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									                                                                                October 2008
          Newsletter of the Danville-Alamo Garden Club                  Volume XXXIV, Issue 8

                             President’s Message ~ Carol Sayers

                               A hug thank you to Audrey Van Poppel and her Social
                            Committee for all they did in making our “Welcome Back
                            Brunch” so festive. A lot of work is involved in organiz-
                            ing this event...setting up and taking down tables and
                            chairs, coordinating the food, transporting all of the neces-

sary supplies, providing centerpieces, and finally, the clean up! The Brunch does give
us an energetic jump start for the year. Nancy Allen’s talk on roses was educational
and inspirational.

  Carefully read the Newsletter as it is packed with information regarding the Club’s
year’s activities. Exciting Programs, interesting Tours, and fun Workshops are just a
part of what we have in store for the 2008 ~ 2009 year. The next step is yours. Sign up
to participate in what interests you, and get to know your fellow gardeners.

   See you at the October 9th meeting unless I run into you at Costco first, buying the
     bulbs that Kristine Yanker-Hansen encouraged us to plant for winter color!

                                                                   Inside This Issue:
                                                     Page 1 ………… President’s Message
                                                     Page 2 ………… Horticulture & Programs
                                                     Page 3 ………… Deadheaders, Pumpkin Decorating,
                                                                   Holiday Luncheon & Board Meeting
                                                     Page 4 ………… Board of Directors 2008 - 2009
                                                     Page 5 ………… Penny Pines, Social & Birthdays
                                                     Page 6 ………… Our Sponsors & General Meeting Notice
                      Horticulture                                                      Programs
    During the brunch part of the meeting I had some further
tips given to me about insect control. One is to find Seaweed
extract and pour the solution around the roots of the plants.
Apparently this has strengthened the resistance to everything
fro white fly to aphids. I looked up Seaweed extract for gar-
dens on Google and found entries for both plants and people
check it out.
     I keep looking for rain. The old Farmer’s Almanac pre-
dicted some for September, but as of this writing there has
been none. However, if you are hoping to refurbish your gar-
den a bit during this drought you need to get ready. As soon         Wow! Thirty-Five years and still going strong! Con-
as it starts raining and your soil gets a good drenching you     gratulations to DAGC members, the Board and the So-
should be ready to plant. Get your compost and mulch into        cial Committee headed by Audrey Van Poppel for an-
the garden now. You just need to top dress established beds.     other successful Welcome Back Brunch. The food and
Maintain your autumn watering schedule so that the compost       flowers were awesome! Many thanks to Nancy Allen
naturally works its way into the ground. Once we have one or     for her talk on the History of the Yellow Rose, our
two good storms start planting. The compost and mulch            club’s flower, a symbol of friendship and sharing. Also
should have had enough time to, make your soil a little more     thanks to Judy and Maureen for participating in the
friable which means digging in it should be easier.              annual Tomato Tasting-both rated a “2” for OKAY!
    Think perennials for next year. Even though the tops are
                                                                     October is such a glorious month! We are so lucky to
not growing the roots are moving out into the soil. This
would be true for trees and shrubs as well. Don’t forget all     live in the Bay area. We can garden all year long-just
those winter bulbs, and a nice hint of winter annuals such as    ask Kristin Yanker-Hansen if there is any doubt. Our
Primroses, Pansies, Violas. Chrysanthemum palludosum, and        speaker for this month will be Kathy Echols as sug-
Calendulas.                                                      gested by Kristin. Kathy will speak and inspire us to
    Remember if you go for two weeks without rain during         plant a Winter Vegetable Garden. Kathy is a master
the winter that you should water your garden. You don’t want     gardener and instructor. She lives in Martinez and own
the ground to be dry if we have a major frost. It is the major   Midhill Farms. With the rising costs of produce, it is
reason why plants die when we have freezes.                      sensible and healthy to grow some of our own veggies.
    Enjoy the next few weeks of Indian summer. We will have          Just for fun, all members should either wear orange
plenty of warm days still to get our plants growing so take      or something with a Halloween motif to celebrate the
advantage of the time.
                                                                 season and brighten our meeting place.
                  Kristen Yanker-Hansen
                                                                 Happy Gardening!
                                                                 Joyce Michalczyk and Lynn Leavitt
                                                                 Program Chairs

