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									Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                         July 19, 2004
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6.3    Activities and Revised Schedule
Acquisition activities and the corresponding schedule are as follows:
                        Activity                              Date/Time
Release RFP to Bidders                                           6/14/04
Bidder’s Conference – Bidder Attendance is                       6/25/04
Answers to Conference Questions                                   7/9/04
Last Date for Bidder Questions                                   7/16/04
Answers to Bidder Questions Posted to Procurement                7/23/04
Letter of Intent Due – Required                                  7/21/04
Proposals Due                                              8/16/04 2:00 PM
                                                         Pacific Daylight Time
Written Proposal Evaluation Period                         8/16/04 – 9/3/04
Key Staff Interviews/Reference Checks                      8/30/04 – 9/3/04
Technical Architecture Presentation/Interview              8/30/04 – 9/3/04
Notify Finalists of Demonstrations                                9/3/04
Bidder Demonstrations/Oral Presentations                   9/7/04 – 9/24/04
Announce Apparently Successful Vendor                            9/28/04
Hold Debriefings                                          See Section 7.3.4
Negotiate Contract                                        9/29/04 – 11/12/04
ASV Signs Contract                                              11/15/04
CMS Contract Review Period                                11/15/04 – 1/17/05
Finalize Work Plan                                       11/16/04 – 12/31/04
ASV Begins Work                                                  1/18/05
      Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                      July 19, 2004
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      Note: These DSHS Answers to Bidders’ Questions may only explain or clarify some aspect that is already addressed in
      the RFP. But some of the answers may also supplement or change what was previously stated in the RFP, or in an

      Therefore it is important that bidders review all questions and answers, and not just those that they may have submitted.

                Question                                                 DSHS Answer

1.7             Paragraph 3, last sentence states “Vendor will train     The state is requesting training in the use of the new system
                DSHS Staff to assume responsibility for business         components within the context of new business processes.
                operations.” Also see                          This would include training of all DSHS users of the new
                                                                         system components who perform the functions outlined in
                Please explain what type and to what level of            Section 1.4.
                training and in what business operation areas is the
                State requesting?
1.7             RE: “Additionally, the MMIS Re-Procurement Project       Currently four (4) full time business analysts are engaged in
                Office includes full-time, dedicated business analysts   this process along with several subject matter experts who
                to investigate and document current business rules,      participate in each of their program areas. This level of effort
                policies and practices regarding program                 is planned to continue throughout implementation but may
                parameters, provider enrollment and certification,       fluctuate to meet actual needs.
                rate setting, client eligibility determination, prior
                authorization, claims processing and payment, and
                reporting, to name a few.”

                How many dedicated State business analysts will be
                available during the implementation phases to
                support these processes?
2.10.1          "Review and acceptance…. Prior to development" –         The work plan will include agreed upon review and approval
                If the State is late with approvals, will appropriate    timeframes for each deliverable. If the state exceeds their
                adjustments to the work plan be allowed?                 review time and the result is an approved deliverable,
     Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                   July 19, 2004
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             Question                                                DSHS Answer
                                                                     adjustments will be made to the workplan. However, if the
             If the State is late with approvals, will appropriate   state finds deficiencies in the deliverable requiring contractor
             adjustments to the work plan be allowed? If no          correction and the review/fix/approve cycle exceeds the work
             adjustments to the work plan will be allowed, how       plan time frame. The deliverable will be considered late.
             does the State intend to address any problems or        Further description of the process is available in the RFP at
             issues that may arise due to the timing of the work     2.11 item 4.
             plan tasks being off because of the State's delay in
2.11         State requires that no lowest level task require        DSHS has determined to remove the 2 week maximum task
Item 3       longer than 2 weeks.                                    length requirement from the bidder’s proposed project plan.
                                                                     The bidder’s proposed work plan should be detailed enough
             Based on this requirement, we estimate there will be    to be obviously comprehensive in its scope and to
             13,000 tasks not including the necessary summary-       demonstrate the bidder’s understanding of the DDI work and
             level, milestone, and deliverable tasks. The            the bidder’s project planning skills and abilities.
             estimated number of pages to present this data
             would be 520 pages in length or 260 for two-sided

