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					Corporate Team Lead Meeting
• Paint the Town Event Overview
• Why Paint Houses?
• History of the Event
• PTT Committee
• PTT Timeline
• Team Lead Role and Responsibilities
• Next Steps
   “Paint the Town” is Give Back Cincinnati’s premier annual event

– Give Back Cincinnati began Paint the Town in Cincinnati in 2002 and
  has steadily increased the size of the event from 4 homes to 42
  homes in 2009

– PTT 2010, Evanston & Avondale will be the Ninth Annual event where
  volunteers paint homes – free of charge to the homeowner – in one

– Each house is sponsored by a business or group and a team of 10-35
  volunteers takes on the task

    Paint the Town improves neighborhoods and builds community
Why Paint Houses?
•   Houses are a cornerstone of our communities
•   The largest investment many people will make is in their homes
•   Home repair and maintenance is extremely costly
•   Many people simply can not maintain their homes

• PTT makes a huge impact in the life of the families and the spirit of the
  community by giving a fresh face to old homes
• We HOPE that PTT serves as a catalyst for further community improvement
Paint The Town History

  212 entire houses painted on 8 single day events
  5605 Participants
  35,500 Total Volunteer Hours

• The volunteer efforts are worth more than $600,000 to the community
• In addition, the homeowners are left with homes they can feel proud
• The Sherwin-Williams Company has graciously donated most of the paint,
  as well as hundreds of paint brushes for Paint the Town
Paint the Town
… through the years

In 2010, we
arrive in
Evanston &

50+ homes
1300 volunteers
Without the help of
multiple sponsors,
Paint the Town
would not be

                      Example of 2009 Paint the Town Sponsors
PTT Committee
• Works year round on planning
• Major buckets of work
   – Neighborhood & Home Selection   - Transportation
   – Supplies                        - Food/Beverage
   – Sponsors                        - Finance/Accounting
   – Volunteers                      - Public Relations
• Support team on the day of:
   – Area leads, supplies, etc
   November 2009:   Media announcements begin

   January 2010:    Applications available for homeowners

   February 2010:   Applications due

   March 2010:      Homes are selected

  • May 2010:        Homeowners select paint colors and
                     homes are prepped

  • June 12, 2010:   Paint the Town
Paint the Town Process – Home Selection
• Homeowners apply on or before mid-February
• Give Back volunteers assess the applications and conduct
  homeowner interviews in March
• Homeowners are selected based on:
   – Homeowner needs
   – Give Back capabilities and resources to satisfy need
• Homeowners are notified in late-April and then works with
  a team lead to define the project, select paint colors, and
  coordinate preparations for the day of the event
Ideal Applicant
  • The home must be owner-occupied, or in the process of
  • Homes selected for painting must be located in Evanston or
  • The homeowner must be physically or financially unable to
    complete the work
  • The home must be a single or two-story structure and in NEED of
    being painted to improve the appearance and value of the home
     • Three story structures are considered, but pose a greater challenge for
• 160 applications
• 120 homeowners
• Selected 60
  homes for 2010

  …largest PTT to
Corporate Team Lead – What Do I have to Do?
• Corporate Team Coordination
   – Recruiting the volunteers, fielding questions about the event, and building
     excitement inside your company about the event
• Safety
   – Priority #1 on Event Day -- Make sure your friends and co-workers are behaving
     in a safe manner
• Progress Reporting
   – Keep project on track, report the progress to the Project Leadership
• Supply King/Queen
   – Keep the supplies in order and orderly
   – Make sure all supplies are cleaned/organized after the event
• Home Owner Friend
   – You’re to be the friendly/comfortable face of Give Back Cincinnati and your
     corporation to the homeowner
Volunteer Recruitment & RSVP Overview
•   Target team size ~ 30 people per house
•   Recruitment Email
    – Provided electronically later this week
    – Online team registration
        • and click the 'volunteer' button at the top
•   Deadline:
    – Mid-May
    – Houses will be assigned based on team size
•   Don’t Have Enough Volunteers to Fill Your House?
    – Give Back Cincinnati Fills In!
Recruiting and Promotion Tools
• PowerPoint Template for Recruiting
   – About PTT, neighborhood, previous results and general info
• Flyer Templates
• Team Lead Tips and Tools
   –   Save the Date email
   –   Bulletin Board/ Corporate Flyers
   –   Lunch and Learn Meetings (use the PowerPoint)
   –   Side Leads and Supply Lead
Next Steps
• Recruit! Recruit! Recruit! –
    • Get the volunteers signed up
    • Hold lunch and learns, contests, etc. to get people excited and interested in
    • Start Tomorrow!
•   Team Lead Details Meeting – April 28th –
    • Once teams are lined up, your focus will be to preparing for the event
    • At next meeting we will go in detail through the team lead handbook
    • We will tell you everything you need to know to get a house painted in a single
•   Meet Homeowner –
    • We’ll give you your home assignment at the Team Lead Mtg. and then we’ll ask
      you to visit your homeowner and review the project
House Keeping
• T-Shirt Logo
    – Need a logo for back of t-shirts.
    – Joe Hansbauer or Van Do will contact you if we don’t have a logo from previous

