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									Cohort Graduation Rate
Cohort Graduation Rate

        • Understand the changes to the
          graduation rate
        • Understand how the cohort
          graduation rate will affect
          schools and districts

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Cohort Graduation Rate

•The cohort graduation rate is based on
students who enter high school in a given year
and record how many of them graduate with a
regular diploma within 4 years.
•States must compute and report a 4 year rate.
•States may request to also report a 5 year rate.
•In Spring 2011 ODE will report the four-year
cohort graduation rate for first-time 9th graders
in 2006-07 and the five-year rate for first time
9th graders in 2005-06.
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Cohort Graduation Rate

                Definition (cont)
•Modified diplomas and GEDs will reduce a school’s graduation
rate. The non-regulatory guidance regarding the cohort rate can be
found here:

•May a GED, alternative diploma, or certificate of attendance be
counted as a regular high school diploma? (see Section A, Regular
high school diploma, A-34)

No. Alternative graduation credentials that are not fully aligned
with a State’s academic content standards may not be counted as a
regular high school diploma for the purpose of calculating the four-
year or extended-year graduation rate. Thus, students who graduate
with a credential other than a regular high school diploma, such as
a GED, modified diploma, or certificate of attendance, may not be
included in the numerator, but must be included in the denominator
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of the four-year and extended-year graduation rate.
Cohort Graduation Rate
 ODE will start communicating with               August 2010
 districts regarding students with 2005-
 06 and 2006-07 high school entry
 Deadline for districts to return                October 2010
 confirmation of cohort membership
 and final outcomes returned to ODE by
 Districts will preview the four-year an         Early March
 five-year cohort graduation rates               2011
 2009-10 Cohort graduation rates                 Mid-April 2011
 Cohort graduation rates included in             August 2011
 2010-11 AYP DesignationsFree Template from
Cohort Graduation Rate

                 Graduation Targets
• State graduation goal is that 90% of students
achieve a regular high school diploma in 4
•Establish yearly targets for the four- and five-
year rates.
•Targets increase over 11 years to reach the
graduation goal.
•Four-year rate target is 65% for 2010-11 AYP.
•Five-year rate target is 70% for 2010-11 AYP.

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Cohort Graduation Rate

                 Cohort and AYP
•Schools will meet on graduation if they meet
any one of the following:
  •Their four-year rate meets or exceeds the
  four-year rate target. (65% for 2010-11)
  •They reduce the percent of students not
  graduating within four years by 10% from
  the previous year.
  •Their five-year rate meets or exceeds the
  five-year rate target. (70% for 2010-11)

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Cohort Graduation Rate

                   Dos and Don’ts

•Clarify what happened to students in the past
using ODE’s survey tool
•Code the reason why students leave school
accurately in the new Cumulative ADM
•Submit in SSID an accurate year for students’
first year in High School (9th grade)
•Retain some information (i.e. documentation)
regarding the reason students leave school in
grades 7-12
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Cohort Graduation Rate
            Dos and Don’ts (cont)
•Districts should not code students at the
district level unless a school is not accountable
for the educational decisions regarding the

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Cohort Graduation Rate

                 In a Nutshell

• Cohort Graduation Rate counts regular
  diplomas within 4 years
• GEDs, modified diplomas, extended
  diplomas, and certificates will reduce the
  graduation rate

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