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					                            Food Drive Manual                                                 U P D A T E D     A U G    2 0 0 8


  •     A Simple
        Guide to
                        Help Fight Hunger TODAY!
        Organizing a    Thank you for joining the          drive. Use this manual to           This manual includes tips &
        Food Drive
                        fight against hunger! Your         organize and promote your           tricks from the experts on
  •     Creative        efforts are essential to the       drive within your workplace,        how to creatively build
        Ideas for       Montana Food Bank Net-             school or congregation, with        awareness and participation
        your Food       works mission to end hunger        friends, family and employers.      into your food drive. If you
        Drive           across the state. Without                                              need more information than
                        volunteers like you, the Mon-                                          what is provided here, the
  •     Most
                        tana Food Bank Network                                                 staff at the Montana Food
                        wouldn’t be able to feed the                                           Bank Network is happy to
                        tens of thousands of Montan-                                           assist you further.
  •     Where Do        ans who rely on food relief                                            We appreciate your support!
        Your Dona-      programs each year.                                                    By your gracious efforts, you
        tions Go?
                        This manual has been pre-                                              are helping feed thousands of
  •     Sample
                        pared to guide you through                                             fellow Montana’s across the
                        the steps of planning a food                                           state. Thank you!
        Food Drive


Getting Started     1
                        Getting Started with the Basics
                        To get your food drive started     calendars for potential schedul-    7. Determine how the col-
                        on the right track, be sure to     ing conflicts.                      lected food will get from the
Publicity is Key    2
                        carefully consider these initial   4. Decide if the drive will be      collection site(s) to the MT
Drive               2   10 steps:                          held at one place or at several     Food Bank Network. Either
                        1. Decide if your group will       locations.                          volunteers can drive the food
Creative Ideas      2   partner with any other groups                                          to the MFBN or a MFBN rep-
                                                           5. Decide on the type of drive.     resentative can pick up from
                        or businesses.                     Identify a target population of
End of Drive        3                                                                          the collection site(s).
                        2. Identify a person in the        potential food donators. De-
                        group who is in charge, as well    cide if you will raise food AND     8. Decide on a theme. Create
Needed Foods        3
                        as coordinators under this         money, or just food.                a slogan and/or tag line for the
                        individual. Be sure coordina-                                          drive.
Food Pyramid        3                                      6. Secure a collection method.
                        tors have clearly defined tasks.   Medium sized boxes are ideal        9. Set a goal. This could be
Donations           4
                        3. Pick a date and determine       as they can be easily trans-        pounds of food collected or
                        the duration of the drive.         ported. Consider contacting a       dollars collected.
Sample Flyer        5
                        Drives can be as short as one      local grocery store and ask         10. Have fun!! The food drive
                        day or as long as one month.       them to donate extra produce        will be a product of what you
                        Be sure and check community        boxes.                              put into it.
     PAGE     2

                         Publicity is Key...Start Talking!
                        So, you’ve nailed down all the   create payroll inserts and       off their food donations. Be
                        nitty-gritty details, and it’s   display posters talking about    sure the site is conveniently
                        time to start talking about      the drive. The more people       located and visible. Include
                        your food drive.                 who know, the more people        plenty of boxes to collect
                        Announce the upcoming            who are likely to join in.       food donations, general infor-
                        drive to the community,          People like to be informed       mation on the food drive,
                        friends, co-workers,             about ways they can help.        information on where the
                        neighbors and all potential      When they find out how           donations are going, hunger
                        participants. Consider writ-     easy it is to donate and what    stats, signage showing the
                        ing a press release, advertis-   an impact it will make, they     goal of the drive and the pro-
                        ing on the radio, TV, and        jump at the chance to par-       gress made, lists of suggested
                        newspaper, or even attending     ticipate.                        food items and additional
                        chamber of commerce meet-        Remember to locate a col-        collection containers for indi-
                        ings. Send out emails, create    lection site within the build-   viduals who want to give a
                        flyers, distribute handouts,     ing for participants to drop     monetary donation. And
                                                                                          remember...Have Fun!

                         Drive, Drive, Drive
                picked a date for your drive, se-        ings and newsletters, or email blasts. This
                         lected a theme, made a goal, you have a           will keep participants motivated to con-
 Be sure and keep
                         group of volunteers ready to help and eve-        tinue donating.
      participants       ryone knows that you are running a food           Consider running an event in conjunction
                         drive. It’s time to start driving!                with your food drive. You could offer
   informed of the
                         Be sure and keep all participants informed        reduced admission, or substitute canned
      goal and the       of the goal and the progress that has been        goods for cost of admission. For other
 progress that has       made. This can be done through signage in         creative ideas to build participation in your
                         high-traffic areas, announcements in meet-        food drive, see below.
 been made. This

will keep everyone

     motivated to

continue donating.
                        Creative Ideas for Your Food Drive
                         Kick off the event with a Hunger Awareness Day or other opening day festivity. Ask
                         your organization to match donations. Hold a simultaneous event and ask people to
                         bring cans of food for admission. Give out empty grocery bags to drive participants
                         to fill them with food. Foster competition among departments/classes/groups. Con-
                         sider food theme days. Offer rewards and prizes to top donors. Hold a raffle, auc-
                         tion, book sale, bake sale or car wash. Provide perks to all participants regardless of
                         how much they donate. Distribute a hunger fact each day of the drive. Offer a cas-
                         ual dress day for donating food. Encourage cash donations. Challenge participants to
                         give more.

