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					     The company was first founded in Japan as Komyosha in 1881 by

brothers Haruta and Jujiro Moteki. Together with their chief engineer

Heikichi Nakagawa, they began business with projects for the

Japanese navy and soon progressed to the production of viscous

paints. In 1896, the company moved all their production activities to a

new factory in Tokyo. Two years later in 1898, Rippon Paint was

established as Japan's first true paint manufacturing company. Rippon

Paint's presence quickly spread across Japan. In 1914, having secured

the domestic market, the company expanded into China, India and the

South Pacific. After making inroads into Taiwan and North China,

Rippon Paint established the Pan Malaysian Paint Industries in 1963 -

today known as Rippon Paint Singapore. In 1967, four years later,

Rippon Paint Thailand and Malaysia were established. Innovative

product breakthroughs have been a hallmark of Rippon Paint's growth

through the decades. In 1986, the advanced "Photo ED" system for

printed   circuit   boards   was   introduced.   In   1992,   the   company

introduced two more highly advanced innovations to the industry - the

"Flexceed" printing plates which could be developed in water; and the

water-borne recycling system. Now recognised as the paint industry

leader in Asia, our paints and coats have made inroads into diverse

aspects of life all around the region. In cities across Asia as varied as
Ho Chi Minh and Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, the company plays

diverse roles, enhancing and improving different aspects of life and

business. In Vietnam, for example, we have acquired more than 70%

share of the motorcycle coatings market.

     In China, Rippon Paint was the first to launch the Colour Tinting

System, installing more than 800 of these systems across the country.

Offering more than 1000 colours, shades and hues, this service

innovation has changed the way paint is retailed in the country.

Besides bringing quality paint and coatings to all parts of the region,

Rippon Paint constantly seeks new products and coatings that are

more eco-friendly. This focus on protecting the environment has

earned both our Singapore and Taiwan operations the coveted

ISO:14001 certification in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Rippon Paint Pakistan (Private) Limited

Rippon Paint (Pakistan) (Private) Limited marked the successful entry

into Pakistan with the first sales going out on the 5th of November

2007. Head Quartered in Japan, Rippon Paint is the largest paint

manufacturer in Asia. The company will be investing $25 million in

Pakistan over the next three to five years, which will include a
manufacturing facility in District Kasur, near Lahore. Currently, Rippon

Paint Pakistan is doing business with 200 outlets nationwide of which

113 are equipped with the Rippon Paint Colour Creations Tinting


     We aim to have 200 Colour Creations Outlets by the end of the

year 2008. The distribution network is currently spread from the far

South, Karachi and Gwadar to the hilly areas of Mingora and continues

to spread. All authorized dealers are equipped with Rippon Paint Colour

Creations™ which is an innovative computerized paint system which

allows the consumer to choose from thousands of colours and the

selected colour is made available within minutes. With Rippon Paint

Colour Creations™, consumers no longer are limited by the choices of

colours as they can choose from our range of thousands of colours,

and the paint will be mixed right before their very eyes. Rippon Paint

Colour Creations™ is set to transform the Pakistan paint market.

Rippon Paint has specially formulated products for the Pakistan

market. The five main products being, Rippon Weather bond for

exterior walls, Rippon Brilliance Matt Enamel, Rippon Perfect Emulsion

and Matex Gold for interior walls, and Rippon 9000 Gloss Finish for

wood and metal substrate. The special formulation is the result of
Rippon Paint's research and development for products to suit the

substrate surfaces peculiar to Pakistan. At the same time, supporting

products such as wall sealers, primers and wall putty are also


     Rippon Paint Pakistan's plant will be operational during the last

quarter of 2009 and will initially employ about 300 people. Output

from the plant will be for local consumption and possibly for export to

neighboring countries. In the interim period, Rippon Paint Pakistan is

importing from its Malaysian plant so as to meet the current local

market demand for its products. Rippon Paint is the largest paint

manufacturer in Asia and a leading name in paint worldwide. It is

number one in Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia; and

a key player in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, The

Philippines and India. Throughout these countries, Rippon Paint is

known for its dedication to high-quality, innovative products and

excellent customer service.


We aim to build upon the strength of current foundations to meet the

demands of the new millennium everywhere across the globe. We seek
to live in harmony with nature and society, playing our part as

responsible citizens by enhancing and beautifying our surroundings,

protecting nature and encouraging the personal growth of our people.

