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					Appendix B: Functional Requirements
Section Reference Requirement                                                                                                 Priority Conforms
                                                                                                                               R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes

General                Easy to locate all members types with multiple search facilities                                         R
Operation              A single view of relationships; playgroups, members, affiliates, suppliers, partners, prospects /
                       leads, non members, staff, stakeholders etc. accessed from one screen                                    R
                       Caters for members who are organisational members, as well as members who are individuals
                       The system must allow for a customer to be a Playgroup, individual, Family, Organisation,
                       Government organisation, Donor                                                                           R
                       The relationship of a contact is that they can be a family member, individual or employee of an
                       organisation                                                                                             R
                       View the status of the relationship instantly and track the change in status from lead to member
                       Be able to identify which operator made a change to a customer / member record and the
                       nature of the change.                                                                                    R
                       System to automatically produce a new member invoice when a new member is entered into the
                       system                                                                                                   R
                       Be able to assign the appropriate member services to relevent membership category                        R
                       Be able to charge different rates for the same service but dictated by the type of agreement the
                       member has                                                                                               R
                       Manage resignations, customer alerts (with view to retain)                                               R
                       Log calls; capture the type of interaction by staff member and or volunteer Be able to easily
                       segment the issues for reporting and analysis purposes and identify where additional resources
                       are required                                                                                             R
                       Multiple addresses for a customer/member                                                                 R
                       Multiple contact numbers for an organisation/customer/member                                             R
                       Organisation's Name and Description                                                                      R
                       Central/general email address                                                                            R
                       Playgroup type                                                                                           N
                       Date entered                                                                                             R
                       Date information last reviewed                                                                           R
                       Comments/notes                                                                                           R
                       Website / URL, with the ability to launch an internet browser session to that URL from a button
                       Visual alert to operator of current member status                                                        R
                       Multiple email addresses, maintained as a dynamic list                                                   R

Group/Department       Able to define optional operational groups/departments/divisions within an organisation                  R
                       Ability to assign ownership of specific activites / processes to groups/departments                      R

People                 Able to record information relating to individuals/people                                                R
                       Multiple Playgroups and or playgroup sessions to a member                                                R
                       Multiple addresses for a person                                                                          R
                       Multiple contact numbers for a person                                                                    R
                       Person's name                                                                                            R
                       Organisation(s) the person is related to, including the ability for one person to exist in different
                       contexts i.e. linked in different capacities to different organisations.                                 R

            Notes to Vendors:
            Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                                       Page 1
Section Reference Requirement                                                                                                   Priority Conforms
                                                                                                                                 R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes
                         Title at organisation                                                                                    R
                         Role at organisation                                                                                     R
                         Name of the person the individual reports to                                                             R
                         Comments/notes                                                                                           R
                         Ability for a person to be defined in the system and NOT linked to any specific organisation             R
                         Control over access to on-line facilities and professional services                                      R
                         View a contact’s participation in campaigns                                                              R
                         View contacts participation in interest groups                                                           R
                         Add contacts to an interest group                                                                        R
                         Quick view of events, training courses and or resources contact and or playgroup has done or
                         received                                                                                                 R
                         Single click to give contact logon and password for website access                                       R
                         Manages the retention of information when contact leaves one playgroup and joins another
                         (even if some time later)                                                                                R
                         If member leaves one playgroup and joins another, the details stay with that member                      R
                         Specify the level of access a contact may have to my website ie. enquiry only or be able to
                         change contact details                                                                                   R
                         Keep a track of a contacts interests, communications preferences                                         R

Interaction              Tracks all forms of interaction with contact both inbound and outbound                                   R
                         Classification of interaction in a manner that will facilitate measurement of the true KPI's for the
                         organisation, particularly in relation to retention and recruitment                                      R
                         Immediate classification of interaction in graph to be used by staff when upselling/cross selling
                         Capture and manage the knowledge gained through interaction and use for member retention

Follow-ups               Ability to associate follow up action or appointment in a call and/or person/organisation context
                         Assign to an operator and record the person                                                              R
                         Record date created, date due, task and notes to act as reminder                                         R
                         System generated follow up (call, email etc) based on sales process and event triggers                   R
                         Status (open, closed as a minimum)                                                                       R
                         Type - Task or Appointment                                                                               R
                         Priority - user-defined list                                                                             R
                         Description/notes                                                                                        R
                         Microsoft Outlook Integration: a follow up created for a staff member should be also created in
                         that person's Microsoft Outlook calendar or task list                                                    R

