SEVENOAKS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                              NEWSLETTER: AUTUMN 2010

Check our website for information: E-mail: Tel: 01732 455188

Council makes plans to tackle budget                        The survey results will be put before the Council‟s
deficit                                                     Cabinet as part of the budget setting process.
                                                            Sevenoaks District Council‟s Cabinet is planning to
Sevenoaks District Council is preparing early for the       discuss a draft budget on 28th October with Full
expected major cuts by the Coalition government in          Council expected to set the budget for the coming
funding for public services.                                year at its meeting in December.
The Government has made it very clear that, in order
to address the national economic situation, everyone        FTSE 100 Executive Bonuses close to
in the Country will feel the effects of major               pre-crisis levels
reductions in central government spending.
The Government will announce the cuts this Autumn           Deloitte says the average bonus for FTSE 100
and the public sector, particularly local government,       executive directors is 100% of their basic salary
is expected to bear the brunt of these cuts.                Executive bonuses are close to their level before the
Much of the funding for public services is supplied         financial crisis, a survey by business advisory firm
by Government funding and, although the extent of           Deloitte says. It found that the average bonuses for
Government cuts is not yet clear, Sevenoaks District        directors of FTSE 100 firms amounted to 100% of
Council may well face a cut in its grant of up to 40%       their basic salary - 140% in the top 30 public
over the next four years.                                   companies. However, Deloitte said the days of fast
In the last few years, the Council has reduced its          increases in executive salaries were over for the
expenditure by £5m but has been able to maintain            present. And in mid-sized FTSE 250 firms, one in
the range of services and during this period has            seven paid no bosses' bonus last year. While
improved performance, productivity and quality of           bonuses are set to be higher than last year in FTSE
services across the board. The Council is nationally        100 firms, they will be lower in FTSE 250
recognised for its financial management, value for          companies, the report said. The survey found that
money and performance. It is also worth noting that         more than 50% of top companies will not increase
the Council receives from Government the lowest             the pay of executive directors in 2010 - which will
grant per head in Kent and one of the lowest in the         be the second year in which many executives have
country.                                                    had their wages frozen. Any pay increases this year
The Council‟s strategy in addressing the £5m                were likely to be around 3%, it said. "Last year we
savings required includes:                                  saw a very large number of companies freezing
1. Savings through further efficiencies;                    executive salaries, but at the time it was difficult to
2. Generating additional income, including using the        predict whether this was a one-off," said Stephen
new Power of General Competence to the full;                Cahill, of Deloitte. "Now it appears that the years
3. Partnership working with other local authorities;        of executive salaries increasing at rates far in excess
4. Considering savings in discretionary services;           of inflation and the increase in average earnings are,
5. Further savings in management, back office and           at least for the moment, well and truly over.
support services.                                           "Companies are now recognising that increases for
Cllr Brian Ramsay, Sevenoaks District Council‟s             executives must be considered fair and reasonable in
Cabinet member with responsibility for Finance,             the context of current business circumstances and
says: "The nation faces an unprecedented situation          the pay and conditions for employees more
with public spending soon to be drastically reduced         generally."
to help address the national debt. With some public
services protected from the cuts, local councils will       BBC Business News dated 13th September,
shoulder much of the impact. The sheer size of the          2010
savings means we face some very difficult decisions
over the coming months, especially as we have
already made substantial savings in previous years."
The budget timetable has been brought forward to
ensure that the period of uncertainty for both the
public and staff and impact on service delivery are
minimised. Sevenoaks District Council is seeking
the views of the local people on its budget priorities.
Open Evenings & Networking Events                       News in Brief (contd)
                                                        Another two shops have closed during September,
                                                        namely Bang and Olufsen in Bligh‟s and Ceramica
