How to cook special fried rice? by mahamade


									Tired of fried rice that's it? Try cooking with a different variation, seafood. Here's
the recipe and how to cook it.
You can try to combine the ingredients as below:

Ingredients for 4 servings:

• 600 g white rice
• 3 types of seafood (30 g shrimp, 30 g of squid, 30 g fish)
• 20 g green onion, thinly sliced
• 20 g onion, chopped
• 1 chicken egg yolk
• Seasonings:
• Vegetable oil
• Chicken powder (chicken broth powder)
• Salt
• Pepper
• 8 tsp XO sauce
• XO Sauce:
• Vegetable oil
• 600 g garlic
• 200 g red peppers
• 200 g cayenne pepper
• 300 g dried shrimp
• 300 g anchovy
• 100 g of MSG
• 50 g of chicken powder (chicken broth powder)
• 80 g sugar
• 25 g salt
How to cook:

1.Boil 3 types of seafood to cook. Drain.
2.Hot skillet with a little oil. Saute onion until wilted.
3.Add egg yolks, add the rice and stir until rice wrapped in egg.
4.Put seafood, XO sauce, a little salt and pepper, stirring until blended.
5. Put scallions, stir briefly. Lift.
6.Serve with a sprinkling of coriander leaves.
7.Saus XO: Heat 50 ml oil in a skillet. Saute garlic until golden and fragrant.
8.Add other ingredients, stir over medium heat until fully cooked and fragrant.
9. Add seasoning and add the oil. Simmer until the reddish brown oil. Spices
should be submerged in oil.
10.Saus can be stored up to one month at room temperature.

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