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									Findlay Moose Family Center #698

        Pride of the Moose
                                                               1028 W. Main Cross, Findlay Ohio 45840
                                                             Business: 419-422-9662 Social: 419-423-2400

                             October–November 2005                                     Volume 6, Issue 3
 Special points
 of interest:                Lodge receives recognition
 • Lodge Family Picnic         The Findlay Moose Family Center is      In addition, the Findlay Moose Fam-
     brings out the fun in     proud to announce the several out-      ily Center received a Director
                               standing awards for the 2004-2005       General’s Circle of Distinction
 • Lodge sponsors Na-          Moose reporting year .                              Award for Moose Chari-
     tional Champions.                                                             ties support with over
                               Findlay Lodge earned the
 • Lodge awards 33                                                                 $96000 donated. Over
     scholarships.             Lodge Merit Award,
                                                                                   $45,000 was also donated
                               given only to those
 • Keep the faith in the                                                           to 34 other national and
     Moose and in Mem-
                               lodges meeting or ex-
                                                                                   local charities last year.
     bership.                  ceeding very exacting
                                                                                   See a total list of chari-
                               and audited criteria.
 • New newsletter format                                                           ties, on page 4. Be proud
     emphasizes Moose          Only 33 out of 120 Ohio
                                                                                    of your support.
     pride.                    Moose lodges received Brian and Peg with new
                               this most coveted award.     Lodge Merit Award
                                                                                 Findlay also received a
                               Some of the criteria are membership,  newsletter Shining Star Nomination
 Moose Pride                   on time reporting, financial health, for the third year in a row, a Director
 inside this issue
                               family activities, community service, General’s Top Hat Award for com-
  Pride in Women of            and quality and number of activities munity service, and a Superior rank-
  the Moose              2     for all age groups. This takes good ing for family activities. Congratu-
                               management, good participation, and lations and thanks to every one for
  Pride in membership    3     really good support from everyone.    outstanding support.
  Pride in community
  service                4   Lodge honors Rookie of the Year
                               Gene Averill was recently honored as    gion, and in
  Pride in sports        5     the Findlay Moose Family Center         many       fun
  Pride in family              Rookie of the Year for 2004-2005.       events     too
  activities             6     His work and volunteering efforts       numerous to
  Pride in calendar            during his recent years as a new        mention.
  events                 7     Moose member has been outstanding.      Give Gene a
  Pride in Moose               Gene has helped out in the kitchen,     big     thanks
  organization           9     the lodge side, the beer garden, teen   and congratu- Gene Averill honored
                               events, sports, newsletter, Moose Le-   lations when you see him.
                         Big expectations, a report by Sandy Thomas, Sr. Regent
   New members July

      Amber Jones
   Bonnie Gochenauer
   Brittany McMahon
     Connie Bryant
    Janelle Musgrave
      Karen Miller              July enrollment                September                         August
       Kasie Feller
   Kimberly Farthing       The Women of the Moose Chapter 362          to our co-workers who have been help-
   Kristina Shoemaker      has been really busy showing Moose          ing with all our fund raising projects.
      Laura Baker
                           pride the last few months. The chapter
        Lisa Tiell                                                     Congratulations to our Chapter for re-
    Machelle Russell       has enrolled 89 new co-workers so far
                                                                       ceiving an Ohio State Moose Associa-
    Marsha Bormuth         this year. Outstanding! Welcome new
    Megan Burnham
                                                                       tion Buckeye Award nomination at
                           co-workers and thanks to the sponsors       the state convention in August as one of
       Renee Perry
      Sharon Fagan         for helping our Chapter to grow.            three Ohio Chapters in our size for the
       Tina Miller                                                     Top Chapter Award.
     Alicia Downing        Our Chapter is expecting a really big
        Kay Tellez         year for 2005-2006. Let’s all pitch in      Please pay dues as soon as your state-
       Mary Lively         and work together to make our Chapter       ment is received and be patient about
  New members August       one of the best in Ohio. Special thanks     receiving your new membership card.