                                                        at the bottom end of the High Street. Although
                                                        there are quite a few empty shops in the town, on the
                                                        positive side the Chamber has heard there will be
                                                        three new businesses opening in the next few
                                                        months and several are also under offer. A survey
                                                        done by Clive Andrews from Bligh‟s also reported
                                                        that of the 37 shops in Bligh‟s most of the
                                                        businesses were reporting good trading. Sevenoaks
                                                        is still faring quite well during this difficult time in
                                                        comparison with some other towns in Kent.
The Free Coffee Mornings/Network Events at the          Clone Towns. A recent national survey classified
Lodge Coffee Bar at the Stag have continued to          Sevenoaks as a „Clone Town‟ but we feel the survey
draw businesses both local and further afield to the    is flawed as they did not take into account London
free event.      The June event was sponsored by        Road or Bligh‟s and the number of excellent
Russell Harper Photography, the July event by           independent shops/businesses we have in the town.
Warners Solicitors, the August event by The Stag        Shops come and go but the Chamber does not feel
Community Arts Centre; the September event by           that we have any fewer independents than
Sevenoaks Business Centre and the October event         previously.
by ITBusnet. All the events were extremely well         The Chamber AGM is being held on Wednesday
attended, continuing to grow from strength to           13th October at the Donnington Manor Hotel,
strength and are a definite sign that networking        Dunton Green with a lunch to follow.
„does work.‟       Due to the success of the Coffee     Remembrance Day Parade & Service.                   The
mornings, it was decided to move the events in          Service will be held at the Vine War Memorial on
future to the larger Plaza Suite. The Lodge will        Sunday 14th November, 2010. For more info please
continue to cater for the mornings. We would like       contact Sevenoaks Town Council.
to say a big Thank you to the Stag for allowing us to    Easistore Self Storage in Edenbridge have just
use their facilities and, of course, a very big Thank   ONE suite left in Eden House suitable for 2-4
you to all our hosts for supporting the Chamber.        workstations with some crazy deals to be had for the
The next Coffee Morning/Networking will he held         first year‟s occupancy. Please call Richie Wicks on
on Wednesday 3rd November hosted by The                 01732 862626.
Showbusiness Company Limited.                           Baldwins Travel Group (incorporating
The events are held each 1st WEDNESDAY of each          Sevenoaks Travel) NEWS:
month.                                                  We have recently bought another Travel Agency
                                                        which we have rebranded. The new Baldwins Travel
Easistore Self Storage hosted an excellent and          office is located in Uckfield town centre.
enjoyable evening barbecue/networking event on          We have also just been nominated for an Award at
Thursday 16th September, 2010 and we would like to      the British Travel Awards. Awards take place at the
say a big Thank you to them for again hosting this      beginning of November
event at their fabulous venue in Edenbridge.            This year we have already won an Award:
                                                        “National Travel Agent of the Year for 2010”
WHY NOT BRING A COLLEAGUE                               Contact Nick Marks, Business Development
ALONG AND INTRODUCE A NEW                               Director on 01892 506450.
MEMBER: EARN £10.00 DISCOUNT                  
                                                        Residents asked to help shape Blighs proposals.
News in Brief                                           Local people have an opportunity to air their views
                                                        on a draft planning document that will shape the
Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP has had a name              future redevelopment of the land to the west of
change to Crowe Clark Whitehill as from 1st             Bligh‟s Meadow in the heart of Sevenoaks town.
October, 2010 but there is no change of ownership       Between 13th September and 17th November, 2010
or structure at the firm, and all the staff and key     residents can have their say about the future
relationships remain unchanged. Along with the          redevelopment of part of the town centre. Residents
name change they have created an improved website       can find out more and comment on the full
which          can        be        found         at    Supplementary         Planning       document        on                 

