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					                           VOLUSIA COUNTY RESOURCES

                           Child Affairs and Families
                                                             Online Access to apply for children and
                                                             family services. Public assistance
ACCESS Florida                  1-866-76AC-CESS( 762-2237)
                                                             programs include: food stamps,
                                                             Medicaid, and temporary assistance.

                                                             Provides a compassionate "hand up" to
Community Life Center
                                                             local citizens in crisis with
1691 Providence Blvd. Ste 102 386-218-4920
                                                             unemployment assistance, workshops,
Deltona, Florida 32725
                                                             and referrals to partnering agencies.

Children's Advocacy Center                                   Program strength-based community
1011 W. International                                        program that works closely with at risk
Speedway Blvd.                  386-255-5002                 families, assesses family needs and
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114                                     links them to necessary services and                                    organizations.

                                                             A free 4 week program designed to
DBCC Women's Center
                                                             provide tools and emotional support for
517 Health Center Blvd.         386-506-3471
                                                             homemakers transitioning to gainful
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114

Deland Lion's Club
                                                             Provides assistance with dental, eye
400 N. Garfield Avenue Deland, 386-738-3646
                                                             glasses and hearing aids.
Fl.       32724

(DCF) Department of Children
                                                             Provides food stamp, Medicaid and
and Families
                                386-238-3100                 temporary cash assistance information
210 Palmetto Avenue
                                                             and assistance to low income families
Daytona Beach, Fla. 32114

                                                             Affordable comprehensive health
Florida Kid Care Healthy Kids
                                1-888-540-5437               insurance program for children, birth
                                                             through 18, who are uninsured.

                                                             The various centers include cardiac and
Halifax Community Health                                     pulmonary rehabilitation services,
System                                     children and adolescent behavioral
                         Child Affairs and Families Cont.d
                                                                   Provides short term assistance to families for rent,
110 W. Rich Avenue                              386-736-5956
                                                                   mortgage, electric, prescription and dental.
Deland, Fl . 32720

New Smyrna Beach
                                                                   Provides short term assistance to families for rent,
107 E. Canal Street                             386-254-4675
                                                                   mortgage, electric, prescription and dental.
New Smyrna Beach, Fl. 32168

Stephen's Ministry                                                 Program that equips lay persons to provide one-to-one
2045 Innerbelt Business Ctr. Drive              314-428-2600       care to community members experiencing all kinds of life
St. Louis, Mo. 63114                                               needs and circumstances.

                                                                   Assists families after disaster with home repairs through
V.I.N.D. (Volusia Interfaith/Agency
                                                386-255-5510       state funded grant program and help from volunteer

           Child Affairs and Families: Pregnancy/Domestic Violence/Child Abuse

Central Florida Pregnancy Center
                                                                   Free pregnancy tests, baby/maternity clothes, diapers.
689 Deltona Boulevard
                                                                   Special help for pregnant mothers with nowhere to go.
Deltona, Florida 32725

Grace House                                306                     Provides information and counseling services, free
                                               M, W, Fri.: 10-2p
E. Church Street                      Deland,                      pregnancy tests, maternity items and clothing, infant
                                               Tu- 3-7:00p
Florida                                                            clothing and referrals.
                                               Thur- 5-9p

                                                M-W-F 10- 2p       Free pregnancy tests, baby/maternity clothes, diapers,
Resources for Women
                                                TU- 3-7 p          ultrasounds and parenting classes.
                                                Thur - 5 -9p

                                                                   Provides temporary emergency housing for victims of
Domestic Abuse Council                          386-257-2297       domestic violence and their children 24 hours a day, every
                                                                   day of the year.

Florida Abuse Hotline                           1-800-962-2873

Salvation Army
                                                386-738-2406       Parenting class, domestic violence group for women,
333 East New York Avenue
                                                M-F 9 - 5          transitional family shelter and disaster assistance.
Deland, Florida 32724

The House Next Door                                                The program nurtures and empowers families through
804 N. Woodland Blvd.                                              educational service programs which helps build stronger
Deland, Fl.  32720                                                 families and communities.
                            Children with Disabilities Cont.d
                                                          State funded program that provides
                                                          medical care for children with special
Volusia Agency for Persons
                           386-238-4607 David Cassidy     needs, birth to 20 years of age. Long
With Disabilities                                         waiting list, but encourage people to
                                                          apply and get on list.
                                                          Provides orthopedic medical care &
                                                          other services for children at no cost to
Shriners (Orlando, Hosp.
                            407-660-8811                  families. Spinal biafida, develop.
in Tampa                                                  Disabilities, spinal injuries, cleft palate,
                                                          cerebral palsy, etc.

