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									                            The Eaglet
                             Dalat International School—Middle School, Tanjung Bunga, 11200 Penang, Malaysia

                            Volume 3, Number 3                                 Issue Date: November 11, 2005

                                    Japanese Exchange
                                    — A Bit Hit!
                                    By: Maaya Yamauchi

                                              On October 27th., the
                                    3rd and 4th graders of Penang
Inside This Issue                   Japanese School came to Dalat
                                    for the Japanese Exchange Day.
Canadian Thanksgiv-           2     For this exchange, several Dalat
ing                                 students helped translate English
                                    to Japanese. The helpers were:
Sports News                   2     Yumi Yamauchi (12), Shinobu
                                    Toyama (12), Takahashi Kazuki
SEW Reflections               3     (11), Fumina Chihama (11),
                                    Takehiro Toyama (11), May Ya-
Domino’s or Pizza             3     mauchi (8), and Maaya Yamau-         Shinobu (10) helps a Japanese guest
Hut?                                chi (7). Mr. Robertson gave each    student during Japanese Exchange
                                    of them a special gift: a Coffee    Day activities.
Mindbenders                  4      Bean certificate!!
and                          &                The activities planned
Movie Reviews                5                                          ple who participated in the ex-
                                    for the exchange day were activi-   change day said about it:
                                    ties we usually do at Dalat such             “I liked the experiment
Now You See Me                5     as Ultimate, Dodge ball, making     where we did Mr. Tyas’s experi-
                                    leaf embossings in color , baking   ment which was to make the
                                    cookies, Floorball, and Capture     Please see EXCHANGE
                                    the Flag. Here’s what some peo-     Continued on p. 5

Eaglet Issue 3, Volume 3 Staff:
                                            Give Some Time
Tiffany Hsiang, Akshay Krishna-                  By: Breanna Roberts
mani, Rachel Leung, Breanna
Roberts, Angela Steiert, Frances              October 10th through      because it helped us understand
Wong, Maaya Yamauchi                12     was Spiritual Emphasis       God better, therefore we can have
Sponsor: Mrs. Gross                 Week (SEW), a time to have          a closer relationship with God.
                                    fellowship with friends, family,    This year's speaker had some very
                                    and most of all God. Do you         good points that he presented to
   Upcoming Events                  spend time with God? Even just a    us well. It really got me thinking
                                    few minutes a day? Most of us       hard about my relationship with
                                    would like to spend time with our   God, especially having faith in
  December 15: Students             friends and people we know.         God.
  are dismissed for Christ-         SEW was one way that people                   Some of the music that
                                    could spend time with God           was played was new and not
  mas break.                        through praise and worship as       many students knew the tunes so
                                    well as listening to the speaker    didn't sing along (as) much. But, I
                                    who spoke about ways people         think that new songs are good for
                                    could putting God’s word into       us because we learn songs that
                                    practice.                           have different meanings to wor-
                                              Regarding SEW, Joy-       ship God. Overall, I think that the
                                    celyn Woo (8) said, “I think that   songs were
                                    the whole SEW was very good         Please see SEWING
                                                                        Continued on p. 3
                      Remembering Things Canadian
                                                 By: Angela Steiert
          On Sunday night Octo-          things that Canadians use and       when watching these colorful
ber 9, sixty-one of the Canadians        play all the time were invented.    Autumn pictures as well as pic-
at Dalat, as well as other Canadi-       The work sheet was too hard for     tures of snow.
ans in the Penang community,             most of people, but some people               Once Mr. Case had fin-
and some Americans, gathered             got pretty good answers. After      ished the presentation people
together at the Paradise Hotel to        everyone had arrived, Mr. Case      stated lining up for the buffet
celebrate Canadian Thanksgiv-            went up to the podium and read      dinner. The menu consisted of
ing. The banquet room was deco-          out the answers. After everyone     mashed potatoes, cooked vegeta-
rated in lots of red and white           had been seated, each family        bles, turkey with rolled stuffing,
napkins and tablecloths. There           stood up and talked about where     mushroom gravy, caramelized
were little toothpicks decorated         they were from. Mostly the par-     sweet potatoes, and bread and
with Canadian flags and balloons         ents said it. Everyone had to say   rolls. For desert there was apple
everywhere!                              where they were from even if        crumble, pumpkin pie, and ice
          Once everyone entered          they were American. If you were     cream.