             We request the State consider eliminating
             requirement 3 for the proposal, with the
             understanding that the Detailed Work Plan updated
             and revised after contract award would have this
             required level of detail.
2.11         State requires a critical path diagram showing all      Yes, a standard Microsoft Project GANTT chart, with
Item 8       significant tasks/activities and inter-dependencies.    predecessor/ successor indications is acceptable. However,
                                                                     DSHS prefers submission of a single, large format chart
             Please confirm that a standard Microsoft Project        rather than a multiple, single page format. Note: this is an
             GANTT chart, with predecessor/ successor                exception to RFP Section 6.4.5, #6.
             indications is acceptable.
        Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                  July 19, 2004
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                Question                                               DSHS Answer
3.4.2           RE: “Ability to maintain a historical record of all    The intent of this requirement is to maintain a history of all
                changes made to any item within the system (e.g.       changes made to a particular data element within a record
                data element, business rule, process control,          (row) as well as changes made to any other system
                software program), the ID of the person or process     component i.e. business rules, software component, etc. that
                that made the change, before and after images of       are not represented as data elements within tables.
                the affected data records and the date and time the
                change was made.”

                This requirement taken literally could include
                massive reports and files of data to maintain
                historical records of all before and after images of
                changes to each piece of system data. Please verify
                that this is the intent of this requirement.
3.9.8           RE: ”Ability to access client information that is      This requirement refers to the fact the current MMIS stores
                currently stored in separate systems real time.”       data in separate subsystems (e.g. Recipient, Provider,
                                                                       Claims, etc.) depending on the data type. The future system
                What separate systems is this requirement referring    is required to provide real time access to all data whether it is
                to?                                                    stored in a single data structure or in many. Please refer to
                                                                       the first paragraph of narrative under 3.9.
3.13.3          "future rules as they become final" - upcoming         Yes, as stated in Bullet 2 “Activities to meet new or revised
                versions of existing HIPAA transactions and new        federal requirements”
                HIPAA transactions will require significant work.

                Is this work covered under systems enhancements
                in Section 2.5.3.?         In cases where the SSN is changed as part of           The identity of Foster Children and Protected Populations
                adoption, does the state wish the MMIS to maintain     (i.e., adopted children) needs to be protected according to
                the new one and cross-reference to the old?            Federal Law. These populations cannot be associated or
      Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                 July 19, 2004
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              Question                                               DSHS Answer
                                                                     linked back to their birth parents. That being said, the state
                                                                     needs the ability for authorized users to view historical
                                                                     records for a client, even if their name and social security
                                                                     number change as a result of adoption. However, access to
                                                                     this sensitive information must be limited to authorized
                                                                     individuals only. Only authorized users should be able to see
                                                                     the association between the pre- and post-adoption client so
                                                                     these authorized users can access historical payment
                                                                     information. The design details of how this is accomplished
                                                                     will need to be approved by the state. Under no
                                                                     circumstances can this information be co-mingled so that it
                                                                     inadvertently ends up in the wrong hands.      Please explain what types of threshold overrides       Although awkwardly worded, this requirement is intended to
              would be received from electronic files.               address the need to electronically perform mass or universal
                                                                     data updates to large volumes of MMIS records in an
                                                                     automated fashion avoiding extensive keying efforts when
                                                                     such data updates are required.
4.2           RE: Ideally, the modern MMIS will interface with the   There is currently one (1) licensing interface with DOH.
              Department of Health (DOH) to obtain provider          However, additional interfaces (2-3) will be required to
              credentialing and licensing information for medical    support access to licensing/credentialing data for social
              providers. In terms of social service providers, the   service providers.
              source of credentialing and licensing information
              varies by type of provider. However, the modern
              MMIS must support licensing for all types of           DSHS would like the vendor to provide a solution that would
              providers, regardless of the information source.       reduce the number of point to point interfaces. For example,
                                                                     licensing/credentialing data will come from multiple systems,
                                                                     all of which could have their own interface directly to the
              How many licensing interfaces currently exist?         MMIS. It is desirable to have all source systems feed a
              Please provide technical specifications for the        common middleware component that would subsequently
              method, data content and formats of the interfaces.
        Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                   July 19, 2004
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                Question                                                DSHS Answer
                                                                        send a single file to the MMIS.