Child Abuse Hotline         1-800-962-2873

                                                          Hotline to report suspected child abuse.

Volusia County Human
Services Division Daytona                                 Provides short term assistance to
Beach                      386-254-4675                   families for rent, mortgage, electric,
250 N. Beach Street Rm 100                                prescription and dental.
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114


Americans With Disabilities

                                                          State funded program (for children and
Volusia Agency for Persons
                           386-238-4607 David Cassidy     adults). Long waiting list, but encourage
With Disabilities                                         people to apply and get on list.

Enrichment Industries                                     Vocational assesment & training day tx
200 Fentress Blvd. Ste. C   386 236-3221                  & supportive employment of high
Daytona Bch.                                              functioning & contract janitorial services
Association for
Retarded Citizens     100
                            386 274-4736   Vocational assessment & training
Jimmy Huger Cir DB
1738 Patterson Dr DeLand

United Cerebral Palsy
                            386 274 6474   Vocational Assessment & Training
1100 Jimmy Ann DB

Social Security Office      800-772-1213
                             Domestic Abuse/Violence

Adult Protective Services
                                                       Conducts investigations of abuse,
210 N. Palmetto Avenue         386-238-4691
                                                       neglect and exploitation allegations.
Daytona Beach, Fl,.

                                                       Provides emergency shelter, victim
Domestic Abuse Council         386-255-2102            advocacy, transitional housing, support
                                                       education groups for victims.

National Abuse Council         800-962-2873

Resources for Women                                    Emergency assistance for women and
157 Broad Street Ste 106       386-760-2113            children who are victims of domestic
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32118                               abuse.

              Drug/Alcohol Services

Alanon/Alateen Family Groups                           Provides support and assistance for
Ormond Beach, Fl                                       families of Alcoholics.

Stewart Marchman Act                                   Provides information and referral services for
                                                       those who have alcohol or drug abuse or
Behavioral Hth Srvcs Access
                                                       mental health problems. Preg. Women or
Center             1220 Willis 800-539-4228 (24/7)     women w/ baby w/in 1 yr of birth, Baker Act
Avenue       Daytona Beach,                            Crisis Stabilization. Rx for chronic mental
Florida                                                illness, pain mgmt, detox; sliding scale or
                                                       insured. Long wait list.

Serenity House Of Volusia                              Provides assessment for substance
County                                                 abuse services.
                                        Elder Services

                                                                Assists elderly 60+ with meals on
                                                                wheels, minor repairs, homemaking and
                                                                personal care, wheelchair ramps,
                                                                respite care. Accesses a qualified
Council on Aging Volusia        386-236-0871
                                                                information & referral specialist who can
160 North Beach Street          M - F 8:00 AM - 5:00PM
                                                                provide information about services
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114
                                                                available for elders and their caregivers
                                                                within local community. Private-pay
                                                                companion services. Medicare certified
                                                                Home Health.

Elder Abuse Hotline             1-800-96ABUSE (800-962-2873)

                                                                Help for veterans with health care,
Department of Veteran Affairs                                   rehabilitation, pension payments,
                                386 274-3460
                                                                employment and loans.

                                                                Free statewide telephone advice and
Statewide Senior Legal
                                1-800-895-7873                  referrals for seniors ages 60 years and

Elder Options/Shine Program
                                                                Assists elderly with Medicaid and
5700 S. W. 34th Street          800-262-2243
Gainesville, Florida 32698

Elder Helpline                                                  Referral services for the elderly.
                                M - Fri. 7:30a - 6:30p
                                              Financial Aid
Catholic Charities
                                                                               Provides local families with emergency
207 White Street
                                  386-255-6521                                 family assistance for rent, mortgage or
Daytona Beach, Fl.
                                                                               utilities. Food Pantry

Daytona Outreach Center
                                                                               Provides local families with emergency
562 N. Ridgewood Avenue
                                  386-255-2409                                 family assistance for rent, mortgage or
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114

                                                                               Utility assistance for residents of
First Baptist Church Deland       386-734-5085                                 DeLand, Orange City & Deleon Sprgs.