    Amanda Johnson
      Angie Corbin
                         Green Cap honors accomplishments
    Barbara Barrett        Congratulations to Lisa Niswander for       with the
     Carla Stevens
                           receiving her Green Cap designation at      Lodge, is
      Deb Linhart
     Gwen Huffman          the State convention in august. She         required
      Peggy Hosler         was capped by Past Grand Regent             along with
      Rachel Baker         Karol Smith in the honorary ceremony.       yearly jobs
     Sheila Bourret
    Tamera Rooney          This one of many steps in earning the       in a mixed
                           women’s College of Regents Degree.          variety of          Lisa Niswander
 New members September                                                 leadership.       receives Green Cap
                           To earn the College of Regents Degree,
    Annett Packey
                           a lot of work, organizing, reporting, and   Finally, the chapter must meet require-
   Barbara Vermilya
      Bett Arnett          teamwork, both with the women and           ments in membership, and finances.
    Cheryl Leffler
      Debi Braun
    Diana Gazarek
                         Chapter honors it’s Collegians
     Janice Cook                                         The Col-      The Red
     Jenny Evans                                         lege   of     Tassel
      Liz Frazer
                                                         Regents       Ceremony
     Sue Ramirez
     Terri Ramm                                          Chapter       was con-
                                                         N i g h t     ducted for
     Transferred in                                      was held      Robin
                           Some WOTM College of Regents!                          Robin Ritchie receives red tassel
    Cathlene Bugnr                                       on Sep-       Ritchie
      Diane Hale           tember 1 honoring eight Collegians          by Myrna Bell. This is an honor for
     Dorma Crates          present. Findlay Chapter now has 16         completing her first year of being a
  Geraldine Hauenstein
                           College of Regents.                         Collegian. Congratulations!
     Nichole Foulk
     Peggy Webber          This Degree is the highest degree of the    Robin recently transferred into our
                           Women of the Moose at chapter level.        Chapter from Norwood. Welcome!
Page 2
                                                                                                PRIDE IN MEN’S
New membership theme, “Imagine the Possibilities”                                                MEMBERSHIP