•   Side Leads
    – Identify some team members that can help manage one side of the house,
      utilize as project mgmt

• Volunteer for Check-In
    – Each team will need to identify someone to handle check-in at the site

…and THANKS for making this event successful!
 To find out more about Paint the Town and
Give Back Cincinnati, check us out online…
Who is Give Back Cincinnati?
•   Give Back Cincinnati started in December 2000 with a small group of friends that
    wanted to give back to their community.
•   The small group of friends has grown to over 4500 members (representing 375
    companies) and continues to an outlet where volunteers can have fun, meet people,
    and give back to their community all at the same time.
•   Give Back Cincinnati is a federally recognized non-profit organization led by our
    volunteer board of directors. Members take on differing roles, some lead projects,
    others volunteer.
•   Give Back Cincinnati is focused on enhancing Cincinnati's communities through activities
    of volunteerism, while fostering the development of young leadership through
•   Each year Give Back Cincinnati organizes ~15 large-scale one day volunteer and civic
    engagement activities, and several social events.
•   Give Back Cincinnati operates with zero paid employees and offers "guilt free" volunteer
    opportunities with a social twist. There is no obligation to join - nor dues, nor weekly
    meetings to attend, nor junk mail, nor phone calls.
• Visit
   – What is Paint the Town?                  – What if I don’t have a “team” to
   – Who’s behind Paint the Town?               paint on?
   – How are neighborhoods selected?          – Can I sign up to work with my
   – How are the houses chosen?                 friend?
   – Is it OK if I volunteer with my child?   – What should I wear and bring with
                                                me to volunteer?
   – Can I volunteer for half the day?
                                              – Where should I park?
   – Can I drive myself to my team’s
     house?                                   – What about breakfast and lunch?
   – Should I volunteer if I don’t want to    – How can I get more involved in
     climb a ladder?                            Paint the Town?
                                              – What if my schedule changes and
                                                I’m no longer available on the day
                                                of Paint the Town?
History of the Event
•   2002 –   4 Houses in Columbia/Tusculum
•   2003 –   11 Houses in Price Hill
•   2004 –   18 Houses in Northside
•   2005 –   25 Houses in Madisonville
•   2006 –   30 Houses in Hartwell/Carthage
•   2007 –   35 Houses in North College Hill
•   2008 –   47 Houses in Covington, Ky
•   2009 –   43 Houses in Price Hill

• Some Day – 100 houses in one afternoon!!!
Paint The Town Success Stories
 Columbia/Tusculum - June 8, 2002
 4 Houses
 130 Participants
 1,170 Total Volunteer Hours
          Before…               …After
Paint The Town Success Stories
 Price Hill - June 7, 2003
 11 Houses
 250 Participants
 2,250 Total Volunteer Hours
          Before…              …After
Paint The Town Success Stories
 Northside - June 12, 2004
 18 Houses
 525 Participants
 2,230 Total Volunteer Hours
          Before…              …After
Paint The Town Success Stories
 Madisonville - June 11, 2005
 25 Houses
 600 Participants
 3,600 Total Volunteer Hours
          Before…               …After
Paint The Town Success Stories
 Hartwell/Carthage- June 10, 2006
 30 Houses
 810 Participants
 4,860 Total Volunteer Hours
          Before…                   …After
Paint The Town Success Stories
 College Hill- June 9, 2007
 35 Houses
 950 Participants
 5,850 Total Volunteer Hours

          Before…              …After
Paint The Town Success Stories
 Covington, KY - June 14, 2008
 47 Houses
 1200 Participants
 6,000 Total Volunteer Hours

          Before…                …After
Paint The Town Success Stories
 Price Hill - June 13, 2009
 42 Houses
 1100 Participants
 7,175 Total Volunteer Hours
          Before…              …After

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