                                                                               Emergency utility payments, temporary
                                                                               housing and "return home" travel ass't);
                                  Daytona 386-252-0156
Halifax Urban Ministries                                                       limited gas assistance (must have referral
                                  Ormond Bch, Holly Hill 615-1326                                                from United Way or Family Welfare call for
                                  NSB, Edgewater 386-428-1724                  app't. Bridge of Hope hot meal 11:30 - 1:00
                                                                               7/day wk;

Neighborhood Center               386-734-8120

Volusia County Human
                                  386-736-5956                                 Rental assistance


Mustard Seed of Central
                                                                               Gives out appliances and furniture one
                                  407-875-2040 (machine) fax: 407 875-3413     time only per family. Extensive
12 Mustard Seed Lane
                                  M -Thur, 9 - 12l 1:30 - 4                    application process -- letter of referral
Orlando, Fl. 32810
                                                                               on letterhead showing need.

                                                                               If disaster, theft, domestic violence,
The Neighborhood Center
                                  386-734-8120 DeLand                          fire): furniture, clothing, assist. w/
434 S Woodland Blvd ,
                                  M - Thurs 9 - 11:30, 1:15 - 4; F 9 - 11:30   utilities, otherwise, refer to Our Father's
                                  Food and Clothing
                                                                              Non-profit, non-denominational
Angel Food Ministries             1-877-FOOD-MINISTRY (1-877-366-3646) 24     organization offering budget boxes of       hr. answer line                             food w/ no income requirements or
                                                                              other limitations.

                                                                              Provides local families with emergency
American Red Cross
                                                                              family assistance, a food pantry and
341 White Street                  386-226-1400
                                                                              disaster response services. Presently
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114
                                                                              providing shelter, tarps, cleaning kits.

Catholic Charities
                                                                              Provides local families with emergency
207 White Street                  386-255-6521
                                                                              family assistance, occasional utilities,
Daytona Beach, Fl.                M, W, F 11:45 AM (20 people per day only)
                                                                              case management

First United Methodist Church
of Deltona                                                                    Food Pantry on Tuesdays only from 1-
1045 E. Normandy Blvd.                                                        3pm.
Deltona, Florida 32725

New Hope Baptist Church     386-532-8291                                      Services Daytona, S. Daytona and Port
2855 Lake Helen Osteen Road Holly Hill - 164 W. Granada Ormond Beach          Orange, food pantry. Must have photo
Deltona, Fl. 32738          386-615-1326                                      ID.

                                                                              Emergency utility payments, temporary
                                                                              housing and "return home" travel ass't);
                                  Daytona 386-252-0156
Halifax Urban Ministries                                                      limited gas assistance (must have referral
                                  Ormond Bch, Holly Hill 615-1326                                               from United Way or Family Welfare call for
                                  NSB, Edgewater 386-428-1724                 app't. Bridge of Hope hot meal 11:30 - 1:00
                                                                              7/day wk.

                                                                              Non-profit, non-denominational
Harvest Time International                                                    organization dedicated to finding food
255 N. Kennel Road                407-328-9900                                relief ,shelter and emergency services
Sanford, Fl. 32771                                                            to families throughout central Florida
                                                                              and abroad.

Church Within the Church
                                  386-547-2323                                Provides food.
Volusia County

                                                                              Provides local families with emergency
Neighborhood Center
                                                                              family assistance, spiritual support, a
434 S. Woodland Blvd.             386-734-8120
                                                                              food pantry and disaster response
Deland, Florida
                            Food and Clothing Cont'd.

Daytona Outreach Center
                              386-255-2409                         Food, rent and utilities.
562 N. Ridgewood Avenue

Grace Episcopal Church        Ph: 386-767-3583
                                                                   Provides food assistance to residence
4110 S. Ridgewood Avenue      Fax: 386-761-2439
                                                                   of South Volusia and Port Orange
Port Orange, Fl. 32127        M,W,FR - 9- 11:30AM

                                          Dental Services
Children's Dental Services                                         Providing pediatric dental care to the
Center                                                             uninsured, underinsured and Medicaid
1845 Holsonback Drive                                              pediatric patients and primary dental
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32117                                           care to those with special needs.