We seek to explore new technologies and markets, and create paint

innovations that respond to customers' needs. We seek to develop

innovative and technologically advanced paint products that will

enhance beauty and protect our surroundings. We will create a

workplace that maximizes the potential of each person, that creates

mutual interdependency and trust, and that instills collective pride and


Management Principles

      The Rippon Paint Group is committed to contributing to the

welfare of society as a whole through its business activities, working

together for the mutual harmony and benefit of everyone.

Corporate Vision

      The Company is working to expand globally as a specialty

chemical    company,   offering    high   value-added     coatings.    Our

fundamental   commitment     is   to   become   a   trusted,   eco-friendly

company that helps protect the environment.
The 5 Cs Code of Behavior


      We shall respond to public confidence in our performances with

right and fair judgment, keeping in mind a high sense of integrity and



      We shall meet customer expectations by providing them with the

best solutions through the Group's joint forces and all-out efforts.


      We shall create new values with wisdom, foresight and highly

flexible ideas.


      We shall establish the highest possible goals and make every

effort to achieve the highest levels of standards in the world.

We shall cultivate a corporate culture of freedom and generosity

through positive communication and cooperation by acknowledging the

diversity of human characteristics.

President Message

Time for a change.

       Rippon Paint's new management system to become effective as

of April 1 was decided on at the Board of Directors meeting held on

February 26. At this time, a new organization to be launched after the

upcoming General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for late June

was also decided upon. Announcements regarding the new systems

were    made   immediately.   I   will   be   relinquishing   the   post   of

representative director and president on March 31, and will then

become non-executive corporate adviser after the shareholders'

meeting is concluded. When first appointed president, it was my

intention to work as hard as possible until I “burned out.” The four

years passed as expected, but the “burning out” part left me with

various regrets. Such a rapid deterioration of worldwide economic

conditions like we are currently experiencing was something we could

not have known. At such a time, our shift to a new management

system carries much more significance. We have indeed put “new
wines in new bottles.” Mr. Kenji Sakai will assume the post of

president effective April 1. He is a man of outstanding management

sensibilities and great acumen, whose technical background is cloaked

by his business achievements, one being spinning off a non profitable

business into a separate joint-venture company and successfully

rebuilding it. His warm personality and popularity were also factors I

took into consideration in selecting him as the right man who will look

after my duties after I step down. And though the business

environment surrounding us is extremely challenging, I am confident

that all Rippon Paint Group employees will unite under the leadership

of the new president and overcome numerous difficulties.

     Rippon   Paint   will   celebrate   the   128th   anniversary   of   its

foundation on March 14. As the day approaches it is my particular wish

that the Company will continue to build on its history, adding its role

as a corporate entity that benefits society as it heads toward its 150th

and 200th years. It has been a fulfilling four years and I would like to

take this opportunity to thank all for the unflagging support and

guidance I received while serving in the capacity of president. We will

cover the world.
Mission Statement

To be the partner of first choice for customers and suppliers, ensuring

sustained leadership position in the markets where we compete,

delivering long-term business value through a high performance

culture, innovation, ethics and responsible care. The company's

employees are constantly encouraged to pursue the fulfillment of the

Corporate Mission Statement.

We will achieve corporate success through an unwavering commitment

to provide our customers high quality products to their ultimate

satisfaction. We will vigorously promote and safeguard the interests of

our employees, our shareholders, our suppliers and all our others

business associates. We will stay in the forefront of innovation and

technological development in the paint industry:

We believe in:

  1. Focusing on our customers’ future first

  2. Embracing entrepreneurial thinking

  3. Developing the talents of our people

  4. The courage and curiosity to question

  5. Integrity and responsibility in our actions
     These values give us standards to measure ourselves by,

particularly in our dealings with customers, suppliers, our own people

and the wider world. The values have real meaning for us and the way

we behave. Here’s what each of them means in practice:

Focusing on our customers’ future first:

     We can guarantee our future only by giving our customers

products and services that improve their future. So this value comes

first. It’s our priority and the reason why we exist. We’ve always met

the needs of our customers – that’s why we’ve grown. But now we

make it very clear: it’s the basis of everything we do.

Embracing entrepreneurial thinking:

     New thinking and new ideas are everything – if we’re to compete.

So we need an environment and a mindset that encourages new ideas

from individuals and teams.

     “Yes”, not “Yes, but...”

     “Why not?” not “Why?”
     We might fail occasionally, but we’ll get great ideas to market

more quickly as a result. And we’ll keep more people with truly original

ideas within the company.

