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					                  Geothermal Technical Report Template


These technical requirements apply to direct use geothermal projects, which are, as defined in §
4280.103, systems that use thermal energy directly from a geothermal source.

A. Qualifications of key project service providers:

List all key project service providers. If one or more licensed professionals are involved in the project,
provide the credentials for each professional.

                                                                         Professional credentials, certifications,
  Project Service Providers:                Responsibility:                     and relevant experience:

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B. Agreements, permits, and certifications:

1. Identify all necessary agreements and permits required for the project and the status and schedule for securing
those agreements and permits, including any permits or agreements required for well construction and for disposal
or re-injection of cooled geothermal waters and the schedule for securing those agreements and permits.

2. Identify all environmental issues, including any compliance issues associated with or expected as a result of the
project on Form RD 1940-20, "Request for Environmental Information", and in compliance with 7 CFR Part 1940,
subpart G, of this title.

C. Resource Assessment:

1. Provide adequate and appropriate evidence of the availability of the renewable resource required for the
system to operate as designed. Indicate the quality of the geothermal resource, including temperature, flow, and
sustainability and what direct use system is to be installed.

2. Describe any special handling of cooled geothermal waters that may be necessary.

3. Describe the process for determining the geothermal resource, including measurement setup for the collection
of the geothermal resource data.

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4. For proposed Projects with an established resource, provide a summary of the resource and the specifications of
the measurement setup.

D. Design and engineering:

System Selection:      (Describe the selection process, including other systems that were considered, and the
                       rational for selecting this system.)

System Design:         (Describe the design of the system.)

Is the system designed as a stand-alone system?            YES                               NO
If no, describe the back up system.

Product Engineering:   (List manufacturers, suppliers, installation and operation support)

                                                                                                      Page 3
E. Project Development Schedule:

          Project Service Provider                           Responsibility                  Target Completion Date

F. Project Economic Assessment:

                            Project Component                                 Cost
                               TOTAL PROJECT COST:                $

Simple payback calculation: (Total Project Cost / annual expected energy offsets = ___ years.)

  Total Project Cost:                Annual Expected Energy Offsets                  Years

                           /                                            =

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G.     Equipment Procurement:
                List procurement information and availability.

H.      Equipment Installation:


Plumbing and Wiring:

Testing Startup:

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I.   Operations and Maintenance:

Person(s) responsible for operation and maintenance:

                                                                                         YES       NO
Instruction Manual Available:
If yes, does instruction manual provide Information on:
             Safe Startup
             operation of equipment
             proper maintenance
             parts breakdown
Will training be provided to the person(s) responsible for operation?

Normal seasonal maintenance would

Semi-annual maintenance would include:

Type of Warranty available:

J.   Dismantling and disposal of project components:

Describe disposal of existing system:

Expected Service life of new system:                               years

In the event the system will need to be dismantled and disposed of in the future, list the method that would be

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                               Technical Requirements Certifications

herein called the “Grantee, intends to obtain assistance from the United States of America, acting
through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, herein called the “Government”, acting under the provisions
of the Rural Energy for America Program, 4280-B regulations.

NOW THEREFORE, the Grantee hereby certifies the following technical requirements have been or will be

     1.      The proposed project will be installed according to applicable federal, state, and local

     2.      2. For this project, “open and free” competition will be used for the procurement of
             components in a manner consistent with the requirements of 7 CFR Part 3015 of this title.

     3.      3. Equipment installation will be made in accordance with all applicable safety and work
             rules. Additionally, the Grantee agrees that upon successful system installation and following
             established operation, the successful applicant must deliver invoices and evidence of

     4.      4. Project components will be dismantled or disposed of as appropriate or if necessary to
             ensure public safety at the end of their useful lives.

     5.      5. Project developer will hold appropriate liability insurance.

     6.      The project will be completed within two years from date of the approval.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have executed this                                day of                                         , 2008

Grantee                                                                 Grantee

Disclaimer: This technical requirements worksheet is applicable only for projects eligible under the Section 9006 Simplified
Application Process (total eligible project costs $200,000 or less). This worksheet is provided by the National Renewable Energy
Laboratory (NREL) to assist applicants in meeting technical requirements contained in Appendix A of 7 CFR Part 4280. This
worksheet is meant for guidance purposes only, and is not considered a requirement of this program. The above rule is the final
authority for application requirements.

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