                                                                        Data content and format of source data is not available at this
4.3.28          RE: “18. Effective dates for all items.”                Yes, all procedures codes added/updated must be effective
                Please verify whether ALL items must contain
                effective date capability.        "…currently store in other data repositories …" -       This refers to authorization data currently stored within social
                What other repositories?                                service case management systems i.e. CAMIS, and CARE
                                                                        as well as medical authorization data stored in a local Prior
                                                                        Auth database.        RE: ”Ability to capture PA data from an external       The requirement is to convert the incoming fax image into
                application (e.g. electronic fax submission, RightFax) data that automatically populates a PA request. The PA
                to automatically generate the PA request.”             request is then available for review by staff in the PA area to
                                                                       determine approval.
                Please verify whether this requirement is to develop
                an automated method to directly generate a PA from
                an electronic fax submission, or whether this
                requirement is to generate and route an event from
                the fax for review of the fax image and keying of a
4.5.5           RE: “Ability to process electronic claims (and PA)      In this requirement, the attachments are assumed to be
                attachments. The State needs to be able to link the     electronic images. These electronic attachments need to be
                transaction to the claim or PA and allow the            linked to the appropriate data and available for viewing and
                attachment to be viewed and modified on-line.”          annotating. The ability to modify images that were
                                                                        transmitted from the provider in an electronic format is not
     Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                        July 19, 2004
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             Question                                                    DSHS Answer
             Please verify that the State requires a method to           required.
             view and modify the content of the claim data online
             and NOT the PA attachments.
4.5.14       The requirement is to edit to prevent duplicate entry       Yes, it is an edit to prevent duplicate entry into the
             of electronic claims. Is it an edit to prevent entry into   adjudication system.
             the adjudication system?
4.6 Item 4   How long are the full 837 datasets to be retained?          Up to 10 years.      RE: “Ability to use data in any field on a claim to         “regardless of its data position” means wherever the data
             apply an audit regardless of its data position.”            resides on the individual claim record.

             Please clarify what is meant by “regardless of it’s
             data position”?     RE:” Ability to define audits based on the                  The external data sources include but are not limited to
             relationship between data fields on the claim,              claims history files, reference files such as procedure, drug,
             characteristics of the client, characteristics of the       diagnosis, DRG, provider files and recipient files. In the
             provider and other external data sources. “                 future MMIS these files may all be internal.

             Please define the number and describe the external
             data sources to be used to define audits.     RE: “Ability to define audits that are based on a           The external client eligibility system (ACES) captures the
             client’s pregnancy period.”                                 client’s expected date of delivery for pregnant clients. The
                                                                         data is received into the MMIS through a data interface.
             What is the source of the pregnancy information?     Re: ”Ability to apply user defined relationship edits       The external data sources include but are not limited to
             when building Prior Authorizations based on the             claims history files, reference files such as procedure, drug,
             relationship between data fields on the claim,              diagnosis, DRG, provider files and recipient files. In the
             characteristics of the client, characteristics of the       future MMIS these files may all be internal.
      Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                   July 19, 2004
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              Question                                                 DSHS Answer
              provider and other external data sources.”