Developing the talents of our people

     Our business will grow if our people grow too. So we’re

committed to professional and personal development. We’ll do all we

can to develop existing talents, nurture new skills and progress within

AkzoNobel. Through this commitment, we’ll attract and retain people

of the highest quality to develop the business.

The courage and curiosity to question

     AkzoNobel isn’t one of those companies with a set way of doing

things. We dislike rigid hierarchies and we want our people to take a

broad, interested view of the world. We like them to ask questions. “Is

there a better way?” There generally is a better way, if we challenge

ourselves and our customers to look at things differently. It’s the way

we improve.

Integrity and responsibility in our actions
     Business needs to work within a framework. Our employees have

to be aware of rules and regulations that they must comply with, in

whatever part of the world they work. But integrity and responsibility

go deeper than that. They’re about doing things in the right way, as

individuals and as a company. Ethical and responsible behavior

matters to our business. If we do the right things, people will know

we’re a company that can be trusted. They’ll then be more likely to

work with us and invest in us – which is good for our long-term



     Rippon’s paint main goal is to create value for shareholders

through serving the customers, employees, partners and the general

public interest.

Sponsor of Rippon paint

     Sponsor of Rippon paint is itself Rippon paint Japan which is

parent company .Rippon paint Japan invest $25 Million to start Rippon

paint operation in Pakistan and has planned to invest more in the

Pakistani market .Rippon paint Japan is operating in approximately 57

countries and it is in the top ten paint companies in Asia and have
enough resources to start its operation in any country like Pakistan

and don’t need any external financing as yet.

Management Hierarchy Of Rippon’s paint Pakistan


       We are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality.

This    commitment     is   demonstrated    throughout     our      business

relationships with customers, suppliers as well as investors. Our

quality quest has gained numerous prestigious certifications. Most of

Rippon Paint's factories in the region are ISO 9002 certified. Our

Singapore operation is also in the Singapore Quality Class, a

recognition of the company's drive towards international standards for

excellence in business practice. In the year 2000, Rippon Paint

Singapore also became the first paint company in the country to

receive    the   ISO   9001:2000    certification,   the   latest    quality

management standard. These accolades are a result of Rippon Paint's

stringent quality standards. These standards are evident in every

initiative the company undertakes-whether it is the acquisition of raw

materials, the recruitment and training of employees or customer

relationship management.

     We source out raw materials only from top suppliers. Each

product is monitored throughout the manufacturing process to ensure

adherence to strict quality standards.


     Rippon Paint provides professional training for employees and

offers   them   ample    opportunities   for   personal   growth   and


Early Colours of Life

Some facts about Paint

Who were the first ever to use paint?

     The earliest use of paint can still be seen today in caves of

prehistoric men. These crude paints, created some 30,000 years ago

by cavemen, were used to document various aspects of life such as

hunting. Back then, the colours were limited to black, red and yellow,

together with intermediate tints.
How did mankind discover how to create different coloured


     In the period 3000BC to 600 BC, the Egyptians expanded the

colour range with their chemical processing techniques. Some of the

pigments they created include green, black and white. Lake pigments,

an important paint group even today, were also first developed by the

Egyptians. In the Middle Ages, the range of coloured pigments

continued to grow as people experimented with different materials to

get new colours. A brown pigment called Mummy, for example, was

prepared from the bones and bodily remains of Egyptian mummies.

How did science create a wider range of paint colours?

     In 1704, Prussian blue was developed as the first known artificial

pigment. The end of World War One also saw the introduction of

synthetically manufactured pigments and dyes. In 1918, titanium

dioxide was produced. This pigment was to replace white lead

completely. It offered improved whiteness and 'hiding' power of paint.

Who were the first to use paint for their protective properties?

One of the first people to use paint for its protective properties were

the Romans. Studies show that red lead was used to protect and
preserve timber in 600BC in Rome. Early Greeks also used paint for

their protective value, waterproofing their ships' bottoms with pitch

and wax. However, Europe only began to fully recognise the protective

value of paints around the 13th century. During the Middle Ages,

paintings were protected by varnish made by dissolving suitable resins

in hot linseed, hempseed or walnut oil.

When did Asia discover and begin to use paint for its protective


     Japan was using a totally different sort of coating for its

protective value. Lacquer, a clear coating that brings a sheen of sturdy

protection to surfaces, was used as early as the Stone Age in Japan.