the room where everything                American, you had to choose a                 Following dinner eve-
would take place, they sat down          place in Canada that you wanted     ryone got to go outside to the
at one of several tables. While all      to be from. After this, Mr. Case    stairs to have a wonderful Cana-
the people chatted and waited for        talked about remembering Can-       dian Thanksgiving picture taken.
the program to begin, they tried         ada, and he showed a slide pres-    The younger and smaller kids
answer questions on a sheet of           entation of Canada’s countryside.   held up 2 Canadian flags. Wow,
paper about when some famous             Many people became saddened         what a wonderful evening!

           Six-year-old Angie and                  “Why? Who’s                The Best
her little brother were sitting to-      going to stop me?” An-
gether in church. He giggled, sang       gie’s brother asked.                  Laid
and talked out loud. Finally, his
big sister had enough and said,
                                                   “See those men standing
                                         by the doors at the back of the     (Flight) Plans….
“You're not supposed to talk out         church? They’re hushers!”                    By: Tiffany Hsiang
loud in church!"
                                                                                       Have you been angry,
                    JV Sports Notes                                          frustrated and anxious when an
                                                                             airline loses your luggage? Well,
                                      By: Akshay Krishnamani                 try to imagine this.
          Mr. Jimmy Um and               local schools are coming soon,"                Flight Plan takes place
Uncle Tim Steinert coach the JV          Mr. Um assures.                     mostly on an Aalto Air E-474
basketball team. The team is di-                  Mr. Steinert coaches the   plane designed entirely by engi-
vided into younger and older             JV basketball team’s younger        neer Kyle Pratt, on the way back
boys, and Mr. Um coaches the             boys. When asked about why Mr.      from Berlin to New York from a
older players. The older JV team         Steinert wanted to coach the        business trip. This jet is carrying
players range from grade 7               boys, he had this to say… “I like   Kyle’s dead husband in a casket.
through 11. They have played 3           to watch the boys build their       Jodie Foster, who plays Kyle
games so far. The games have             skills.”                            Pratt, experiences the worst
been against Uplands, the Tai-                     The younger JV team is    nightmare a mother could have.
wanese International School, and         currently spending a lot of time    After she wakes up from a nap,
the Japanese International               on mastering the basics and         she discovers that her daughter
School. Dalat’s team has won all         building their skills. Everybody    Julia, played by Marlene Law-
their games.                             contributes to the team, and the    ston, is missing. She unsuccess-
          The team is doing very         team is progressing very well. “I   fully searches the plane for her,
well. Coach Um noticed that              think that when the younger JV      but the crew doesn’t remember
“everybody has a different talent        boys enter varsity basketball,      Julia ever being on board. She
they add to the team.” They look         they will be able to win the Is-              Please see PLANS
forward to playing more com-             land Championship!” speculates                Cont’d. on p. 3
petitive schools. "Games with            Uncle Tim.

                                      Page 2                                                        The Eaglet
                                       SEW Speaker—A                                  PLANS
                                       Stranger No More                               Continued from p. 2
                                                                             explains to the men in charge that
                                       By: Angela Steiert                    her daughter did get on board with
                                                                             her. As she walks up and down
                                                 So, who was the guy         the aisle, passengers begin to
                                       who spoke during Spiritual Em-        question to what is going on.
                                       phasis Week at our school? His        Watch the movie on DVD or
                                       name is Robert Wilfred Teows.         VCD to find out how the story
                                       Mr. Teows is 42 years old. He         ends!
