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					Model of COF
    MSD Green Demonstration Program
•   R&D Program
•   3 years
•   23 projects
•   15 project partners
•   Estimated
    75,000,000 gallons
    storm water runoff
    captured in typical
Christ Hospital Rain Gardens: Concept
            to Completion

                      •   243,000 gallons storm water
                          runoff captured annually
                      •   $31,700 installation cost –
                          including monitoring access
Comer Alley Pervious Pavers:
  Concept to Completion

                   • 150,000 gallons storm
                     water runoff captured
                   • $29,000 installation cost
Use of Green Solutions by Developers
• Encourage developers to use green storm water
  controls where a site may benefit
• Properly designed green BMPs
  – Offset volume for required detention, tributary to a
    CSO or City SMU storm sewers
  – Cost savings based on size and nature of green facility
  – Can replace traditional detention
  – Pervious surfaces (pavement or green roofs) to reduce
    post construction runoff coefficient = can result in
    cost savings by reduced detention
• Case-by-case basis
   Offsetting Storm Water Detention:
Detention Required on ½ Acre Site
• A ½ acre site developed as
  completely impervious             Hartwell Elementary Parking Lot
  requires on average 1600cf        • School site sits on highly
  of detention.                       permeable soil.
• The same site developed           • Pervious parking lot
  with 50% of the site using          permitted as a way to
  green roof, pervious pavers,        decrease onsite detention
  or greenspace could require         by up to 3800cf.
  only 870cf of detention.
• 730cf saved in this example.
 Offsetting Storm Water Detention
Xavier University Parking
• Xavier recently constructed
  an approximately 4 acre        John Street Parking Lot
  parking lot for event parking. • Parking lot located downtown
• In lieu of standard               north of the Dunnhumby
  detention, Xavier installed a     Headquarters.
  rain garden to store and        • DOTE used pervious pavement
                                    and a gravel storage bed to
  infiltrate up to 20,000cf of      minimize underground piping
  storm runoff.                     and decrease load on the
                                   combined sewer.
        Green Roof Loan Program
• To utilize green
  infrastructure to
  manage/reduce storm
  water runoff, and
  positively impact
  Combined Sewer
  Sewer Overflows within
  the MSDGC service
         Green Roof Loan Program
      Green Infrastructure Component
• The green infrastructure utilized would include
  Green Roofs, and other storm water Best
  Management Practices (BMPs) in conjunction
  with the Green Roof.
• Potential storm water BMPs include:
  –   Cisterns
  –   Rain Gardens
  –   Rain Barrels
  –   Bio-swales
  –   and/or Pervious Pavement
       Green Roof Loan Program
           Loan Component
• Low Interest Linked Deposit Loan Program

• $5,000,000 from the Ohio Water Pollution
  Control Loan Fund via Ohio Environmental
  Protection Agency (Ohio EPA)

• Implemented with local financial lending
          Green Roof Loan Program
              General Eligibility
• Project applicants must own the property
• Property must be located within the MSD service area
• Locations within critical CSO/SSO areas will be given
• Verification that structure can accommodate green
  roof demands
• Maintenance plan
• Project must comply with all applicable laws, bylaws,
  regulations, orders, codes and policies of all level of
  government and courts.
       Green Roof Loan Program
• Partnership between MSD, City of
  Cincinnati Office of Environmental
  Quality and Ohio EPA

• Awaiting final approval from Ohio

• For more information contact
   Robin Henderson, Program Manager

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