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Free Color Wheel Templates

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Free Color Wheel Templates document sample

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									                                               Wednesday Classes
                                                October 6, 2010
101 St. Mark’s Wall Hanging Norah McMeeking
All Levels ALL DAY - 2 Days Templates $12.50
Wednesday & Thursday, 8:30am – 5pm each day
This quilt is one of Norah's Bella Bella Quilts. Her quilts are adapted from
the floors of the Basilica of St. Mark's in Venice. The designs were created
centuries ago from marble scavenged from the ruins of ancient Rome. This
workshop will show you how easy it is to make this stunning quilt! Day two
covers curved seam piecing, assembly, and machine appliqué. Each quarter
of the quilt takes about a day to assemble. The appliqué and final assembly
take about two days more and you have a really special quilt top!

“Bella Bella Quilts” by Norah McMeeking
*Set of foundations/templates from teacher ($12.50)
*Sewing machine
*Neutral thread
“Invisible” thread for appliqué
*Fabric and paper scissors
*Rotary cutting supplies
*Quilter’s Ruler (square if possible)
*Add-a-quarter ruler (optional)
*Glue stick
*Roxanne’s basting glue for appliqué
*Sheet of fine sandpaper (8x10)
*Fabric marking pencils or lead pencil
*Small safety pins (like machine basting pins)
*Bands 1-1/2 yd, center-2 colors 1-1/2 yd each and 4 colors 3/4 yard each, 1/4 yd leaves, 1-3/4 yd center
background, 3/8 yd corner background, 1/8 yd small circles, 13” center circle, 15” center circle, backing & binding
2-1/2 yd. Further instructions will be sent with registration.
102 All My Best/My Word Sharon Aposhian-Wright
All Levels ALL DAY - 2 Days Kit $7.00
Wednesday & Thursday, 8:30am – 5pm each day
The first day of this two-day class is a technique day in which I will teach
my favorite tricks and skills. Class members will learn: 1) Choosing fonts,
transferring patterns, stitching words, 2) How to do perfectly even skinny
borders, 3) Machine appliqué, 4) Piping, 5) Machine quilting, and 6)
Interesting bindings. The provided kit will include all supplies to make
samples of each technique for future reference. The skills from this class will
be utilized in the design for day two.
*Well-working sewing machine with zigzag capability
*Basic sewing kit including: -scissors, thread (black or a dark color), pins
*Mechanical pencil
*Black fabric-marking pens in size .08 ad .01 (I like Micron Pigma)
*Open-toed presser foot for your sewing machine (it's #20 on Bernina)
*Darning foot for machine
110 Glorified Nine Patch John Flynn
All Levels All Day Kit $50.00 (optional) Template $9.00
Wednesday 8:30am – 5pm

An old favorite also called Improved Nine Patch. Learn piecing and pressing
tricks as well as practice with curved seams. This is a fun project to put together
with its optical illusions. Pre-cut kit available.

*Sewing machine in good repair
*Extra needles
*Straight handled OLFA brand rotary cutter with 28mm wheel
*Mat and ruler
*Seam ripper
Option 1 - two yards of each of 2 colors.
Option 2 - 2 yards of a background fabric and 8 or more fat quarters for a color-washed look.
Option 3 - Purchase a pre-cut kit from the instructor.
Kit finishes to 54”x 54” and costs $50.
111 Machine Quilting Essentials Sue Nickels
All Levels All Day
Wednesday 8:30am – 5pm
In this basic workshop, learn all aspects needed to master machine quilting.
Start with a discussion on machine quilting supplies, including thread, needles and notions.
Next, practice the basic techniques of straight line and free motion machine quilting on small
quilt packages. After learning the skills to feel confident with these techniques, Sue will
demonstrate how to successfully baste; package and machine quilt the actual quilt. Go home
feeling confident to quilt any size and style quilt. Many quilts will be shown for inspiration.
With Sue’s patient guidance learn all the basic skills needed to master machine quilting on your
home sewing machine.

