Expanded “Cookbook” Instructions for the Teradyne Integra J750 Test System Faculty Advisor Team Team Members Dr Weber May 07 12 Murwan Abdelbasir EE

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Expanded “Cookbook” Instructions for the Teradyne Integra J750 Test System Faculty Advisor Team Team Members Dr Weber May 07 12 Murwan Abdelbasir EE Powered By Docstoc
					    Expanded “Cookbook” Instructions for the
       Teradyne Integra J750 Test System

Faculty Advisor   Team              Team Members
Dr. Weber         May 07-12         Murwan Abdelbasir - EE
                                    Jonathan Brown - EE
                  Client            Brent Hewitt-Borde - EE
                  ECpE Department   Paul Jennings - EE
                                    Robert Stolpman - EE

                                                 April 23, 2007
Presentation Outline
   Project Overview
       Introduction
       Problem Statement
       Operating Environment
       Intended Users & Uses
       Assumptions & Limitations
       End-Product Description
   Project Activities
       Previous Accomplishments
       Technology Considerations
       Present Accomplishments
       Planned Activities
   Resources & Schedule
       Estimated Resources
       Schedules
   Closure Materials
       Additional Work             Figure 1. Teradyne Lab Entrance
       Lessons Learned
       Risk & Management
       Closing Summary

   ADC - Analog-to-digital converter
   ASIO – Analog signal I/O board
   DAC – Digital-to-analog converter
   DIB – Device interface board
   DSIO – Digital signal I/O board
   DSP – Digital signal processing
   DUT – Device under test
   ECpE – Electrical and Computer engineering department
   ESD – Electrostatic discharge
   GND – Ground
   I/O – Input and output
   IG-XL – Software used in the code development and testing of each specific DUT
   J750 – Teradyne J750 tester used for testing printed circuit boards and integrated circuits
   MSO – Mixed signal option
   PLCC – Plastic leadless chip carrier
   TDR – Time domain reflectometry
   TSSOP – Thin shrink small outline package
   ZIF – Zero insertion force

Project Overview

   Dr. Weber
   Dr. Smith
   Teradyne Cyclone team
   Computer Support Group
   Jason Boyd

Project Overview
   Problem statement
       Iowa State recently upgraded the Teradyne J750 with the MSO module to test
        analog and mixed-signal circuits.
       The existing digital cookbook must be upgraded to include mixed-signal testing.

   Problem solution
       The team will review the existing training materials related to mixed-signal testing.
       Test scenario and document support must be created for:
           One 10-bit and 12-bit ADC chip
           One 10-bit and 12-bit DAC chip
           One 10 MHz or greater op-amp chip

                                                                 Figure 2. Teradyne Integra J750

Project Overview
    Operating Environment
        Operates in a controlled laboratory where the temperature range is 27°C to 33°C
        Should be protected from ESD
        IG-XL software platform is Microsoft Windows XP-based

    Intended Users
        ECpE faculty and students
           Knowledge of Teradyne Integra J750
           Knowledge of mixed-signal testing

    Intended Uses
        Functional tests on mixed-signal devices
        Research
        Supplemental lab for the Department of Electrical Engineering’s testing class

Project Overview
   Assumptions
       Operates in a controlled laboratory where the temperature range is 27°C to 33°C with
        50% humidity in the room
       J750 tester should be protected from ESD
       Equipment is operational and properly calibrated
       IG-XL software platform has to be Microsoft Windows XP-based
       Present IG-XL code can be modified for the required objectives

   Limitations
       J750 tester is sensitive to temperature fluctuations and must operate within the required
        temperature range
       IG-XL is the only software option
       Team does not have full admin rights on the testing computer
       Devices and socket converters limit testable frequencies
       Teradyne J750 tester cannot be moved

Project Overview
   End-Product Description
       An expanded cookbook outlining each test scenario for the specific DUT
       A demo test of the finished 10-bit and 12-bit DAC device using the J750 tester
       A built socket converter for the various DUT to interface with the DIB of the J750 tester
       Proper documentation of the lab equipment and a quick start guide to proper tester usage

Project Activities
Project Activities - Present accomplishments
   Present Accomplishments
     Hardware
       IG-XL MSO test lab modules ran for vocoder chip
       Knowledge of IG-XL fundamentals
       Selection of DIB mating method
       Selection and purchase of devices
       Full socket converter for ADC and DAC built
       Op-amp DIP socket mounted and built
       Pin and channel map for all devices completed
       New computer motherboard, fully functional
       New air conditioning unit installed in the tester room
     Software
       Identification of major technical challenges
       IG-XL worksheets for ADC and DAC created
       10-bit and 12-bit DAC test running
       Multiple drafts of cookbook completed
       Licensing issues for IG-XL sorted out, functional at present

