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									Using Blogger
DFL 2.0-Fall 2 2010

I. Creating a Blog
Go to Blogger at Follow the instructions to create a blog. The second
page will prompt you to create a Google account, but you already have one when you joined GMail,
so just click on Sign in first and go from there.

II. Posting
Once you have created your blog, you will get a page that looks like an e-mail window. This is
where you create individual posts. Try writing a post on one of the following subjects: My Worst
Tech Moments, New York’s Cutest Insects, These Are My Favorite Things, Can Primetime TV Serve
for Pedagogical Purposes? or any other topic that interests you. You can change the color and type
of font of the post, add links and images, etc. Play around a bit. Publish your post.

If you don’t like what you see, click Edit Posts to change your entry.

III. Customizing Your Blog
Once you are satisfied with your first post, explore on how to customize your blog by clicking on
the link that says Customize at the top right of the blog. You will be taken to the Layout page,
where you can add and rearrange the elements of your blog. If you click Add a gadget, you may
browse through the different kinds of elements you may add to your blog. This page also allows
you to change the fonts and colors of your blog and to change your blog’s template. Play around a

You may want to click on the tab Settings (on the top leftish) to explore other ways to customize
your blog.


Tasks We Would Like for You to Accomplish This Hour

1. Copy and paste the URL for your blog into the appropriate Discussion Board forum on
2. Write at least one post (and maybe add a link and/or image to it).
3. Link to as many of your colleague’s blogs as possible using the gadget Blog List. (Your
   colleagues’ URLs will be posted on Blackboard).
4. Make a comment on a colleague’s blog.

Other Tasks You May Want to Try

Changing your blog’s name/title.
Changing your blog’s template/fonts/colors.
Exploring different gadgets, such as Poll, Slideshow, or Videobar.
“Following” other blogs of your choice.
Writing a brief About Me (see the gadget Profile) and maybe adding a representative photo.
Labeling (a.k.a “tagging”) your posts.
Disabling the password required to make comments on your blog.

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