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					  Cooking up a parish
Using blog-software to create a free (or very cheap)
                                      parish website
   Learn about websites and design
   Learn about blogging platforms
   Design two real website for two real
   Modify and publish them.
   Learn how to set up a “blogger” site.
   Learn how to edit or add content.

Goals for today
Holy God, your Son called us to wrap the
 whole world in your saving embrace. By
 your Holy Spirit give us compassion,
 purpose and energy to invite into your
 Church those who do not yet know the
 transforming power of your love. We ask
 this through Him who has brought us
 from darkness to light, your Son, our
 Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

But first, let’s pray!
Learning something new can be
   A blog is a website.
   It is usually a personal website for people to
    talk about their interests to others.
   More and more groups & organizations use
    blogs to get out timely or up-to-date news
   But a blog operates exactly the same as any
    website no matter how big or how small.
   Repeat after me: “A blog is a website”

    (Okay, okay…a blog by itself is a website. Sheesh!)

What is a “blog?”
 The end-user should be able to send an e-
  mail and know how to attach a picture or
  file to an e-mail.
 Broadband is helpful but not required.
 Each parish should have it’s own URL
  (web address) and be able to pay for it.
 The parish is committed to updating
  content at least as often as the latest
  bulletin (or, if need be, newsletter).

Some assumptions
 Content
 Connectivity
 Creativity

   Plus:
    ◦   Color
    ◦   Timeliness
    ◦   Utility
    ◦   Links to other relevant sites

So let’s start cooking!
 Over 70% of new church members find
  their church on the internet.
 It is more than a billboard. Today people
  expect the content to be up-to-date,
  attractive and even interactive.
 It serves both congregants (inside
  audience) and visitors (outside audience).
 It bridges traditional advertising and
  interactive media.

Why a website?
   There are three major free or cheap
    blogging sites:
    ◦ Blogger (run by Google)
    ◦ WordPress
    ◦ TypePad
   We will be using Blogger.
    ◦ Free
    ◦ Easy to use and accessible
    ◦ Widespread use and improved regularly.

Which platform?
   WordPress has more features: tabs, data
    base (for attaching files like PDFs), etc.
   WordPress is used as the basis for many
    websites including
   Many templates available (some free).
   Very interactive and lots of 3d party
    support out there (for a fee).
   There is a downside:
    ◦ it requires more technical knowledge than I am
      assuming for this group.

Which platform?
   TypePad is also a major blogger platform.
   Used to be free, now it is cheap to very
   Is the platform for DioBeth newSpin and
    Episcopal Café.
   Not as many free/cheap templates out there
    but will accept WordPress Templates.
   The more you use the more it costs.
   Assumes technical knowledge and some code
    savvy (like WordPress).

Which platform?
 Which is why I picked “Blogger”.
 Blogger is improving.
    ◦ As you get more proficient and assuming you
      want to play, you can now download
      WordPress templates into Blogger using a
      3d party program and video (YouTube)
    ◦ Basic features for average user are
      multiplying. Many easy to use third party
      “widgets” out there.

Which platform?
Let’s get started.
   My parish blog:
   Other blogs:
    Episcopal Café
   Now let’s go to
    and see the basic

Getting started…
1. Blogger Home page…
2. Create an account…
3. Name your blog…
4. Choose your template…
5. You are ready to publish!
6. Work on the layout…
   Questions to ask:
    ◦   What do I want to say?
    ◦   What do I want to include?
    ◦   How do I want it to look?
    ◦   Where do I find the content?
   Things to know:
    ◦   What is “text?”
    ◦   What is a “widget?”
    ◦   What if a widget requires code? (Don’t panic!)
    ◦   How to insert a picture.

6. Work on the layout…
Blog geography
Blog geography
Blog geography
          The beauty of blogging is that you can
          always change, add or update your
          content whenever you want!

Blog geography
   “Posting” is when
    you add text to the
    main body of your
    ◦ While it is different
      than adding a text
      box to your
      sidebar(s), footer or
      header, the process is

    First…let’s post!

Posting on your blog



Same basic
as MSWord
(but simpler)

Posting to your blog…
Tools for posting
                                     1. Highlight Text

                                     2. Press “Link” button.

                                     3. Type in or copy
A “hyperlink” is a link to another
                                        complete web address
website embedded in a word or
picture.                             4. Hit “OK”

Add a “hyperlink”
                   1. Press “picture” button.
                   2. On this screen press
                      “Choose file”
                   3. Select location
                       1. None
                       2. Left
                       3. Center
                       4. Right
                   4. Choose Size
                       1. Small
                       2. Medium
                       3. Large
                   5. Check or uncheck
                      “every time” box
                   6. Click “Upload image.”

Adding a picture
                   When the picture
                   is added, you will
                   get a screen that
                   looks like this.

                   1. Click “Done”

Adding a picture
                      You can see
                      how it looks
                      by pressing

Adding a picture & “Preview”

          In Blogger, “Preview”
          is not a perfect copy
          of what you will see
          on your site.

          It will show you how
          things are laid out
          relative to each other.

                       Be sure you save
                       your work!!!

                       Press layout tab.

                       To add a widget,
                       press “Add a

                       To edit a widget,
                       pick your box and
                       hit “edit.”

Editing your sidebar
                        1. Go to
                           “Layout” &
                        2. Choose “Add a
                        3. Choose “Text”
                        4. Type in text
                           as with a
                        5. Highlight text
                        6. Press “Link”
                        7. Enter URL
Typing text & adding Hyperlink
                        8. “OK”

the same…the box just looks
                   Click “Add a

                   You get this

                   Scroll down till
                   you find the
                   widget (or
                   gadget) you

                   In this case,

Adding a picture
                      You will get a
                      box like this.

                      You can give it
                      a name, which
                      will appear in
                      your blog,

                      You can
                      caption it.

                      You can
                      hyperlink it.

                      Hit Save

Adding an image to your sidebar
                         When you are
                         done, the new
                         appears in the
                         top of your

                         Click and drag
                         the item to
                         where you
                         want it.

Place your widget in the sidebar
                  When we come
                   ◦ We’ll work on two
                     real web-sites.
                   ◦ Trinity, Carbondale
                   ◦ St. Mark’s New

Time for a break…

   This website is pretty complete. We’ll add
    some new content, and work on the side
    bar material.

Trinity, Carbondale

This web site is set up but it needs content
 and it needs stuff for the side bar.

St. Mark’s, New Milford
     Look at what you’ve created!!!

Great job, everyone!

Google “free
Church websites”

Other free or cheap webhosts…
O God, whose word is truth and in whose light
 we see light, guide those who tell the story of
 our times through word and image. Make
 them seekers after truth and advocates of
 human dignity. Grant discernment to all who
 rely on their labors, and, as we confront the
 pain and promise of this world, awaken in us
 a sense of wonder at your presence and of
 longing for your peace, through Jesus Christ
 our Lord. Amen.

Before we finish…let’s pray!
Thanks for your time!
     Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
                          Thanks be to God.

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