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[date—usually in August)
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Called to Order [President]

Welcome New Board Members

Distribute and Discuss Officer Duties/Timetable

Orientation of Officers/Transfer of Materials
     Review correspondence templates on website at
     Distribute/discuss latest treasurer's report
     Discuss transfer of signatures on bank accounts, checkbook and cashbox
     Transfer archived CD-ROMs to new president-elect
     Transfer of gavel to new president (if not done at last spring conference)
     Transfer of equipment (laptop to new secretary and digital camera to new
       president-elect) and signing of equipment contract
     Web e-mail accounts set up for everyone?

Old Business from meeting at Spring Conference (if any)

New Business

Board Goals for Upcoming Year/Projects Brainstorming
    HECB Administrative Grant application
    Student Employment Month proclamation request to governor
    Bylaws or constitution changes to propose to membership
    Legislative activities
    Publicity goals
    Membership Drive—review letter and brochure, discuss membership dues
    WSASEA Committees (e.g., Legislative, Conference, Welcome/Birthday Card,
      Newsletter)—will we be forming any this year?

Fall Town Meeting planning
     Determine location and format
     Fee for non-members
     Discuss possible topics (see sample agenda on executive board resources
     Survey for Spring Conference topics

Conference Update
    Location and dates
    Proposed sessions

Other Business

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