Medicaid/ Dental              1-800-273-5880

Dental Society & Referral

Dental Hygiene                                                     Provides reduced rate dental cleaning
Program/Daytona Beach State 386-785-2060                           services on Wed. or Thurs. appt's at
College (DeLand)                                                   10:00 or 2:00 only. Call.

Deland One Stop Career
                              386-742-3232                         Unemployment benefits

                                                                   Assists individuals with training and
Homeless Coalition            386-252-9400
                                                                   assistance with employment.

Salvation Army                386-255-2594                         Provides work program.

                              386-756-7408 (East Volusia)   386-
Vocational Rehabilitation                                          For physically and mentally disabled.
                              736-5360(West Volusia)
                              Food and Clothing

Jewish Federation
                              386-672-0294                               Provides food, clothes and financial
470 Andalusia Ave.
                              M - FRI. 1P - 3P                           assistance by appointment only.
Ormond Beach, Fl

Lake Helen United Methodist                                              "Outside the Gates Food Pantry"
121 W. Delaware Avenue        386-228-0999                               Groceries distributed 3rd full week of
Lake Helen, Fl                                                           each month.

Loaves & Fishes                                                          Provides local families with emergency
206 E. 8th Street                                                        family assistance, a food pantry and
                              M - Th 9A - 2:30P (Must be in by 10:00A)
Apopka, Fl. 32703                                                        disaster response services.

                                                                         Provides home delivered meals to
Meals on Wheels (See Council
                                                                         people in need. Includes history,
on Aging) Daytona Beach      386-253-4700 x 208 or 386-671-3560
                                                                         membership benefits and links to
Senior Center

                                                                         Non-profit, non-denominational
Sanford Christian Sharing     407-260-9155                               organization which provides food,
Center                        M - Fri. 9A -12P                           clothing, rent, mortgage assistance and
                                                                         utilities. Also has thrift store.

                                                                         Provides local families with emergency
Salvation Army
                              386-236-2020                               family assistance, spiritual support, a
1555 LPGA Blvd.
                              Hours of Operation 9-12 and 1-3pm          food pantry and disaster response
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32117

Salvation Army Social                                                    Provides local families with emergency
Services                                                                 family assistance, spiritual support, a
330 N. Street Suite C                                                    food pantry and disaster response
Daytona Beach, Fl.                                                       services.

St. Barnabas                                                             Provides residents of West Volusia and
327 West Wisconsin Ave.                                                  Deland with emergency shelter and
                              Tu-Friday - 9:30A-11:15AM
Deland, Florida                                                          food. Serves West Volusia and Deland.

Trinity United Methodist                                                 Provides local families with emergency
Church                        386-734-4425                               family assistance, spiritual support, a
306 W. Wisconsin Ave.         Tues. & Thurs 9:30A-11:30AM                food pantry and clothing assistance
Deland, Florida                                                          only.
WIC (Women, Infants and   386-424-3074- Daytona, 386-274-0676
Children)                 386-822-6223 - Deland                 Provides food assistance to low income
1845 Holsenback Drive     386-575-0373 - Deltona                families.
Daytona Beach, Fl.        386-424-2074 - New Smyrna Beach
                                               Food and Clothing Cont'd.

Church of Christ of Deltona
                                                              Offers a food pantry, Recipient must fill
1301 Providence Blvd.         386-574-4641
                                                              out forms, but there is no criteria.
Deltona, Fl.

First Baptist Church of Osteen
                                                              Offers food weekly to Osteen residents
321 N. State Road 415 Osteen, 407-324-2526
                                                              and twice monthly to non-residents.

United Methodist Community
                                                              Provides emergency disaster
                              386-668-4805                    assistance, debris clean-up removal.
41 West Highbanks Road
                                                              Food distribution-information referral.
Debary, Fl.

                                    Health Services

Good Samaritan Clinic
                                                              Faith-based provider of free medical
312 W. New York Avenue        386-740-9141
                                                              care for the poor.
Deland, Fl.

Jesus Clinic                                                  Provides free health care to residents
1135 6th Street               386-253-6959                    with jobs. Must show proof of
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32117                                      residency.

Primary Plus Eye Care         800-393-2873

Medicaid Volusia County       1-800-273-5880
                              General Information: FEMA

FEMA Registration on-line
registration                                                     Primary Residence must be Florida.
                              TTY: 1-800-462-7585

Department of Financial                                          Assists with insurance claims issues
Services Insurance Claims                                        and problems.