                                                                                                  Your membership
                                                                                                    has a positive
                                                                                                influence on the lives
                                                                                                of many people of all
                     July enrollment                               August enrollment
                                                                                                ages in many places!
  The Findlay Moose Family Center is         The membership theme of the Moose
  off to a great start to reaching our as-   Fraternity is “Imagine the Possibilities”.
  signed quota of 250 new members.           If every member sponsored one mem-                      New members
  When you ask your family, friends, or      ber, the Moose would double in size.                    Richard Baker
  neighbors to join you at the Moose, you                                                          Luke Bartholomeo
  have opened a new world of Moose           If every member, every Lodge, every                    Donald Beckman
  pride, fun, and community involvement      Chapter, every Moose Legion, did just                   Nathan Bennett
  to them and also helped strengthen our                                                              Leonard Boes
                                             their part, well just IMAGINE THE                        Mike Daniels
  order.   Thank you sponsors!               POSSIBILITIES and public awareness!                     Lynn Dietrich
                                                                                                     Matt Ekleberry
                                                                                                       Brian Edler
                                             Benefits offered to                                   Shanon Hauenstein
  Many rewards are available to those                  Prescription Discount Program                  Dane Haydel
                                                           Life Insurance Benefits                    Cory Hensley
  who sponsor new members. Sponsor 1                                                                 Walter Hotaling
                                                    Medicare Supplement, Cancer Care
  member during the Moose year and                       Accidental Death Benefits                   Kevin Karrick
  receive a fun Moose Magic Globe.                GMAC Discounts on Vehicle Insurance                 Tim Lawhead
                                                                                                      Simon Maag
  Sponsors of 2 members will receive a         Subscriptions - Save $ and help our fraternity
                                                                                                     Eugene Meyer
  handy travel luggage strap. Sponsor 5         Sherwin-Williams Paints - save from 5-20%
                                                                                                       Phillip Neff
                                                           FTD Flowers and Gifts
  members and receive a set of 4 stainless                                                             Ben Omlor
                                              PowerNet Global - 4.5¢ Long Distance, anytime
  steel cups and a 5 Club membership.                                                                Michael Omlor
                                                RCI Holiday - Vacation and Resort Rentals
                                                                                                      Steve Parish
  Higher sponsors receive bigger gifts.       Discounted Movie, Theatre, Theme Park Tickets         Paul Ramirez Jr.
  Sponsor members into the Moose Le-             Hickory Farms - Members 15% Discount               Kevin Richardson
                                              North American Van Lines - Discount on Moves           Paul Roswurm
  gion and receive similar awards.
                                                  Enterprise Car Rental Discount Program             David Sausser
                                               Cruise International Travel Rewards Program-       Delbert Settlemire Sr.
  Logon to pass-
                                              Travel Center - Full Service Travel Consultants        Terry Shepler
  word change for details on the follow-      Hotel Savings Program - Save 15-30% on rooms             Allen Simon
  ing members discounts, and benefits:              Hertz Car Rental Discount Program                 Troy Trimble
                                                                                                       Ken Vaupel
Findlay member makes 25 club                                                                      Benjamin Wilkerson
                                                                                                       Rod Winkle
                  Findlay Moose mem-          member sponsor, and we are glad to                     Mike Wortman
                  bers continue to qual-      welcome Jay Rice into the Club. He                      Chris Young
                  ify for the Moose 25        will now qualify for the 25 Club bene-
                  Club by sponsoring 25       fits at conventions.
                  or more total members
   25 Club member                             The 5 Club membership must be earned
                  into the Moose.
                                              each Moose year, but the 25 Club or
  To make the 25 Club for the first time      higher division is permanent. Each 25
  is an outstanding achievement of a          members sponsored is a new division.
                                                                                                 Joint membership theme
     Please patronize our advertisers!               This space available for your
    They help the lodge control the cost              marketing message to 1600
            of your newsletter                           men and 900 women.                                    Page 3
                                Findlay Lodge awards 33 scholarships
                                  The Findlay Moose Family Center            pes, Mitchell
  SERVICE                         through the Jimmy Haide Memorial           Coppes, Keri
                                  Scholarship Fund was proud to award        Hauman,
                                  scholarships to 33 deserving students      A a r o n
                                  this summer. This was the largest num-     Hauman,
                                  ber awarded from a non profit organiza-    Chelsey Rad-
                                  tion in the area and more than any other   abaugh, Tif- Scholarship committee
                                  Moose Lodge in the State.                  fany Lee, Eric Trout, Stephanie Sweet,
                                                                             Amanda Brandeberry, Stacy Essinger,
                                  The recipients, some of which are pic-
                                                                             Tiffany Wickham, Eric Wickham, Si-
                                  tured on the left, were:    Alexandra
                                                                             erra Slane, Jillian Richards, Matthew
                                  Packey, Joy Savage, Kimberly Diller,
                                                                             Gault, Amanda Gault and Kenneth
                                  Nicole Firestine, Kristen Geaman,
                                                                             Beilharz. Congratulations to all!
                                  Samantha Foster, Nathan Cass, Sara
  2005 scholarship winners        Chester, Joe Alexander, Lindsay Alex-      Thanks to the Scholarship Committee
                                  ander,     Katie Schleucher, Kyle          for raising the necessary funds by hav-
                                  Schleucher, Lauren Corbin, Ryann           ing activities, outings, sales, and dona-
                                  Toeppe, Derrick Cook, Benjamine Cop-       tions. It could not be done without you.

                                Lodge supports indirect community service
                                  The Findlay Moose Family Center uses       service
                                  the services of many groups that di-       profes-
                                  rectly support community service. One      sionals,
                                  of these is the Reunion band, headed up    donates
                                  by our own John Courtney. This band        the pro-
                                  played for our Lodge a few times, the      ceeds to a
                                                                                                 Reunion Band
                                  most recent being the first annual         worthy
   Rockin’ the Beer Garden        “Rocking the Beer Garden Party’ pre-       community service function. Also,
  started with a half chicken
                                  sented by the Teen Club and the Sports     rooms are used by the Red Cross,
                                  Committee. This band, made up of           funerals, and local events.

                                Charity begins at the Moose
                                  The Findlay Moose Family Center Sup-       Wish Foundation Intl., Fraternal Order
“When you                         ported over 34 national and local chari-   of Police, Cory Rawson Midget Foot-
                                  ties the last Moose year. Some of these    ball, Children’s Mentoring Connection,
spend money at                    were City Missions, Hope House,            Human Society & SPCA, Muscular
                                  Findlay youth baseball, Special Kid’s      Dystrophy Association, Disabled Veter-
the Moose, you                    Therapy, American Cancer Society,          ans, and many others. In addition, the
                                  Cancer Patient Services, Bridge Home       Women of the Moose, the Moose Le-
are benefiting                    Health & Hospice, Children’s Fire Pre-     gion, the Line Dancers, and others have
                                  vention Handbook, Children’s Drug          given to their own charity groups. You
many charities.”                  Safety Manual, Special Olympics,           can be proud to be part of this
                                  Crime Prevention Digest, Children’s        benevolent organization.