Project Activities - Approach considered and used

   Technology considerations
         DIB mating
              Choice of a new daughter board
              Choice of a socket converter
              Choice of a printed circuit board
          Device selection
              Team’s choice of both ADC and DAC chips
              Team’s choice of selected op-amp chip

    Figure 3. ZIF DIP socket                        Figure 4. TSSOP to DIP socket converter

Project Activities - Definition activities

            DSIO                                                                                 ASIO Capture
           Source      Digital Waveform               DAC         Analog Waveform


               ASIO                                                                                     DSIO
                                    Analog Waveform         ADC               Digital Waveform
              Source                                                                                   Source


         Figure 5. IG-XL design/test definition

     Slide taken from the training manuals provided by Teradyne to illustrate the
                            concept of MSO testing (24-46)

Project Activities - Research activities

   Devices to test
       Cost, sampling rate, speed
       How to implement it?
   Teradyne
       How do IG-XL templates and test procedures work?
       How to create efficient pattern files?

Project Activities - Design activities
               IG-XL Design / Test and Implementation

              Figure 6. Test procedure flow structure diagram

Project Activities - Implementation activities
   Implementation Activities
       Created ADC and DAC socket converter
       Created op-amp DIB
       Created IG-XL test template

                                                             TSSOP socket

                                                             DIP socket



    Figure 7. Final DIP to TSSOP converter for ADC and DAC

Project Activities - Implementation
   Problems encountered
     Channel mapping

         Proto-area to connector was not one to one
         Only DSIO pinouts were available
         Only two daughter boards available for testing of devices
     Computer downtime

         Blown motherboard
         IG-XL software licensing issues

Project Activities - Testing activities
   Test Plan created as shown in design activities on slide 16

Project Activities - Testing activities
     Sample IG-XL pattern file and test procedure for the 12-bit DAC

    Figure 8. Pattern file and test procedure for DAC

Project Activities - Other activities
   Multiple drafts of the cookbook have been completed
   Documentation of all events during the course of the project

                         Figure 9. Front cover of cookbook

Resources and Schedule
Estimated resources - Personnel effort (through April 23)

                                   Personnel Effort Requirements (Hours)

                          Robert,305                                  Abdelbasir, Murwan,

              Jennings, Paul *,
                    170                                                    Brown, Jonathan,
                          Hewitt-Borde, Brent,                                 Abdelbasir, Murwan
                                  296                                          Brown, Jon
                                                                               Hewitt-Borde, Brent
                                                                               Jennings, Paul *
    *Mr. Jennings was added to the team in the Spring 2007 semester            Stolpman, Rob

   Figure 10. Personnel effort requirements

Estimated resources - Other resources
Table 1. Resource requirements w/o labor costs
          Item                 Team hours        Other hours    Cost
  (2) Two ADC IC chips              0                0         $40.00

  (2) Two DAC IC chips              0                0         $40.00

   Printing of project             15                0         $35.00

 Teradyne Integra J750              0                0         Donated
      Test System

   (2) Two Operational              0                0         $12.00

    24-pin ZIF socket               0                0         $10.00
 TSSOP to DIB adapter               0                0         $75.00

 Total                             15                0         $212.00

 Estimated resources - Financial requirements
Table 2. Estimated project costs                           Table 3. Final revised project costs
                 Item                      Parts & Labor                        Item                      Parts & Labor
Parts and Materials:                                        Parts and Materials:

a. Printing of project poster                 $65.00        a. Printing of project poster                    $35.00

b. Teradyne Integra J750 Test System         Donated        b. Teradyne Integra J750 Test System            Donated
                                                            c. DAC IC (2x)                                Free samples
c. DAC IC (2x)                                $40.00        d. ADC IC (2x)                                Free samples
d. ADC IC (2x)                                $40.00        e. Operational Amplifier IC (2x)              Free samples
e. Operational Amplifier IC                   $10.00        f. 24-pin ZIF socket                             $10.00

                                Subtotal      $155.00       g. TSSOP to DIB adapter                          $75.00

