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					                                                        Syntax and Morphology in L1 & L2 Acquisition x
                                                                             Dr. Sharon Armon-Lotem

                  Syntax and Morphology in L1 & L2 Acquisition
                            Dr. Sharon Armon-Lotem
Description: The course will focus on morphology and syntax across languages in
monolingual and bilingual acquisition, starting with early acquisition of words and phrase
structure, inflectional morphology (for tense, aspect and agreement), and continuing with
later syntactic and morphological acquisition. The course compares the process of normal
first language acquisition to the process observed in natural second language acquisition,
discussing related theoretical issues. Each of these topics will be used to give some
insight to a different research methodology used in this field.

Prerequisites: Syntax 287/987, 522/922

Requirements: Reading for each topic
              Attendance and Participation
              Presentation (30%)
              Seminar paper (70%)

Topic                                              Reading
 Linguistic knowledge                              Background - Crain & Lillo-Martin 1999
 General Issues in Bilingualism
 Early verbs & argument structure in L1 & L2       Tomasello & Kruger 1992

 Syntactic vs. semantic bootstrapping              Grimshaw 1994

 Inflectional morphology in L1 & L2                Marcus 1995
                                                   Xu & Pinker 1995

 Derivational morphology in L1& L2                 Clark & Berman 1984
                                                   Berman 1982
 The acquisition of phrase structure in L1 &       Deprez & Pierce 1994
 L2                                                Vainikka & Young-Scholten (1996).
 The acquisition of the nominal phrase in          Armon-Lotem 1998
 L1 & L2
 Prepositions & Definiteness in L1 & L2            Zdorenko & Paradis 2008
                                        Rizzi, L. 1993/1994
 The acquisition of Tense and Agreement -
 Root infinitives in L1 & L2            Presentations
 The Acquisition of Binding in L1 & L2  Ruigendijk et al
 The acquisition of A and Ā Movement in Roeper 2003
 L1 & L2                                Presentations
Office: BS Building (901), Room 415
Office hours: Tues & Thur by appointment (03-5317159 or
Course webpage: in
                                                    Syntax and Morphology in L1 & L2 Acquisition x
                                                                         Dr. Sharon Armon-Lotem

Reading list
Armon-Lotem, S. 1998. Mommy Sock in a Minimalist Eye: On the Acquisition of DP in
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