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					 Academy of Neurologic
Communication Disorders
      & Sciences

Founded in 1985 by a core group of prominent
Established a professional organization dedicated to
promoting quality services for individuals with
neurologic communication disorders
Developed a specialty certification in the practice area
of neurologic communication disorders
– Children and/or
– Adult
          The Academy

The purposes are professional, clinical,
educational, scientific and charitable, and
are ultimately to encourage the highest
quality of life for individuals with neurologic
communication disorders.

To promote
– Quality services through the development of
     • Training guidelines and clinical practice standards, and
     • An active specialty certification program
–   State-of-the-art education of practitioners
–   The exchange of information and ideas
–   The highest standards in research
–   Leadership in clinical expertise
–   Professional relationships within and across disciplines
      At the helm of ANCDS

Executive Board

Standing Committees

Certification Board
Full Member
    • Attend meetings, vote, and hold office
    • PhD +5 yrs experience in field of Neuro, OR hold Board Certification
      (which does not require a doctorate)

Associate Member
    • Attend meetings, participate with colleagues, non-voting, ineligible to
      hold office
    • For those who are interested in ANCDS activities, those who are in
      the process of becoming a full member, and students who are not
      eligible for full membership
Business of the academy
– Board and Committee work

Annual all-day scientific and educational meeting
the day before ASHA Convention

Collaboration with the Specialty Interest Division
(SID) 2 – Neurologic Communication Disorders
 Why Seek ANCDS Certification?

Certification promotes the highest standard of
practice in neurologic communication disorder

Recognizes and supports clinical expertise
        Seeking Certification

To be eligible:
– Hold the CCC-Speech-Language Pathology(SLP) or
  current state licensure in SLP
– Minimum of 5 years of full-time equivalent clinical
  experience with neurologic communication disorders
– 3 letters of recommendation from health care
  providers (1 SLP)
– Application and fees
– Identify area sought: Children, Adult, or Dual
     Certification Candidate

One year to complete Board Certification

Certification Process
– Step 1: Certification Examination
– Step 2: Written Case Summary, Presentation and
 Step 1 - Certification Examination

ANCDS Examination
Multiple choice format
Two versions of exam - Adult or Child
– Dual certification requires taking both exams
To assess the ability to integrate knowledge in
content areas and specific aspects of clinical
Examination – Content Areas
Normal speech, language and cognitive
performance as a function of age
Sensory physiology
Speech motor control
Neurologic disease
Neurodiagnostic methods
        Examination – Aspects
          of Clinical Practice
Differential diagnosis
Interdisciplinary issues
Step 2 – Written Case Summary

Submission of a written case summary and
quality assessment statement
 – reviewed by an ANCDS Certification Case Review
   Team to determine “pass” or “fail”
A successful case review is followed by an oral
presentation and discussion of the written case
     Written Case Summary

Diagnostic report, treatment plan and results of
implementation for a patient with a neurologic
communication disorder that the candidate has
The objective is to provide reviewers with a
comprehensive case that demonstrates
excellence in clinical service
        Written Case Summary

– Relevant History
– Assessment Methods/Tests and Results
– Diagnostic and Prognostic Conclusions
– Management Recommendations and Procedures
– Data Documenting Outcome of Treatment
– Rationale for Termination of Treatment & Follow-up
– Brief Self-Critique
         Oral Presentation

Grand rounds format with members of the
Certification Board

Collegial/interactive discussion to address case
questions and areas of interest
     ANCDS - Contacts
P.O. Box 26532
Minneapolis, MN 55426
(952) 920-0484