Labor at $11.50 per hour:                                                                      Subtotal      $120.00

a. Abdelbasir, Murwan                        $2576.00       Labor at $11.50 per hour:
                                                            a. Abdelbasir, Murwan                           $3335.00
b. Brown, Jonathan                           $2656.50
                                                            b. Brown, Jonathan                              $3461.50
c. Hewitt-Borde, Brent                       $2599.00
                                                            c. Hewitt-Borde, Brent                          $3404.00
d. Stolpman, Robert                          $2633.50
                                                            d. Jennings, Paul                               $1995.00
                                Subtotal    $10,408.00
                                                            e. Stolpman, Rob                                $3507.50
                                  Total     $10,563.00
                                                                                               Subtotal    $13,708.00
                                                                                                 Total     $15,875.00


Figure 11. Estimated Gantt chart for accomplishments

Figure 12. First revision of estimated Gantt chart for accomplishments

Schedules (cont’d)

Figure 13. Final revised Gantt chart for project

Closure Materials
 Closure materials - Project evaluation
Table 4. Project evaluation
            Milestone         Current    Scheduled      Evaluated Status      Evaluation   Weight   Total
                              Progress    Progress                            Score (%)
                                 (%)          (%)
 Project definition             100        100       Exceeded criteria           100        10       10

 Device selection and usage     100        100       Exceeded criteria           100        10       10
 IG-XL code development         25          75       Did not meet criteria       40         20       8

 End-product design             100        100       Partially met criteria      80         10       8

 End-product implementation     50          90       Partially met criteria      80         10       8

 End-product testing            25          50       Partially met criteria      80         10       8

 End-product documentation      90          70       Exceeded criteria           100        10       10

 End-product demonstration      20          20       Exceeded criteria           100        10       10

 Project reporting              90          85       Exceeded criteria           100        10       10

 Total                                                                                      100      82

Closure materials - Commercialization

   Limiting factors
       Trained test engineers in industry
       Low speed
       Inflexible test procedures
       Cost inefficient for simple devices
       IG-XL code development and integration with existing test flow

   Possibility for the actual cookbook
       Educational/training material
       IG-XL customized code templates for a specific DUT

Closure materials - Additional work
   Converting traditional yearly projects into an ongoing project
   Additional sections for testing of various devices on the J750 tester
   Lab creation for the high-speed testing and RF classes at Iowa State University
   Improve upon existing IG-XL templates and test procedures

Closure materials - Lessons learned
   What technical knowledge was gained?
       Analysis of ADC, DAC and op-amp chip data sheets
       Testing methodology and approach
       IG-XL software to create test templates for the required DUT devices
       MSO implementation
       Teradyne Integra J750 usage

   What non-technical knowledge was gained?
       Communication skills
       Project documentation skills
       Importance of time management
       Vital negotiation skills

Closure Materials - Lessons Learned
   What went well?
       Initial training modules and lab tests
       Documentation of important materials
       Teradyne J750 tester components are intact
       No issues with part selection or purchase
       Completed initial test design
       Socket converter built for DUT devices

   What did not go well?
       Inefficient troubleshooting of IG-XL test instance code
       No present IG-XL op-amp template
       Hardware failure (computer motherboard had to be replaced)
       Lack of permissions to install vital software
       Licensing issues with the current IG-XL version due to failed motherboard
       Inconsistent temperature due a non-functional air conditioning unit

Closure Materials - Risk management
   Risk: Injury to a team member
      Management: Rest of team members focused on more documentation
   Risk: Computer hardware failure during testing and development of IG-XL templates
      Management: Shifted focus of the project to documentation and the actual creation of the
       cookbook which could be achieved without the J750 tester
   Risk: Problems with proprietary software (IG-XL licensing issues)
      Management: Worked with Teradyne and CSG to get a new license file installed and all
       instances of the IG-XL program to be fully functional
   Risk: Inaccurate results from ADC testing
      Management: Limit digital noise, proper grounding with bypass capacitors on inputs
   Risk: Op-amp instability
      Management: Reduction of the resistance value in the resistor, capacitance (RC) setup
   Risk: Parts malfunction
      Management: Meticulous care in ESD procedures (using ESD bands)
   Risk: Facing possible learning and understanding difficulties
      Management: Identify each team member’s strengths and assign specific project work
       based on their strengths

Closing Materials - Closing summary

   Closing Summary
       Mixed-signal option increases the number of avenues for testing devices
       Cookbook beneficial to future students and research at Iowa State University
       Get more students interested and involved in testing classes and the industry

Thank You

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