Page 4
                                                                                         PRIDE IN SPORTS
OSMA Bowling Tournament strikes again
  The 64 Annual Ohio State Moose Asso-        placed on a team on combined to form
  ciation Bowling Tournament will be          an additional team.                          FINDLAY SPORTS
  held at Barberton Moose Lodge in the
  spring. The Bowling Committee is            Entries are due by Monday, November        Pool tournaments: 2:00
  looking at April 1-2, 2006 for Findlay      15, 2005. Turn in entries at the social
                                                                                           2nd Sat. each month
  Lodge to bowl. They are open for sug-       quarters. Any questions should be              straight 8 ball
  gestions! Entries are posted on the bul-    directed to Charlie Nicholson or John
                                              Nicholson, Jr.                               4th Sat. each month
  letin board by the office.
                                                                                              scotch doubles
  Any one interested in bowling can sign      In 2005, our men and women’s bowl-
                                              ing teams did very well in state tour-         OSMA SPORTS
  up a team or individual bowlers are also
  welcome. Separate individuals will be       naments and they want to repeat!              Electronic Darts
                                                                                             October 14-16
Michigan - Ohio State party promises winner                                                    Hamilton
  The annual Michigan - Ohio State foot-                                                    Mixed Bowling
  ball party before, during, and after the                                                  Oct. 15 - Nov. 13
  game is November 19. Come tailgate                                                           Marietta
  early. There will be food, fun, prizes                                                        Billiards
  and goodies for an all day fundraiser for                                                  January 27-29
  the Jimmie Haide Scholarship fund.                                                           Delaware

Lodge sponsors National Champions
                           Findlay lodge      Tournament Champions. Super con-
                           helps sponsor
                           several youth
                                              gratulations! The Moose is proud to be
                                              one of the sponsors of this team.
                                                                                        “Findlay Lodge
                           sports teams in
                           the area. The      Next spring and summer, Findlay             helps sponsor
                                              Moose will be the soul sponsor of this
                           Findlay Dia-
                           mond Dogs are      fine community organization and it
                                                                                          several youth
   National Champion
    “Diamond Dogs”
                           once again the
                           United States
                                              will be known then as the Bull Moose
                                              team, a attribute to all the support we
                                                                                         sports teams.”
   youth baseball team
                           Youth Baseball     will be giving them and their coaches.

Horseshoe ritual determines
  The annual ritual called “Lodge horse-      grand champions were the Thomas
                 shoes’’ to determine         brothers, Roger and Jimmy Joe
                 the “braggin’ rights”        over Gary Kern and Ken Agner.
                 for the year was held        Congratulations!
                 after the Lodge Picnic.
                                              Several lodge members had good
                  When the dust cleared       games but were unable to “ring it up”
                  and the tape measures       when needed. All in all, everyone had
                  were put away, the          fun for the tournament.                   Lodge horseshoe champions
    Good form

                                                                                                       Page 5
                                Lodge Family Picnic highlights summer’s end
                                  Once again the end of Summer is sig-       The      annual
                                  naled by the Annual Family Picnic.         Horseshoe
                                  Activities for kids included the face      Tournament
                                  painting, dart toss, ring toss and many    (see ritual on
                                  more traditional activities. A new event   page 5) pro-
                                  this year was the shaving cream and        duced rings of
                                  cheese ball catch pictured on page 10.     cheer       and Water balloon contest,
                                                                                                   fun for all!
                                  The water balloon toss for all ages was    thuds of dis-
                                  a soaking affair. The winners truly        appointment as the brackets thinned
                                  earned their water wings. As the day       out. Evening shadows unveiled the hot-
                                  wore on, food of all kinds was available   test “beer garden” music in town played
                                  in great quantities.                       by the Hanson Brothers.
 Kid’s horse around on rides!
                                  The highlight was a ride in the “pony      Thanks to Chairman Ruth Haide, our
                                  wagon” or in the “Rucker Mobile”,          great volunteers, and staff, for the out-
                                  truly unique experiences!                  standing program for everyone.