*Sewing machine- Bring instruction manual, extension bar or table and all accessories. An important reminder!
Bring your sewing machines foot pedal and power cord with you to the workshop. DARNING FOOT- a MUST for
free motion quilting (Sue prefers an open toe darning foot). WALKING FOOT- bring if you have one, if not use
regular presser foot. Straight stitch throat plate- optional, bring if you have one.
*Twelve 12” squares muslin
*Six 12” squares cotton or cotton blend batting
*50 safety pins (I use size 0 or 1)
*Sewing machine needles- 80/12 & 70/10 Microtex sharp or machine quilting 75/11,
*Cotton thread- off white and tan, 50 weight
*Marking pencil- I use Quilter’s Choice brand, silver
*Ruler- for marking straight lines
*Rubber gloves- kitchen dishwashing gloves, one size smaller than you wear for dishwashing
*Basic sewing supplies- scissors or snips, bobbins, etc.
*Extension cord or multi plug strip.
*Optional: Small cushion for extra height, extra light is a good idea
“Machine Quilting: A Primer of Techniques” is a companion book for this workshop- not required.
112 Beading Basics and Beyond Mary Stori
All Levels All Day Kit $10.00 required
(includes beads, embellishments etc.)
Wednesday 8:30am – 5pm
Students get two great classes in one! This workshop introduces effective beading
techniques with practical applications for quilts & garments. Mary offers an in-
depth discussion about beads; the care, storage, equipment needs, and stabilizing
methods. In the morning, students create a reference sampler as they learn: basic
bead stitch, straight and curve line beading, scatter stitching, and the lazy stitch.
We’ll also learn to attach beads, charms, buttons, trinkets, & unusual objects. The
afternoon focuses on creative edging techniques to decorate quilt bindings,
borders, blocks, or outline appliqué motifs with beads!! These bead accents will
provide a gently framed or highly dramatic effect to quilts of all construction
styles. The techniques can also be applied as a decorative border or edging on
curtains, tablecloths, napkins, bed linens, or pillows. Once you recognize the
fabulous impact these methods achieve, your existing and in-progress projects will
surely tempt you! This class features live video projection, every student has a
front row seat! Handwork - no beading experience necessary.
*Needles - a #10, or #11 size, quilting between (or the smallest size YOU can thread) and a #10 or
*#11 appliqué needle (also known as Sharps or Straw Needles.)
*Small ruler - 6” long x 1” wide is adequate
*3 straight pins
*Small shallow dish for beads - avoid plastic if possible
*Small scissors that is sharp to the point or thread clips
*Pencil or fine-line permanent pen to write notes on your samplers
*Ott light and extension cord
*An 8” or 10” wooden, embroidery hoop and muslin to fit the hoop. An inexpensive hoop will do if you want to keep
your sampler in the hoop permanently as a reference. Or, substitute an 11” PVC quilting frame if you already own
one....not necessary to purchase for class.
**1 14” x 6” rectangular mock “quilt”. Please bind using the double fold method, with mitered corners.
Hand-sew the binding to the backing using a blind or appliqué stitch (rather than machine stitching) to make the beading
easier to accomplish. The binding on the top should measure no less than 3/8” wide - measured from seam line to folded
edge. You don’t need to make an actual quilt....a “hot pad” type will do. Minimal machine quilting to hold the layers
together is sufficient. A solid, light-colored fabric (like muslin) for both the body of quilt and binding will be easier to
work with during this learning process. This item can be purchased in class for $6.00 if you’d rather not make one.

120 Exploring the Exciting EQ6 Barbara Reynolds
All Levels Half Day
Wednesday Morning 8:30-11:30am
Explore the exciting possibilities of designing quilts with EQ6. This user-friendly program will
add a whole new dimension to your quilt design. In this class we will examine libraries, work
tables, tools, layouts and border styles. We will design several types of quilts from the block
and layout libraries, including several blocks you will design. Handouts will be provided.

Supplies: *Laptop computer with EQ6 installed
*EQ6 user manual
*Notebook and pencils
*Optional: Picture of a quilt and/or quilt block you would like to design
121 Sew Cute Lanyard Sue Tubbs
All Levels Half Day Kit $3.00 pattern
Wednesday Morning 8:30-11:30am

Create this cute lanyard with paper piecing and small prints. You’ll love
wearing this around for many years to come. Plus, you’ll get this project done
in class!

*Sewing machine with a new needle, size 80/12 or 70/10
*Basic sewing kit
*Fabric and paper scissors
*Thread and bobbins
*Pins and hand needles, seam ripper
*Rotary cutter, small rotary mat (to put by your machine)
*Rulers (1x6 and 3x18 or 2x12 or 6x12) one smaller ruler and one taller
*Marking pens, waterproof and disappearing, regular pencil
*Supplies for fabrics and embellishments
*1 WOF x 5” (back and binding) (I used 100% cotton)
*1 WOF x 3” pre-washed muslin or flannel
*10-12 bits and pieces of small printed fabrics. These are 1¼” wide by 3” to 10”
*Optional: 2-3 fun buttons or beads, etc
*Optional: 1 key ring for bottom, to attach name sleeve (I did not use one; I just clipped mine onto the fabric)
*Several pre-sewn paper pieced sections
Further instructions will be sent with registration.