SEW speaker, Mr. Robert                first got in to preaching by hav-              “I thought Flight Plan
Teows, during his Penang visit.        ing a good relationship with God      was a good movie because it
                                       and just having the opportunity       showed me how much your par-
 SEWING                                to do it. While he attended a Bi-
                                       ble college in Canada, he met his
                                                                             ents care for you and how much
                                                                             they love you. And I noticed how
 Cont’d. from p. 1                     wife Debbie. They got to know         bad they would feel if their child
pretty O.K, and the instrument         each other and soon got married.      was gone. So, overall, I think it
players were really good because       They now have 3 kids, all boys.       was a good movie!” commented
they were focused in worshiping        Dylan, their oldest, is 13 years      Maaya Yamauchi. (7)
God; they were very enthusias-         old. Joel, their middle child, is              “I thought Flight Plan
tic.” She also said, “The game at      11, and their youngest son, Bray-     was a pretty predictable Jodie
the start of 2/3 SEW meetings          don, is 8.                            Foster movie,” said Mr. Jason
was good because it involved                     Rob’s interests are mu-     Selvanayagam.
everyone and it involved an ele-       sic, hockey, and his family. His               “I thought it was really
ment of fun into it so that every-     favorite meal would include a         good, and it was interesting be-
one was happy. In a way, I sup-        Coke, a chocolate bar, potatoes,      cause it make you really think and
pose that it got us ready to learn     and a steak. Now you know more        ask questions,” commented Bre-
what Rob had to say about get-         about this visitor to our campus. ,   anna Roberts (8).
ting spiritually closer to God.”
          Andy Jung (8) said, “I
thought SEW was great. I didn't                     Domino’s or Pizza Hut ?
really like the shirts though. It                   A Survey Conducted by Frances Wong
was only a shirt with a T.V. I
really liked the theme and the
                                                 What are you up for…?       favored Dominos pizzas mostly
videos. The music was good, too.
                                       Dominos or Pizza Hut? Or do           because they said Pizza Hut’s
The gorilla, gun and the man
                                       you like both? This reporter did a    pizzas were too oily. Many also
game— I didn't really like it.
                                       survey on which pizza middle          said Dominos has better bread
          Matthew Nguyen (8)
                                       school people liked more and          sticks. Tiffany Hsiang (8)
said, “SEW was ok and the mu-
                                       why. Here are some comments:          thought Dominos was better be-
sic was good. The gorilla game
                                                 “I like Dominos better      cause it has more pizza variety
was pretty fun ,too.”
                                       because it reminds me of the          and better bread sticks.
          “It’s was really good,
                                       States,” said Beth Ngyuen (7).                 A few do enjoy Pizza
during that time and now it’s
                                                 “Pizza Hut!!” says          Hut though, mainly because
really changed how I think about
                                       Theresa Phan (7).                     Pizza Hut has delicious plain or
things,” said Honour Adleta. “I
                                                 “Pizza Hut is too oily,     stuffed crust pizzas. Just like
loved the music and worship, but
                                       so I think Dominos (pizzas) are       Angela Steiert (7) says, “The
it was really hard to concentrate
                                       better,” commented Kyung Keun         puffy crust at Pizza Hut is really
on God though.”
                                       Chee (7).                             good.” Most people may enjoy
           Sometimes our school
                                                 “I like the cheesy crust    Pizza Hut in the States, but when
activities make us very busy and
                                       of Pizza Hut (pizzas),” Catherine     it comes to Malaysia, Dominos is
can be a way to avoid spending
                                       Rice (7) replied.                     their favorite choice.
time with God. A week like SEW
                                                 “Dominos! But I don’t                So now you know
which offers students the oppor-
                                       know why,” Elmo Lin (8)               which pizza place most people in
tunity to spend time with God is
                                       responded.                            Middle School enjoy. Out of 28
a step in a lifelong spiritual walk.
                                                 It looks like Dominos is    people who responded to the
As the speaker reminded us,
                                       the favorite pizza place of Dalat     survey, 20 prefer to eat at Domi-
“what next”?
                                       Middle Schoolers! The majority        nos Pizza and 8 prefer Pizza Hut.