              Please define the number and describe the external
              data sources to be used to define audits.      What version of Grouper is currently being used?         DSHS currently uses version 14.1 effective 1/1/01 and also
              Will multiple versions of Grouper be required, and, if   supports version 12.0. DSHS will use version 21.0 effective
              so, how many?                                            11/1/04. The vendor will be expected to support at least 3
                                                                       versions of the Grouper.       RE: ” Ability to process adjustments that do not         Certain adjustments are made only to correct claims history
              require "reactivating the claim".”                       and do not affect payment amounts. These adjustments
                                                                       should not require reactivation of the original claim.
              Please clarify this requirement, specifically the
              phrase “reactivating the claim”.       What is the turnaround requirement for the paper         All claims processed during any payment cycle should
              Remittance Advice, i.e., when is it required to be       appear on paper remittance advices delivered to the state the
              delivered to the State?                                  following business day. Note: This requirement applies only
                                                                       to claims where the provider has requested to receive paper
                                                                       remittance advices.       How will the bidder receive the warrant/ACH number       Warrant and ACH data will be provided to vendor on a file
              from the State? What is the expected turnaround          from the State. File will be provided the day after warrants
              from the State of the warrant/ACH number?                and ACH transactions are generated.
4.8           Will the bidder be responsible for the contract with     Yes, the Vendor would be responsible for the contract with
              First DataBank?                                          First Data Bank (FDB).

              Is this contract unique for the State of Washington      There is state specific/unique drug file information that the
              and does First DataBank provide any special              vendor provides to DSHS. How the vendor wishes to handle
              services for the State of Washington as part of the      this is between the Vendor and FDB. However, the Vendor
      Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                     July 19, 2004
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              Question                                                DSHS Answer
              contract?                                               contract with FDB must be sufficient to satisfy the contractual
                                                                      requirements between the state and the Vendor.
4.8           Which PDL alerts require the Prescriber to call the     Currently, two alerts trigger provider calls. One alert (76T)
              Vendor?                                                 occurs when the “4 brand name” limit is exceeded. This alert
                                                                      necessitates a call from the Prescriber to a Pharmacist. The
                                                                      other alert (70X) is the non-preferred drug rejection. It
                                                                      necessitates a call from a Pharmacy to a Technician.
4.8           Will the approximately 1,800 authorizations per         Both. At this time the mix is about equal.
Item 2        month be done by Staff Pharmacists, Pharmacy
              technicians, or both? If both, what is the mix?
4.8           Is the number of Drug Classes on the PDL expected       Yes, the number of drug classes is expected to increase. It is
              to increase, thus increasing the number of              currently increasing at a rate of one to two per month.
              rejections, calls, and authorizations?                  However, that is expected to level off by the end of 2005.
                                                                      Our experience has been that the increase in drug classes
                                                                      does not generally increase overall call/authorization volume.      Using zip code for auto assignment for protected        Yes, these clients will need special security to limit which
              clients – does the State want these protected clients   users can view their data.
              given special security for inquiry and update so that
              only certain staff can access the data online? How      Currenlty, these clients appear like any other client on rosters
              does the State want these clients identified on auto    except that their address is replaced with a protected PO
              assignment rosters for MCOs or PCCMs?                   box.      RE: “Ability to establish capitation (health plan       The Washington MAA Disease Management program covers
              premium) rates based on the disease management          the following conditions:
              program algorithm.”                                      Asthma
                                                                       Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
              Can you provide a copy of the “disease                   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
              management program algorithm”?                           Congestive Heart Disease (CHF)
     Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                  July 19, 2004
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             Question                                               DSHS Answer
                                                                       Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
                                                                       Diabetes
                                                                       End-Stage Renal Disease/Chronic kidney Failure

                                                                    MAA has selected two vendors to perform disease
                                                                    management of the above conditions. They are:

                                                                       McKesson who manages Asthma, CHF, Diabetes
                                                                       Renaissance who manage ESRD/CKD.