                                Little winners have big smiles
                                  The biggest smiles of the Lodge Picnic     available.
“You don’t learn                  were reserved for the little bike win-     Congratu-
                                  ners. They took to riding almost in-       lations to
to ride a bike                    stinctively, but the saying “you don’t     the boy
                                  learn to ride a bike unless you get back   and girl
unless you get                    on when you fall off” was well illus-      winners!
                                  trated with bumps and dumps. The
back on when                      winners of the small bikes, shown, were    This has Little kids bicycle winners!
                                  Michael Rider and Kendra Crist. The        become a special Lodge tradition each
you fall off!”                    names of the large bike winners are not    year to give away four bicycles.

                                Lodge has something for everyone
                                  Roll out the Barrel! A barrel of fun was   for all kinds
                                  had by all ages as they were entertained   of events.
                                  with hula, limbo, playing fake instru-
                                                                             F i n d l a y
                                  ments, beards, balloons, and dancing
                                                                             Moose is very
                                  provided by Roller Girl with her fan-
                                                                             proud to offer
                                  tastic singing and roller skating.
                                                                                                Dora Pilcher knows
                                  In a fast paced evening, she passed out    for everyone”       how to have fun!
                                  hundreds of balloons tied in all shapes,   in entertain-
                                  had people wear beards, chicken beaks,     ment and family activities. Check the
                                  (for chicken dance of course), best lip    calendar or watch MooseVision for ac-
   Moose family swingers          print contest, and many other fun rou-     tivities and upcoming family commu-
                                  tines. Prizes were given out to winners    nity or sports events.

Page 6
                                                                                                                PRIDE IN EACH MONTH

       Sun                 Mon              Tue                    Wed                   Thu                      Fri                Sat
                     MONDAY IS                                                                                               1 TEXAS HOLD-EM
                     MEGA                                                                                                    POKER TOURNEY
                     DRAWING NIGHT                                                                                           Signup 2–3:00 pm only
                         8 PM                                                                                                FLAG CITY
                                                                                                                             KARAOKE 8 PM – ??

2 BREAKFAST          3 BEER GARDEN    4 BEER GARDEN         5 PERI GROUP 11 AM   6 BEER GARDEN             7                 8
8 AM to 11 AM        4 PM TO ???       4 PM TO ???          BEER GARDEN 4 TO ?    4 PM TO ???              BAKED STEAK
                     MEGA DRAWING     TUESDAY DRAWING       Line Dancing
                                                            Beginners 6 PM
NASCAR                  8 PM                                Advanced 7 PM                                  FRIDAY DRAWING
 Talladega                            Family Dining         Euchre 7-9 PM        WOTM Enroll 7:00 pm       JUST US TWO

9 CENTURY CLUB       10 BEER GARDEN   11 BEER GARDEN        12 BEER GARDEN       13 BEER GARDEN            14                15 NASCAR
MOOSE LEGION         4 PM TO ???       4 PM TO ???             4 PM – ??          4 PM TO ???              BBQ RIBS                Lowes
ENROLLMENT           MEGA DRAWING     TUESDAY DRAWING       Line Dancing         House Committee
   In Port Clinton                                          Beginners 6 PM         6:30 PM                 FRIDAY DRAWING
                        8 PM          Family Dining         Advanced 7 PM                                                    LINE DANCERS
NASCAR                                JAM session 7:00 PM                        Board Mtg 7:00 PM         W&W KARAOKE
                                                            Euchre 7-9 PM
 Kansas City                                                                     Men’s Mtg 8:00 PM

16 BREAKFAST         17 BEER GARDEN   18 TUESDAY DRAWING    19 BEER GARDEN       20 BEER GARDEN            21 COUNTRY        22
8 AM to 11 AM        4 PM TO ???      BEER GARDEN 4 TO ?     4 PM TO ???          4 PM TO ???                  FRIED STEAK   50’S – 60’S DANCE
                     MEGA DRAWING     Legion Dinner and-    Line Dancing         JOINT MTG. 6:30 PM        HALLOWEEN PARTY
                                                            Beginners 6 PM       House Committee 7:00 PM
DISTRICT MTG            8 PM          Meeting                                                               KIDS & ADULTS
                                                            Advanced 7 PM        Board Mtg 7:30 PM
VAN WERT                              Starts at 6:30 PM     Euchre 7-9 PM
                                      Family Dining                              WOTM Bus. Mtg. 7 PM            SPICE

