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                                                                                                                                     Alan Rubin
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              By Mike Maione                                                                Players Te p with the top respo
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        our monthly assembly meetings are             time had 100 responses. When the responses         are completely unaware of. Today, a
Y     probably like the Long Island Mystics
      Assembly 77’s meetings used to be. They
probably follow a standard format — a short
                                                      were tallied I started working with Microsoft
                                                      PowerPoint to build the game display.
                                                          PowerPoint is a highly regarded presenta-
                                                                                                         PowerPoint presentation can include video,
                                                                                                         still photographs, moving graphics, customized
                                                                                                         animations, music, sound effects, slide transi-
business meeting, a lecture, or a theme show,         tion program commonly used by speakers to          tions, and links to other pages in the presenta-
and then finish up the evening at the local diner     display information. It has all but replaced       tion, as well as to other presentations, applica-
where the hardcore members share laughs and           slides and overhead projectors in boardrooms,      tions, and the Internet. Pretty much anything
trade stories or techniques late into the night.      at conferences, and on the lecture circuit. It     you can do on a Web page you can do in a
    I enjoy our meetings, especially the diner        comes packaged with Word and Excel in              PowerPoint presentation and then some.
part, but I do tire of the repetitiveness. The club   Microsoft Office. Like all mature computer             I created my own template, starting with an
shows each month tend to feature the same per-        applications, it has expanded to include fea-      original animated GIF for the background that
formers and the same themes repeated year             tures most people don’t utilize and casual users   simulates a marquee with chaser lights. For
after year. As a result, I am always looking to                                                          each round of the game, a new slide was creat-
borrow or invent something that deviates from                                                            ed with the three to five top answers for each of
the usual. If you are looking for a novel idea to                                                        the various survey questions added as text in
change your club’s meeting from humdrum to                                                               the basic outline. A graphic bar was placed over
humdinger, instead of just another silk magic or                                                         each answer to hide it from view.
liquid magic night, you may want to consider a                                                               During the show, the cover bars vanish
magic-oriented game show.                                                                                when clicked on, using the customized anima-
    Our most recent foray into originality was a                                                         tion feature. For fun, we added buttons to dis-
magic-based version of the popular television                                                            play one, two, or three large red X’s, a buzzer
program Family Feud, complete with a project-                                                            sound, applause, and the popular theme songs
ed game board, music, sound effects, prizes,                                                             played at the beginning of the Family Feud
contestants (costumed club members pretend-                                                              show and at the start of each round.
ing to be families), and answers culled from                                                                 A laptop computer connected to a digital
surveys of 100 magicians. By all measures it                                                             projector was used to project the display onto a
was a huge success and certainly different.                                                              large screen. A second computer/projector
    Here’s how we put ours together. You can                                                             setup was used to keep score. However, in ret-
do the same.                                                                                             rospect, a better and far less complicated solu-
    Using a free online survey service —                                                                 tion for keeping score would have been a sim- — I created a ten-                                                                  ple white board — low tech, but just as effec-
question survey. I asked things like “What’s                                                             tive.
your favorite magic word” and “Name a famous          Scorekeeper Lou Johnson, emcee and                     The most difficult part of the production
TV magician.” Using various magic on-line             game creator Mike Maione, and Pat                  for those who want to attempt it will be the
resources like SAMtalk, I sent the survey to          Darienzo who served as computer oper-              “lockout.” Fans of the game show know that
magicians around the country and in a short           ator and judge.                                    at the beginning of every round a question is
00   MUM       January 2007
                                                                                                                                                                        E BROWN-ROSNER
                                                                                                                                                         PHOTOS BY SHERE
                                                                                                                                     e answer
                                                                                                                  gives the number on
                                                                              Magic Al Garbe r [second from right] dman look on.
                                                                                                 Cohen and Steve Ro
                                                                              as team mates Ben
Jeff Miller and
                Ben Cohen face
the rules.                    -off as Mike M
                                            aione reads
                                                                                                                  Survey Said
                                                                                                       The Long Island Mystics Assembly 77’s Magic
                                                                                                       Family Feud game show, much like the popular
 put to the one player from each team in a face-        Our program consisted of three games. In       TV program, pits two “families” against each
                                                                                                       other in a contest to name the most popular
 off. During the face-off, the player that          the first game, Family A competed against
                                                                                                       responses to survey-type questions posed of 100
 “locks-in” first gets to answer the question. A    Family B. In game two, Family C competed           people — in this case, magicians. Here’s how
 light signals which contestant locked-in first.    against Family D. The winners of each game         some of the answers stacked up.
 Luckily, one of our club members, Steve            competed against each other in the third and
 Rodman, has a lockout for his Game Show on         final game. Because each Family was com-                Name your favorite magic word?
 Wheels, a party entertainment his company          prised of five contestants, 20 players were able             The top 5 answers:
 sells, so we did not have to build one. For        to get involved.                                        Abracadabra, Presto, Hocus Pocus,
 those less fortunate, a lockout is not that com-       We also encouraged club members to be                     Shazam, Alakazam
 plicated to construct. Inexpensive kits are        creative and form Family teams prior to the
 available on the web for those who like to tin-    meeting. They lived up to the challenge and                  Name a card magician.
 ker. For a less expensive low-tech solution,       three Families came to play in costumes. A                     The top 5 answers:
 you can use a battery-operated closet dome         fourth team was created from members who                   Dai Vernon, Cardini, Ed Marlo,
 light. Place the light between the players.        showed up to the meeting, their names drawn                Michael Ammar, Harry Lorayne
 When they face-off, the first player to hit the    from a hat.
 light, wins the face-off. I recommend that you         To fill in the natural breaks between games,          Name your favorite coin trick.
                                                                                                                 The top 4 answers:
 make someone the official judge, just in case      we added some spoof TV commercials pro-
                                                                                                                      Coins Across,
 the face-off is too close to call. You’ll also     duced by member Pat Darienzo. One commer-
                                                                                                              Hopping Halves (Sun & Moon),
 need someone to work the computer, someone         cial spoofed a well-known Coca-Cola ad; the                  Matrix, Scotch & Soda
 to keep score, and an emcee to ask the ques-       other was a public service announcement that
 tions and interview contestants.                   promoted club membership. Both were well                      Name a packet trick.
                                                    done, and very funny (and can be viewed at                     The top 4 answers:
                                                                                     Color Monte, Wild Card,
                                                        Inexpensive prizes were given to all con-                    Twisting the Aces,
                                                    testants, winners as well as losers. But there                         B’Wave
                                                    really were no losers because everyone had a
                                                    great time at a very unusual and extremely                Name a famous TV magician.
                                                    entertaining meeting. O                                        The top 4 answers:
                                                                                                              David Copperfield, Mark Wilson,
                                                    Mike Maione, who performs profes-                           Doug Henning, Criss Angel
                                                    sionally as the Silly Magician, is a
                                                    past president of the Long Island                    Complete the sentence, “Magic is better
                                                    Mystics Assembly 77, and recently                                    than…”
                                                                                                                   The top 4 answers:
 Powerpoint slide shows the 2rd and 4th             served as M-U-M's official photogra-
                                                                                                                A real job, Anything, Sex,
 most popular answers to the question,              pher for the S.A.M. convention in                                  Doing nothing
 “Name your favorite magic word.”                   Louisville.
                                                                                                                        January 2007      MUM        00

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