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									             Crew Bash 2009 Registration Guidelines
                                   Camp Karankawa
                             February 20-22, 2009
PLEASE do not sell this event to your adults and youth as“training.” We are
promoting this BASH as a great mix of fun activities, competition, and
friendship building (See the Unit Flyer). Fun, training (VLSC) and entertainment
will be spread out during the weekend to make it a memorable occasion for
everyone! It is $30 per participant (adult or scout) to attend the BASH.

For the latest information and all the forms you need on the BASH visit and go to the training page to find the link to the BASH

Who is ENCOURAGED to Attend the BASH?
  All BSA Registered Adults and Leaders that do not have VLSC should attend and
  complete the training components.
  All Youth who hold unit leadership positions in their units and do not have VLSC
  should attend and complete the training components!

Who else can Attend the BASH?
  For all other Youth members (14 years and older) attendance is optional
  but recommended. In order to participate in all activities you must be
  registered with a CREW, SHIP, TEAM or POST, so make sure that you
  are multiple unit registered if you are a Boy Scout.
  For previously trained Leaders & Youth with VLSC attendance is optional
  - other scheduled activities will be available for these attendees.

HOW do we (I) sign up?
  NEW this YEAR! An individual youth (14 or older) whose unit is not attending as a
  group may register directly through the council office by sending in their
  registration form, copy of their medical form and their registration fee.
  All of the following are on your unit registration form check list: registration forms,
  BSA application forms for nonmembers, health forms, proof of YPT, VLSC, a copy
  of your unit’s spreadsheet roster and a single payment to the council for the
  amount tabulated by the spreadsheet.
  Your coordinator must send these to the council office the packet must be
  postmarked by Monday, January 26, 2009.
  Late registrations will only be taken for individuals belonging to a unit that has
  already registered. Please note these late registrants will not be guaranteed a
  BASH T-shirt.

Uniforms / Dress Code:
  Field Uniform for Opening & Closing Ceremony
  Activity Uniform for Event Days & Evening
  Proper camp attire
  Closed toe shoes, NO sandals/flip flops (except for shower use)
Unit Identification:
  Bring Unit Flags
        Post them at Camp Sites
        Opening & Closing Ceremony

Camp Policy:
Use Camp Karankawa’s ( current
documentation for:
         Storm & Emergency Plans
         General Camp K Rules & Regulations
Your unit should be carrying the General BSA Rules (Guide to Safe
Scouting) as per your local tour permit requirement

Event Restrictions:
  All Youth attendees must be registered with BSA
  All Adult attendees must be registered with BSA
      Fees and Forms should be turned in on all non-registered attendees
      prior to event.
          Adult Leader Applications
          Youth Membership Applications
  No attendees under the age of 14 (including siblings or Leaders’
  children) are allowed, we are striving to keep this event special for our

Meals and Beverages:
  All units will be individually responsible for all of their meals.
       Saturday:         Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – dessert cook off
       Sunday:           Breakfast – Lunch

   All units will be individually responsible for beverages.

   Some concessions will be available throughout the event.
      Refer to Schedule & Activity Guide

  All units will be individually responsible for all:
         Cooking Gear
         Other Camping Gear
  Arrangements can be made for use of Karankawa Gear – ie. Dutch
  Contact Bash Facility Director or Camp K Ranger prior to event.)

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