23                   24 BEER GARDEN   25 HALLOWEEN          26 BEER GARDEN       27 BEER GARDEN            28   FISH FRY     29
                     4 PM TO ???               PARADE        4 PM TO ???          4 PM TO ???
                     MEGA DRAWING     TUESDAY DRAWING       Line Dancing         Trick or Treat Night      FRIDAY DRAWING
NASCAR                                Family Dining         Beginners 6 PM
                        8 PM                                Advanced 7 PM
                                                                                 NO KIDS Pizza &           JR HUNTER &
 Martinsville                         JAM session 7:00 PM                        Movie This Month           CROSSFIRE
                                                            Euchre 7-9 PM

30 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS 31 HALLOWEEN                                                 BREAKFAST
ENROLLMENT 2 PM                                                                  EVERY
                     MEGA DRAWING
 STATE PRESIDENT        8 PM                                                     1ST & 3RD
NASCAR – Atlanta                                                                 SUNDAYS
                                                                                                        PRIDE IN EACH MONTH

        Sun              Mon             Tue                 Wed                Thu                        Fri                  Sat
                                   1                    2                3                         4                    5
                                   TUESDAY DRAWING      Line Dancing                               CHOPPED SIRLOIN      TEXAS HOLD-EM
                                   Family Dining        Beginners 6 PM   WOTM Enrollment                                POKER TOURNEY
                                                        Advanced 7 PM     7:00 PM                  FRIDAY DRAWING       Signup 2–3:00 pm only
                                                        EUCHRE 7-9 PM                              LATESHOW

6 BREAKFAST         7              8                   9                 10                        11                   12
8 AM to 11 AM                      TUESDAY DRAWING     Line Dancing      House Committee           BBQ RIBS
                    MEGA DRAWING   Family Dining       Beginners 6 PM        6:30 PM
NASCAR                 8 PM        JAM session 7:00 PM Advanced 7 PM     Board Mtg 7:00 PM         FRIDAY DRAWING
TEXAS                                                  EUCHRE 7-9 PM     Men’s Mtg 8:00 PM         HANSON BROS.

13                  14             15                   16               17                        18                   19
CENTURY CLUB                       Legion Dinner and-                    JOINT MTG. 6:30 PM        FISH FRY
                                                                         House Committee 7:00 PM
                    MEGA DRAWING   Meeting              Line Dancing     Board Mtg 7:30 PM
                                                                                                                        OSU / MICHIGAN
NASCAR                 8 PM        Starts at 6:30 PM    Beginners 6 PM                             FRIDAY DRAWING       GAME
PHOENIX                            TUESDAY DRAWING      Advanced 7 PM                              SPITTIN IMAGE
                                                                         WOTM Bus. Mtg. 7 PM
                                   Family Dining        EUCHRE 7-9 PM                                                   LINE DANCERS

20 BREAKFAST        21             22                  23                24                        25                   26
8 AM to 11 AM                      TUESDAY DRAWING     Line Dancing      BUILDING CLOSED            SIRLOIN TIPS
                                                       Beginners 6 PM    HAPPY                                          COX KARAOKE
District Meeting    MEGA DRAWING   Family Dining       Advanced 7 PM     THANKSGIVING                  FRIDAY DRAWING
INDIAN LAKE            8 PM        JAM session 7:00 PM EUCHRE 7-9 PM                                    PEGASUS

27 CANCER           28             29                   30                                                              BREAKFAST
BURGER FRY          MEGA DRAWING   TUESDAY DRAWING      Line Dancing                                                    EVERY
NASCAR Auction         8 PM                             Beginners 6 PM
       2 PM                        Family Dining        Advanced 7 PM                                                   1ST & 3RD
   Bill & Dodie’s                                       EUCHRE 7-9 PM                                                   SUNDAYS
                                                                                          PRIDE IN MOOSE
Moose words - a report by Brian Bell, Administrator                                       ORGANIZATION
  As you are aware, changes are happen-      this year will result in a more uniform
  ing in the Moose organization which        dues cycle for everyone in the future.
  will affect members, Districts, and
  Associations. Some of these changes        Some nice features include one card
  you can see and some are not visible.      replacing all the non-permanent ink
                                             cards of the past. Lodges and members
  The changes in dues handling is the        will be able to communicate over the
  most obvious. Please pay your dues as      network with any Lodge, Chapter or
  soon as you receive your statement to      Moose Legion. All transactions and
  avoid timing problems with your cur-       business will be electronically trans-     The Moose is a great organization.
  rent card expiring. Dues now can be        ferred to Moose International.             This is Findlay hosting District 3.

