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Tangee     said      Is there something we can get to give to our employer saying we attended? YOu know for like profession
Tangee     said      I love David's blog!!!
Jo_Alcock said       I enjoy DLKs blog too
Michael_Sauers       @tangee, your words will be in the chat archive. Would that count?
davidleeking aid     blushing
wj_jenpetersaid      In the email you'll receive as a follow up, there will be information about a certificate.
Tangee     said      That should work.
Ranita     said      What is the blog address?
Tangee     said      If that doesn't, can I contact someone in the near future for something else?
Jolie_Hogancamp      just joined David's blog, where?
wj_libraryman        YES! Tweet! #23smt
wj_jenpetersaid      The session will be archived!
wj_libraryman        Big numbers!
Tangee     said      Good to put faces with voices.
Jo_Alcock said       out of interest, anyone else here from UK?
Alicia     said      Just started our Things program.
Loree_W_ said        I don't have the poll information
Angela     said      I have never heard of 23 Things and am curious about it as well as this web presentation.
Ranita     said      Jo, do you have one of those glorious accents?
maxmaciassaid        I'm just interested in innovation!
Kent_Gerbersaid      Heard Helen Blowers speak at CIL2007 about the program. Great presentation!
Christi_Underdown    We're doing our Round 2 this summer and I'm a moderator this time.
wendy      said      tenn-share did one last year in TN
wendy      said      :)
chris_freeman        Other: Sacramento PL is still setting it up; we launch next month
Christi_Underdown    Hey, Wendy.
wendy      said      hi christi
SETJF      said      Hi all!
Jo_Alcock said       @Ranita of course I do, an Englandshire accent :)
Robyn_Miller         Tried to do phone audio, but pin is bad
Jo_Alcock said       I am currently planning a 23 things project for University of Wolverhampton in UK
sarah_MaintainIT     hi stephanie!
Tangee     said      Jo, can I come work for you??;)
StephanieGerding     Hi, I'm Queen of Chat. ;)
Tangee     said      I wish I could make this happen on our little campus.
sarah_MaintainIT     that you are! :)
Robyn_Miller         all hail the queen
Loretta_Micheals     Bowing to the queen..
az_mala said         H Stephanie- Queen of Chat!
Nan        said      hi folks. I just got there no sound or am I just having problems?
Andrea_Vernola       My sound keeps going in and out.
Christi_Underdown    Nan, try calling in
Mike_Taylor aid      yay columbus
Lori_Reed said       YAY Helene!
Jo_Alcock said       @Nan click on the hand symbol for technical help
wj_libraryman        WOOO YEAH! *whistles oudly* David and Helen!!!! Woo hoo!
Heather_Muller_TPL   shout out to columbus!
Christi_Underdown    waves
wj_libraryman        HI!
Nadge_Hercegsaid    hi
Tangee      said    Go Helen!!!
Kathy_Ishizuka      Helene, my hero.
Loree_W_ said       I have no visual?
StephanieGerding    If you have questions for any of the speakers, or general questions, just type them in the chat at any tim
Christi_Underdown   @Loree_W. Raise your "hand" & they'll help you.
Kent_Gerber said    @Helene - where is the strangest place that you have heard is using your program idea?
sarah_MaintainIT    For an article on Helene and innovation:
Andrea_Vernola      the sound keeps going out every couple minutes.
Christi_Underdown   Neat history
Ranita      said    500 staff?
Christi_Underdown   @Andrea, try calling instead of via internet
Lori_Reed said               550
Ranita      said    Wow!
Irene_iwan said     Is there a video feed?
Christi_Underdown   me too
Tangee      said    I get feedback too.
wj_libraryman       No video...
Ranita      said    On your own tiime--I can relate (slightly).
K_Abery said        I had video for a few seconds
sylvie_szafranski   looking for tips on how to champion the idea of learning 2.0 to a Management 1.0 team. they love what
Jo_Alcock said      @Ranita me too, I do a lot of background stuff in my own time - I enjoy it though
Christi_Underdown   Sounds like our team last summer. :)
wj_libraryman       We have creative, curious presenters. :) We turned the video off for now...Its a great idea though, eh?
Ranita      said    Enjoyment--that is the key!
Jan_Kuebelsaid      multitaskers.. :p
Deborah_Barlow      Howard County Library, Columbia, MD copied your MP3 idea. I'm using the headphones right now!
Alicia      said    We are using time off as incentive.
Juli_Davis said     How can we keep people interested enough to complete the program?
Barbara_Lattimer    Did staff in all job positions participate or just the professionals and paraprofessionals?
Chantal_Walvoord    Did everyone who complete the program get an mp3?
wj_jenpetersaid     If you are having technical difficulties, please click on the "hand" at right to raise your hand.
Lori_Reed said      all staff participated
Lori_Reed said      even our maintenance staff
chris_freeman       Any ideas for incentives with smaller budgets?
Kathy_Ishizuka      Here's the template for Helene's original Learning 2.0 program at PLCMC: http://plcmcl2-about.blogspot
Alicia      said    We invited all staff. Some were encouraged more than others.
Lori_Reed said      everyone who completed receieved an mp3
Ranita      said    Fantastic!
K_Abery said        any ideas on how to get over the "I don't have time" mentality
Deborah_Barlow      Yes, and they were hand delivered with congrats! by the Staff Development Officer.
Lori_Easterwood     Has anyone done a successful program with no incentives?
Chantal_Walvoord    what is you're understaffed and don't have a large budget?
Alicia      said    We allowed them to do some work at work.
Ranita      said    Oops--I clicked the wrong one, sorry....
StephanieGerding    Keep these great questions coming, we will have time at the end to answer them! Thanks!
Sarah_Sewellsaid    was it required of any staff? or all voluntary?
Dee         said    Did you allow others to join after the program began and catch up?
Lori_Reed said      all voluntary though some managers required it
wj_libraryman       These questions are GREAT! Thank you all! If we don't get to your question during the first hour/sectio
Alicia      said    Did the waiting occur on every instance of all programs?
Lori_Reed said      yes others could join in and catch up
LInda_Wadmansaid    Procrastination
Bonnie_T said       NEFLIN is doing it now. They are on Thing 13 -- I'm on thing 7. So yes I'm behind. I'm computer literate
wj_libraryman       SO COOL!
sylvie_szafranski   yay helene
Dee         said    I have started the 12 challenges this year and about 20% of the staff have joined. I have no prizes to giv
wj_libraryman       Go, go Down Under Libs! They rock so much!
Jo_Alcock said      @Dee interesting to know, I wonder how many staff are so self motivated
Bobbi_Newmansaid    I'm here
Bobbi_Newmansaid    yes that's correct
Univ_Houstonsaid    Helene ROCKS!
Jenn_Kelley said    Thanks, Hellene
Jo_Alcock said      Thanks Helene
wj_libraryman       Thank you Helen!!
Chantal_Walvoord    Has anyone tried the same type of program for patrons?
Jennifer_Hrusch     is clapping
Brenda      said    yeah! Tucson!