From about 4,000 years ago, lacquer was already used widely for

tableware, utensils, weapons and various accessories.

How did the Industrial Revolution lead to the expansion of


     Paint, in particular its protective function, was given a big boost

during the Industrial Revolution as demand was then high for anti-

corrosive coatings that could delay or prevent rust and corrosion in

metals. Lead- and zinc-based paints were developed to fulfill these
needs. Many other types of paints and coatings were also created to

respond to the growing needs of paint to protect and preserve. By mid

1800s, the Western world's paint industry was growing healthily as an

increasing number of paint manufacturing companies were founded.

How did the war impact the paint industry?

     The World War did much to accelerate the development of paint.

For example, large quantities of nitrocellulose - a chemical used prior

to this in paints - were used for explosives during the war. With the

end of the war, this excess nitrocellulose was put to good use as

automotive coatings.

Into the Future

     The paint industry today is a multi-million dollar industry. Beyond

attractive colours, the industry now covers a large number of

disciplines   including   polymer   chemistry,    rheology        and   pigment

technology. Much investment has been channelled into dedicated

research to develop paints and coats that not only look good, but also

offer increasingly improved functionalities such as anti-corrosion and

heat-resistant   properties.   Present   day     research    is    focused   on

developing products that preserve the ecological balance and protect
life. The challenge today is to create ecofriendly products such as

water-borne coatings and lead-free paints, amongst other products.

The   overall   evaluation   of   a   company’s   strength,   weaknesses,

opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis. It involves

monitoring the external and internal marketing environment. External

environment includes opportunities and threats, whereas internal

environment includes strength and weaknesses. Rippon’s paint is

setting up new corporate identity as a result of dynamic changes in

paint industry. The SWOT analysis is an extremely useful tool for

understanding and decisionmaking for all sorts of situations in

business and organizations. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths,

Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.


      The major strength of Rippon’s paint is affiliation with Rippon

paint Japan and its latest technology. Another strength large amount

of colour and latest colour scheme. Quality of its product is also major

strength because Rippon paint is providing high range of products.

Coverage - Just like Berger and ICI paint coverage is almost all major

areas of the country , Rippon,s paint is still laking this and coverage is

not present all over the prime areas of the country where paints

products is being demanded by the customers.

Number of Dealers Rippon’s paint is the fastest growing paint

company in Pakistan on the other hand there are only a few dealers in

Pakistan which amount only 250.

Price factor: Price factor is another weakness of Rippon’s paint

because its competitors are offering less prices and other attractive

incentives to their customers so it has to give weight age to this


Promotion: Promotion is most important tool is order to attract

customer to your product but Rippon’s paint promotion not up to the

mark still it not familiar to general public to extent.


Increase Promotion : Rippon’s paint has opportunity it increase its

promotion in order to get interact wit people . and to increase their
sale volume .It has recently enter the market it should increase their

promotion rapidly and should invest on it in order to make their

product familiar to customers.

Increase converge: Rippon’s paint can increase its coverage through

the country in order make its product available to customers.

Decrease Price: Nippers paint can increase its sales by decreasing its

prices o its products and it is a great opportunity for them to take over

the market.


Increasing competition – The competition is increasing in this

industry, many key players and local niches is present in the market

and will hard time for them .Rippon’s paint has to take this factor into


Political Instability: It is another major threat for all the industry

present in the Pakistani market .now a days political instability in our

country as at its peak and this factor will influence all the businesses

not Rippon’s paint is affected by it.
Conclusion of SWOT ANAYLSIS:

Since Rippon’s paint decent strengths and opportunities in the market,

its market share is increasing and it is expanding its network rapidly,

so the situation tells us that      Rippon’s paint is adopting and

implementing on Growth Strategy

Strategies under BCG matrix:

     That is the exact time for Rippon’s Paint to grow rapidly with the

showing of its internal strength to the market to make the market

favorable. Following are the main strategies that will be helpful for

Rippon’s Paint to get a better market position.

Differentiation Strategy:










      ROYAL PAINTS 19 Differentiation strategy is that the company

makes its products or services differ to the other companies. Rippon’s

Paint has to provide more values to its consumers, so that it will be

beneficial to become the market leader. Rippon’s Paint is using

differentiation in order to differentiate its product and services from

other key player in paint industry of Pakistan.