Segmentation and         Segment members / non members / associates by the their relationship to the organisation, the
Analysis                 types of services used, types of services subscribed to, frequency of use, geographical and
                         involvement                                                                                              R
                         Segmentation of people down to playgroup, parent and child age, gender parent and child, work
                         status, ethnicity, years of and type of membership, geographical (including suburb, playgroup
                         zone and region, ARIA, postcode etc), type of playgroup participating in, marital status, number
                         of children, relationship to the child, specificied interests, fees paid etc.                            R
                         Supports segmentation and analysis of information by their participation / involvement,
                         engagement, influence and risk of retention                                                              R

              Notes to Vendors:
              Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                                       Page 2
Section Reference Requirement                                                                                               Priority Conforms
                                                                                                                             R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes
                      Be able to report on customers/members based on the type of playgroup they are in, their
                      services and their interests.                                                                           R
                      The potential to introduce an integrated Data warehouse facility to allow set up of Views of
                      segmentation for later analysis                                                                         R

Services              Flexibility in being able to specify where services and invoices are to be delivered and how
                      (email, post etc)                                                                                       R
                      Be able to bill a customer/member’s service/subscriptions to another customer/member                    R
                      Link a service to a person so you know who is using the service                                         R
                      View a comprehensive list of all the services a member/contact has purchased/subscribing to
                      Ability to track items used and or booked out of Toy library                                            R
                      Define who (both Playgroup and Member) should have a Toy library card                                   R
                      Maintain a complete audit trail of all changes to contracts and services as they happen                 R
                      System to automatically bill members with subscribed services                                           R
                      System to be able to subscribe membership services based on membership type                             R
Link to accounts      Every operator to be able to view all invoices for a customer and invoice detail but not have
                      access to change information unless authorised                                                          R
                      Every operator to be able to view payments received from a customer/member                              R
                      Every operator to be able to view current debtors balance and the invoice detail behind each
                      balance                                                                                                 R

Communications        Send emails from the Database/ Automatically and log the interaction customer/member record
                      Construct letters from pre-defined text or templates / Store letters against the member                 R
                      CC correspondance (ie renewals) to relevant Playgroup Treasurer or specified volunteer - email
                      or produce roll of playgroup when members rejoin or terminate including multiaffiliate where a
                      member belows to more than one session or playgroup                                                     R
                      Task routing system; ability to send a task to anyone within your organisation, set deadlines,
                      monitor task status                                                                                     R
                      The ability to make confidential notes with authorised access against any customer                      R
                      Direct mail to contacts at their playgroup and/or the family                                            R
                      A simple analysis / information extraction module which enables an operator to generate reports
                      based on the criteria they select (without need of complex SQL Querie language, and without
                      having to understand technical concepts such as tables and fields in databases)
                      Inbuilt SQL base analysis / information extraction / reporting tool suitable for power users to use
                      a SQL querie language to extract information and produce reports                                        R
                      Complies with privacy / Spam legislation including mechanism to help user adhere to
                      organisation communications policies                                                                    R

Upselling Cross       Can see all member/ individual participation from "one view" of customer e.g.
Selling               campaign/tours/fund raising/events/sponsorship                                                          R
                      Can see if a member/ individual belongs to a Special Interest Group and be able to target
                      quickly for mail-outs, promotions etc                                                                   R
                      Quick view/snapshot of info relevent to operator, e.g. services used/event
                      participation/outstanding balances                                                                      R
                      Can add one off services to a membership package or contract                                            R

           Notes to Vendors:
           Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                                      Page 3
Section Reference Requirement                                                                                            Priority Conforms
                                                                                                                          R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes
                       Specify who the account manager is for a member/customer and any other staff who may assist
                       with detailed inquiries                                                                             R
                       Quick for any staff manually add contacts to a interest group/marketing campaign when on the
                       phone                                                                                               R
                       Quick view of web site utilization and area's visited / interests                                   R
                       Ability to assign a family as an applicant waiting for a Playgroup                                  R

Events                 Plan and manage events                                                                              R
                       Ability to manage Venue facilities (contact details, availablity - days, times, cost)               R
                       Budget for expenses, income and tasks                                                               R
                       Direct entry of expenses and supplier invoices                                                      R
                       Attendee booking, confirmation and registration                                                     R
                       Point of sale accepting multiple forms of payment                                                   R
                       Send confirmation letters via post and or email                                                     R
                       Table allocation, seating and floor planning                                                        R
                       On-line booking and registration                                                                    R
                       Generate a purchase order/requisition                                                               R
                       Generate reports on attendees                                                                       R
                       Processing of payments through to general ledger                                                    R
                       Processing of payments but revenue to be directed to our existing financial system                  R

