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					Syllabus Multimedia 320/ Course Section 4734
Web Design
Instructor: Tamara Fites
Time: 4:15-6:40 Monday

Course Description and Objectives: This course is an introduction to web design using Macromedia
Dreamweaver, Fireworks & Flash Software. (In my opinion the best Web Design Software in the industry.
Lucky you!) You will learn the skills and principles of design needed to build dynamic web sites, banners,
web photo albums and mini movies.….Wow! The objective of this course, besides learning the necessary
tools and skills of web design, is to develop your eye as a designer plus acquiring the magical gift of
writing good copy.

Thought homework throughout this course and possibly longer. Learning to think like a web designer is
not all about technical skills. The Web is like an overcrowded party where everyone is vying for attention.
How do you get people to visit your site and stay? How do you attract the right visitors…how do you
please a client yet not insult them. For example your client wants animated crying baby cows for the front
page of their Steak Restaurant site. How do you change their mind…what can you offer them instead?
Start looking around at billboards on the freeway, ads in magazines and of course, front pages of web sites.
What catches your eye…what gets to your emotions…what makes you want to buy…what makes you want
to use a site for research material? Learn to look and read with a critical eye. Last of all and never forget it
is all about a fast download time…. Not everyone has D.S.L.

Requirements / Materials

   Attend all classes
   Complete all assignments
   Complete all homework and assigned readings on time
   Participate in class discussions and critiques
   Buy removable storage in the form of Zip Cartridges (you will need at least 2 zip disks)

A non-refundable equipment fee of $15 dollars to cover printing costs (paper, ink etc.)

Recommended but not required reading

   Visual Quick Start Guide Macromedia Fireworks 4. By Sandee Cohen
   Visual Quick Start Guide Macromedia Dreamweaver 4. By J. Tarin Towers
   Visual Quick Start Guide Macromedia Flash 5
   Web design for Dummies. It really it is not as insulting as it sounds

Recommended Downloads

You can also download free 1-month trial versions of the Macromedia Software that we will be using in
class at I really suggest you do this. If you have a computer at
home start with fireworks, as this is the program we will be using first. Follow the tutorial that comes with
the program. The more that you play with the programs the faster you will master them…then version 5.0
will come out. But that’s what makes life on the web so exciting!


Grading will be based on assigned projects, class participation, attendance and homework.
Effort and thoughtfulness will be factored into your grade as well as mastering of assignments. I grade on
individual bases; not everyone has the same skills starting this course.
Attendance is Mandatory: 3 “Late to classes” = 1 absence, 3 unexcused absences = F


Before each assignment we will go over the programs, vocabulary, tools and functions you will need to
complete that assignment. There will also be several mini projects in accordance with each assignment.
These will NOT be graded but you they must be checked off as complete before moving on.
For example, before making banners, assignment 1) you will need to learn the basics of fireworks:
Opening a document, creating basic shapes, working with images importing, exporting gif animation…etc.


1) Making 4 static banners from templates. Using your own fills, colors, and images from several
    samples, copy is written for you. You can see samples of these banners in your sample folder.

1) b Making 4 animated banners of your own design and your own copy. Banners must be at least 3 frames
     and under12k. These banners will be designed with specific businesses in mind.
     Store, funeral home…. whatever 4 businesses you draw out of the hat!

Creating a Business Page from a template

2.) You will create in fireworks a Visually Dynamic Business page for our yellow pages directory. This
    page will be created in 3 parts: header, body, and footer. You will then import and assemble these parts
    Into Dreamweaver. Where you will learn to import images, set background color and edit html text
    This will be a fictitious business that you will be the CEO or owner of. Remember, have fun and you
    can be ANYTHING you want on the web. Later in the course the other student/CEO’s Yellow pages
    will be linked with yours through a directory page. Yes, you will be doing the linking!

Creating a very basic Web site of 5 pages

3.) Creating a very simple web site of 5 pages. You can see an example in your sample folder. No bells no
    Whistles. But you will learn the basic bones of using your site manager, organizing your folders, and
    how to link pages using a navigation system (buttons). Keeping it simple in the beginning will make
    your web designing life better later on.

          This is about the time to really start thinking about, researching, and making layouts for your
          final project…your own web site of at least 5 pages. It can be for/about you, someone else,
          your dogs life…etc. But you need to start talking to me about your final website. Make it about
          what interests you…but remember you are sharing this information with the rest of the class
          and the world wide web!

Making a home page…with lot’s of behaviors and then slicing it up.

4)   You will copy the style of a more complex front page. I will be giving you a hard copy example.
     You will copy this page in fireworks, it doesn’t have to be exact but you must attach specific
      behaviors, slice it up and then import it to Dreamweaver where you will add even more bells and
      whistles…pop up windows etc.

Making a mini Movie in flash

5)   You will be making a mini movie in flash most likely text based. This assignment will be done
     With your final project in mind as you will be required to use at least one flash animation in your final
     web page.
The rest of the course will be compiled of mini projects geared towards the completion of your final to make a photo album…how to make pop up windows..creating tables in dreamweaver
Editing HTML text. You will be working on these projects in tandem with creating your final web Page.

Your final web Page!

6) This is your final web page. It must be at least 5 pages and no more the 7. I will be handing you
   a preliminary handout on this project early on in the course as there is a lot to start thinking
   about. From the start of the course you should start researching websites for styles that appeal to you.
   Navigation systems that you find affective and what you want your website to be about. I will be
   Giving you guidelines to go by but it is important that you find a subject matter that is of interest
   to you.

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