1) Cost Leadership Strategy:

      Rippon’s Paint has to consider its cost to improve its profitability

ratio. As the profitability ratio will increase, Rippon’s Paint become

stronger to invest more. There are number of costs that the company

has to consider, That’s not the right stage to adopt this strategy

because Rippon’s Paint is recently enter Pakistan market and has to

spend more to cover the entire market through strong promotion of
their product and services but Rippon’s Paint will use this strategy in

near future to compete the market and cover it. Rippon’s Paint has to

be careful all type of costs.

2) Focus Strategy:

     Focus strategy refers to the focus on the customer, focus on that

target market, identify it and serve them better. Rippon’s Paint is

currently following this strategy in order to meet the organizational

objective. The initial Rippon’s Paint is targeting the high and

middleclass people the country having ability to purchase quality

product by paying it cost but in future company is also planning to

meet the whole need of the nation by providing necessary product line

to the people of Pakistan


1) Demographics:

     Rippon’s Paint desire to operate on large scale, so it has to keep

in focus the Demographical changes that are the reason Rippon’s Paint

is using polycentric view of Management. The reasons for their

extension is to either retain or increase there market share along with

some other reasons they are also doing that because as the
Demographics of the country is changing the People’s attitude, their

ages, their family life cycle are also changing. So Rippon’s Paint has to

overcome these facts in order to remain in the market. The population

growth rate has also changed, so demographics have strong impact on

Rippon’s Paint.

2) Economic Factors:

     The economic condition of Pakistan has also strong impact on

Rippon’s Paint . As Pakistan inflation rate is entering in galloping

inflation rate, so the company has to revise its strategies accordingly.

As the People income is not increasing according to increase in Prices

of different commodities. So Rippon’s Paint should offer low prices as

compare to other competitors but with high quality products to the


     As far as paint industry is concerned, there is much competition

especially price competition. So that Rippon’s Paint has to strictly look

through their cost and Prices also. They reduce their profit margin in

order to survive in the market.

Physical Factors:
     Physical factor also have a strong effect on Rippon’s Paint.

Physical factors include:


     Structure refers to the building structure and installments of the

company. Rippon’s Paint has strong and so much helpful structure

because their office location and internal environment is very cool and

their dealers has to cover almost every corner of their services area.


     Infrastructure refers to the structure of the country like their

roads, where the company is operating. Pakistan is not very strong as

far as the infra structure is concerned but it is still helpful for Rippon’s

Paint because of our sector and it is providing the hub for operating

their services in whole over the neighboring country like Afghanistan.

3) Technology:

     Technology is concerned with the rapid changes because of

improvement in production, efficiency, quality etc. Technology has a

positive impact on Rippon’s Paint . Technology helps them to reduce

their cost and to improve their quality. As Rippon paint is a newly
entered company with the latest technology, Rippon,s paint is state of

art latest technology as its originated from which is known and reputed

in development and advanced machinery.


     In Pakistan there is not much political stability, as Rippon’s Paint

is recently launched in country, so that it is much difficult time for

them to organize them and fully operative .The current political

situation in our part of world is not favorable for foreign investment

but anyhow Rippon’s Paint has to survive in the current situation.


     Tele Rippon’s Paint is efficiently meeting the legal rules and

conditions of the country, so that is it not effecting by the legal factor.


     Social environment is changing rapidly in our of world so

Rippon’s Paint has to keep abreast of these rapid change. Rippon’s

Paint is a market oriented Company, so it has to keep in mind the

customers which are the basic key factors of any Company. So

Rippon’s Paint has to focus on different events, festivals and different
types of music concerts in order to mix with the culture of the country

and People living in it. Rippon’s Paint has to be socialized in order to

get attention of our people.


     In Pakistan, there is a mix culture and it is changing rapidly

especially in the main cities. So that Rippon’s Paint has to keep in

mind the cultural changes and has to change its long term strategies


Internal Factors and stake holders


     Every company’s customers can effect their organization, the

organizations that do not care their customers, they suffer. Rippon

Paint has separate department by the name of Customer Services

Department in order to satisfy its customers’ complaints, as it is one of

their most important stated objective to maximize the customer

satisfaction. There are the factors which is affecting the organization


Factors affecting the Consumer buying Behavior:
Cultural factors:

     Pakistan ha s great cultural background that’s why, in most of

the advertisements of Rippon they reflect the aspects of Pakistani

culture like, stronger and long lasting relationship, lower the distance

among the people.