Tangee      said    I live in AZ
patti_butcher       State Library of SC heart Helene in Charlotte and instituted the 23 things for our staff. We then offered i
patti_butcher       sorry - "heard"
Tangee      said    baker's dozen is fun.
helene_blowers      Thanks all for a great program. I'll look forward to catching up on the rest of conversation later.
katrina     said    I can
Rob_Coerssaid       thank YOU, Helene!
Juli_Davis said     addressing the issue of "privacy" is very smart
wj_libraryman       there will be a little lag in switching between slides....just 5-10 secs at the most
Rob_Coerssaid       see you in NL!
helene_blowers      BTW: List of libraries worldwide is @
Loree_W_ said       my video has not been restored
wj_jenpetersaid     There is no video, just slides.
Sarah_Sewellsaid    will chat be archived as well so can have access to the links here?
chris_freeman       great rules!
wj_jenpetersaid     Yes, chat is also archived.
Loree_W_ said       okay, the slides are not displayed
sylvie_szafranski   How do you get over a NO PLAY on the clock admin position???
wj_jenpetersaid     Ok. If folks continue to have too much of a lag with slides, they can go to WJ here to see a pdf of the slid
Rose_C said         Slides are doing fine for me.
katrina     said    things are working now, but this dealy
chris_freeman       Other libraries that have already done the program - is an hour per week enough for particpants?
wendy       said    it would depend on the topic
wendy       said    but normally that's plenty of time
Mindy_Kittayaid     i think it gives the employee enough time to get started and excited and then they will spend more of the
Bonnie_T said       an hour is enough if things work well -- it hasn't benn enough for me
Rob_Coerssaid       @ chris, i advice 2 hours per THING, but still people find it too short
Lanee_Dunlapsaid    it depends on how comfortable they are with technology; some participants will need need more time, bo
Chantal_Walvoord    Making it fun seems like a good idea, especially for those who are threatened by new technology
sarah_MaintainIT    that's great!
Juli_Davis said     depends on how much info you give participants to read, too
Kathy_Ishizuka      Wish more institutions had a "no failure" philosophy.
Lori_Reed said      we purchased refurbed mp3s which saved a lot of $
sarah_MaintainIT    nice idea, lori!
Mindy_Kittayaid     Lori where did you go for the refurbed mp3s?
Lori_Reed said      we did not have a set time allotment but depts banded together to cover for each other
Lori_Reed said      Helene got them through a vendor. Not sure where.
Chris       said    Any libraries have problems with allowing downloads/installation?
Lori_Reed said      A techie in the audience may know where to go for refurbs
Chantal_Walvoord    I just made the comment that making it fun was important. Is the hand just for questions?
Michael_Sauers      Yea for library gaming!
Bonnie_T said       Yes to problems allowing downloads
Loretta_Micheals    I'll second that!
StephanieGerding    Keep these great questions coming, we will have time at the end to answer them! Thanks! "
Kathy_Ishizuka      Food - the universal incentive!
Ranita      said    Gaming in library?
Loretta_Micheals    Anyone attempt to 23 things / Bakers Dozen with the public?
Juli_Davis said     I'm a grad student intern and I'm helping with 23 Things
Andrea_Vernola      @Loretta...that's my question too. We are hoping to do a similar program with patrons this fall.
Christi_Underdown   @Ranita. What about Gaming in Libraries do you want to know?
Alicia_Duellsaid    Has anyone done this in a school with teachers? I'd like to run it with all teachers and staff but I think tha
Janette_Davie       tech fair for patrons sounds good for rural libaries
Christi_Underdown   @Alicia, could you start it at a Inservice?
Tangee      said    A couple of inservices for teachers
Tangee      said    Most new teachers love technology
Alicia_Duellsaid    I thought about inservices, they would prob be the best way to do it.
Kathy_Ishizuka      Me, too, on Alicia's question. Would love to hear of teacher programs.
chris_freeman       @alicia School Library Journal with Michael Stephens...
Lori_Reed said      quite a few schools have gone through this as well as an accounting firm
Christi_Underdown   @Lori- That's awesome.
Judy_Carey_Nevin    I'm interested in the special issues related to dial-up patrons. We're in a rural area w/a lot of dial-up...
Kathy_Ishizuka      Our program, SLJ's, drew school librarians primarily.
Lori_Reed said      the accountants were the most surprising group i know of
Christi_Underdown   We had Mona!
Jenn_Kelley said    I'm considering running a faculty/staff workshop here. We have a lot of interest in all things web2.0
Ranita      said    Techies!
Chantal_Walvoord    Yea, accountants.
chris_freeman       @alicia It was on the SLJ website a couple of months back; should be easy to find.
Ranita      said    Hurray--librarians!
Chantal_Walvoord    why did you call it baker's dozen?
sarah_MaintainIT    nice job, jen!
Eddie_Byrneaid      is clapping
LInda_Wadmansaid    is clapping
Ranita      said    What is that food item?
wj_jenpetersaid     For those wondering where folks are clapping, it's one of the options of emoticons within the smiley face
Kent_Gerber said    I am a Stickie! In the middle of the second 23 things now.
wj_jenpetersaid     a Stickie! that's brilliant!
StephanieGerding    MMM Corndogs.
sarah_MaintainIT    yay minnesohhta! love stuff on a stick at the MN state fair!
Kent_Gerber said    I had a huge piece of bacon and maple syrup on a stick at the fair this summer. MMMM
Judy_Carey_Nevin    BACON on a stick?! What a concept!
sarah_MaintainIT    every summer is better with something on a stick.
michele_mcginnis    23 things nice
sarah_MaintainIT   hehe
wj_libraryman      mmmmm/..... gravy
Christi_Underdown  I'm just thinking re: jalepnos now.
Eddie_Byrneaid     anyone use ning?
Ranita      said   I'm feeliing hungry!
Christi_Underdown  Tenn-Share did.
chris_freeman      @eddie There's a Library 2.0 interest group on Ning
Christi_Underdown  @ Eddie, Tenn-Share used a ning.
jen_maney said     i want to use a different platform next time.
Chris       said
Jo_Alcock said     I'm thinking of using drupal to allow for customisation as well as community, anyone else used drupal?
Robyn_Millersaid   i belong to library2.0 ning. would love to see it become more active
jen_maney said     i want to use this wimba classroom for training sessions!
id_ShirleyBiladeau Idaho used drupal
Jo_Alcock said     @ShirleyBilade thanks
Karen       said   We're using drupal at in our library at Drake University
sylvie_szafranski  we want to use ning for our staff, I'll join in the 2.0 group...
wj_jenpetersaid    We'll be sharing more info about Wimba later!
sarah_MaintainIT   @karen: The MaintainIT Project at TechSoup uses Drupal too, and we love it.
Christi_Underdown  @sylvie_s, by joining you can experiment for yourself before building an individual group for your particip
Jo_Alcock said     good to see people using drupal :)
Kathy_Ishizuka     SLJ's All Together Now program:
wj_libraryman      There is 2.o interst group on WJ too