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Ditto announcement.                                     Savills
We‟re delighted to introduce our brand new websites     Despite continuing turbulence in the property
service – now available at Ditto! As you‟d expect       market, Savills Sevenoaks office continues to ride
from us, we‟ve taken the pain out of getting your       the storm. We have recently increased our Graduate
website online. Every website comes with Update         training programme and three trainee professionals
Centre – update the content of your website yourself,   have joined our ranks in our Commercial, Rural and
for free, any time you want (even in your pyjamas if    Development departments. Residential Sales saw a
you fancy it). No more paying web designers to          huge increase in business during the peak trading
make small changes. Great! We‟ve developed              months and anticipate finishing the year very
software to make building websites really fast,         strongly. New Homes also saw a surge in activity
which means your website could cost less than from      despite limited new development starts. Our Lettings
a traditional web designer. Our customers come in       Team have witnessed a severe shortage of stock
all shapes and sizes, so our websites do too! Our       as Tenant demand far exceeds supply.
web business cards start at just £99 and you can get    The Lettings market has bounced back in a way that
yourself a five page site from £399 (prices exclude     no one could have predicted and the
VAT). We‟d love to tell you more about our              number of Tenants seeking rental properties has
websites and how they can help your business grow.      reached an eight year high.
Call us today on 01732 456944 for a free
consultation or to request an information pack!         FOR MEMBERS DETAILS DON’T
PS – have you found our blog yet? Catch up on our
                                                        FORGET TO CHECK OUR DIRECTORY
latest news at
                                                        ON THE WEBSITE.
Rockdale Update
The Rockdale Housing Association in Rockdale
Road is a registered charity providing sheltered        Sevenoaks Stag Theatre
housing and a residential care home for the elderly.    The Stag continues to offer a wide variety of shows
We are in the final stages of planning for a major      and films for every taste, including the end of the
building project to replace our ageing Victorian care   year pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk which will
home, which houses 31 residents, with a new 48-         have the fabulous cast of Graham Cole, ex PC Tony
bedroom building capable of meeting our                 Stamp from the Bill, actor Tony Haygarth, who you
requirements well into the future. We have raised       will recognise from working on stage, television and
£1.5M from fund-raising activities and are confident    film for more than 40 years and Jasette Amos who
we will soon reach our target of £1.75M. We hope to     has sung with Madonna and Boy George during her
be in a position to start building early next year.     17 year career, to name a few who will be
ROCKDALE HOUSING ASSOCIATION                            entertaining us this year. For more info please log
LIMITED                                                 onto        The cinema has
Rockdale Lodge, Rockdale Road                           also installed 3D so there is no need to travel far
Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1JT                                now to see your favourite film. For more details of
Tel: 01732 458762 Fax: 01732 460477                     events at the Stag Community Arts Centre, please
New Equality Act. The new Equality Act 2010             log        onto       their      new        website,
will come into effect in October – businesses must       For those who enjoy
make sure heir policies are up-to-date. The             films from „yesteryear‟ a monthly Classic Film Club
Equality Act aims to simplify and strengthen the        started on Tuesday 7th September and is being
current legislation to support progress on equality.    sponsored by Warners Solicitors.
The act replaces previous legislation such as the Sex   Please support our local Theatre!
Discrimination Act 1975 and the Disability Act 1995
and seeks to provide a comprehensive framework to       Christmas Lights Turn on & Late Night
protect individual rights.                              Shopping
ACAS has published a guide for employers:               The Late Night Shopping and Christmas Lights turn-
The Government Equalities Offices has also              on will take place on Friday 26th November, 2010.
published a series of guides which can be found
                                                        The Chamber approached the SDC to ask if they
at:                                                     were again offering free parking during the            Christmas season in Sevenoaks and was very
ty_act_2010_what_do_I_n.aspxfor more                    heartened to hear that this would indeed be the case.
information on this subject or any other legal          The dates for the free parking are Saturday 11th and
matter, please contact Warners Solicitors, Tel:         18th December and we are sure this will help
01732 747900, Email: marketing@warners-                 encourage shoppers to come into Sevenoaks to do                                        their Christmas Shopping.
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Mayor’s Charity Concert                                    Twitter