               Page 3                                                                                 The Eaglet
Inside Mindbenders !                                                       Letter to the
                           By: Rachel Leung                                Editor
                                                                           Dear Editor of the Eaglet,
                                                                                     I'd like to take this op-
         Have you ever won-          up. Since it is a
dered what the Exploratory           normal polygon, this is a bit         portunity to thank you for your
                                                                           entertaining newspaper. I read
Mindbenders was all about?           hard. Vivian Lee (8) said that she
                                                                           every issue from cover to cover,
         Mindbenders challenges      signed up for Mindbenders be-
your spatial intelligence, or “the   cause she wanted to try some-         a n d I r eal l y e n j o y a l l
                                                                           the interesting articles your tal-
ability to create visual-spatial     thing new. “Its puzzles are some-
                                                                           ented reporters write. I would
representations of the world and     times confusing, but that makes it
to transfer those representations    fun.”                                 like to thank you, especially, for
                                                                           including an article about me in
either mentally or concretely.” In             Mindbenders is a good
                                                                           your last issue. It was well-
Mindbenders, students figure out     choice to pick for an exploratory
puzzles and learn the meanings       if you want to become an engi-        written and very complimentary.
                                                                                     There are just a couple
of words like “orthographic”.        neer because people who want to
         Mindbenders, led by         become engineers or people who        of additions I'd like to make to
Mr. Holden, takes place in room      design things make use of their       that article. Even for our out-
                                                                           standing Eaglet reporters, it is
22, but occasionally participants    spatial intelligence. Mindbenders
go to the computer lab to look at    is related to geometry and sym-       always difficult to get every fine
websites with more puzzles.          metry. So if you enjoy Math and       detail. First of all, the 6th grad-
                                                                           ers will not be involved in the
Some of these puzzles challenge      design, consider joining Mind-
students to figure out what a 2D     benders!                              Christmas Musical this year, al-
                                                                           though they have the option of
picture looks like when folded
                                                                           being involved in the Spring Mu-
                                                                           sical. Secondly, I would like to
Time Travel, Anyone!                                                       mention that I was actually inter-
                  By: Akshay Krishnamani                                   viewed before the drama explora-
                                                                           tory had their performance, so
                                                                           the comment attributed to me
         The Sound of Thunder is     time travelers got back to the
                                                                           was not completely accurate. I
currently playing at Gurney Plaza    present, they discovered that time
                                                                           was proud of all the girls in the
and GSC. The cast of the movie       waves had already changed the
                                                                           drama, some of whom were per-
are Edward Burns, Ben Kingsley,      modern world which made eve-
                                                                           forming in English for the first
Catherine McCormack, and Je-         rything evolve into something
                                                                           time. The third addition I would
mima Rooper. This movie takes        new. The engineer said that after
                                                                           like to make is a complete list of
you in the future to the year        a few more waves hit modern
                                                                           my SAT members. They are
2055. Let’s go inside the cinema     times, humans would evolve into
                                                                           Chris Colfax (7), Harry Mak (7),
to see what the movie is about.      something else.
                                                                           Lakshmi Meyyappan (7), Bona
          In 2055, there are no                So the people of Time
                                                                           Kim (8), Young-Moung Kim (8),
more animals left in the wild. A     Safari have to go back to revisit a
                                                                           and Linnea Williams (8), and
company called Time Safari           scenario that they had already
                                                                           they are an awesome SAT!
sends people back to the time        done to change the world back to
                                                                                     Thank you, again, to the
when dinosaurs roamed the earth      its original state, and that is ex-
                                                                           Eaglet staff for all the hard work
so they can hunt them. A ma-         actly what they did. They went
                                                                           you do and for the way you keep
chine that can talk, called TAMI,    back just in time, because if they
                                                                           Dalat Middle School entertained
determines the right coordinates     had not gone - all of them would
                                                                           and informed. I will continue to
and right times in order to do       have evolved into something
                                                                           enjoy every issue!