mn_maryann  said
mn_maryann  said   newsletter was informative and motivating
Ranita      said   Everyone needs encouragement.
Christi_Underdown  Why are you confused?
Sandy_Newellsaid   lost sound for a little while
Sandy_Newellsaid   now have it back
Christi_Underdown  Nice logo
SClapp      said   not as loud now - I don't know why - harder to hear
Christi_Underdown  @SClapp, I think they might be switching their mike back & forth, which may contribute to the sound loss
StephanieGerding   Audio is fine on the phone...
Carolyn_Polgardy   Oh, clever logo..."things on a stick" on a memory stick...
mn_maryann  said   can't hear ruth well
chris_freeman      @carolyn I didn't get the joke at first. I do now.
nk          said   increse the volume on your pc
mn_maryann  said   volume is high
Ranita      said   Wow!
mn_maryann  said   amazing feedback process
Jo_Alcock said     this is incredibly useful stuff
Tangee      said   Cafe is a great idea.
Tangee      said   Ice cream!!!!
Ranita      said   What a great way to use a theme.
sarah_MaintainIT   congratulations, you too! what an inspiring program.
K_Abery said       Great ideas
Jo_Alcock said     I love the fun nature of the "on a stick" branding
jen_maney said     we brought dozens of donuts to tech fairs - baker's dozen - ha ha
Loretta_Micheals   Clever
Tangee      said   Fun in the library is necessary.
jen_maney said    i love on a stick too!
Ranita     said   Donuts--good!
StephanieGerding  MN DOES do it right!
jen_maney said    Good finish rate!
wj_libraryman     Over 100 #23smt tweets already and we aren't even half done yet! You guys ROCK!
Tangee     said   At least more people know about new technologies.
chris_freeman     Lots of variance in completion rates; what is average?
Rhonda_Altonen    is clapping
Becky      said   Thanks for the great info.
Tangee     said   Nice!!!
Loretta_Micheals  Love the Carhenge!
Tangee     said   WHOOHOO
Ranita     said   Is that photo shopped/
sarah_MaintainIT  yay, nebraska! carhenge rocks.
Ranita     said   So fun!
Eric_Schnell      Ah, Memory on a stick, a million dollar idea. ;-)
jen_maney said    oh, we did continuing ed credits too, forgot to mention
sarah_MaintainIT  that's great, jen!
Janette_Davie     CE credits would be great incentive without a much cost
Victoria_Petersen Great idea on the CEC
BethD      said   I'm interested in how each of the creators measured participation and completion.
Robyn_Miller      i want a copy of this slide!
Tangee     said   is there a new slide?
jen_maney said    a kindle would be a good incentive...
Laura_Norvig      can't see any new slides?
Eddie_Byrneaid    slides not moving
Loretta_Micheals  there we go
Juli_Davis said   I LOVE grad school!
SClapp     said   that'sa a great outcome - another librarian coming into the field!
Tangee     said   nope, blank screen here.
Tangee     said   there it is.
jen_maney said    i can see them
Janette_Davie     Slide Share? Gotta look into that. We are trying to get trustees to take slide show 'on the road' to larger t
Mattie_Gustafson  Slides aren't moving here
           said   official website for carhenge, hysterical!
Tangee     said   Oh good, thanks.
Ranita     said   Pretty blank--zenlike.
Eddie_Byrneaid    ok now again
Penni_Cyr said    I just learned about slideshare the other day...There are great powerpoints to show to students.
Christi_Underdown At least w/ the 23 Things technique, people could get practice w/ a distance learning setting for school.
Tangee     said   I don't get it either.
Loretta_Micheals  Aww, poor twitter. I love Twitter!
StephanieGerding  A .pdf of the slides in on WJ already.
Lori_Reed said    hee hee it took me a month to get twitter
Jenn_Kelleysaid   My mom heard about Twitter because MC Hammer twitters...
Tangee     said   Maybe I need to play on twitter more.
Ranita     said   This would be great for introducing these types of things.
LInda_Wadman      Twitter is wonderful
Bobbi_Newman      it probably took me 6 months, we had an off and on relationship
Loretta_Micheals  Part of the trick is to find meaningful people to follow so you have good content to read.
Laura_Norvig      you have to have enough followers and followees to "get" twitter
Victoria_Petersen Ppl are tweeting this 23 Things Summit - fun and interesting to see all the side Tweets!
Ranita     said   Who made up the term "twitter?"
LInda_Wadman      More libraries should twitter
sarah_MaintainIT  that's excellent.
jen_maney said    you do need a lot of people to tweet
Loretta_Micheals  I agree!
           said   Nebraska is unique!
Tangee     said   More librarians should share their twitters with me then.
jen_maney said    go to and type in #23smt to see the tweets
Laura_Norvig      are people talking about offering 23 things to patrons or just to librarians?
ks_chickey said   pigeons = original e-mail
Loretta_Micheals  I'm wondering if patrons could be interesting. A unique summer 'reading' program maybe?
jen_maney said    would be fun to do with patrons
           said   tweets coming in at about 10/min - hard to keep up!
Tangee     said   Everyone learns about 23 things. The idea is for staff to learn and then share the information with patron
Eddie_Byrneaid    twitter is full of authors publicising thier books!!
Robyn_Miller      twittering via
Laura_Norvig      @Loretta, I want to offer it to staff of my agency - not all librarians and if all goes well, offer to grantees
Robyn_Miller      i learned about this program via twitter!
Loretta_Micheals  @Laura sounds interesting. i would do it the same way.
Lori_Reed said    that's an HR law
Lori_Reed said    if your staff are hourly they cannot work at home without pay
Loretta_Micheals  @Lori Correct. Time would have to be made.
jen_maney said    our intermittent staff had to do it on their own time
jen_maney said    our permanent staff got one hour of work time per week.
Loretta_Micheals  @jen it must not be mandatory then?
wj_libraryman     #23smt is the Twitter hash tag for this event
sarah_MaintainIT  congrats to the NE Library Commission. You all do GREAT work!
az_mala said      Great idea to make it ongoing
jen_maney said    no,not mandatory
Eddie_Byrneaid    time is the biig enemy for staff.
jen_maney said    totally voluntary
Lori_Reed said    that is why we did NOT make it mandatory
Christi_Underdown @Lori. I guess it depends on those participants' & their bosses' definitions of professional development.
LInda_Wadman      MN gave CEs too
jen_maney said    50% completion is great!
Sarah_Sewell      yes and how to keep track of CE credits - logging them, etc.
jen_maney said    CEs were handled by our state library in AZ
Eddie_Byrneaid    no time to do it at work = low completion rates
chris_freeman     @jen What do you think is average completion rate?
Loretta_Micheals  In Twitter you can search on topics and find people who tweet on topics of interest.
az_mala said      We have done it too
jen_maney said    @chris - not sure, but I think 20% is really good
Anna       said   We're giving 5 hours of CE credit for our version
Tangee     said   Thanks Loretta. I think I should give twitter another chance.
Jeff_Heard said   lots of librarians on twitter
mara_vt said      in VT, that was the only incentive
