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									          National Association of Student
           Financial Aid Administrators

       National Endowment for Financial
             Education® Presents:
Presenters: Brent Neiser, Director of Strategic Programs & Alliances
                      Amy Hartenstine, Project Manager

                2008 Conference in Orlando, FL
                        July 6-9, 2008

                                                           Session No. 24
  National Endowment for Financial Education® Presents:

Presenters: Brent Neiser, Director of Strategic Programs & Alliances
            Amy Hartenstine, Project Manager                           Slide 2
          What is CashCourse?

• A free, online, just-in-time financial
  education resource
• Similar to an online encyclopedia
• Created, maintained and paid for by the
  National Endowment for Financial
  Education (NEFE ®)

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                       Who is NEFE?
• A nonprofit, 501c(3), private operating foundation located near
  Denver, Colorado.
• The only national foundation wholly dedicated to improving the
  financial well-being of all Americans.
• Evolved from the College of Financial Planning which was founded in
• In 1992, the proceeds from the sale of the nonprofit College of
  Financial Planning created our endowment – which funds all of our
• Partner with other nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities,
  to provide financial resources.

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         Why is NEFE doing this?

• Numerous colleges have requested grant funding
  to create financial education programs or web
  sites for their campus.
• Concern over transferability of individual
• An emerging long-range problem
• The need for an organization with an ongoing
• It is a clear link to NEFE’s mission
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         Introduction to CashCourse

• A free Web site to provide students financial education
  information for every stage of college life
• Unbiased, noncommercial content
• Branding of the school can be integrated into the Web
  site through the school’s logo, color scheme, and
• Promotional materials are provided and can be
  customized (although schools using the materials cover
  the printing costs)
• Multiple campus departments can use the Web site
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 Marketing Materials for University Staff
• Marketing material templates
• Student feedback
• Pre-composed financial education content to be used for emails or

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10 Ways to promote CashCourse on Campus
1.  Put a hyperlink to it on the homepage of your web site, and on other
    noticeable web pages.
2. Distribute flyers, and “40 Money Management Tips”, at freshman, new
    student, and parent orientation.
3. Distribute flyers to RA’s and counselors for them to hand out.
4. Keep a stack of flyers for financial aid administrators to hand out when
    students have questions.
5. Hang posters at financial aid office.
6. Put an ad in the school newspaper.
7. Use provided content in school newspaper.
8. Use content in a newsletter published by your office.
9. Use press release to let other staff on campus know about this resource.
10. Put a link to your customized CashCourse on your school’s Facebook
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Loyola University New Orleans used the CashCourse Web button to link to
their site on their Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid web page. This
     web button is available with the CashCourse marketing materials.
                                                                              Slide 9
created their
own eye-
graphic to
on their

         Slide 10
The Ohio State
University links to
CashCourse in
different topic areas,
such as Credit Cards
and Jobs, within their
Financial Life at OSU
Web page.

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Participating Colleges & Universities
• As of June 1st 110 Participating Colleges & Universities!!
• Sampling of the schools:
   – Big Ten: Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin
   – Private: Vassar College, Pitt, Old Dominion College
   – Jesuit: Canisius College, Loyola University Chicago, Saint
     Joseph’s University
   – Community: Cape Fear Community College, Southwestern
     Community College
   – HBCU: Alabama A & M, Claflin College
   – Big 12: Texas Tech, University of Missouri, Kansas State

• Complete list can be found at:
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                   Enrollment Information

Signing up for and implementing CashCourse involves 3 simple steps:

1) Visit and click on “Enrollment Information” on the
   bottom right. There, you will find a form to fill out with your contact information.

2) Once we have received your contact information, a three-page web site
   agreement will be e-mailed to you. Return the original signed agreement by
   mail to NEFE.

3) An e-mail will be sent to you with a link to the site, and a password and
   instructions on how to customize CashCourse with your school colors and
   logo(s). You will be ready for student use as soon as you customize it and add
   the link to your Web pages.

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                  Contact Information


• Sample web site can be found at

• 40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know

• For more information or questions, contact Amy B. Hartenstine, NEFE
  Project Manager

• Phone: 303-224-3536
• Email:
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