122 Quilters Christmas Cards Jodi Warner
All Levels Half Day Kit $10.00
Wednesday Morning 8:30-11:30am

Friends keep in touch with Season’s Greeting. Do it in
quilter’s style with fabric cards, shown clockwise from top
left: Scrappy Star with Heart (mpf plus fused heart); San
(fusible art to photocopy); Holly Window Cut (layered
zigzagged to tri-fold card); Birdhouse Noel (fusible art to

Kit provided by instructor for $10 fee.
Instructor’s selection of fabrics will be provided in kit.
Class members can substitute their own fabrics when completing second sets at home, etc.
Please email Jodi at if you DO NOT wish to purchase a kit for this class.
Kits include supplies to make one of each.
123 Quilt As You Go Liz Teerlink
All Levels Half Day
Wednesday Morning 8:30-11:30am
You've heard about the quilt as you go technique. Now it's time to
try it! This is a hands on class where we will learn and practice 4
different quilt as you go techniques. This technique is terrific for a
huge quilt because the machine quilting is done when the blocks
are small. The heavy lifting and back breaking work to wrestle a
large quilt through the sewing machine is eliminated. The quilted
blocks are pieced together and the raw seams are easily covered.
We will be using the sewing machine so no hand stitching is
necessary to cover the seams. This is a great way to finally finish
some quilt tops. This is a great method for fast charity quilt
projects. Come and try some new techniques.

Bring 8 blocks. Layer them into a quilt sandwich. Machine quilt so the layers stay together. Keep the machine
quilting at least ½” away from the outside edges. This is not a project class, we are making samples and learning 4
different techniques.
String Blocks: Four 11” x 11” backing fabric. Four 11” x 11” low loft batting.
Various widths of scrappy fabric strips. 1,1½”, 2”, 2½” wide etc. and long enough to cover the 11” x 11” backing
on the diagonal. Bring lots of strips.
Method #1: 4 blocks with machine quilting.
-Front Sashing cut 2” wide on the lengthwise grain of the fabric. Parallel to the selvages.
-Back Sashing cut 1¼” wide on the lengthwise grain of the fabric.
-Cut one of each sashing strips 2” longer than your blocks.
-Cut one of each sashing strips 2”longer than the length of 2 blocks sewn together.
Method #2: 4 blocks with machine quilting.
-Sashing cut 2” wide on the lengthwise grain of the fabric. Parallel to the selvages.
-Cut one sashing strip 2” longer than your blocks.
-Cut another sashing strip 2” longer than the length of 2 blocks sewn together.

Method #3: Use blocks made in class. Square up to 10½”.
-Cut sashing strips 2½” wide on the lengthwise grain of the fabric.
-Cut one sashing strip 2” longer than your blocks.
-Cut another sashing strip 2” longer than the length of 2 blocks sewn together.
Method #4: Demo only
-Rotary cutter and mat
-Square ruler large enough to square up your blocks and long ruler
-Sewing machine that can at least zig zag or has some specialty stitches
-Regular size needles for piecing and heavy needles (100/16)
-Walking foot for sewing machine, Iron and pencil
For questions, please call Liz Teerlink at 801-224-8038 or email her at
Further instructions will be sent with registration.
124 O Holy Night Shannon Caywood/Krisanne Watkins
All Levels Half Day Kit $51.00 (optional-order before Sept 6th.)
Pattern $8.00
Wednesday Morning 8:30-11:30am

Celebrate the Christmas season with this beautiful nativity scene wall hanging that captures
the symbolism of the season! Many quilting techniques are used including piecing,
foundation piecing and appliqué. You will cherish this quilt for many years to come.
*½ yard vertical stripe (to resemble wood for stable)
*2 yards blue (backing for all blocks, border plus binding)
*½ yard light gold fabric (border stars)
*½ yard dark gold fabric (border stars)
*1 1/8 yard fabric of your choice for backing
*Wool or wool felt scraps, approx 12” x 12” brown (cradle, donkey)
*Wool or wool felt scraps, approx 6” x 6” of light gold, white, black, flesh tone, red and plum (straw, lamb, swaddling clothes,
tail, faces, hands and veils)
*Red print scrap, at least 5” x 8” (Joseph’s clothing)
*Plum print scrap at least 5” x 5” (Mary’s clothing)
*1 yard batting
Other Supplies:
*Freezer paper
*Machine or hand embroidery thread to match all appliqué fabrics
*Small black buttons for donkey and doves eyes
*Rhinestones for sheep, angels, Mary, Joseph and baby’s eyes (or can use French knots)
*Green pearl cotton thread for olive branch
Further instructions will be sent with registration.

