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					 Gantt Box Chart - Template                                              FREE Newsletter

                                                 Our Project Plan
                                               Shown as a Gantt Box Chart
                    31-May        14-Jun      28-Jun      12-Jul       26-Jul       9-Aug

       Project Kickoff

 Gather Requirements

     Design Module 1

     Design Module 2




Task                         Start         Best Case   Realistic     Worst Case       Start2
Project Kickoff              1-Jun-10      5-Jun-10    9-Jun-10      14-Jun-10          4
Gather Requirements          6-Jun-10      13-Jun-10   18-Jun-10     23-Jun-10          7
Design Module 1              11-Jun-10     17-Jun-10   20-Jun-10     27-Jun-10          6
Design Module 2              11-Jun-10     16-Jun-10   19-Jun-10     26-Jun-10          5
Develop                      20-Jun-10     29-Jun-10   15-Jul-10     22-Jul-10          9
Test                         21-Jul-10     27-Jul-10   29-Jul-10     5-Aug-10           6
Implement                    8-Aug-10      14-Aug-10   16-Aug-10     23-Aug-10          6

                      How to use this?

                      1) Set up your project plan using the table
                      in row 6
 23-Aug       6-Sep
                      2) Just enter first 5 columns of dates
                      3) Last 3 columns are calculated. Do not
                      mess with them.
                      4) If you have Excel 2007 or above, the
                      calculated columns should automatically
                      update when you add new rows to the
                      6) The chart now shows the project plan as
                      a Gantt Box Chart
                      7) Adjust horizontal / date axis scaling and
                      major units to see dates clearly.

                      For more info. visit:
Realistic3   Worst
    4         5
    5         5       -box-chart-proposal/
    3         7
    3         7       -box-chart/
   16         7
    2         7
    2         7

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