                                                                                   In the Garden...
                                                                    “If well managed, nothing is more beautiful than the
                                                                 kitchen-garden: the earliest blossoms come there: we shall
                                                                  in vain seek for flowering shrubs...to equal the peaches,
                                                                              nectarines, apricots, and plums.”
                                                                              ~ William Cobbett (1763 - 1835)
                  Attention Deadheaders!                                    Pumpkin Decorating
                                                                    Join us for a fun afternoon decorating pump-
                                                                 kins for a fall display. You'll need to bring your
                                                                 own pumpkin(s) and any items you think would
                                                                 look good on top of your pumpkin, especially fall
                                                                 items you find in your yard such as leaves,
                                                                 acorns, seed pods, etc. Bring enough to share if
                                                                 you can. A glue gun would be handy, too. I'll
                                                                 bring some large "U" pins. Check out this site for
    We've had a fun summer donating our time to the memorial     an idea:
  rose garden in Osage Park and going on a few fieldtrips. We         http://interiordec.about.com/cs/fallindex/l/
look forward to meeting some of our new garden club members      blfallpr001.htm
  and encourage you to join us as we wrap up this season. We                  Here are the details:
will deadhead til the end of October. FYI... Thursday mornings
  from 8:30-9:30 through the month of October -- however no      When: October 16, 1:30 p.m.
  deadheading on Garden Club general meeting days. So grab       Where: Audrey Van Poppel's yard
    your clippers and give us a try. Questions please contact:
                                                                 RSVP: Vicki Freeberg
                  Vicki Brown                                          by Oct. 15

                                Silver Bells Holiday
                                     Luncheon                                  Garden Seminar

The Holiday Luncheon Committee has scheduled the luncheon         Free Garden Seminar 1st Thursday of every
for THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11 at the Bridges Restaurant               month. Location is 911 Memorial Garden in
  in Danville. Menu selection and registration forms will be     Danville at Noon ~ between Pinkie’s Nail Salon
 available in the November and December newsletters. Mark         & Pleasant Thoughts in the Danville Livery.
                       your calendars.

                        Katy Andino

                        Board Meeting Notice ~ Thursday, October 16th
                           Board Meeting will be at Nancy Goreth’s home
                         Connie Lieske and Joyce Michalczyk are hostessing.
                                   Social 9:30 am ~ Meeting 10 am.
                    2008-2009 DAGC Board of Directors

                                         Executive Board
President                   Carol Sayers
First Vice President        Louise Wiggins
Program Vice President      Joyce Michalczyk
Membership Vice President   Deb Cattaneo
Social Vice President       Audrey Van Poppel
Recording Secretary         Sheila Truschke
Corresponding Secretary     Rebecca Byrom
Treasurer                   Ofelia Barr
     Appointed Positions:
Club Advisor                Nancy Goreth
Parliamentarian             Karen Fox

                                  Elected Board Positions
Historian                   Jackie Acton
Horticultural Chair         Kristin Yanker-Hansen
Newsletter Editor           Barbara Norkus
Sponsor Representative      Charlene Geiger
Tour Chair                  Sandi Stamates
Ways and Means Chair
Webmaster                   Sharon Gibson
Workshop Chair              Vicki Freeberg