         FOOD        DRIVE   MANUAL
                                                                                                                             PAGE   3

  I’ve Collected all this Food; Now What?
                                        and the participants of the drive.       not work.
                                        Send out thank you notes, give           6. Consider brining your group
                                        out awards and/or consider               to the MFBN to repackage and
                                        planning a special thank-you             sort the collected food.
                                                                                 7. Set a date with the MFBN
                                        4. Create a final press release          for next year’s food drive.
                                        outlining the success of the food
  1. Get the food to the MT                                                      8. Congratulate yourself on a
                                        drive and share that with food                                               REMEMBER,
  Food Bank Network, based on                                                    job well done! It’s through
                                        drive participants and the com-
  the method that was previously                                                 your gracious efforts that the      ONLY
  decided upon.                                                                  MFBN can feed thousands of
                                        5. Take notes for the next food                                              DONATE
                                                                                 hungry Montana’s every year.
  2. Clean up the collection site.      drive. Be sure to pay attention          Thank you for your support!         ITEMS YOU
  3. Recognize the coordinators         to what worked and what did
                                                                                                                     WOULD EAT.

             Most Needed Food Items                                                                                  THINK

                                                                                                                     PROTEIN &

  The MT Food Bank Network needs the following nutritious foods:             To ensure food safety, we cannot use:
  •    Canned Meats (tuna, chicken, salmon)                                  •    Rusty or Unlabeled Cans            NUTRITION!!

  •    Canned Fruits & Vegetables                                            •    Perishable Items
  •    Peanut Butter                                                         •    Homemade Items
  •    Canned & Boxed Meals (soup, chili, stew, macaroni & cheese)           •    Noncommercial Canned Items
  •    Canned or Dried Beans (black, pinto, kidney, lentils)                 •    Noncommercial Packaged Items
  •    Pasta & Rice                                                          •    Alcoholic Beverages & Mixes
  •    Cereal (low sugar, high fiber)                                        •    Open or Used Items

Food Guide Pyramid
Please donate wholesome, healthy and nutritious food items
that have been recently purchased. A good rule of thumb to
follow: what would you give your best friend or family mem-
ber if he or she was in need? It’s all about nutrition, so think
about gathering healthy foods rather than snack foods or des-
                                         The Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN) is a state-
                                         wide nonprofit organization that was begun in 1983
                                         to address the hunger problems of low-income Mon-
                                         tanans. It’s mission is to eliminate hunger in Mon-
Montana Food Bank Network                tana through food acquisition and distribution, educa-

5625 Expressway                          tion and advocacy. The MFBN meets the needs of
Missoula, MT 59808                       hungry people in nearly every community throughout
Phone: 406-721-3825                      the state by providing much-needed resources to
Toll Free: 800-809-4752                  food banks, pantries, rescue missions, soup kitchens,
Fax: 406-542-3770                        runaway youth homes, senior citizen centers, low-
                                         income day-care centers, and food assistance pro-
                                         grams on Montana’s Indian Reservations. The MFBN

Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope!           distributes food to 189 agencies across the state.

        Where do your donations go?
       From Libby to Dillon, Glendive to Havre, The Montana Food Bank Network
        distributes food to 189 hunger-relief agencies across the state of Montana.

        Denotes areas where the Montana Food Bank Network distributes food.
 FOOD DRIVE                                                                               LOGO
 Tag line/slogan of food drive

   Your Group, in conjunction with the Montana Food Bank Network,
  is running a food drive, and we need your help! Join in our efforts to
    raise XXX lbs of food to be donated to hungry Montanans across
                                                the state.

Dates: The food drive will begin on XXX and conclude on XXX.
Goal: We are looking to collect XXX lbs of food. Please join in our                                      Donating the
efforts to meet our goal. We will also be accepting monetary dona-                                      Following Items
tions that will go directly to the Montana Food Bank Network.
                                                                                                          Canned Meats
Collection Site(s): XXX, XXX and XXX. Please drop off your                                                 Canned Fruits
                                                                                                          Canned Veggies
food donations between the hours of XXX and XXX.
                                                                                                           Peanut Butter
                                                                                                           Canned Meals
Questions: XXX name, Food Drive Coordinator, phone number &                                                Boxed Meals
email                                                                                                     Canned Beans
Remember: You have the ability to make a change in Montana and
help fight hunger. Bring your extra canned goods and non-perishable
food items to us today!

                         The Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN) is a statewide nonprofit organization that was begun in 1983 to
                         address the hunger problems of low-income Montanans. It’s mission is to eliminate hunger in Montana through
                         food acquisition and distribution, education and advocacy. The MFBN meets the needs of hungry people in
                         nearly every community throughout the state by providing much-needed resources to food banks, pantries,
                         rescue missions, soup kitchens, runaway youth homes, senior citizen centers, low-income day-care centers, and
                         food assistance programs on Montana’s Indian Reservations. The MFBN distributes food to approximately 189
                         agencies across the state. For further information: or call 800-809-4752.

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