130 More Exploration of EQ6 Barbara Reynolds
All Levels Half Day
Wednesday Afternoon 2-5pm

Going beyond the basics, we will design more intricate blocks including curved blocks, and
sets. We will learn ways of making borders an intricate part of your design. We will work with
custom sets. We will explore the “fun things” that often get overlooked in EQ6. If you have the
program or are planning to buy the program you will love to see all the marvelous things it will
do. If you love computers this is the class for you. Handouts will be provided.

*Laptop computer with EQ6 installed
*EQ6 user manual
*Notebook and pencils
*Optional: A picture of a quilt and/or quilt block you would like to design
131 Wool Appliqué Needle Keeper Marianne Michaels
All Levels Half Day Kit $28.00 (includes pattern) Pattern Only $8.00
Wednesday Afternoon 2-5pm

Learn the basic techniques of wool appliqué and embellishment while
making this bright wool flower needle keeper. Organize and store your
needles or you can choose to organize your punch cards with an optional
card keeper insert.

*Basic sewing kit.

132L Secrets to a Masterpiece Kim Peterson
All Levels Half Day Lecture
Wednesday Afternoon 2-5pm

After your top is made, how do you turn your quilt into a masterpiece? This lecture will teach quilting design and give
you the knowledge to take your quilts to the next level. We will take several un-quilted tops and decide what to do with
them. We will also discuss prepping for quilting and how to explain to your long-arm quilter what you want in your
finished quilt.

135 Celtic Maze Cat Beckstead
All Levels Afternoon/Evening Pattern $5.00
Wednesday Afternoon 2-10pm
A unique and fun quilt using patches and rails. Limited fabric colors (2-
color quilt) create a dynamic visual. A Celtic inspired pattern with a
modern twist.

*Basic sewing supplies
*Scissors or thread snippers
* 1” x 6” ruler
*Straight pins / glue stick
* 6” x 18” ruler
*Seam ripper
*Rotary cutter
*Small mat
*Sewing machine
*Yardage: Light – 3 ¼ yards, Dark – 2 yards
*Optional: Stiletto (optional – I use my seam ripper)
Further instructions will be sent with registration.
136 Design Your First Art Quilt Lisa Chin
All Levels Afternoon/Evening
Wednesday Afternoon 2-10pm

Are you interested in stepping outside the box but too afraid of failing?
Come learn to design and create your very first successful art quilt wall
hanging using solid colors and straight lines. No corners to match!

*Bring a selection of solid colored fabrics (Kaffe Shot Cottons or
solid looking batiks work great!) You will need about a yard or a
little more of fabric total in at least 3 or 5 to 7 colors. However, the
more selection you have the more you will have to play with.
*Look at the color wheel and choose to use colors that complement
each other (across the wheel from each other) or coordinate (are
next to each other on the wheel)
*20” square of low loft quilt batting
*20” square of fabric for backing
*Sewing machine in good working order
*Basic sewing kit with walking foot or free motion foot if you are
familiar with using it
*Coordinating threads
*Rotary cutter
*Cutting board
*24” quilting ruler

140 Winter Night Carol Johnson
All Levels Half Day Kit $23.00 (includes pattern)
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm

Create this winter night ski hill landscape using freezer paper patterns
and uneven hand curved piecing. Hand appliqué a moon and learn how to
either hand appliqué or machine appliqué trees on the snowy slopes.
Learn techniques for borders, quilting and binding.

*Hand sewing kit
*Paper and fabric scissors
*Black pen
*Light grey/blue thread
*Fabric marking pencil
*Optional: Iron & towel
141 Design a Border Jodi Warner
All Levels Half Day
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm

Spend time with graph paper and ruler to plan a single or series of simple
patchwork borders to enlarge a panel into a crib, throw size or larger.
Explore math concepts, spacer borders to expand-to-fit; plus yardage
estimation. Use class time balance to plan and draft your own custom
design with instructor oversight.

