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Edit Blogger Template


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									ITL05 EDUCAUSE Instructional Technology Leadership Program 2005                         1 of 1
Setting Up a Blogger Site                                                            set# 2

Follow these steps to create a weblog site for your project team. One team member will
create the site and then add the other team members as editors. If the person creating
this site has a Blogger account, they should log in and jump to step (2). Otherwise they
will first create a free account. In a few minutes, your team will have their own project
web site.

(1) Go to Blogger.com or http://www.blogger.com/ and click on CREATE BLOG

(2) On the next screen, enter information to create your account.

(3) Complete the next screen to create your team weblog.

(4) Next, select a default template for how your blog will appear. You can change the
template at a later time.

(5) Wait a few moments while blog is being constructed. When done, click START
POSTING to publish your first blog entry.

(6) For your ITL05 team blog, write the first entry as an introduction for yourself and
your team members. Say something about this experience, and what you hope to get out
of your week at Penn State. Create a descriptive title for each new entry you compose.
Publish this entry.

Once it is completed, you can follow the links to view your brand new site. Use the
attached sticky note to provide Alan the URL for your published blog.

From here, spend some time to explore the other editing tools:

      Posting: Create new entries and edit or view previous entries.
      Settings: Several screens of options to modify your site.
      Template: Edit the template (some CSS / HMTL skills may be required, but you
       can also select from a wider choice of templates).

For now, the one task you need to do is to go to the settings tab, and click Members.
Use the editing screen to add the other members of your team. Each team member will
get an email message with instructions for logging in and accessing this blog editing area.

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