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					                              Crossword Puzzle Instructions

The Nutrition Consortium of NYS has created a crossword puzzle and related article for
your use. For example, you are invited to publish this article and crossword puzzle in an
upcoming newsletter.

Please feel free to use our template, or edit questions so that they are specific to your
county/service area. If you edit the crossword puzzle questions, remember to edit the
corresponding article. This article and crossword puzzle are written at the 8th grade
reading level.

Below is the link for creating your own crossword puzzle, along with instructions on how
to put it into a Microsoft Word document for easy distribution.


    1. Create your questions and answers in a Word document (or use our attached
    2. Copy and paste each question and answer into the puzzle’s form.
    3. Click ‘create my puzzle’ at the bottom of the page.
    4. Highlight and copy both the puzzle and the hints.
    5. Paste the puzzle and the hints into a new Word document (the puzzle you have
        created will appear).
    6. Name/Title your puzzle if you choose.
    7. To have the puzzle print with lines around all the letter boxes:
             Highlight the body of the puzzle, and then right click
             Left click on ‘Boarders and Shading’ (a large box will appear)
             On the left hand side (under settings) click on ‘All’
             On the right hand side (under preview) look to make sure that all box sides
                have a border
             Click ‘OK’
             Now your puzzle should appear with borders in your Word document, and
                you are ready to print!
    8. Note: The puzzle prints in 12pt font, we recommend changing the puzzle and
        hints to 14pt or larger for older eyes.
    9. Save the Word document for your future use.

If you have any trouble printing your puzzle, please contact Misha Marvel at or 518-436-8757 x20.

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