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									                     Burlingame Rotary H.G.
                                  High Gear November 23rd 2009
                                               Editor Mary Murphy
           The Board
   Rotary Club of
                                                   “Upcoming Programs/Speakers”
   Joe La Mariana
   2009 – 10 President
                                 November 30, 2009 Congresswoman Jackie Speier, her
   Dennis Zell                     topic: “An Update on Healthcare Reform Legislation”
   2010 – 11 President Elect
   Bob Doerr
   Past President               Greeting us at the check in table today were the Karen Malekos-Smith, and
   Jim Shypertt                 Randy Yoshimura, and the ever present Duffy Offield….thanks guys for a great
   Karen Key                    job.
   Recording Secretary
   Marilyn Orr                  Pledge of Allegiance: Mary Griffin led us in the pledge of Allegiance.
   Patrick Goudy Sgt. At Arms   Invocation: Mary Murphy encouraged us to give thanks; to the Rotary
   •Directors                   members sitting next to us, to our servers, and to our wonderful families. And
   •Will Holsinger
   •Mike Horwitz
                                she reminded us of our fellow humans who will not have a proper meal today,
   •Garbrielle Karampelas       and how lucky we are.
   •Sonya Knudsen
   •Phillip Larson
   •Mark Lucchesi               Sunshine Report: Rosemary Rayburn gave us the happy news that no-one is
   •Rosemary Rayburn            on the sick or injured list this week.
   •Sepi Richardson

Guests: Mary Griffin needed no introduction. Ricardo Ortiz introduced Frances Boscacci for her
3rd visit. Skylar Sagar was excited to introduce Dr. Brandon Allgood. Our President, Joe La Mariana,
introduced Jordana Peil for her 3rd visit.
Bob Doerr introduced visiting District Governor Elect, Bill Koefoed.
Announcements: Phillip Larson shared a new cutting edge technology that will bring
improvements in orthopedic healing for fractured joints. He also introduced Herman Maymard, with
Accelerated Orthopedic Repair and shared a short video on the technology.
Doug Studebaker talked about Call Primrose and the need to help feed hungry kids. He mentioned
that between 750 – 1000 breakfasts are passed out to needy children with this program. He asked for
our help to bring in toiletries and food and place them in the barrel that will be outside the
lunchroom moving forward.

                                           It was lovely to see and hear Tessa Stephenson, daughter of
                                           Jim, share her experiences at BHS with Rotaract. She was
                                           excited about the number of students who are participating
                                           this year – over 30 up from 5 last year. She told us that the
                                           club was putting together a life-sized Candyland game in the
                                           halls of BHS for the delight of the elementary kids, as a way to
                                           raise money. The shelter network kids will get in for free. She
                                           appealed for volunteers to chaperone on the night of
                                           December 19th at BHS.
                                     Michael Kimball paid his bet for the Stanford game
                                     debacle while at the same time praising his education
                                     at the school. He warned Jay to wait until next year
                                     for his comeuppance.

Guest Speaker: Mike Horwitz introduced former Special Agent,
Robert Rodriguez as our speaker today. Mr. Rodriguez is Chairman
And Founder of the Security Innovation Network, a 501 (c3) not for
profit focused on the advancement of innovation through collaboration.
Previously he spent over 22 years as a Special Agent with the United
States Secret Service. During this time he held a number of leadership
roles with Executive Protection, ProtectiveIntelligence and Criminal
Investigations. He served for 11 years at the White House on the
Presidential Protective Detail for Ronald W. Reagan, George H. Bush,
William J. Clinton, and George W. Bush. He also spearheaded the
development of the Secret Service’s first public-private Partnership
initiative in the Bay Area.
He was at the forefront of the Dept. of Homeland Security’s effort to establish partnerships with
key government; public, private and international stakeholders relative to the IT security of their
critical infrastructures. Since 2005 he has been coordinating the public private partnership
outreach for the DHA SRI International Cyber Security Research and Development Center. He told
us that he enjoys speaking at Rotary meetings because he so believes in what Rotary stands for.
We are his third Rotary speaking engagement. He warned us that our government not create
laws that stifle innovation in Cyber Security. He was excited about the current administration’s
appointment of a Cyber Czar in the near future.
 Finally, he mentioned Billy Mitchell a change agent in the 1920’s who
 forecast the wider benefits of investing in “air” power. He also
 predicted Pearl Harbor and the war with Japan. He told us to replace
 the word ‘air’ with the work ‘Cyber’ and know that we are in a new world
 – where Cyber Security is essential to our very existence in this – our
 world without boundaries. It was a very interesting presentation.

Thanksgiving Invocation: Our meeting would not be complete without the annual Thanksgiving
Invocation from those 3 special men of the cloth – Pastor Paul Watermulder, Rabbi, Jay Miller and
Father Michael. We all felt very blessed to listen to their words of thanks.

            Rabbi Miller            Rev. Watermulder              Fr. Mahoney
              Faith                        Love                    Hope
                               December 7, 2009

The Fight to Control HIV/AIDS and the Potential to Free Patients from Dependence
                 on Antiviral Drugs Featuring Dr. Warner Greene

                              December 14, 2009

                        The Dirt (or not?) on Clean Tech
                         Featuring Michael Horwitz, Jr.

                              December 21, 2009

                              Annual Holiday Party
              Holiday Party at Kohl Mansion Featuring Santa Claus

                              December 28, 2009

             Enjoy the holidays with your Family and Friends family.

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