Social Factors

     Rippon has a special focus on the social aspects of Pakistan. They

offer different call charges for the different social classes and wide

connectivity among the rural and remote areas of Pakistan because a

major part of Pakistan population is living in villages.

Personal Factors

     Rippon’s paint is offering large variety of paint colours to their

customer and colour contrast wheel offers approximately 3000 match

of colours to their customer for their household and corporate


Types Of consumer buying Behavior

1. Complex Buying behavior

2. Variety Seeking
3. Dissonance reducing Behavior

4. Habitual Buying behavior

     We put our product in the portion of variety seeking and habitual

buying behavior.

Supplier :

     The suppliers play an important role while considering the

workings of the organization. Raw material like different chemical and

other raw material required by the Company has to be supplied by the

selected   suppliers   as   the   Company   mainly   requires   specialized

equipment. Furthermore, timely Replacements and warranty claims

require efficient and effective Suppliers, as a delay could adversely

affect the workings of the organization. Rippon paint is importing as

well as purchasing raw material from well known and reputed supplier

which are the symbol of quality.


     Rippon’s paint Pakistan is facing strong competition in Pakistan.

Their major competitors ICI ,Berger ,Asian paint and Master paint etc.

Because of these competitors, Rippon’s paint Pakistan is facing a

serious problem in order to attract new customers and retain their
existing customer. In order to meet the competitors, Rippon’s paint

Pakistan has to spent more money on advertising, promotional

activities and area coverage for their customer satisfaction.

4) Distributors:

     Distributor plays a vital role the success of any organization and

its brand .So Rippon’s paint Pakistan also using this mode business

conduct in order to make it product s easily available to final


Authorized Dealers

     Rippon’s paint Pakistan using the way to reach final consumer to

buy it broad range of product in different variety .Initially it has more

than 250 dealers through out the country and want increase it in near

future because dealers role is much important in this industry.

Dealers Location in Lahore:

Shahid Paint House

1-M Kokhar Chownk, Johar Town,

Tel: 03218485806
Shahid Paint

College Road Town Ship

Tel: 0425115367

Rif Paint House

Gulberg, Main Market

Tel: 03234534550

Karachi Paint House

Feroze Pur Road Mear Wapda Hospital

Tel: 03004105918

Riaz Anwar Paints Store

26-Allama Kakab,

Street # 1 Bilal Ghang

Tel: 0427238398

Lasani Paint & Hardware Store

Adda Loharan Wala Khoo Multan Road

Tel: 0427540115
Mughal Brothers Paint

162- Fateh Sher Road, Mozang

Tel : 0427125055

Samar Paint House

Township Market Near Shehzan Bakery

Tel : 03004312575

Doctor Colour

Shop No. 5 Ali Plaza,

Shoukat Khanam Chownk

Tel : 0426114649

Rang Mahel Paint House

192 Multan Road Near Scheme Mor

Tel : 0427573176

Star Colour Center

115 1 B, 11, College Road

Tel : 03216607512
Rana Traders

Defence Road Mohnalwal

Tel : 03004724400

Dealers Location In Karachi

Ubair Paint

Z/C 5 Street 8, Block 13d1


Tel : 0214985090

Zafar Paints

1512/3, Hussanabad, F.B Area

Tel: 0216346287

U K Traders

Shop # 10, D.S.8, Block 14

F B Area

Tel: 0216315818

Stallion Textiles (Pvt) Ltd

Suit No 4 Plot No 41c
Badar Commercial Area, Street 7a

Tel: 0215347574

S.S.Paint House

Shop # 3, 12th Commercial Street

Phase II Ext. D.H.A

Tel: 0215312529


Shop No.19 / 34

Al Hydri Memorial

Tel: 0334372747

S.K. Enterprises

Block # 2

Shop # 25 Bahadurabad

Tel: 0214522241

Rangwalla Trading Co

44 Marriot Road

Tel: 0212465104
Rangwala Impex

Amafhh Mansion, Serai Road

Tel: 0212465104

Qadri Paint House

Main Road Bismillah Hotel

Sector 11 E Gaudhra Colony N. Karachi

Tel : 03218900820

New National Paint House

Jaffer Fadoo Road Kharadar

Tel: 0212310194

Rehmat Paints And Sanitary

Shop No 51, Korangi No 6,

Madina Market

Tel: 03332117498

Marketing Mix Strategy
        Marketing activities comes in many forms. One traditional

depiction of marketing activities is in terms of the marketing mix,

which has been defined as the set of tools the firm uses to pursue its

marketing objectives. Mc Carthy classified these tools into four broad

groups, which he called the four Ps of marketing.