                       Maintains annual calander of events for events/training, resources, presenters, and facilities
                       Event planning integration with MS Project                                                          D

Campaigns              Ability to create and monitor campaigns as defined by an Administrator including both Statewide
                       campaigns and localised events / opportunities                                                      R
                       Create and track multi-channel campaigns utilising; print, telemarketing, email broadcasts and
                       mail                                                                                                R
                       Import and export information from/to mailing lists/ excel spreadsheets                             R
                       Interact with individual contacts                                                                   R
                       Create follow-up actions (tasks) and view from membership window                                    R
                       Report on status of campaign                                                                        R
                       Track effectiveness of campaign                                                                     R
                       Make everyone in your organisation a part of a marketing campaign                                   R
                       Quickly identify how many phone calls have been made in any given target group and view
                       outstanding contacts to be made                                                                     R
                       Assign a target group to any staff member and be able to change this quickly if needed              R
                       Bring contacts into a campaign from an external list and have it check against the database for
                       existing records                                                                                    R

Website content        Dynamic content delivered directly from the database                                                R
                       Content managed using a simple WYSIWYG editor                                                       R
                       Simple workflow to control publishing of content                                                    R
                       Retains old version of pages                                                                        R
                       Copy content fromMS word or edit in MS Word                                                         R
                       Automated web page error detection creating maintenance schedule for web master                     R

            Notes to Vendors:
            Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                                  Page 4
Section Reference Requirement                                                                                           Priority Conforms
                                                                                                                         R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes
                     Smart panels of information related to page                                                          R
                     Multiple channels page templates                                                                     R
                     Styles to control page authoring and resultant look and feel                                         R
                     Automated email notification                                                                         R
                     Subscribe to , email a friend, printer friendly                                                      R
                     Site search that considers Archived, removed, member only content                                    R
                     Polls and surveys                                                                                    R

Website Login        Members and or playgroup volunteer (as specified) can update details, review attendance lists,
                     create playgroup rolls, pay subscriptions either group or for member via mulitple options (Bpay,
                     credit card, direct debit with opportunity for periodic debting)                                     R
                     Register for training and events on line                                                             R
                     Purchase products on line                                                                            R
                     Purchase services on line                                                                            R
                     Subscriber services and alerts                                                                       R
                     Member only content                                                                                  R
                     Manage downloading PDF for member only services                                                      R

Surveys              Survey management system with simple GUI survey form design tool                                     R
                     Publish surveys from remote location                                                                 R
                     Survey statistics analysis and exporting to excel, PDF, Word and dta warehouse for analysis
                     results email to managers                                                                            R
                     Results uploaded into Corporate database and stored directly against member/non member or
                     person                                                                                               R
                     Workflow and tasks for sales people triggered by survey results                                      R

Forms Management     Simple forms design tool for creation of electronic forms to be used for staff processes,
                     members / non members through public web site                                                        R
                     Publish forms from remote location                                                                   R
                     Results uploaded into Corporate database and stored directly against member/non member or
                     person                                                                                               R
                     Workflow and automation deliver form the people in a chain of events that are defined within the
                     business process to which the form is related                                                        R
                     Form tracked through to where the business process is completed                                      R

Fund Raising         Ability to support Donors who are any member/non member or associates of the organisation
                     Confidential donation information can be restricted from being accessed by unauthorised staff
                     Ability to manage contact details from within fundraising                                            R
                     Define segmentation and demographic data in terms applicable to fund raising and in some
                     cases with diffferent interpretation to the membership objectives for segmentation                   R
                     Renewals, upgrading, reactivation prompts and giving levels                                          R
                     Campaign management and analysis                                                                     D
                     Donor clubs and societies                                                                            D
                     Event and activity management                                                                        D
                     Data and field validation                                                                            D
                     List management, data de-duping and cleaning                                                         D

          Notes to Vendors:
          Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                                   Page 5
Section Reference Requirement                                                                                                 Priority Conforms
                                                                                                                               R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes
                        Interfaces to member financial and merchant facilities - web                                            D
                        Retains history of contact including newsletter, reports, brochures, visits, telephone calls            D
                        Ability to extract lists for reporting and personalized correspondance                                  D
                        Import and export of data                                                                               D
                        Comprehensive reporting and querying                                                                    D

