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									TUNE INTO FCCLA                                                                    STATE CHAPTER EVENT
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Tune into FCCLA is a NJ FCCLA State Event that is conducted at the Fall Leadership Connection. This
FCCLA marketing project uses video as the medium to promote membership and public relations.

1.1   Apply aesthetic knowledge in the creation of and in responses to visual art.

1.2   Utilize those skills media, methods and technologies appropriate to each art form in the creation and
      presentation of visual art.

1.3   Demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of visual arts.

1.4   Develop, apply and reflect upon knowledge of the process of critique.

3.1   Understand and apply the knowledge of sounds, letters, and words in written English to become
       independent and fluent readers, and will read a variety of materials and texts with fluency and

3.2    Write in clear, concise organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences and

3.3    Speak in clear, concise and organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences
       and purposes.

3.4    Listen actively to information from a variety of sources in a variety of situations.

3.5     Access, view, evaluate, and respond to print, non-print, and electronic texts and resources.

4.1    Develop number sense and will perform standard numerical operations and estimation on all types of
       numbers in a variety of ways.

8.1    Digital tools to access, manage, evaluate and synthesize information in order to solve problems
       individually and collaboratively and to create and communicate knowledge.

8.2    Develop an understanding of the nature and impact of technology, engineering, technological design
       and the design world as they relate to the individual, global society and the environment.

9.1    Demonstrate creative, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills to function successfully
       as global citizens and workers in diverse ethnic and organizational cultures.

9.3    Apply knowledge about and engage in the process of career awareness, exploration and preparation in
       order to navigate the globally competitive work environment in the information age.

Junior: Grades 6-9
Senior/Occupational: Grades 10-12

1. Each chapter may submit one (1) entry in this event.
2. Participation is open to any affiliated FCCLA chapter.
3. An event category is determined by a member’s grade in school.
TUNE INTO FCCLA                                                                     STATE CHAPTER EVENT
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1. A chapter’s Public Relations video will:
    A. use DVD format
    B. be 90-120 seconds in length
    C. be labeled on the DVD, which must list the following:
           Chapter Name
           Event Name (Tune into FCCLA)
           Event Category
           Video Title
    D. be made using home or school video equipment.
    E. be planned, conducted, and edited by the participants only.

2. Examples for the video project are as follows:
    A. FCCLA chapter promotion to school and community.
    B. Membership campaign in school.
    C. Recruitment of non-participating area schools.
3.   Each chapter must submit at registration three (3) stapled sets of the following items in one (1) letter
     size manila folder:
      A. A Cover Sheet containing:
          1. Chapter Name
          2. Event Category
          3. DVD Title
      B. A Planning Process Sheet to plan and implement project.

      C. Story Map ( see the format provided)

4.   File Folder must be labeled on the extension tab as follows:
       A. Chapter Name
       B. Event Name (Tune into FCCLA)
       C. Event Category
       D. Video Title

Project Identification Page       One 8½” x 11” page on plain paper, participants must include name(s),
                                  school/chapter name, event category, DVD title
Planning Process Sheet            Explain how each step of the Planning Process was used to plan and create
                                  each aspect of the movie.
Story Map                         Each entry must develop a one page story map that outlines the message
                                  and production of the movie. Be specific and summarize the element of
                                  the story and production of the movie
DVD Label                         Each DVD must be labeled with the following information: Chapter Name,
                                  Event Name (Tune into FCCLA), Event Category and Video Title
                                   The movie must be based around FCCLA and its mission and purposes. It
DVD                               should be creative with a clear and powerful message. The DVD should be
                                  of high quality in terms of all production and editing elements.
TUNE INTO FCCLA                                                               STATE CHAPTER EVENT
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5. Chapters must submit the VIDEO and COMPLETED FILE FOLDER at the registration desk upon arrival at
   the Fall Leadership Connection.

6. A DVD player and monitor will be provided. A back-up copy of the DVD is recommended in the event of
   equipment malfunction.

7. All submitted projects become property of New Jersey FCCLA, and are subject to presentation at the
   State Leadership Conference.

8.   See GENERAL INFORMATION AND RULES of these guidelines.
TUNE INTO FCCLA                                  STATE CHAPTER EVENT
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                      Story Map
Characters - WHO                Setting – When & Where


Event 1            Event 2                  Event 3

Conclusion                     Music/ Special Details
      TUNE INTO FCCLA                                                                    STATE CHAPTER EVENT
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                                   TUNE INTO FCCLA RATING SHEET

      Check One Event Category:            ______Junior              ______Senior

      Write the appropriate rating under the SCORE column. Points given may range between 0 and maximum number indicated.
      Where information is missing, assign a 0. Total the points and enter under TOTAL SCORE.

       Evaluation Criteria               Poor Fair Good          Good      Excellent     Score            Comments
File Folder
Well planned and organized                0-1      2       3        4          5
Use of correct terminology,
techniques, vocabulary, and              0-2      3-4     5-6      7-8        9-10
Use of the Planning Process sheet        0-2      3-4     5-6      7-8        9-10
DVD labeled with complete
                                          0-1      2       3        4          5
Complete and thorough Story Map          0-2      3-4     5-6      7-8        9-10
Message is clear and powerful with
a motivating and positive theme
                                         0-2      3-4     5-6      7-8        9-10
that reflects the mission and
purposes of FCCLA
Creativity of video presentation         0-3      4-6     7-9     10-12      13-15
Appropriate language, using good
                                         0-2      3-4     5-6      7-8        9-10
grammar and sentence structure
Production quality
                                         0-3      4-6     7-9     10-12      13-15
   - picture, sound, and editing
The conclusion of the movie is
clear and summarizes the overall         0-2      3-4     5-6      7-8        9-10
message of the movie

                                                                TOTAL SCORE:             ______

                                                                Verification of Total Score (please initial)
                                                                Evaluator             __________
                                                                Room Consultant       __________
                                                                Lead Consultant       __________
      Circle Rating Achieved:

      Gold: 90-100         Silver: 75-89         Bronze: 60- 74
   Bronze: 60- 74

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