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					                                            Tournament Name                                           Rev.00
                                               City, Texas
                                              Division- XU
The teams will first play in two pool games. The teams will then advance to the Single Elimination Bracket play,
according to their seed. Team and individual awards will be given to the top 2 places.

                                                    Pool Play
        Team          Score                 Team         Score          Day        Date       Time       Location
 1                               Vs.
 2                               Vs.
 3                               Vs.
 4                               Vs.
 5                               Vs.
 6                               Vs.
 7                               Vs.
 8                               Vs.
 9                               Vs.
10                               Vs.
11                               Vs.
                                                 Pool Records
                     Team                          Win Loss               Tie        Runs    Runs Seed
                                                                                    Allowed Scored

It is the Coach's responsibility to check the web page for any schedule changes. Please be sure you have
the most current schedule (compare Rev. #s on the top right corner of the page). The original schedule
posted begins with Rev.00
The following criteria will be used to seed teams after pool play:
• Best overall record
• Head to head results (not used with 3 or more teams tied)
• Least runs allowed
• Total runs scored
• Coin Flip

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