to 6 will be able   (no school)
to have the Home & School Connection. These agendas are valuable
                                                                            Please visit the calendar
for messages from school and/or home and help to keep students              on the website for the
organized. The cost of the agenda is $3.00. Thank you to Ms.                most up-to-date
Bowers for preparing the agenda and therefore allowing us to                information
provide the agendas at such a reasonable cost.

We are hoping you will be able to join us on the evening of
September 23rd at 6:30pm for Curriculum Night and Ice Cream
social. We will meet at 6:30 for a short welcome and staff
introductions, after which you are invited to visit the classrooms.
This is a great opportunity to find out where your children are headed
with their learning and a chance to meet those who are new to the
community and reconnect with others.

As always, there will be many opportunities to foster healthy
communication. If you wish to make an appointment with a teacher
or the administration please email or call ahead so that we can

ensure we will be available. If you have any concerns please let us
know so that together we can make sure issues are resolved as
quickly as possible.

Lunch Program
                                                                                School Hours:
All students have the opportunity to stay for lunch at no charge. This
year the lunch program will be offered in two shifts. The grade            8:25 – Entry Bell
primary – grade 2 students will go out from 12:00 – 12:20 then eat
their lunch from 12:25 – 12:45. The grade 3’s – grade 6’s will eat from    8:35 - Students are
12:00 – 12:20 and go out from 12:25 – 12:45. It is intended that the 5     considered late after 8:35
minute overlap will provide time for a smooth transition. The two          - please go to main office
shifts will allow students to have access to the playground equipment      for an attendance slip
and field during the lunch break. All students will eat lunch in the
cafeteria space which will allow friends who are in different classes to   10:10 -10:25 – Recess
socialize a little longer and ensure that the classroom environment is
                                                                           12:00 – 12:45 - Lunch
as clean as possible for both students and staff during the afternoon.
                                                                           2:00 - Dismissal for
For those families new to the area, although we have a cafeteria           Grade Primary – Grade 2
space, food is not currently being prepared for students to purchase.
Students must bring their lunch to school. There is no microwave to        2:25 – Dismissal for
heat food for students.                                                    Grade 3 – Grade 6

Safety Concerns
We have a number of students at William King who are allergic to
specific foods, especially nuts. Because all students will be eating in
the common area for lunch, William King is adopting the policy of
being a Nut Free School – similar to many other elementary schools
in the HRSB. Therefore, please send recess snacks and lunches that
contain only nut free products.

As well, we try to maintain a ‘scent free’ school. Strongly scented
products cause many children and adults to experience breathing
problems, dizziness and/or headaches. Please refrain from wearing
scented products when visiting the school.

The school driveway is for bus and staff use only. Please establish
the habit early in the year of parking on the street if you are visiting
the school or dropping off/picking-up children under your care. The
driveway policy remains in effect on inclement weather days as well.
Exceptions apply for students whose mobility is impaired for any
length of time. Parents of students in this situation are asked to
drop by the main office for a ‘driveway pass’. Thank you for helping
maintain a safe environment for the students at William King.

If you are visiting the school during the regular school day, please
drop by the main office for a visitor/volunteer badge. If you are
dropping off forgotten lunches, sneakers, book bags, assignments….,
which happens on occasion, please leave the item at the main office
and we will ensure it is received by the correct person.

School Pictures
Student photos will be taken on September 7th. You will receive
information regarding ordering photos in the very near future. A re-
take day will be announced at a later date.

Safe Arrival
Please call the ‘Safe Arrival’ line 479-4207 if your son or daughter will
not be attending school for all or part of the day.

                                                                            WKES Phone – 479-4200
                                                                            Safe Arrival – 479-4707
                                                                            WKES Fax – 479-4208
                                                                            Website –
                                                                            wke s .ed ne t .n s .ca
                                                                            Email –
                                                                            wke s @ed ne t .n s .c a

                                                                            Principal –
                                                                            Stephen Driscoll
                                                                            Vice Principal –
                                                                            Trevor McGowan
                                                                            Administrative Assistant –
                                                                            Hazel Bowers


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