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The PERFECT place

 Peter Mayes AKA Ed.
• Origins of the site
• Benefits for trainers (Trust)
• Hints on getting work
• Origins of the site
  – Internet search
  – Where to store information
  – Use of database technology
• Benefits to trainers (Trust)
  – Search rankings (work at marketing)
  – Enabled profiles (£50+VAT / yr)
    • CV
    • Resources
    • Photo
    • Etc etc etc
  – Tenders
Tenders & Tendering
• Hints on getting work
  – Who do you need
    to influence

  – What is their state
    of mind/body
Tenders & Tendering
• More hints
  – What NOT to do 
    • Responding 
    • Inclusions 
  – What NOT to write 
    • On a covering email/letter 
    • In a CV 
• What the site offers
  – A global marketing channel

• Your responsibility
  – Make it work for you

Tenders & Tendering
• Responding
  – Requirements in the tender details:
    • Please do not phone for further details,
      if you are unsure, please email me
  – Number of phone calls received:
    • 10

  – Fishing (time wasting)
    • I don’t do what you want, have you got
      any other work going? 
Tenders & Tendering
• Inclusions
  – Copy from the tender advert:
    • To enable us to progress with a proposal for
      Management Training a brief submission is
      required by e-mail, to include relevant skills,
      including daily rates
  – What turned up:
    • 18 pages of CVs 
    • 2Mb PDF of ICT courses 
    • No indication of daily rates 
Tenders & Tendering
• Covering letter/email
  I must point out that the use of the HandelGothicBT
  font in the first field of the template does not reflect
  my own preferred style. It is not that I am without
  sense of humour; I would be concerned at the image it
  may create for potential clients.

        The Font in Question 
Tenders & Tendering
• Covering letter/email
  Information required:
       Details of previous experience

   What turned up:
       Given the speculative nature of your request and not having
       any history with your organisation I have not felt able to fill in
       your CV template, given the sensitive nature of some of the
       information (my customer base over the last five years for
       example, not that I’ve been coaching that long), but I have
       forwarded you my profile which details my background. My
       clients include public institutions like ….
       (then proceeded to supply info required)
Tenders & Tendering
• Content of a CV
  – Some examples
    • Single CV for 2 respondents
    • See my web site www…
    • Far to many to include here,
      see attached document
    • Confidential (assignments)
    • Various (clients)
Tenders & Tendering
• Content of a CV
 – Clients
     DWP, See above, TFE, HSBC, DBM,
     BG.plc, ICI, ITC, Az-Tak, TUI-UK, NFU,
     SUN, PDSA, BP, DTZ, Many many more
Tenders & Tendering
• Who do you need to influence
    • Users
       – Uses the product, little influence on purchase
    • Guides
       – Champions the purchase, may not use it
    • Scrutinisers
       – Evaluator, techies that like facts and figures
    • Strategists
       – Visionary, needs to achieve long term goals
    • Financiers
       – Controls the purse strings
Tenders & Tendering
• Tender hierarchy of needs
  – Self affirmation
    • Fit status, vision, esteem.
  – Belonging
    • Status, recognition, approval.
  – Suitability
    • It works, right price, fits the bill.
Tenders & Tendering
• Talking benefits
   Feature             Feature             Customer
                       Benefit              Benefit
 Anti skid brakes   Car won’t slide in      Stress free
                        the wet              motoring
 Half load wash       Saves water           Eco friendly

70hr Management        Accredited        Better staff that
     Course                              get things done
  Stress Audit      Understand what’s    Efficient effective
  programme             going on          stress free staff
Tenders & Tendering
• Consider
  – Is there a genuine opportunity
  – Are you trying to take work away
    from an existing supplier
  – No order – no sale; never presume
  – Each opportunity is autonomous
  – What is your customers language
  – Who are you trying to influence 

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