FEMA trailers-Maintenance     1-866-757-6766

Fraud Detection FEMA
Inspector General

FEMA Florida News Desk        407-858-6207

                               General Information: MISC.

                                                                 24-hour source of information for over
211                                                              1,000 local community services and
                              386-253-0563                                                  programs in Volusia and Flagler

Florida Dept of Agriculture
                              1-800-HELPFLA                      Landlord/Tenant Issues
and Consumer Services

                                                                 Free cell phones for those qualified
Safelink Free Cell Phone      1-888-777-6561

Votran Transportation
                              386-761-7700                       public transportation, buses, shuttles.
950 Big Tree Road
                              386-424-6800 - Southeast Volusia   Special services for disabled and elderly.
South Daytona 32119
                               General Information: MISC.

                              1-800-HELP-NOW                Provides emergency assistance to
American Red Cross
                              (1-800-435-7669)              disaster survivors and their families

Attorney General's Price
Gouging Hotline

Agricultural and Consumer
Services Price Gouging

                                                            Deployed after natural disaster to
Blue Roof Project Number      1-888-766-3258
                                                            service where needed.

                                                            DEP regulates the municipalities
Department of Environmental
                              407-894-7555                  concerning domestic and industrial

                                                            Regulatory authority on apartments,
Department of Business and
                              850-487-1395                  hotels etc. Can file a complaint for
Professional Regulation

                                                            Non profit offering creative solutions for
                                                            maintaining home ownership. They
Hope Now                      1-888-995-HOPE (4673)
                                                            partner with governments, non for
                                                            profits, etc.

                                                            Program strength based community
                                                            program that works closely with at risk
Neighborhood Partnership      386-255-5002                  families, assesses family needs and
                                                            links them to necessary services and
                              General Information: MISC. Cont.d

                                                         A coalition connecting non-profit,
                                                         governmental and community based
One Voice for Volusia        386-947-8301                organizations along with local business
                                                         to promote system and community

Safelink Wireless                                        Provides free cell phones with pre-paid
                             1-800-977-3768                                 minutes for persons with disabilities.

St. John's River Water                                   Regulates storm water collection
Management District                                      systems.

Volusia County Housing
Assistance                                               Section 8, down payment assistance &
123 W. Indiana Avenue Room                               rehabilitation.
302 Deland, Fl. 32720

Volusia County Housing                                   Provides rental assistance to low
Rental Assistance                                        income families.

Volusia County Emergency                                 Locates local resources to assist
Management Operations        386-255-0981                businesses affected by disaster related
Center                                                   issues.

                                                         Public agency providing women's health
Volusia County Health                                    services primary care, pharmacy, WIC,
Department                                               nutritional services and environmental
                                                         health services

Workforce Development                                    Provides job search resources,
Board                                                    employment and unemployment                                          services.
                                                Creating and preserving affordable
                                                housing for families throughout Volusia
                                                County including emergency repair,
Weatherization          352-796-1425 ext. 215
                                                housing rehabilitation, demolition
                                                reconstruction, and down payment

Volusia Environmental                           Indoor quality testing for homeowners.
Department                                      Must have doctor's note.
                                 Mental Health Services

Begin Again Children's Grief
Center                                                     The center offers support to children
1250 S. Spring Garden Ave.                                 dealing with grief and death.
Deland, Florida 32720

                                                           Provides services for those persons
                                                           suffering from mental illness with the
Mental Health Associates         386-252-5785
                                                           needed resources and to assist them
                                                           with being excepted in the community.

                                                           Services for those seeking help with
                                                           substance abuse; inpatient/outpatient
Stewart Marchman Center          1-888-516-2296
                                                           counseling, adolescent and women's

                                                           Provides mental health counseling,
                                                           case management, detoxification,
The House Next Door
                                                           substance abuse,-co-occurring
804 Woodland Blvd.               386-734-7571
                                                           disorders and out-reach services.
Deland, Florida 32725
                                                           Services free to Tropical Storm Fay
                                                           Provides mental health counseling,
                                                           case management, detoxification,
The House Next Door
                                                           substance abuse,-co-occurring
51 Main Street                   386-753-0041
                                                           disorders and out-reach services.
Deltona, Florida 32725
                                                           Services free to Tropical Storm Fay

                                   Shelter Services

                                                           Coordinates community resources for
Coalition for the Homeless of                              the homeless, including hot meals,
Volusia and Flagler Counties                               counseling, clothing, information and
                                                           referral services.