Christi_Underdown Every time I hear someone say they have no time, I think of Stephen Covey's idea of Quandrant 2 tasks
jen_maney said    We gave 13 hours of technology CE credits to finishers
LInda_Wadman      30% seemed most frequent
Eddie_Byrneaid    my mgt said employer would have difficulty supporting a programme where staff do not complete it, "not
Loretta_Micheals    I follow the Mars Rover, ebayers, and people into crowdsourcing because those are my interest. Oh, an
jen_maney said      no time = really common comment
Bobbi_Newmansaid    #23smt tag just made Twitter trends ;-)
Loretta_Micheals    Cool!
chris_freeman       @bobbi Cool!
Jo_Alcock said      @Bobbi_Newman excellent stuff!
Eric_Schnellsaid    Some associations also require CE to attain certain certification levels e.g. Medical Library Association
Kent_Gerber said    Great link to list of Librarians on Twitter,
Deborah_Barlow      Maryland Dept of Ed (the CE folks fro MD) bought into it statewide, so CEU's were assured that way bef
sarah_MaintainIT    thanks for sharing NE's programs, michael!
Martha_Birchfield   At Bluegrass Community & Tech. College, we offered a Web 2.0 3 credit-hour course for an online dista
Angela      said    amazing how people find time when they "want" to do something. Key may be creating the buzz and mo
Tangee      said    Cute 'do
Michael_Sauers      One other link for our final review session for Nebraska Learns 2.0:
jen_maney said      @angela i agree motivation is key
Mona_Proctorsaid    has anyone used this concept for training adult public library patrons?
Ranita      said    I would like to have some motivation from my library system.
Jeff_Heard said     are the slides stuck?
Joyce_McCombs       I'm also wondering about the reluctant learner.. I have a Luddite on staff!
wj_libraryman       After this sesion, the archive and continued chat will happen on WebJunction! Go here for that: http://ww
Juli_Davis said     overachievers! :)
Ranita      said    Sounds like a washing machine!
Lori_Reed said      :)
jen_maney said      if your program is voluntary, you won't get the luddites
wj_jenpetersaid     Presenters, please make sure your computer's speakers are off and your phones are muted.
Michael_Sauers      I'm on Tiwtter: msauers
Christi_Underdown   What was the "Lifelong learners lesson" about?
sylvie_szafranski   someone may be onspeaker phone w/o mute?
Mattie_Gustafson    Slides are not moving again
Jeff_Heard said     cool, thanks
wj_jenpetersaid     These are rich slides too, so maybe a lag.
Loretta_Micheals    @Michael Found ya! Following you now. Yay!
Ranita      said    Facebook vs. Myspace?
Janette_Davie       Her site is great. Lesson layout is pretty easy. Think I will steal ideas for my patron project here in my tin
Tangee      said    Facebook!!!!
Christi_Underdown   Facebook. It's where all the Kool Kid Librarian play.
Loretta_Micheals    Facebook! Far less busy.
Tangee      said    Yes it is!
Loretta_Micheals    Busy as in the page look.
jen_maney said      we allowed people to do facebook or myspace
Jo_Alcock said      We have a Facebook page so I'll be using Facebook - also more university orientated in UK
Kathy_Ishizuka      We're finding more public librarians on Facebook than K-12 school librarians. True?
Loretta_Micheals    I would agree @Kathy
Ranita      said    My son has Facebook, but I feel out of my element.
Tangee      said    A lot of schools try to prohibit school teachers to use myspace
Joyce_McCombs       My patrons love our FB page
Christi_Underdown   nice logo
jen_maney said      my patrons like our facebook also
Ranita      said    Wonderful incentive--everyone wants to win a prize!
Juli_Davis said     great idea!
Christi_Underdown I've also heard of Professionals using LinkedIn.
Jo_Alcock said    I am on LinkedIn but there don't seem to be many others on there yet, nowhere near to the extent of Fac
Loretta_Micheals  @Christi True. Very different concept though. You are not allowed to link to anyone you don't actually k
Alicia_Duellsaid  I wonder if giving teachers a whole school year is too long. Would people lose interest/steam? It seems
Tangee      said  Linked in is still great for future contacts
Lori_Reed said    7 1/2 habits of highly successful lifelong learners
Christi_Underdown @ Lori - :)
Lori_Reed said
Tangee      said  Start a program in January for schools. That way during March when there are no major holidays, they c
Ranita      said  England or Great Britain?
StephanieGerding  Yep!
amy_bucklandsaid  well done bobbi!
sylvie_szafranski yay Bobbi!
sarah_MaintainIT  nice job, bobbi!
Kendra      said  That's called R&D - ripoff and duplicate :-)
wj_libraryman     Yay Shirley!
jen_maney said    @kendra LOL
chris_freeman     Sacramento's Intranet is also called Splat - SPL@!
Ranita      said  How many members?
Laura_Norvigsaid  has everyone offered up their twitter handle? I love finding new librarians to follow. Mine is @lnorvig
chris_freeman     @civillibrarian
davidleeking aid  #23smt has trended on twitter - #9!
Laura_Norvigsaid  thx chris
ks_BHoughsaid     @bckhough n twitter
Lori_Reed said    @lorireed
Alicia      said  I am alikaye
Jan_Kuebelsaid    @jkuebel
sarah_MaintainIT  @maintainIT
Kent_Gerber said  @ktkgerber
jen_maney said    @honchica
Loretta_Micheals  Mine is lmmvirago
LInda_Wadmansaid  @lindawadman
Jo_Alcock said    I'm @joeyanne
Laura_Moore said  @lauramoore
jen_maney said    no failure
naomi       said  slides are frozen on my end again, anyone else?
Jenn_Kelley said  @librarysecrets
Bobbi_Newmansaid  @librarianbyday
Jenn_Kelley said  and @genneaux
Jean_Filkinsaid   @jeanfilkins
Michael_Sauers    I think I saw some SPLAT t-shirts at IL2008.
            said  @Slzimm1
wj_libraryman     Presenters and interviewers! Please post your twitter ID's in chat, k?
Jenn_Kelley said  Library Secrets is our Library's Twitter of "Endless Things"-- 140 characters of new tools for students, fa
Jeff_Heard said   @libraryjock
CourtneyMcGough   @cmcgough
Univ_Houstonsaid  @vacekrae
Judy_Carey_Nevin  I'm careynev on Twitter, but I'm not on often.
StephanieGerding  We will start questions and answers soon. Anyone have more questions, just type them here! Thanks!
ks_chickey said   @twitrhag
Eric_Schnellsaid  @ericschnell
Judy_Carey_Nevin  I use Plurk quite a bit...
sylvie_szafranski @rambleonsylvie
Jeff_Heard said   what is plurk?
Tangee      said  tangee22 and I am rarely on
Judy_Carey_Nevin  something like twitter, from what I understand, not using twitter much.
Alicia      said  Do you think the fewer things the higher finish rate?
mn_maryann  said  @mavancura
            said  Plurk is another twitter with a cool timeline approach and you earn Karma
mn_maryann  said  karma is good!
Robyn_Millersaid  @robynmiller (very creative)
StephanieGerding  We will start questions and answers soon. Anyone have more questions, just type them here! Thanks!
Jeff_Heard said   need lots of karma
mn_maryann  said  awesome, shirley!
Heather_Braum     Plurk is great; lots of educators using it!
Robyn_Millersaid  i have plurk but i don't use. robynmiller there too
sylvie_szafranski i want to know how you convince a very traditionnal administrator that PLAY is acceptable at work. (we k
Sarah_Sewellsaid  have never heard of plurk before today
