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Take control of your online CV
The iProfile is the dynamic online CV that is rapidly replacing the traditional CV – over 3 million people
across Europe and Australia now own one and this number is growing rapidly. Thousands of recruiters
and leading job boards have also adopted the iProfile as their preferred CV template.

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      Last updated: 22/06/2008 09:01 PM
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      Functional Analyst - PL Cross Ltd                                                               Edit      Delete
      London, United Kingdom - Contract/Temp - Information Technology      Jul 05 - Jan 09
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          Helped grow business from 4.3m to 4.8m unique users; reach grew from 21% to 23.1% in tough market                         • Latest version visible
          conditions. Online initiatives helped increase users from X network to Search by +20.8% (over 6 months),
          including successful product launches, e.g. increased downloads by +80% with one campaign.                                • Always accessible

      Education                                                                                                      Edit           • Impossible to lose
      Last updated: 03/03/2006 11:22 AM

      Harvard University, Boston, 1995
      BSc - Computing

      Skills & Competencies                                                                                          Edit

      Last updated: 16/07/2008 03:07 PM

      • Systems Analysis (>5yrs)
      • Process Design (>5yrs)
      • Functional Analysis (>2yrs)

“Building an iProfile was really easy. It's great having control over who has access to my information.”
                                                               Frankie Mackey, HR Professional

                              “What's great about the iProfile CV template is that it's re-usable so
                                        your effort spent completing it isn't wasted. ”
                                                               Alasdair McIntyre, IT Contractor

IMPORTANT: Keep your CV information safe and secure
Identity theft is a growing issue and with the average CV containing eight pieces of information used to
commit this crime, it is important to safeguard your information.

The iProfile not only gives you control over who has access to your information but also offers free
services, such as phone masking, to help you keep your personal information safe online.

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C++ Developer / Financing / London / 160 - 220k USD
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Senior C# / IT Banking / City of London / 2 day(s)
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Senior Developer C++ / Brand Name / £160 - £180 /
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   31         March             2009          Update   You can block people from viewing your iProfile
                                                       at any time.

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