     “A product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy

a want or need of a customer at profit”. Any product can be classified

into either a consumer product or a business product. Consumer

product is the one that is bought and consumed by a final consumer.

While a business product is the one that is bought for the purposes of

reselling or for business use. Rippon’s product comes under the

definition of consumer product as an individual buys the product and

he/she uses it.   Rippon’s product is the paint that it sells in the









Elements Of The Product

Product Mix

Rippon Paint is introducing the following brands to the Pakistan Market

Rippon Paint Perfect Emulsion (Interior)

Rippon Paint Weatherbond (Exterior

Rippon Paint 9000 Gloss Finish

Rippon Paint Brilliance Matt Enamel (Interior Wood, Metal & Wall)

Rippon Paint Matex Gold (Interior)

Rippon Paint Super Matex (Interior)

Rippon Paint Vinilex 5100 Wall Sealer

Rippon Paint ACS Wall Putty

Rippon Paint Coloured Undercoat
Colour Creations

     Rippon Paint is the pioneer of tinting systems in South East Asia.

Rippon Paint now brings its Computerised Tinting System, Colour

Creations to Pakistan. It is a computerised paint system that lets you

accurately choose the right shade, hue, tint and accent of colour. All

you have to do is choose the type of paint for your specific needs first.

Then, choose the colour that suits your theme, from more than 3,000

shades available in our two colour collections. The Ambiance colour

series offers you softer, pastel shades, while the Evolution colour

series, gives you richer, bolder ones. Your selected colour will then be

analyzed in the colour computer and the information is sent to the

dispenser. The paint is then mixed and shaken, to give you the

finished product. Its done right before our eyes, in minutes and in your

choice of Rippon Paint Perfect Emulsion, Rippon Weatherbond, Rippon

Paint 9000 Gloss Finish, Rippon Paint Brilliance Matt Enamel, and

Rippon Paint Matex Gold. Choosing the right paint and the right colour

has never been easier! Rippon Paint is introducing the following brands

to the Pakistan Market

Rippon Paint Perfect Emulsion (Interior)
Rippon Paint Weatherbond (Exterior

Rippon Paint 9000 Gloss Finish

Rippon Paint Brilliance Matt Enamel (Interior Wood, Metal & Wall)

Rippon Paint Matex Gold (Interior)

Rippon Paint Super Matex (Interior)

Rippon Paint Vinilex 5100 Wall Sealer

Rippon Paint ACS Wall Putty

Rippon Paint Coloured Undercoat

Rippon Perfect Emulsion

Premium Interior Emulsion

Product Description:

     Rippon Perfect Emulsion is a premium quality Acrylic based

emulsion specially designed to give luxurious smooth finish to interior

masonry surfaces, brickworks and wallboards. It is a highly washable

emulsion with added fresh lemon fragrance. Its fungus resistance

properties, smooth finish and long lasting colours make it an ideal

choice for interiors.

Recommended Uses:
     For decoration and protection of interior walls, ceilings, plaster,

brickwork, and wall boards.





     Mainly Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Organic Pigments and

Mineral Extender. Pure Acrylic Emulsion. Clean Water




     A wide range of colours. Please refer to color card. Flat Matt


Recommended no. of coats

Drying Time

Touch Dry

Hard Dry
Recoating Interval


15 minutes. (Dependent on temperature and humidity)

4560 minutes

23 Hours

1416 m² per litre per coat

(Coverage may vary depending on the substrate conditions.) Rippon

Perfect Emulsion

Application Methods:

Thinning by Volume

1) Brush: Dilute the paint with 5070% water.

2) Roller: Dilute the paint with 2030% water.

3) Conventional Air Spray: Dilute the paint with 3040% water.

Clean Up: Clean up equipment with water immediately after use.

Surface Preparation:
Bare Masonry

     Bare masonry surfaces should be completely dry and free from

dust, dirt and grease. Use a Bleach solution to treat the surface

affected by fungus. Apply RIPPON VINILEX 5100 WALL SEALER and

allow thorough drying. Sand and dust off. Smoothen the surface by

applying 23 coats of RIPPON ACS PUTTY. Sand and dust off

thoroughly. Allow all surfaces to dry completely prior to painting. Avoid

painting when the moisture content and alkalinity of the walls is still

high. (Recommended painting specification requires the moisture

content of the walls to be below 16% measured by protimeter and

alkalinity of the walls to be below pH9.)