                                                                    Establishment of Primary Condition:
                                                                    1. End-Stage Renal Disease is the primary condition over
                                                                       the other identified conditions.
                                                                    2. Chronic Kidney Disease is the primary condition over
                                                                       CHF, COPD, Diabetes and Asthma
                                                                    3. Congestive Heart Failure is the primary condition over
                                                                       COPD, or Diabetes and Asthma.
                                                                    4. Diabetes is the primary condition over COPD and
                                                                    5. COPD is the primary condition over Asthma.

                                                                    If a client with asthma or chronic renal disease is identified
                                                                    with no previously diagnosed CHF, or diabetes, then the
                                                                    client will remain with the contractor who first identified them
                                                                    as having the target condition of CKD or Asthma.     RE: “Ability to generate monthly administrative fees   DSHS withdraws this requirement from the RFP.
             paid to brokers.”
     Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                      July 19, 2004
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             Question                                                   DSHS Answer
             Please verify if the “brokers” referred to in this
             statement are the Transportation and/or Interpreter
             Brokers.    RE: ”Ability to generate retroactive fee-for-service       This requirement more appropriately refers to retroactive
             payments to health plans in exception situations.”         premium payments. An example would be when the State
                                                                        receives a late notice of a baby’s birth who was eligible and
             Please provide examples of the type of “exception          perhaps received services during a month prior to the State
             situations” this refers to.                                being notified.    RE: ” Ability to send, online and in batch format, TPL     The likely nationally accepted format would be the HIPAA-
             billing information to third party payers in a user        like but not yet HIPAA required 837 COB claim format.
             definable format or in any nationally accepted

             Please define the nationally accepted formats that
             must be supported.     RE: “Ability to automatically update TPL information       DSHS anticipates sending 270 Eligibility Inquiry Transactions
             based on information from HIPAA 271 transactions”          to other health plans and to receive back 271 Eligibility
                                                                        Responses. These returning 271 transactions should be
             What will be the source of the 271 transactions that       automatically processed for new coverage information which
             would cause TPL information to be modified?                will be added to the recipient TPL information in the MMIS.    Explain what is meant by reconcile the differences         Reconciliation is required when incorrect AFRS coding is
             between the MMIS and AFRS? Would this be the               assigned to a claim. This is discovered when the claim file is
             ability to report the differences, or is there an actual   processed in AFRS. AFRS creates an exception report that is
             reconciliation process envisioned?                         sent to MMIS where the claim must be updated with the
                                                                        correct AFRS coding. A reconciliation process is envisioned
                                                                        that would automate as much of this process as possible.   Re: “Ability to identify the liability amount in a third   No, these are two distinct requirements. It is the intent of
     Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                       July 19, 2004
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              Question                                                   DSHS Answer
 Reference     party situation, based on the insurance policy and         requirement to be able to define and identify the
              user defined coordination of benefit rules,                liability amount and only reimburse up to that amount.
                and                                                      In requirement, it is our intent to accept third-party
              “Ability to accept an electronic file from a third-party   pricing information to assist in a comparison of our rates or
              entity of pricing information to assist in rate setting.   pricing methodologies.
              (e.g. TPL allowed amount, EPIC).”
              Is the intent of these requirements that the future
              MMIS retain up-to-date third party pricing information
              and use this to determine liability amounts?
4.16          Data Warehouse:                                            The State requires the ability to conduct data analysis and
Item 1        Is it the intent of the State that the Data Warehouse      reporting on suspended claims data. The State is open to
              include suspended claim data?                              consider bidder proposals as to the location of the
                                                                         suspended claims data to support these requirements.     RE: ” Ability to store query results for access and        Yes, requirement should read, “Ability to store query results
              review multiple users simultaneously.”                     for access and review by multiple users simultaneously”

              Please clarify this requirement. Do you mean
              “review by multiple users simultaneously?”
4.20.2        Online tutorials usually feature basic, straightforward    Yes, tutorials presented in HTML would be acceptable.
Items 7 & 8   information, presented in HTML, with step-by-step
              instructions and illustrations to guide the user
              through the use and abilities of the application. Will
              the State please confirm that this format supports
              the needs of the State?
4.22.2        "…maintain an unlimited number…."