The Mayor of Sevenoaks, Cllr Simon Raikes is               The Chamber is now on „Twitter‟ on our webpage so
holding a Charity Concert in aid of his charities          please log on to the latest news.
which this year are, the Stag itself and Sevenoaks
Area Youth Trust (SAYT) on 21st October. Ticket            Traffic Report on the website
Prices are £10/Concessions £5 and are available
from the Stag Box Office or online at:                     Just log onto our website, go to LINKS and get up-                                   to-date traffic information.

Sevenoaks Police Station                                   News & Events around Sevenoaks

The new Police Reception at the SDC, in Argyle             Looking for the latest news and what‟s on around
Road was officially launched on Thursday 2nd               the Sevenoaks town and district? Wanting to
September by Kent‟s senior police officer, Chief           publicise your business event or announce a press
Constable Ian Learmonth. The new police public             release? Click on for its interactive
enquiries desk opened in June providing all the            community calendar and add your event / news item
services that were available at the Akehurst Lane          online.
Police Station.       The design of the new police
counter and the reception take into account the            Kent Trading Standards
longer-term aim of relocating Sevenoaks Police
Station in its entirety to the Council offices after the   Kent Trading Standards are warning people to be
lease on Epicurus House expires in December 2012.          wary of many scams that are taking place. For any
The council and police opening times are 8.45am to         advice please call Consumer Direct 08454 04 05 06
5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am to 4.45pm on             or Contact Trading Standards, Advice & Education,
Fridays.                                                   Eurogate Business Park, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8XU
                                                           or        log        onto        the       website,
Information on our Web Page                      
                                                           Report any incidents to Consumer Direct
Perhaps you are not aware that on our Web Page    or telephone
under „Links‟ there are many informative sites to log      08454 04 05 06
onto from CAB to Eurostar to Inside No. 10! The
other local Chambers of Commerce are also listed.          Please do not forget that the main
                                                           function of the Sevenoaks Chamber of
The Lodge Coffee Bar                                       Commerce
                                                           Is being here for our Members and the business
Why not utilise the Lodge Coffee Bar at the Stag           community.      If you have any queries or issues,
which caters for lights meals and superb cakes daily       please feel free to pop in to discuss this or contact
from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.                      the office via email or telephone and we will do
Children‟s parties are also catered for.    Contact        everything in our power to help and offer advice
David Martin.                                              wherever possible.

Sevenoaks Chronicle                                        Europages
                                                           EUROPAGES is a working tool for businesses with
If you have a story concerning Sevenoaks one of the        an international vocation, helping them to buy better
reporters will be at Tesco, Riverhead on Thursdays         and sell more in Europe.
from 6-8pm or at the Chronicle office at 54 High  gives access to the full
Street on Friday mornings from 10am to 12.00pm.            EUROPAGES database: 600,000 businesses in 36
Email:            European countries
01732 228000.
TO JOIN THE CHAMBER IT COSTS                               Did you know you can „recycle‟ your old bicycles
FROM JUST £8.33P PER MONTH!                                at:
                                                           Sevenoaks District has increased its recycling levels
                                                           from 10% to 33% in the last 10 years.

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                                                       Business to Business Brochure
Conservation Council
The website for the Conservation Council is:           It‟s not too late to let us have your A5 flyer. We are                     constantly sending out the brochure to new
                                                       businesses and new Members. Promote your
Rogue Traders                                          business and include your information in the
If you want any advice about scams, contact            “Business to Business” pack. The Chamber has
Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 or if you want to      been overwhelmed with the response to our request
simply              report          a           scam   for new flyers and the membership pack is now
visit   more fully representative of all the members and the
m.aspx.                                                services they can offer.

                                                       Forum on the Chamber website
Have you looked at the Chamber web
site recently?                                         The Chamber has an interactive Forum on our
                                                       website where you can have your say on any issues
See the Links – on line business information “ONE      which concern you. You may also introduce your
SOURCE”                                                business or display any special offers you wish to
Discounts for Chamber Members                          Just log onto:
                                                       to add an entry. The entry can be edited by you at
Did you know, some of our Chamber Members offer        any time to keep it topical. There is also a popular
discounts to fellow Members??? Please mention that     Events Calendar for the Sevenoaks area at where
you are a Chamber Member when using any of our         you can click the link to „Add Your Own Event.
Member‟s many and varied services or look at our       Most of the events you see there are entered by the
„Benefits‟ section on our home page. Or if you         Tourist information Centre in Sevenoaks, who are
would like to offer a discount please contact the      now using the system to „feed‟ event details through
Chamber Office.                                        to locally published magazines.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau                                Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce
For any advice on consumer issues, go to the Citizen
Advice website, or contact      One of the numerous benefits of our affiliation with
Sevenoaks CAB on 01732 454443, email:                  the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce this year is                              that you can also attend various networking events
                                                       they     have     on     offer,    please      visit:
Fairtrade in Sevenoaks                        or call 01233
For more information about Fairtrade, please           504838 for more details.
contact:      Gwyneth        Brearley        at or phone: 01732

Tourist Information Centre

The Tourist Information Centre is now located
at The Plaza Suite, Stag Theatre.

Sevenoaks Job Club

The Sevenoaks Job Club takes place every
Monday at 10am in the Stag Community Arts
Centre, London Road and has received good
news from two former job seekers who have
since secured work and thanked the Job Club
for helping them in their quest for work.