wj_libraryman     Wow! Lots of Twitter ID'S! Can you pls add them to the librarian Twitter list I just started on WJ? http:/
Heather_Braum     i never had, but my mom uses it as a school librarian; and she's gotten me hooked
Judy_Carey_Nevin  I'm a "nerdy knitter" and have a whole bunch of knitting pals I plurk with.
Juli_Davis said   great video about Twitter and its uses:
Heather_Braum     a lot of administrators here in ks are on
Heather_Braum     school admins
wj_jenpetersaid   Make sure you're signed in to post to the discussion.
Judy_Carey_Nevin  I've never used it for professional reasons--curious about how that would work...
lorie       said  do it at home on your own time?
Kathy_Ishizuka    Yes, lots of knitters in the library world.
Angela      said  Does anyone have some program examples for smaller libraries? We are an independent public library
Michael_Sauers    @Angela we did it with just our staff first. it totally scales to small.
Lori_Reed said    Helene has a list of all programs tagged in delicious.
LInda_Wadmansaid  Many of our participants were small rural libraries and schools. Worked fine.
Alicia      said  I think just find a smaller number of things and stick with what some people know.
Jennifer_Hrusch   is clapping
sarah_MaintainIT  nice job, Shirley!
sarah_MaintainIT  hi stephanie!
Jennifer_Hrusch   This program was so helpful. Generated a lot of ideas!
Nadge_Hercegsaid  We did an Appetite for Learing program at our"small library."
Ranita      said  There goes the washing machine.
Lynne_Reedaid     Ditto on the question about smaller libraries. And also on the selling it to a traditional manager question!
jen_maney said    yay stephanie!
sarah_MaintainIT  ohhh, @Nadge: would love to hear more about your appetite for learning program.
Jean_Filkinsaid   Great session- very motivating!
jane_mearssaid    What about exploration for part time staff
ks_BHoughsaid     sorry! i moved the slide - i wont' do that again - sorry!
Jennifer_Hrusch   Buy in=encouragement from peers who are participating.
Lori_Reed said    Here is a list of all the libraries who have done this that Helene has found:
sylvie_szafranski last week NE article about state lib and gaming set me way back...
Jennifer_Hrusch   Peer to peer more effective than manager to employee.
Eddie_Byrneaid    management buy-in so important, soooo hard to get!
Tangee      said  It isn't just play, it is educating ourselves in order to educate patrons.
SClapp      said     @sylvie_szafransk I'm not surprised, am hoping my colleagus don't see it!
d_juraga said        I have to leave, thank you very much for this webinar.
Ranita      said     Michigan is at a scary time.
Judy_Carey_Nevin     I have to go, too--I'll look at the transcript to see the rest of the comments. Thanks so much!
Christi_Underdown    Ok, I have to go work the desk. Thank you!
Eddie_Byrneaid       mgt too quick to see the obstacles, not the oppportunities
Kendra      said     I bet a great way to encourage buy-in would also be to talk about so many of these success stories and
StephanieGerding     There will also be an area on WJ to continue the conversations.
Mattie_Gustafson     In our case, it's staff that are resistant - why do I need to learn something new - I'm just on the circ desk?
Ranita      said     Yes, staff can be resistant.
Juli_Davis said      as long as it takes
Stephanie_said       what about staff time?
LInda_Wadmansaid     as much time as it takes
Lori_Reed said       our circ staff answers tech questions just like everyone else
Stephanie_said       in terms of running the program
Tangee      said     I say if you work in any library, you will get questions.
jen_maney said       i agree! someone at my libray took 2 hours to make her avatar!
Ranita      said     oops--participnats?
Janette_Davie        Time is the biggie for my little library. I get 20 hours a week for the whole job and have one 8 hour pre w
pat_hamiltonaid      6hours while at work?
Tangee      said     Besides, better yourself and improve the n
LInda_Wadmansaid     Very good observation; depends on the ability and knowledge of those doing it
Tangee      said     need for yourself.
lorie       said     anyone else having union saying can't do this on own time? any success work w/ unions to allow it?
jen_maney said       running the program - get help!
jen_maney said       very time consuming
jen_maney said       our grad assistant tracked, and he worked 20 hours a week
jen_maney said       then we on committee did our sharing and encouraging, which took time,too
Eddie_Byrneaid       with cut backs here (Ireland), will be difficlut to proceed with other tham small groups this year
Bobbi_Newmansaid     I am SO jealous of the Grad Assistant!
jen_maney said       the grad assistant came from the grant!
Alicia_Duellsaid     In her program at the Illinois ICE conference, Helene said she subscribed to all the blogs via RSS feed.
Eddie_Byrneaid       recession hitting hard!!!
Loretta_Micheals     @Eddie I hear you! Our city manager says no new programs. I'm in California. Need I say more? lol
Kent_Gerber said     If you have access to Library School students, they are always looking for internship opportunities.
Ranita      said     Eddie--true, true!
Kent_Gerber said     Could even have them do it from a distance.
wj_libraryman        his webinar is VERY popular on Twitter! You 23 Things librarians and your technology ROCK! http://ww
Eddie_Byrneaid       :(
wj_libraryman        This webinar
Jill        said     Wish I could get a grad student to come out this way. I have a couple of projects I'd like to do and could
Eddie_Byrneaid       no, the recession having negative impact on training programmes
az_mala said         The Baker's dozen being only 13 things seemed more doable within the timeline we had - a semester"
Ranita      said     We probably need updating internet policy--our library says "no chat rooms."
jen_maney said       good idea to split up the work
wa_elizabethsaid     Has anyone used this model for other types of training - not 2.0?
Lori_Reed said       I spent 3-4 hours a few nights a week commenting on blogs.
ann_walker_smalley   Can you hear Ann & Ruth in MN?
Loretta_Micheals     @ranita Yikes! We had to give that up years ago because all we did is police for it.
ks_BHoughsaid        no, ann
LInda_Wadmansaid     NO
ks_BHoughsaid        can't hear you ann
Ranita      said   That's the truth!
ann_walker_smalley we had to re login, so...?
ks_BHoughsaid      i'll make sure jennifer sees that and reopens your mic Minnesota :)
Rob_Coerssaid      incentives: pokens are hot here, each participants get one
Alicia_Duellsaid   Someone on here mentioned offering a Kindle as a grand prize. Seems like a great idea!
Ranita      said   mp3 vs ipod?
Eddie_Byrneaid     staff here just finalising their PDPs (personal development plans), will be interesting to see if many listed
ann_walker_smalley MN had incentives for all finishers, plus drwings fro bigger prizes at the end
Stephanie_ZimmermanPoken is cool - thanks for that link!
LInda_Wadmansaid   Prizes were popular at the end, flip camera, mp3, digital camera.
ann_walker_smalley thanks ,brenda!
az_mala said       Incentives - however small - are a great motivator