              Is there an archive/purge requirement for client           Yes, the system must be able to archive/purge all data within
      Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                     July 19, 2004
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                 Question                                                 DSHS Answer
                 eligibility?                                             the MMIS as specified in requirement 4.22.3 and 4.22.10.
4.24.18          RE: “Ability to generate client notifications in a       The State’s intent is that the future MMIS system will store
                 manner that meets the needs of the visually              standard, predefined and pretranslated notifications in fomats
                 impaired as specified by policy. For example, Braille,   that meet the requirements of the visually impaired. The
                 large-fonts, recordings.”                                future MMIS must be able to select the correct format for the
                                                                          intended recipient based on recipient preferences stored in
                 Does this requirement imply that the system be           the MMIS when generating client notifications.
                 capable of dynamically generating custom Braille,
                 large font, or recordings of client notifications?
4.25.8           RE: “Ability to view historical document images on-      The State does not intend to convert historical non-electronic
                 line (e.g. claims, attachments, provider enrollment,     formatted documents into a machine readable format.
                 remittance advices). Note: Many of these historical
                 documents are currently stored on microfiche,            Documents that are on-line viewable in the current MMIS
                 microfilm, CD, etc.”                                     must be online viewable in the new MMIS.

                 Is it the State’s requirement that these historical      Documents scanned by the new MMIS must be on-line
                 documents be converted into an on-line viewable          viewable.
                 format, or that physical readers be made available to
                 support viewing the attachments? – 8 /   We understand the performance requirements               The performance standards are established independent of
                 presented in Sections thru 9.                   technology platforms or currently installed systems. If
                                                                          documented industry standards are available, performance
                 Will the State allow the vendor to modify the            requirements may be negotiated as part of contract
                 performance standards to meet industry standards         negotiation.
                 based on the specific technology platforms being
                 proposed for the state of Washington and based on
                 performance data from currently installed systems?        The RFP contains two sections numbered        Yes, please renumber these two requirements as
        Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                       July 19, 2004
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                Question                                                   DSHS Answer
                Can we renumber the first as and the
                second as
6.4.5 - 4.      RFP states one (1) electronic copy of all required         All volumes should be provided in an electronic form on a
                information on a CD-ROM or diskette be submitted.          single CD-ROM or diskette as far as possible. Multiple CD-
                                                                           ROM’s or diskettes are acceptable if space requires such. It
                Did the State intend for each volume to be included        is not necessary to provide each section on a separate CD-
                on a SINGLE CD-ROM? Or, should each volume be              ROM. The electronic copy should not be included in the “four
                placed on a separate CD-ROM? Is the single or              (4) separately bound, packaged, and sealed proposal
                separate CD-ROM packaged with the hardcopies or            volumes”. It is DSHS preference that the electronic copy be
                shipped separately?                                        packaged separately from all other materials submitted by
                                                                           the bidder.
6.4.7           The RFP states the “Bidders must restate each              Yes, it is the State’s intent that the bidder include the text of
                requirement in RFP Section x, including the section        the full lead-in narrative paragraphs appearing prior to the
                number, title, and full text of the requirement.”          requirement text in all sections where they are present.

                Is it the State’s intent to include the text of the full
                lead in section prior to the requirement text? For
                example, for:
                  Section 2.10 and 2.10.1, pages 50, 51, & 52.
                      Should the full text of these sections be included
                      prior to responding to “The Bidder’s proposal
                      must:” at the end of the section where the
                      requirements are presented?
                  Section 3.9, page 87 & 89, should the full text be
                      included in addition with the Requirement text in
                      3.9.1 through 3.9.12?
7               RFP states “Bidders should take every precaution to        Bidders must meet the requirements for providing references
        Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                 July 19, 2004
                                                                                                                 Page 15 of 17