*Bring your own panel with ideas, or bring more than one to
brainstorm with in the class.
*Panel to design for
*Large sheet graph paper, such as 11” x 17” – ¼” squares
*0.5mm mechanical pencil
*Gridded ruler, 12” x 2” or 18” x 2”
*Cellophane tape, or re-positionable tape
*Good eraser
*Personal calculator
*Tracing paper, optional
*Ideas or resources for patchwork, appliqué borders and motifs
*Note-taking materials
*Tape measure if panel is large
*Optional: Paper and Glue stick

142 Lulu’s Yoyo’s Bonnie Bailey
All Levels Half Day Pattern $7.00
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm

These giant yo-yos make gorgeous flowers for Lulu’s garden. This quilt is
layer cake friendly, so cutting is a cinch! Make a fun and easy gift for your
oh “Sew Many Friends”. We should be able to complete the top during
class time.

*Basic sewing kit
*Template plastic
*Needle and neutral thread (for making yo-yos)
*1 layer cake or 40 – 10” squares
*Leaves – ½ yard
*First border – 2/3 yard
*Outside border – 1 ¼ yards
*10 large buttons (for flower centers)
*Large rick rack – 7 yards
Further instructions will be sent with registration.
143 My Sewn Friend Frankenstein Kendra Hall
All Levels Half Day Pattern included
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm

While you are choosing sewing friends for the coming Quilt Fest, think
about choosing a sewn friend that can help decorate a wall or door for
the upcoming Halloween season. “Frankie” can easily join in with
other friends in a Halloween sampler quilt too. In fact, the pattern
comes with some bonus blocks: a grinning pumpkin and a spooky cat.
This Frankenstein has a gentle face, is easy to construct in one of two
sizes, and is great fun to embellish. It is amazing the different looks he
can have due to fabric selection.

A collection of scraps and fat quarters to put Frankenstein together
(use your stash!).
Further instructions will be sent with registration.

144 Spring is in the Air Laurie Smith
All Levels Half Day Kit $10.00 fabric only (optional)
Pattern $8.00 required
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm
In this class you will learn a variety of appliqué preparation techniques
you can use to achieve beautiful appliqué. I will discuss thread, needles,
pins, marking tools and many other helpful notions. This class is
suitable for beginners or those quilters who have done some appliqué
and are looking to improve their skills. This class will focus on needle
turn appliqué.

*Light background – cut to 10” x 13”
*Assorted print scraps for appliqué leaves, stems, flowers, birds,
wings, berries and baskets
*Sharp, pointy fabric scissors
*Appliqué needles (sharps or straw)
*Basting needle (some big old fat needle around a size 7 or larger)
*Pencil – regular graphite (mechanical pencil is good)
*White marking pencil
*Basting thread to contrast all fabrics (like some old polyester
orange thread that you’re not sure why you still have it…or quilting
thread in a color you can’t imagine ever using)
*Lightweight cotton thread to match appliqué fabrics
*Optional: nice to have a needle threader, thimble, Thread Heaven, ¼” Clover bias maker
145 La Borsa Handbag Ruth Ewers
All Levels Half Day Pattern $6.00
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm
Flashy bags are all the rage now, and this can be as flashy as your fabric
choice allows. You can make it pieced, as illustrated, or all one fabric.
Laurel Burch works very well. With a little preparation in advance you
can take home a finished bag. Yippee, not another UFO.

* 22 – 4 ½” squares of a variety of 5 or 6 fabrics
OR one piece of fabric 20” x 36”
* 2 pieces each 3” x 24” for straps
* ½ yard lining and pocket fabric
* 18” x 30” piece of batting plus 21” x 25” strips. Use Thermolam
Plus by Pellon or something of similar weight and body
* 2 strips 1” x 25” strap webbing or buckram (I did not use this)
*Magnetic snap or small piece of Velcro
*Optional: Cording for loop and decorative closure
Further instructions will be sent with registration.

146L Quilt as you go for Domestic Machines
Patricia Robertson
All Levels Lecture Pattern included
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm

Patterns and demonstrations on a simple technique for joining blocks
and borders after they are quilted. No bulky seams to cover with this
technique. See how easy it is to quilt your crosshatching or channels on
your block before you appliqué.
147L Making Color Work for You Anne Muñoz
All Levels Lecture
Wednesday Evening 7-10pm

This interactive lecture will address not only basic color theory, but
also differences in hues, intensity and value in relation to what you
wish to achieve in your designs. We will experiment with squares of
fabric that illustrate all the different aspects of color and then explore
how to use them to get the results you want.

Please bring twelve – 2” squares in a variety of colors. These do
not have to be solids but there needs to be an obvious overall color.

Please bring at least one example each of the following: dark,
medium, light, pure color, primary, secondary, the rest are your

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