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									                                                   L. P. Monteleone Junior High
Lesson Plan For:              Westcott                    Course: PE                               Date:       9/7-10-7              Period:   all

         Unit Title: Basketball                                                             Time Frame:                   4 weeks

Objectives:         TSWBAT: dribble without looking at the ball
                    dribble with right and left hand
                    understand the three different types of passes and successfully demonstrate each
                    shoot the basketball by lay-ups, foul shots, and jump shots
                    demonstrate forward and reverse pivots while handling the ball
                    use skills learned in game situations

Activities:         Week 1 - Passing (chest, bounce, and overhead)
                    Week 2 - Dribbling (stationary, moving with the ball, layups)
                    Week 3 - Shooting (layups, jump shots, free throws)
                    Week 4 - Game situations (offense/defense)

Materials:          Basketballs, goals
                    Students engagement will be measured using a target for them to record their level of engagemnt after each lesson.


                    Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!!!


                    Skills test: 11-19 Passing      12-2 Lay-ups     12-12 Free throws
                    Students will also be tested on their knowledge of the game on their nine weeks exam.
                                     L. P. Monteleone Junior High
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