                Question                                                 DSHS Answer
2nd             ensure …. and that references can answer all             as outlined in RFP Sections 2.6.5 and 2.7.2. References will
Paragraph       pertinent questions posed of them.”                      be contacted during the evaluation period to ascertain the
                                                                         Bidder and key staff performance on prior engagements.
                Please provide the list of questions planned for         Specific reference questions will not be provided to the
                bidder references to ensure bidders can meet this        Bidders.
7.1.3           RFP states bidders selected as finalists will be         Demonstrations must follow DSHS predefined scripts which
3rd Paragraph   asked to perform scripted demonstrations.                will be made available to Bidders in early August. Please
                                                                         see further information provided in Amendment #2 citation
                When, or at what stage in the process will the scripts   7.2.7 (last page of the amendment).
                be provided to the bidders to allow for preparation?
2.7.4           Is the Maintenance staff required to be located in       The maintenance staff is not required to be located in
                Olympia?                                                 Olympia. However, maintenance staff located close to DSHS
                                                                         operations will receive more favorable scoring for

                Can offshore staff be used for development and           Development and maintenance work can be performed
                maintenance?                                             offshore. However, security requirements prevent any
                                                                         confidential data to be transported outside of the United
                                                                         States. Therefore, access to “real” production data would not
                                                                         be allowed by personnel located outside the United States.
General /       What is the monthly average number of Change             During the period July 2002 – June 2004 there were an
Page            Requests performed on the current MMIS system?           average of 25 Change Requests performed on the current
                What is the monthly average number of Change             MMIS system per month.
                Requests performed monthly on the current POS
                system?                                                  The current MMIS requires a Change Request to be created
                                                                         for many tasks that users should be able to perform in the
                                                                         new system without a Change Request. 50% of the Change
     Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3                                                                    July 19, 2004
                                                                                                                 Page 16 of 17

                Question                                                 DSHS Answer
                                                                         Requests during this period took less than 20 hours to

                                                                         On average, 15 Change Requests are performed per month
                                                                         on the current POS system.

                                                                         Many of these Change Requests are adding/deleting NDCs
                                                                         from Prior Authorizations, or adding/deleting specific NDCs
                                                                         from a Preferred Drug List. As mentioned above, the future
                                                                         MMIS may allow users to perform these functions without a
                                                                         Change Request..
Appendix AD     Are both an electronic copy (diskette or CD) of the      A hardcopy and electronic version of the changes are
/ Page AD-1 /   proposed contract changes using the Word 2000            required in Bidder’s response to RFP Section 5.5 per the
Item 7 &        revision feature required under Section 5.5 of the       Proposal Submission Instructions of RFP Section 6.4.5 and
5.5 / Page      RFP and a printed version of the proposed contract       the requirements of RFP Section 5.5. However, in first line of
239 / Items 1   changes as an attachment to Appendix AD                  the second paragraph of RFP Appendix AD #7, “in an
–5              required? Please clarify.                                attachment to this document” should be replaced with “in
                                                                         Bidder’s response to RFP Section 5.5” so the Bidder only
                                                                         must include its proposed contract changes in response to
                                                                         RFP Section 5.5.
1.1             It is indicated in footnote 1 that a separate            The Requirements Definition for the procurement of the
Item 3          procurement will be conducted for a Fraud Abuse          FADS system is scheduled to begin in March 2007. Current
                and Detection System (FADS). Is there an intended        plan is for implementation of the new FADS to complete by
                time frame for procurement and implementation for        December 2008.
                this system?
General         Is there a Quality Assurance (QA) or Independent         A separate QA contract is in place for this project. The
Question        Validation and Verification (IV&V) contract that is in   current QA vendor has been on board since November 2003
                place for this effort. If not will one be pursued?       and will continue through Design, Development and all
                                                                         implementation phases.
Acquisition RFP No.0456-153 Amendment #3   July 19, 2004
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