this. The engineer who created       different but would remember
TAMI says that if the people of      nothing when they returned to
                                                                           A Faithful Reader (Mrs. Brokaw)
Time Safari keep going back in       the present. Now the engineer
time and killing animals, the        has proof of what will happen,
world will come to an end. Of        can she prevent it from happen-       IN MEMORY OF:
course, nobody believed her.         ing before it happens again?          Mrs. Brokaw lost her
         However, after one of                 Rachel Leung (7) saw        loving husband, and
the safaris, something went          the movie and said, “My favorite      Dalat School lost an
                                                                           amazing Music Di-
wrong. One of the people acci-       part was when the doctor turned
                                                                           rector on Nov. 9,
dentally stepped off the track and   into some weird animal with hu-
squashed a butterfly. When the       mongous eyes.”
Page 4                                                                                 The Eaglet
Continued from p. 1
                                         Now You See Me…..
                                         By: Frances Wong
slime... it was … fun. My part-
                                                  “Don’t yell! Don’t         honey (7) and Linnea Williams
ner’s name was Chihiro ,and I
                                         scream! Don’t run! Just have        (8) posed as beautiful princesses.
thought the exchange day was
                                         fun!”                               The Central American Peasant
great! “ said Joung Yoo Sun (5).
                                                  Can you remember that      was Jonathan Brokaw (8).
           “The most interesting
                                         cheer? Yup, it’s the cheer that     Chanel Huang (5) wore a cute
activity, hmm..I think it was the
                                         our two cheerleaders Honour         little Halloween mask. Soo-Jin
slime making one because every-
                                         Adleta (8) and Angela Steiert (7)   Park, also one of the StuCo
body liked making it. And it was
                                         cheered at the StuCo activity       members, couldn’t make it to the
also the ... easiest to explain, and I
                                         ‘Now you see me now you             event.
got to try it out as well,” com-
                                         don’t’. Almost every student in               Each participating group
mented one of the exchange day
                                         the middle school signed up to be   had a booklet with all the pic-
translators, May Yamauchi (8).
                                         in a group for the even. Before     tures of StuCo members in it.
          Many of the people who
                                         these groups could head off to      Participants had to find the
participated in the exchange day
                                         Bukit Jambul, they had to com-      StuCo members and to get their
said they liked the slime experi-
                                         pletea treasure hunt!               signature next to their pictures.
ment the most because it was in-
                                                  After they had finished    It was like “The Amazing Race”.
teresting and fun.
                                         the treasure hunt, the groups and   The team that got all the signa-
          Hopefully the Japanese
                                         their chaperones were on their      tures first got to eat at the better
3rd and 4th graders had as much
                                         way to Bukit Jambul to find dis-    dining placeat the end of the
fun as guests as Dalat students
                                         guised StuCo members stationed      event.
had as hosts. Special thanks to the
                                         throughout the mall. Of the Stuco             “I thought it was a lot of
teachers and translators who made
                                         members, 3 were dressed as          fun. The best part was eating
it all possible.
                                         cheerleaders: Angela Steiert (7)    dinner after we found all the
                                         Honour Adleta (8), and Lakshmi      StuCo members, also being able
                                         Meyyappan (7). A few are            to see some StuCo members
                                         dressed up just normally, such as   dressed up as certain characters,”
                                         Josh Strong (7), Josh Wong (8),     Tiffany Hsiang (8) said.
                                         Akshay Krishnamani (7), Axel                  This activity gave our
                                         Loehden (8), Matthew Ngyuen         Middle Schoolers a chance to
                                         (8), Andy Jung (8), Harry Mak       spend more time with their
                                         (7), Rolland Leung (8), Young       friends while enjoying something
                                         Moung Kim (8), Chi Yuan Lo          different and fun. Walking
                                         (6), and Joseph Kim (6). Benny      around the mall searching for
                                         Kim (8) dressed up as a nerd,       StuCo members turned out to be
                                         while Jocelyn Woo (8) and No-       a tiring activity, but all the hard
                                         riah Matanick (6) dressed as        work was rewarded by a deli-
                                         businesswomen. Khalie Ma-           cious meal.