                                 1-866-345-0345            Provides a list of shelter services to
Volusia County Shelter Hotline
                                 For Deaf - 386-248-1792   family in the event of disaster's
                                Financial/Legal Services

                                                           Assistance with budgeting, debt
Consumer Credit Counseling
                                                           management/repayment financial crisis
1221 S. Beach Street          386-405-0701
                                                           management, credit reports, bankruptcy
Daytona Beach, Fl.
                                                           and housing counseling.

Community Legal Services of
                                                           A list of lawyers who charge $25 only
                              1-800-363-2357               for first half hour session.
128-A Orange Avenue #100
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114

Florida Bar Lawyer Referral
                                                           Provides legal services to assist
                              1-800-363-2357               families with solving problems that
128 A. Orange Avenue Ste. 100
                                                           profoundly impact their day-to-day lives.
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114
                  Tri-County Helpline

                                             A comprehensive informational and
First Call        Dial 211 or 407-849-2356   referral system to connect local citizens
                                             with information about local services.

Central Florida   407-740-7477

Lifeline          407-425-2624

                                             To meet promptly and efficiently the
                                             emergency needs of person in transit or
Traveler's Aid    386-252-4752
                                             transition and provide requi9red
                                             financial assistance.
                              Volusia County Government

Child Support Information
Florida Dept. of Revenue                                              Provides assistance to women seeking
                               806-622-KIDS (5437)
P. O. Box 8030                                                        financial support from absent fathers.
Tallahassee, Fl. 32314

Social Security Administration
1629 S. Adelle Avenue          386-734-8300
Deland, Fl. 32720

Volusia County Housing                                                Section 8; down payment assistance and
Assistance                                                            rehabilitation.
123 W. Indiana Ave. Rm 302                                            Http://
Deland, Fl.                                                           assistance/housing.htm

Volusia County Courthouse
101 N. Alabama Avenue          386-736-5915                 
Deland, Fl. 32720

Florida Housing Finance
227 N. Bronouogh Street,      850-488-4197
Suite 5000       Tallahassee,
Fl. 32301

Volusia County Housing
Rental Assistance

                                                                      Assists individuals with filing for
State of Florida Agency for                                           unemployment compensation and also
Workforce Innovation                                                  assists with seeking gainful employment
                                                                      within their communities.

                                                                      Processing of Construction related
Volusia County Contractor      Daytona Beach 386-248-8158 x 2   New   complaints, investigation of discipline of
Licensing                      Symrna Bch 386-424-6828 x2             unlicensed activity and disciplinary
                                                                      actions against licensed contractors.
                           Volusia County Government Cont.d

                                                                   Housing Rehabilitation is for
                                                                   homeowners who need assistance to
                                                                   bring their substandard property up to
                             Daytona Beach 386-943-7039 ext 3472
Volusia County Community                                           housing codes. Emergency repairs may
                             West Volusia 386-943-7039 ext 3472
Housing Assistance and                                             be done on homes that pose immediate
                             New Smyrna Beach 386-423-3375
Rehabilitation                                                     health and/or safety hazards.
                             ext 3472
                                                                   Assistance is provided in the forms of
                                                                   zero interest load that must be repaid
                                                                   within 30 years.

Florida Housing Finance
227 N. Bronouogh Street,      850-488-4197
Suite 5000       Tallahassee,
Fl. 32301

Volusia County Animal
                             386-740-5241                          Provides animal control.

                              1-800-827-1000            Provides patient care and federal
Veteran's Affairs
                              TTY: 1-800-829-4833       benefits to veteran's and their families.

Veteran's Clinic of Sanford
                                                        Provides primary care, lab work and
1403 Medical Plaza Drive      407-323-5999
                                                        mails prescriptions to veterans of
Ste. 109                      M-F 8-5p
                                                        Seminole County.
Sanford, Fl.

Veteran's Service Office                                This office will file claims, give referrals
400 W. Airport Blvd.                                    to hospitals and VA clinics. Offers case
                              M-F 8-5p
Sanford, Fl. 32771                                      management to veterans only.

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