                            Appointed Club Support Positions
Artistic Arranger           Dee Dee Cross
E-mail Coordinator          Sandra Olinger
Inspiration                 Connie Lieske
Penny Pines                 Joan Hines
Plant Exchange              Win Cronin
Publicity                   Donna Rascano
Rose Garden Chair           Vicki Brown
                                                                                        Birthdays !
                          Penny Pines                             .
                                                                       Happy Birthday to the following
                        Everyone was very generous at the
                      September meeting with donations of                       MAUREEN BROOKS
                      $84.02 to the Penny Pines collection.                     SANDY ROGER
                      We donated 10 Penny Pines acres last                      MARY LOUISE WILLIAMS
                                                                                MYRA CUMMINS
                      year and are on the way to matching
                                                                               NANCY ALLEN
that. After the horrendous fires last year, what a great way to                ANN SCHOEN
help reforest California’s wonderful asset!                                    SIBYLLE WAIZENEGGER
                  For more information go to:                                  ROSE GOGERTY
              www.fsfed.us/r5/shastatrinity                                    INGRID LARA
                                                                               CHARLYN MOMSEN
                      Joan Hines, Chair
                                                                               HELEN MILLER
                                                                               MARSHA LANDAU
                                                                               PEGGY MOLONEY

                                                                      Please                            inform Rebecca

                                                                               Byrom of any omissions or errors.
                   Social Committee
   Our Welcome Back Brunch and 35th Anniversary was a                          Gardens at Heather Farms
great success. The Social Committee pitched right in there
and got the job done along with the members. Many hands                        Designing Your Garden Series
get things done faster and the job appears to be easier. As               with Bobbi Feyerabend, Feyerabend and
usual we had a lot of wonderful dishes that prove we are not               Madden Landscape Design, Emeryville
always working in our gardens. If you brought the melon
and grape salad would you please email or give me a call                   Learn about basic garden design,
with the recipe and we will put it in the next newsletter.                plant selection, site planning, and
                                                                        weather/soil concerns and apply them
                                                                         to your own home landscaping. Stu-
                      Audrey Van Poppel
                                                                        dents can develop their own plan and
                                                                          have it reviewed by a professional.
                                                                        The series includes a field trip to rein-
                                                                          force class concepts (location dis-
                                                                             cussed at the first meeting).

                                                                        DATES/TIMES: (3 Wednesday evenings & 1
                                                                        Saturday morning)
                                                                        Wednesday, Oct 22 & 29, Nov 5 (all 7 -
                                                                        9:30pm) Fieldtrip: Saturday, November 1
                                                                        (9:30 – Noon)
                                                                        COST: $55 GHF members/$65 nonmembers
                                                                               Call 925.947.1678 for information
   Newsletter on the Danville-Alamo Garden

Barbara Norkus ~ Editor
Danville–Alamo Garden Club
P.O. Box 920
Danville, CA 94526

                Our Sponsors
            Armstrong Garden Centers             Don’t forget to visit and say “Hi” to our Sponsors. They
            7360 San Ramon Road, Dublin          all have wonderful goods for our garden, and they have
                                                 been quite generous with raffle prizes for our for Club.
               Diablo Valley College
                Horticulture Department                      ~ Charlene Geiger, Sponsors
                Markham Arboretum
            1202 La Vista Avenue, Concord          October 2008 !
             800 Camino Ramon, Danville
                  Regan’s Nursery                                              Garden Notes
              4268 Decoto Road, Fremont
  San Ramon Irrigation & Drainage Supply                             “You’re not aging, you just need
       12811-B Alcosta Boulevard, San Ramon                                    repotting.”
                Sloat Garden Center
               828 Diablo Road, Danville
                  Smith & Hawken                                        NOTICE
         1365 North Broadway, Walnut Creek                  Danville~Alamo Garden Club
               Sunset Color Nursery                       Luncheon Meeting & Installation ~
     1435 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, Danville                  Thursday, October 9th
                  925-831-3574                                Meeting time is: 9:30 am
   Remember, our commercial sponsors do-                        Alamo Women’s Club
   nate the door prizes, and they support us
    with speakers for our general meetings.
                                                          1401 Danville Blvd, Danville 94526
             Please support them!                                Parking is limited...
                                                                 Carpool if possible.

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