Ranita      said   Paying out of own pocket--it happens!
ann_walker_smalley thanks michael
Bobbi_Newmansaid   blood sweat and tears!
Rob_Coerssaid      shared google spreaddsheet
Lori_Reed said     access database
Robyn_Millersaid   we use sharepoint
Lori_Reed said     tracked blogs through bloglines
Rob_Coerssaid      idea for collecting blogs: use Google Forms
Eddie_Byrneaid     I hear some used login tracking packages, what packages are there?
Bobbi_Newmansaid   google spreadsheet
LInda_Wadmansaid   Tracked blogs and spreadsheet
Tina        said   eVanced
Robyn_Millersaid   honor system
ann_walker_smalley we are trying to contribute but apparently you can't hear us?!
LInda_Wadmansaid   We cannot hear you.
az_mala said       We used WetPaint
Lori_Reed said     blogger and bloglines
ann_walker_smalley we used SurveyMonkey--to be a finisher you had to ucomplete evaluation
ann_walker_smalley blogger and pbwiki
Tracy       said   pbwiki
ann_walker_smalley thanks
Ranita      said   A surveymonkey?
ann_walker_smalley we are on the phone
Joan_Henderson     Be alert on some of these sites
ann_walker_smalley not honor system--
LInda_Wadmansaid   Filled out eval at end and tabulated
LInda_Wadmansaid   Schools participated in MN
LInda_Wadmansaid   Encountered problems with filtering
mara_vt said       in VT, school librarians participated. I did a session for them during the summer
id_ShirleyBiladeau idaho had about 40% of school librarians in the total of 244
LInda_Wadmansaid   yes, same in MN
Juli_Davis said    public libraries have firewall issues too
Eddie_Byrneaid     filtering is big issue with our public library corporate intranet
id_ShirleyBiladeau open to all types of librarians in Idaho
Martha_Birchfield  We had a credit csourse for school librarians in Freeport Bahamas with an online class.
Robyn_Millersaid   anyone here from a corporate library (like me)?
Bobbi_Newmansaid   I know a Community College used ours
mara_vt said       a couple of the school librarians then did sessions for their teachers
ann_walker_smalley MN had a metro school district that did it as teacher inservice in summer
Janette_Davie        Maybe public libraries could team with school librarians
Kathy_Ishizuka       Filtering was a real hurdle in the SLJ program. We're going to cover this issue in the magazine.
Lynne_Reedaid        35 staff system wide with 7 lcoations
Eric_Schnell         Why limit to just librarians? 23 Things for Secondary Educators?
Heather_Braum        btw, i've been trying to collect all the urls mentioned in the discussion and presentation here: http://delici
Janette_Davie        We are small 28 hours total staff per week 354 population in town, 1200 in county.
Carolyn_Blatchley    School Librarians had a great opportunity at the School Library Journal site (Michael Stephens initiated)
LInda_Wadman         School library staff here then offered training to school staff
mara_vt said         in VT, i had some school librarians from Egypt!
id_ShirleyBiladeau   we don't have any restrictions
ann_walker_smalley   we limited it to library staff altho there was interest from other sectors--teachers
Rob_Coerssaid        yes
gail_Flatness        I didi the School Library Journal one and it was great
Rob_Coerssaid        not on the mic now
Rob_Coerssaid        ok
Rob_Coerssaid        long typing
wj_jenpetersaid      feel free to chat your question
az_mala said         Some of our users said it was addicting especially YouTube exercise
Ranita     said      That sounds harsh--demoted.
jen_maney said       yes, and facebook!
Rob_Coerssaid        what about "life after 23things"
Rob_Coerssaid        many participants and irectors ask that question
Lynne_Reedaid        If a smaller library was going to do this and wanted to limit the amount of time it takes, what might be the
Rob_Coerssaid        directors want to see products
LInda_Wadman         Had to scramble to keep up with them.
Janette_Davie        Small library here: I do some of the stuff and have my lovely assistant try some others, then we compare
az_mala said         A number of our librarians said thatthey felt more comfortable dealing with their teens and other tech sav
wj_libraryman        Again, we will continue this discussion on WJ after we are done. Archive will go here too: http://www.we
ann_walker_smalley   we have changed a lot in our use of the tools for statewide communication
Ranita     said      Yes, the tech savvy--how can we ever keep up?
ann_walker_smalley   using wikis, twitter, OPAL and wimba meetings etc
Lynn_D_ said         Lynne, we are small (30 staff) and in the middle of a 10 Thing program:
Rebecca_Brown_       As a 13 Things instructor, I used RSS to keep up with what my students were doing. RSS gives me acce
Robyn_Miller         must leave, but thanks to everyone!!
Kent_Gerbersaid      Gotta go. Thanks. This was wonderful.
LInda_Wadman         RSS was a boon to the blog reading for the things
Lynne_Reedaid        Thank you Lynn_D - will look at this!
Rob_Coerssaid        there's also a need of best practices of realized "things"
ks_chickey said      Thank you all!
wj_jenpetersaid      I'm going to push the survey out so that those that are leaving give us their feedback: http://www.surveym
Rebecca_Brown_       I agree Linda Wadman. RSS helps with blog reading.
Jan_Kuebelsaid       it was nice to be able to do some kind of training outside of REFERENCE for once!
pat_hamiltonaid      great ideas, thanks all
ann_walker_smalley   Metreont in MN is doing one with high school students
id_ShirleyBiladeau   it is a great idea!
Jennifer_Hrusch      Columbus Metropolitan Library will be doing Web 2.0 for customers in 2009.
ks_BHoughsaid        ann, do you have the URL handy?
Angela     said      We have a social networking class and a multi media online class for patrons.
Ranita     said      Does anyone get in hot water what they twitter or blog?
LInda_Wadman         We'll find out.
id_ShirleyBiladeau   Some of Idaho libraries are doing this with their patrons.
Jo_Alcock said     @Ranita can usually do it anonymously
Danna       said   Hoping to do it with our community college faculty snd staff
pat_hamiltonaid    always getintrouble with city clerk for playing at work
Loretta_Micheals   My boss and I follow each other. I think if you have a tech savvy boss, you're ok.
wa_elizabethsaid   We do 'Pierce County READS' (our one book project name) - I want to do 'Pierce County LEARNS'
az_mala said       Giving them permission to play during work time
Amanda_Pape said   We are also 25-30 staff and our prototype is here:
Janette_Davie      Thinking of a 'Senior Lock-n party' for older people in our town, with some of the kids as mentors for soc
Angela      said   Motivation and excitement I think are key.
Lynne_Reedaid      Thanks Amanda Pape!
LInda_Wadmansaid   Ask how much time they spend watching TV?
Kathy_Ishizuka     What/where's Metronet?
pat_hamiltonaid    good one linda
ann_walker_smalley maybe if you don't have time, the progam isn't for you
Angela      said   Does anyone include Second Life in their program?
Lori_Reed said     our new employees go through it
Eddie_Byrneaid     many will see it as only work-related and will insist on being facilitated at work if they are expected to par