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Contact Details

Administrator: Avril Ferguson
01732 455188
Mobile: 07906094445

Committee Members:
Doug Parry – Riverside Insurance Brokers Ltd
Kevin Aylward, The Showbusiness Company Ltd
Derek Griffin – Ditto
Elizabeth Dolding – Warners Solicitors
Mark Tuvey – Opus Network Services

Office Address:

54 High Street
Kent TN13 1JG                                        Humour Corner

Our Mottos                                           A dog went to a telegram office, took out a blank
                                                     form and wrote: "Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof.
                                                     Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof." The clerk examined the
Sevenoaks & District Chamber of Commerce             paper and politely told the dog, "There are only
founded in 1910 “… to promote and assist             nine words here. You could send another 'Woof' for
businesses to benefit within the community and for   the same price." The dog replied, "But that would
the community.”                                      make no sense at all!"

                                                     Officer to driver going the wrong way up a one way
                                                     street, "And where do you think you are going?"
         “KEEPING TRADE LOCAL”                       Driver: - "I'm not sure, but I must be late as
Support our local businesses and keep trade          everyone else is coming back."
                                                     Through the pitch-black night, the captain sees a
                                                     light dead ahead on a collision course with his ship.
                                                     He sends a signal: “Change your course 10 degree
New Membership Fees for 2010 per                     east.”
annum – includes our affiliation with                The light signals back: “Change yours, 10
Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce from                Degrees west.”
                                                     Angry, the captain sends: “I’m a navy captain!
January 2010                                         Change your course, sir!”
                                                     “I’m a seaman, second class,” comes the reply.
1 – 9 Employees - £100                               “Change your course, sir.”
                                                     Now the captain is furious. “I’m a battleship! I’m
10 – 19 Employees - £135.00                          not changing course!”
                                                     There is one last reply. “I’m a lighthouse. Your
20 – 49 Employees - £165.00

50 Plus Employees - £220.00

Plus £40 joining fee for new members

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BNH Limited – Independent Financial Advisor
Contact: Tim Mills
Telephone: 01892 861002
Email:               Web.

Rockdale Housing Association Limited – Housing Association.
Contact: Marian Wright
Telephone: 01732 458762
Email: Web.

ITBusnet. IT Consultancy.
Contact: Dr. John Palmer
Telephone: 01732 762291
Email:     Web.

Savills (L&P) Limited. Residential Lettings & Sales
Contact: Theresa Wallace
Telephone: 01732 789760
Email:             Web.

GMP Public Relations & Marketing. PR & Marketing.
Contact: Gabrielle Stapleton
Telephone: 01892 825157
Email:               Web.

Russell Harper Photography. Business & Family Photography.
Contact: Russell Harper.
Telephone: 07834 946612
Email: Web.

ChristyClearCoaching. Coaching for Life & Work.
Contact: Sue Christy
Telephone: 0771 2837519
Email:   Web.

Handelsbanken. Corporate & Private Banking
Contact: Nick Green
Telephone: 01892 547702
Email:      Web.

Sevenoaks Summer Festival. Annual Festival of Arts.
Contact: John Levett
Telephone: 01732 460143
Email:   Web.

BMI Fawkham Manor Hospital. Private Acute Healthcare.
Contact: Valerie Power
Telephone: 01474 879900
Email:  Web.

John Caruana Photography. Photographer.
Contact: John Caruana
Telephone: 01732 743316.
Email:       Web:

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Strada. Restaurant. “Pizzas – as good as any you’ll enjoy in Italy!”
Contact: Rui Morgardo
Telephone: 01732 461706.
Email:        Web:

Eightoaks Limited. Business Advisers Tax/Business Systems & Business Support.
Contact: Sharon Keown
Telephone: 01732 550030
Email:       Web:

Riverside Insurance Brokers Limited. Insurance Brokers.
Contact: Doug Parry
Telephone: 01732 783505
Email:  Web:

People Placements Limited. Recruitment.
Contact: Miranda Etherington
Telephone: 01732 746681
Email:             Web:

Fincello Finance Limited. Bookkeeping & Accounting Services.
Contact: Harriet Finch
Telephone: 07769 274690

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