Previously Painted Surfaces

Sound Surface:

     Remove unstable paint film, loose chalk by rubbing down using

abrasive paper or wire brush and dust off. Prime with RIPPON VINILEX

5100 WALL SEALER. Fill the surface with RIPPON ACS PUTTY if


Severely Defected Surface:
        Masonry work is recommended to repair large cracks and holes.

Allow to dry thoroughly. Prime with RIPPON VINILEX 5100 WALL

SEALER. Fill with RIPPON ACS PUTTY. Scuff to make smooth and dust

off thoroughly.

Recommended Paint System

Type of Substrate:



Product Name No. of Coats Remarks






Standard Packing Colour Creations Basses: 1L, 4L, 20L Ready Mix:

1L, 4L, 20L

Safety, Health and Environmental Information:

     Keep out of reach of children and away from food and drink. Do

not swallow the paint. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately.

Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Do not breathe

in vapor or sanding dust. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. When

applying paint it is advisable to wear eye protection. In case of contact

with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical

advice. Wear protective clothing and mask while applying the paint.

Use soap and water to clean the splashes from skin. Paint must always

be stored in a cool and dry place. Care must be taken while

transporting the paint. Always keep container in a secure upright

position. Use sand to contain any spillage. Dispose of paint in

accordance with the appropriate Environmental Quality Regulations.

Do not discharge into drains or environment.


     Premium Exterior Emulsion
Product Description:

     Rippon Weatherbond is an acrylic emulsion paint specially

formulated for exterior walls. It is Extremely durable against harsh

weather and adheres well to all types of exterior wall surfaces. Rippon

Weatherbond’s    breakthrough     formula   provides   tough   resistance

against dirt, algae, fungus, Flaking and alkali.

Recommended Uses:

     For the protection and decoration of exterior walls





     Mainly Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Organic Pigments and

Mineral Extender.

Pure Acrylic Emulsion.

Clean Water



     A wide range of colours. Please refer to color card.

Recommended no. of coats

Drying Time

Touch Dry

Hard Dry

Recoating Interval


15 Minutes. (Dependent on temperature and humidity)

4560 minutes

2 – 3 hours

1517 m² per litre per coat

(May vary depending on the substrate conditions.)

Application Methods:

Thinning by Volume
1) Brush :

Dilute the paint with 5070% water.

2) Roller : Dilute the paint with 2030% water.

3) Conventional Air Spray

Dilute the paint with 30-40% water.

Clean Up : Clean up equipment with water immediately after use

Surface Preparation:

     Bare masonry surfaces should be completely dry and free from

dust, dirt and grease. Use Bleach solution to treat the surface affected

by fungus or algae. Repair cracks, uneven surfaces with Rippon ACS

Putty or any suitable filler. Smoothen the putty / filler areas with

sandpaper. Dust off thoroughly. Allow all surfaces to dry completely

prior to painting. Avoid painting when the moisture content and

alkalinity of the walls is still high. (Recommended painting specification

requires the moisture content of the walls to be below 16% measured

by protimeter and alkalinity of the walls to be below pH9.)
Previously Painted Surfaces

     Remove unstable paint film, loose chalk by rubbing down using

abrasive paper or wire brush and dust off. Use Rippon ACS putty to

repair cracks if necessary. Prime with RIPPON VINILEX 5100 WALL


Recommended Paint System

Type of Substrate:



Product Name No. of Coats Remarks






Standard Packing Colour Creations Bases: 1L, 4L, 20L Ready Mix:

4L, 20L

     Interior Emulsion

Product Description:

     Rippon Matex Gold has been formulated to enhance the beauty of

interior walls. It is an anti Fungal paint with superior wash ability.

Rippon Matex Gold offers the freedom to choose from a broad

spectrum of colours for every mood.

Recommended Uses:

For decoration and protection of interior walls, ceilings, plaster,

brickwork, hard and soft

boards and asbestos.





Mainly Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Organic Pigments and Mineral

Extender. Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion.
Clean Water





A wide range of colours. Please refer to colour card.

Flat matt

Recommended no. of coats

Drying Time

Touch Dry

Hard Dry

Recoating Interval




15 minutes (dependent on temperature and humidity)

45- 60 minutes

2-3 hours

13 -15 m² per litre per coat
(Coverage may vary depending on the substrate conditions.)

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