Janette_Davie      TV? what is this TV of which you speak?
ks_BHoughsaid      linda - speaking of tv and time - have you seen clay shirky video on that?
Lynne_Reedaid      Second Life would crash our system. It may be more applicable to academic libraries.
LInda_Wadmansaid   MN left theirs up and I still field questions from people
Loretta_Micheals   @angela It doesn't seem like SL has been as big as other 2.0 tools. Too bad.
pat_hamiltonaid    Biggest problem with second life is power to run at our smaller libraries.
Juli_Davis said    how can employees be content in knowing they not current with technologies that are used NOW...?
Stephanie_ZimmermanGotta have a good video card for SL - I don't!
Amanda_Pape said   isn't bandwith a problem for Second Life?
Amanda_Pape said   ack, bandwiDth
Jo_Alcock said     Also need to download software for SL - definitely a no no for our university
wj_jenpetersaid    feel like we're playing bingo
ks_BHoughsaid      Metronet in Minnesota - one of the multitype systems in MN
wj_jenpetersaid    chat your questions
pat_hamiltonaid    formal is good, I let staff play, but some of our older members won't
Eddie_Byrneaid     am amazed that so many library staff still have little knowledge of the web
id_ShirleyBiladeau idaho did not
Juli_Davis said    learned it in my MLIS program.. used it
Ranita      said   I'm glad they didn't get demoted;)
Rebecca_Brown_     No on second life
Eddie_Byrneaid     they seem to lack an inquisitive mind
Stephanie_said     it's such a bandwith hog
Lori_Reed said     baby steps :)
LInda_Wadmansaid   MN topic was gaming, but some did explore it.
Jenn_Kelley said   2nd Life would be *so* hard to do in a 23Things setting, I think.
Loretta_Micheals   I'm in the heart of Silicon Valley. I've bought TONS of Second Life books and they just sit on the shelf. I
wj_libraryman      I would almost do World of Warcraft before I did SL. ;)
Loretta_Micheals   WOW! I vote for that!
Mindy_Kittayaid    I wish I could check one out Loretta.
ks_BHoughsaid      libraryman - i saw a survey about world of warcraft - from jenny levine - interesting!
Jenn_Kelley said   @wj_libraryman I think you're right!
Loretta_Micheals   @Mindy- Interlibrary Loan? Cheaper than buying one.
Natalie     said   what about all the accounts people start... some complain about this here in Holland!
wj_libraryman      The parent company of WoW works with libraries to get multiple installs...there is a blog about WoW in
sylvie_szafranski  plug in for "Deep Freeze SW" in a learning lab allows staff to learn to download too.
Juli_Davis said   but SL isn't a game
Rebecca_Brown_    That's what my 22 year old son said yesterday
Ranita      said  Oh to be young again!
Angela      said  SL has a big library presence.
Juli_Davis said   Info Island :)
Rebecca_Brown_    But who uses the libraries in sl?
sylvie_szafranski THIS FORMAT WAS GREAT thanks so much for doing it and inviting us!!!!
Jenn_Kelley said  @Rebecca_Brown-- Other librarians!
Ranita      said  It's good when a techie does a goof--we appreciate that!
Rose_C said       Students, various people in SL, other librarians
wj_jenpetersaid   Just pushed out survey for the session, please provide your input!
Sandra_Robertson  Where can I get a list of all 23 Things
Lori_Reed said
Michael_Sauers    @Sandra each one is a little different.
ks_BHoughsaid     This will probably need to b e the last question
Ranita      said  Excellent thought!
ks_BHoughsaid     but we can continue discussion on WJ :)
Loretta_Micheals  I have to go. I really enjoyed meeting all of you. I look forward to following some of you on Twitter!
            said  Great webinar - have to go teach a class - THANKS!
Eddie_Byrneaid    but my managr says we have no evidence of patrons asking staff for help with the web
Eddie_Byrneaid    patrons know more than staff!!!!
LInda_Wadmansaid  that's what librarians need to do in rural communities where those learning opportunites are limited
Ranita      said  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
wj_jenpetersaid   Archive will be here:
Tangee      said  Thanks so much, but I have a meeting to attend. Great session!!!!
Ranita      said  Dorks are great.
K_Abery said      Great session
Joan_Henderson    Absolutely great! Thank you for "Summit"!
wj_libraryman     After the session archive & continued chat will happen on WebJunction:
az_mala said      Great job Stephanie!
LInda_Wadmansaid  very interesting
Natalie     said  is clapping
Eddie_Byrneaid    thanks for the webinar, good night form Ireland
mn_maryann  said  great session! thank you!
naomi       said  thanks!
sarah_MaintainIT  nice work, everyone! MaintainIT will be tweeting and posting more on this topic: http://www.maintainitpro
StephanieGerding  Thanks for the GREAT questions!
az_mala said      It was like a Mini conference!
Ineke_Kielema     thank you all for this
Rebecca_Brown_    Thank you. It was great!
Jo_Alcock said    Great session - thanks to all involved. Will probably be blogging about this and developments of the Lea
Jenn_Kelley said  What a great webinar-- loved the summit format. And a GREAT bargain, too!
Ineke_Kielema     Bye bye from Hilversum, The netherlands
wj_libraryman     After the session archive & continued chat will happen on WebJunction:
Rob_Coerssaid     it was a historical event, people!
MKIWC       said  Thank You!!! This will help when I start a program here
Jenn_Kelley said  And how about those tweets?!
StephanieGerding  Buzzzzz
Ranita      said  All over the world--great.
Ineke_Kielema     that's right Rob
Eddie_Byrneaid    now to spend hours going over the archive! :)
Danna       said  Thank you very much.
sarah_MaintainIT   what a terrific session!
ks_BHoughsaid      Thank you so much guest stars!!
Stephanie_said     Is the chat included in the archive?
LInda_Wadman       Good job Ann & Ruth
Natalie    said    thanks!!!
ks_BHoughsaid      Jen, Mala, Ruth, Ann, Michael, Bobbi, Shirley
jen_maney said     yes, chat is in archive
chris_freeman      Thanks very much - very informative session. We have lots to think about ahd discuss this week.
az_mala said       Yes the chat comes through in the archive
StephanieGerding   Thanks WJ, MaintainIT, and Kansas!
LInda_Wadman       and everyone else too
ks_BHoughsaid      David and Cindi - we have our work cut out for us in KS - but lots of ideas
pat_hamiltonaid    thanks
Jo_Alcock said     can't wait to get to work tomorrow to start planning our 23 things programme, this came at just the right
Edo_Postma said    The 23 points of the Dutch jury go to.... Webjunction!
wj_libraryman      After the session archive & continued chat will happen on WebJunction:
mara_vt said       thanks everyone!
Igor       said    Thanks!
Kathy_Ishizuka     Thanks!
davidleeking aid   oh yeah!
jen_maney said     thanks everyone!
ks_chickey said    found 23 things in the chat!
Eric_Schnell       Time to look at Twittersearch to read what others had to say!
ks_chickey said    Thanks for being such guides for us in KS!
Aislynn_Denny      Thanks for this presentation, its been wonderful!
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 just type them in the chat at any time...we will get to them later. Thanks!