 Page 5                                                                                   The Eaglet
Axel Sinks to New                                                            Meet Staff Reporter
Depths                                                                              Joshua
         By: Honour Adleta                                                          Wong
             Eaglet staff member                                                           By: Rachel Leung
Axel Loehden (8) remembers                                                                          J o s h u a
playing soccer in downtown                                                                Wong’s        favorite
Georgetown last year with his                                                             subject is P.E; he
soccer team during the second                                                             thinks it is fun and
quarter of school. It had been                                               active to do. His least favorite
raining the day before and the                                               subject is health. He thinks that
playing field had now become a                                               there is too much homework.
swamp. There was water inside          Singapore Swings!                               Josh just started to learn
the players’ cleats, and their              By Akshay Krishnamani            to play the tuba and has been
cleats sank into the ground as                                               playing the baritone for nearly 2
they played. Water on the field                  Over the summer Bre-        years. He also used to play the
had been higher then their shins.      anna Roberts (8) had an enjoy-        piano. During his free time he
The soccer team enjoyed this           able visit to Singapore. She went     doesn’t play musical instruments;
event and Axel said, “There            there because the organization        he likes to play on the computer.
could not be a better, more excit-     her parents work for was holding
ing time than this!”                   meetings and, because of this,        Main Event
                                       many of her old friends were          (Continued from p.2)
                                       waiting to see her! Breanna saw                 The ‘newspaper activity
     Basketball’s                                                            ‘took place in the Gallery after
                                       friends that she had not met for
Andy’s Choice                          two years!! She had a conference      dinner. Each SAT was given a
By: Jon Brokaw                         to go to and was very busy. “I        “Star” newspaper and a roll of
                                       had the best time of my life an       tape. Then each SAT’s job was
           Andy Jung’s                 can’t wait to go back!”               to dress one of their team mem-
favorite sport is basketball. He                                             bers up as a cartoon or fairytale
was introduced to it by his                                                  character within 15 minutes us-
brother, Eric, and started playing     Rachel’s                              ing the newspaper they had been
in the fourth grade. Every Mon-        Second                                given. “It was really fun, and I
day and Wednesday, and some-           Singapore                             was dressed up as Peter Pan!”
times on Tuesday, he practices at      Visit                                 said Akshay Krishnamani.
school. When asked why he likes                  By: Josh Wong                         Later, worship took
this sport the most Andy (8) said,               Rachel Leung (7) said       place in the Gallery. Middle
“It’s not as tiring as other sports,   that her summer break was ‘ok’.       schoolers sang several songs set
but it still keeps me fit like any     They went to Singapore because        to music by the high school wor-
other sport.”                          they had visited Singapore before     ship band, then listened to a ser-
                                       and really liked the place. Once      mon by a guest pastor. After that
                                       there, Rachel’s family went to        everyone played capture the flag
              Jonathan’s                                                     in the dark and were absolutely
                                       Sentosa Island and visited Under-
                 Favorite              water World and the Dolphin           not ready to go to sleep by the
                                                                             time they were supposed to!
              (PC)GAME!                Lagoon. They also went to
By: Andy Jung                          “Cinemania’ - a virtual reality
          Jonathan Brokaw’s fa-        theater— where they saw AND
vorite game is Battle for Middle       experienced “The Toy Room”.
Earth which is a PC game. He           Sentosa Island is a tropical is-
started playing this game last         land next to Singapore which has
summer, and he started playing it      been developed into a huge
because he heard from people           amusement park.
that it was popular. Jonathan                    Rachel’s family wanted
found the game at Best Buy in          to ride the cable car located near
Ohio. He says his favorite char-       the harbor. Unfortunately, the
acters in the game are Gimli,          day they planned to do this activ-
Aragorn, and Gandalf.                  ity, they arrived just as the cable   Mr. Holden sips a cup of coffee
                                       car was closing!                      at breakfast during the retreat.

           Page 5                                                                                   The Eaglet

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