  paid with a credit card. All lodges have   The Moose is a great organization,
  been asked to be lenient with expiration   and the Findlay Moose Family Cen-
                                                                                        For more information,
  grace periods until the card problems at   ter is a top ten lodge in Ohio. Don’t      logon to
  Moose International are smoothed out.      let your frustration with the changes or to
  Also, the prorated Moose Legion dues       keep you from fun and pride here.

Fraternalism works , a report by Doc Thomas, Governor
  Fall approaches and our family center      tinues to be outstanding. We are one of
  will be busy with fun and activities of    the top, if not the best, Moose sports
  all kinds. Many things are coming to       lodge in Ohio. Be sure and check the
  give you the chance to bring your fam-     calendar for all the upcoming great ac-     “If we all work
  ily and friends to the Moose.              tivities for everyone.                        together as a
  Our newsletter has a new format, to        Several improvements are coming. The       team, we can do
  better show us as a top Moose Lodge in     air quality will be improved. The park-
  Ohio and is in color on the state web-     ing will be improved. The carpeting
                                                                                          great things.”
  site. Our Scholarship Committee is the     will be better. If we all work together
  best in the state. Our food service con-   as a team, we can do great things.

Moose Legion fun, a report by Ron Weyer, Chairman
  The Moose Legion is happy to wel-          mystery bus trip was great fun for all.
  come the following into the Second         The group visited Sylvania, Adrian, MI,
  Degree of the Moose: Gary Singer,          Hillsdale, MI, Coldwater, MI, Montpe-
  Greg DeAmicis, Jeff Standfield, Jim        lier, and Whitehouse-Waterville Moose
                     Saum,     James         lodges. The trip featured the Karaoke
                     Murphy, Carlos          of Bill Foster, food and refreshments on
                     Gonzales, and           the bus and at the lodges, and various
                     Ben Pratt. Big          other entertainment.                            Let’s get on the bus!
                                             The next enrollment is at Port Clinton
    New Moose Legion     The 2nd annual      October 9th lunch at 1. Findlay Moose
        members          Moose Legion        Legion meets October 18th at 6:30.

                                                                                                             Page 9
Findlay Moose Family                                                                                                                            STD
     Center #698                                                                                                                             U.S. Postage
 1028 W. Main Cross,                                                                                                                         Findlay, Ohio
  Findlay Ohio 45840                                                                                                                         Permit No 91
Business: 419-422-9662
Social: 419-423-2400

 Women of the Moose                                                                                                                Address Service
   Chapter #362                                                                                                                      Requested
P.O. Box 464
Findlay, Ohio 45839                                          “The Friendliest Place in Town”
E-mail                                                                                                                               Dated material                                                                                                          please do not delay!

               “The information contained herein is both confidential and privileged and shall be available to and used by good standing
               members of the Loyal Order of Moose for fraternal purposes. Any use of the information contained herein for private gain or
               for any commercial, political or business purpose is strictly prohibited.”          David A. Chambers, General Governor

                                       The greatest story never told
  Special upcoming events
   Breakfast every 1st and 3rd
   Halloween party all ages
   Oct 21
   Halloween parade
   Oct 25
   50-60’s dance
   Oct 22
                                                                                                         Corn puffs do stick to shaving cream
   Ohio State - Michigan
                                                                                                                                  Family activities,
   party, Nov 19                                                                                                                  sports, community
   Cancer benefit burger fry                                                                                                      service, children at
   Nov 27                                                                                                                         Mooseheart, seniors
                                                                                                                                  at Moosehaven, and
   Happy Thanksgiving                                                                                                             special times with
   Nov 24 lodge closed                                                                                                            good friends!
   State President Enrollment                                                                                                     This is what it is
   Oct 30                                          Winner of kid’s hot lips contest                     Watch me mom              all about!

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