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 nagement 1.0 team. they love what gets done with new tech but care so much about "professional appearances" and classic perceptions
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r now...Its a great idea though, eh?

sing the headphones right now!


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 answer them! Thanks!
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yes I'm behind. I'm computer literate and am having a difficult time with it.

 f have joined. I have no prizes to give them. They are just doing it.

hings for our staff. We then offered it to other state agency employees. It was very successful.

he rest of conversation later.


 go to WJ here to see a pdf of the slides:

week enough for particpants?

 and then they will spend more of their own time on the subjects.

cipants will need need more time, both at work and at home
hreatened by new technology
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 answer them! Thanks! "

ogram with patrons this fall.

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 in a rural area w/a lot of dial-up...

ot of interest in all things web2.0

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s of emoticons within the smiley face at right.

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all the side Tweets!

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 cause those are my interest. Oh, and coupon deals. :)

els e.g. Medical Library Association
 so CEU's were assured that way before my Library joined in.

credit-hour course for an online distance class for a cohort in Freeport, Bahamas. The students were school librarians. The course was base
Key may be creating the buzz and motivation.

bJunction! Go here for that:

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s for my patron project here in my tiny community with lots of older patrons

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 librarians. True?
 et, nowhere near to the extent of Facebook
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 eople lose interest/steam? It seems like you need to limit the time somewhat.

n there are no major holidays, they can use free time for it.

 rians to follow. Mine is @lnorvig

aracters of new tools for students, faculty, staff & anyone to explore

tions, just type them here! Thanks!
tions, just type them here! Thanks!

at PLAY is acceptable at work. (we know it's essential but fear of newspaper articles rules)

witter list I just started on WJ?
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would work...

We are an independent public library and these programs seem like they are more condusive for larger systems.

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 it to a traditional manager question!

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ments. Thanks so much!

 many of these success stories and examples from libraries around the country.

ething new - I'm just on the circ desk?

whole job and have one 8 hour pre week assistant. 28 hours is not much time to get the library work done. Hard to get other tech learning do

ccess work w/ unions to allow it?

ham small groups this year

cribed to all the blogs via RSS feed. This might make reading them all a faster process.

n California. Need I say more? lol
ng for internship opportunities.

nd your technology ROCK!

ple of projects I'd like to do and could use the help.

n the timeline we had - a semester"

d is police for it.
ems like a great idea!

will be interesting to see if many listed web training and familiarisation as a "to do"


 with an online class.
r this issue in the magazine.

 n and presentation here:
1200 in county.
 nal site (Michael Stephens initiated)

unt of time it takes, what might be the 10 most desirable things to do?

 nt try some others, then we compare notes. Helps us weed out what works best
ng with their teens and other tech savvy patrons
rchive will go here too:

ents were doing. RSS gives me access to information when I'm ready to use it.

us their feedback:

ENCE for once!
ss, you're ok.
t to do 'Pierce County LEARNS'
 some of the kids as mentors for social networking project

ed at work if they are expected to participate

academic libraries.

hnologies that are used NOW...?

ultitype systems in MN

books and they just sit on the shelf. I was very surprised by that.

ne - interesting!

s here in Holland!
stalls...there is a blog about WoW in the library
 o download too.
 llowing some of you on Twitter!

 r help with the web

earning opportunites are limited



on this topic:

out this and developments of the Learning 2.0 programme at University of Wolverhampton at my blog -

tion: and don't forget, they are the bees kn

k about ahd discuss this week.

ogramme, this came at just the right time :)

tion: and don't forget Presenters, please ad
earances" and classic perceptions
r very old building COOL BEANS!
chool librarians. The course was based on Web 2.0. We'll offer the course again in Fall Semester 2009. For info. email martha.birchfield@k
e. Hard to get other tech learning done!, they are the bees kness! Presenters, please add your contact info here too!
For info. email

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