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					                          Official Minutes of
                            Student Government
             Matanuska-Susitna College, University of Alaska Anchorage
             for the meeting of the 4th day of November, 2008 Anno Domini

Executive Officers Present:
President James Wright
Vice President David Adcock

Advisors Present:
Faculty Advisor Dr. Kim Bloomstrom
Staff Advisor Rebecca Krupa

Senators Present:
Adam Grisham
Eli Graber
Samuel Oh

Representatives Present:
Lisa Hampton, Asian Culture Club
Kory Pickard, Math Club, Order of the Iron Chariot
Joshua Tenderholt, Mat-Su Monitor
Andrea Bennett, NOW-CAN

   I. Call to Order:
          The meeting was called to order by President James Wright at 11:55 am,
          Tuesday, November 4th, 2008.

  II. Adoption of the Agenda:
          Senator Adam Grisham moved to adopt the Agenda.
          Vice President David Adcock seconded.
          Without objection, the Motion passed and the Agenda was approved.

 III. Approval of the Minutes:
          Vice President David Adcock moved to approve the Minutes from the
          October 28th, 2008 Student Government meeting.
          Senator Adam Grisham seconded the Motion.
          Without objection, the Minutes were approved.

 Upon the delivery of pizza, President James Wright called a brief recess for lunch.

 The meeting resumed at 12:05 pm
 IV. Faculty Report:
        Faculty Advisor Dr. Kim Bloomstrom reported that Bonnie von Marketing
        had suggested Student Government write a letter to put in the time capsule.
        She also mentioned that the secretary position was posted on UAK jobs and
        that the Art Club’s HARTS event had been cancelled.

  V. Staff Report:
        Staff Advisor Rebecca Krupa reported that New Student Orientation would be
        held on January 7th for the Spring 2009 semester.

 VI. President’s Report:
        President James Wright reported that an unofficial committee composed of
        Staff Advisor Krupa, Vice President David Adcock, Student Services
        Manager Sandy Gravely, Senator Eli Graber, and himself had devised a means
        by which the early registration gas card prizes would be awarded:
              November 17th         $100.00 card
              November 24th         $100.00 card
              December 1            $75.00 card
              December 8th          $50.00 card
              December 15           $25.00 card
        Wright explained that by using this method, those who registered first would
        not only be eligible for higher-valued prizes, but they would also be drawn
        from a smaller pool of contestants.

VII. Vice-President’s Report:
        Vice-President David Adcock reported that the Halloween Pumpkin Carving
        Contest had been a grand success, noting that after the contest, he transported
        the pumpkins to Pioneer Peak Elementary, as had been planned.

VIII. Committee Reports:

        Rules Committee:
        The Rules Committee Chair, Senator Adam Grisham, noted that the
        Committee had not yet met, but announced his plan for the Committee to meet
        at least twice before the end of the semester.

        Planning Committee:
        Planning Committee Chair, Representative Lisa Hampton, gave further details
        regarding the Pumpkin Carving Contest. Vice President David Adcock
        announced the winners of the contest:
                Spookiest          The Library’s Witch Pumpkin
                Most Humorous The Business Office’s Puking Pumpkin
                Most Original      Physical Plant’s Handyman Pumpkin
                Best Impression Lisa Hampton’s Asian Culture Club Pumpkin
                Best Group         The Business Office’s “Party’s Over” Display
        Vice President Adcock noted that he would be distributing the gift cards and
        the tax forms in the near future.

       Bookstore Committee:
       Bookstore Committee Representative, Vice President David Adcock, reported
       that the Committee would be meeting in the near future.

IX. Club Reports:

       Asian Culture Club:
       The Asian Culture Club representative, Lisa Hampton, met the previous

       Mat-Su Monitor:
       Representative Joshua Tenderholt of the Mat-Su Monitor reported that the
       deadline for submitting stories would be November 21st, and the paper would
       be sent to the Frontiersman shortly thereafter.

       Math Club:
       The Math Club representative, Kory Pickard, had nothing new to report.

       The NOW-CAN Representative, Andrea Bennett, requested funding for the
       Organization, mentioning that they would be holding some events and
       meetings in the near future.
       Senator Eli Graber moved to allocate the traditional three hundred dollars as
       club funding to the NOW-CAN organization.
       Representative Kory Pickard seconded.
       President Wright noted that club funding was fairly traditional and asked if
       there was any further discussion. Seeing none, he called the Motion to
       Motion passed and three hundred dollars is allocated as club funding to the
       NOW-CAN organization.

       Faculty Advisor Bloomstrom mentioned that all clubs should submit their
       constitutions and bylaws when they turn in their club recognition forms.

       President Wright reminded those present that he had constitution and bylaw
       templates if any club representatives were interested.

       College Students for Christ:
       College Students for Christ Representative Devin Lyons was not present.

       Order of the Iron Chariot:
       Order of the Iron Chariot representative, Kory Pickard, reminded the Council
       that “they [the club and its members] were still awesome,” and they had a
       very productive meeting earlier that morning. Representative Pickard and
       Cyrillus Petersen, cofounders of the club, briefly described the purpose and
       nature of the club, inviting all who may be interested to attend their next

      Club Recognitions:
      President Wright inquired if there were any other club recognitions. There
      were none.

X. Business:
      Leadership Training:
      President James Wright reminded the Council members that Staff Advisor
      Krupa was still offering Leadership Training through Student Services and
      announced that so far, only two members had shown interest. He asked if any
      others were interested after Staff Advisor Krupa gave a brief description of the
      training. The following individuals expressed interest:
          Representative Kory Pickard
          Vice President David Adcock
          Senator Adam Grisham
          Representative Andrea Bennett
          Representative Joshua Tenderholt
          Senator Eli Graber
          Representative Lisa Hampton

      President Wright also noted that funds would have to be allocated for the
      training packages at an estimated cost of ten dollars per person.
      Senator Adam Grisham moved to allocate 96 dollars to the purchasing of
      leadership training packets (and any necessary postage).
      Representative Kory Pickard seconded the Motion.
      Motion passed and 96 dollars is allocated to the purchasing of leadership
      training packets and any postage that may be necessary.

      SG Council Bill F2008.1:
      President Wright directed the Council’s attention to the attachment to the
      Agenda, SGC Bill F2008.1, asking one of its co-authors to read or summarize
      the proposed bill. Senator Adam Grisham summarized the bill.
      Senator Adam Grisham moved to adopt SGC Bill F2008.1.
      Senator Eli Graber seconded.
      Faculty Advisor Bloomstrom mentioned that the bill should contain a
      statement of purpose due to its nature.
          Senator Adam Grisham moved to amend SGC Bill F2008.1 to include a
          statement of purpose reading, “In order to increase involvement in Student
          Government and attendance at the Student Government Meetings…”
          Representative Kory Pickard seconded the Amendment.
          President Wright called the Amendment to question.
          Amendment passed and is added to SGC Bill F2008.1.
      President Wright inquired if there was any further discussion regarding the
      Motion, and seeing none, called the Motion to question.
      Motion passed, and SGC Bill F2008.1 is adopted/approved.
        Other Business:
        President James Wright asked the Council if there was any new or further
        business that should be addressed. There was none.

XI.   Guest Comments and Discussion:
        President Wright inquired if there were any guest comments or discussion.

        Guest Bryant Leader asked for help moving.

XII. Adjourn Meeting:
        Senator Adam Grisham moved to adjourn the meeting.
        Representative Lisa Hampton seconded the Motion.
        Without objection, the Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 12:25
        pm, Alaska Time.
 adjourned at 12:25
        pm, Alaska Time.

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