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                                                            NECC - 2005
                                                                                         Hall Davidson, Lori Musick

              Finding resourses                               online and from software!

    More resources                                                  Kit building resources
         Conferences &                                      or
            Workshops                                                  Many kits & growing....
         “Make New PowerPoint                              
            with video clips”                                free stuff                                         ($24.95) free trial
     PowerPoint templates:                                            animated gifs (search!)*see below                                        Library of Congress                                          Museums
     /templates.htm                                                       Finding Resources
    Software:                                                             Sound
    Morph (often free)                                                    Video (mac)                                        Graphics                                          Resource Management
    morph/                                                            ***user: cuespring password koce***

    Finding PowerPoints online Finding moving pictures! Building them in!

The following steps will help you identify where you should store new templates (may vary by version)
Open PowerPoint and do the following:
1. Go to View > Master > Slide Master.
2. Go to File > Save As and click on "Design Template .POT" in the "Save as file type" box.
3. The "Save In" box will show the folder where PPT plans to save the file. Click the arrow on the right hand side of this
box and the drop down menu will show you the full path to the folder where your templates are expected to be. Make a
note of the path.
4. Exit PowerPoint and place new templates in the correct folder, or create a new folder at the same level and save them

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