Donation processing Processing donations by telemarketers conducting outbound campaign
                        Processing receipts from payment received by post or electronic media                                   R
                        Ability to split gift amoungst multiple designated funds (with differing GL accounts)                   D
                        Ability to generate personalised thank you letters during processing                                    D
                        General Ledger codes linked to the type of donation, and transaction flow through to the
                        financials without further operator intervention                                                        D
                        Payments received appear on daily bank deposit along with other payments processed
                        throughout the organisation                                                                             R
                        Payments that are not processed due to insuuficinet funds reverse accounts and donation
                        information                                                                                             R
                        Support for direct bank or credit card deductions                                                       R

Donor management        Ability to define the donor characteristics including Income level, Interests, Potential pledge,
                        Cultivation status, Inhouse contact, last gift and history of giving, planned giving                    R
                        Record corporate data including region, interests, budget period, grants, deadlines                     D
                        Record follow up by donor set from within donor / payment processing                                    R
                        Fund raising through sponsorship                                                                        R

Subscriptions           Manages Subscriptions based on membership levels, agreements or services                                R
                        Bill another member for subscriptions of member                                                         R
                        Manage non-member service agreements                                                                    R
                        Bill subscriptions til the end of the membership year from the date of joining OR bill for a full
                        year from the date of joining                                                                           R
                        Complete automation of large volume subscriptions runs                                                  R
                        Ability to generate Member renewal runs as an emailed PDF with option to email playgroup
                        volunteer as cc                                                                                         R
                        If a subscription credit applies to a member the system to automatically apply the credit on the
                        next subs invoice.                                                                                      R
                        Organisational members could have access to products and services at a different price                  R
                        Handle essential processes in bulk eg. resignations, subscriptions, change of data                      R

Debt collection         Record notes and promises against invoices                                                              D
                        Customer can view account and re-print invoices from web site                                           R
                        Automatically enforce restriction of services for outstanding debt ie failure to return toys to Toy
                        Library                                                                                                 R

Financials              All systems including membership, training, events link directly with General Ledger                    R
                        Activity based costing for Training, events and projects                                                R
                        Print invoices directly, through MS word of PDF                                                         R
                        Email PDF invoices to multiple customers                                                                R
                        Accounts Receivable                                                                                     R
                        Cash book (Banking and Bank Reconcilliation)                                                            D

             Notes to Vendors:
             Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                                      Page 6
Section Reference Requirement                                                                                           Priority Conforms
                                                                                                                         R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes

Projects              Project costing, progressive billing                                                                D
                      Budget entry, P+L                                                                                   D
                      Time entry and recording notes to include on invoice                                                D
                      Flexible invoice layouts depending on nature of work                                                D
                      Direct integration to Financials                                                                    D

General               Modular design; allows your organisation to grow and leverage existing investments, without
                      disrupting operating environments                                                                   R
                      Easy to use                                                                                         R
                      Integration to existing financial system                                                            R
                      Web enabled; integration to your Web Site to facilitate eBusiness transactions                      R
                      Web enabled; integration to your Web site to manage content delivery directly from your
                      database                                                                                            R
                      Access the database from a remote location                                                          R
                      Integrates with third party reporting tools                                                         D
                      User level security within all applications                                                         R
                      Information is easy to get out of system                                                            R
                      Tight integration with MS office and Outlook                                                        R
                      Ability to define your own business rules                                                           R
                      Comprehensive set of standard reports provided                                                      R

Reporting (General)   The underlying system should provide a standard suite of reports covering base functionality of
                      the system, with the ability to select sort order and enter selection criteria at run time:
                      An integrated Reporting Tool that can be used to define their own reports and customise
                      existing reports, and place reports into the system menu and security structure                     R
                      Ability to email and export report results to MS Office applications                                R
                      Ability for playgroups or volunteers to access reports via website                                  R

Office Automation     The system should be able to share its data with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, in
Integration           particular Word and Excel                                                                           R
                      User should be able to send an email to a currently selected person, launching the user's MS
                      Outlook and profile from within the system                                                          R
                      The ability to generate mail merge form letters and communications using the system                 R

Workflow and Alerts   Workflow engine/platform integrated with the platform
                      Able to define events and data conditions that trigger the system to perform actions, update
                      data, generate reports                                                                              R
                      Use of email alerts, to designated users, in response to user-defined triggers                      R
                      Ability to define when email reminders should be sent in response to events or dates have been
                      passed                                                                                              R
                      Ability to escalate issues, follow-ups according to user-defined terms                              R

           Notes to Vendors:
           Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                                  Page 7
Section Reference Requirement                                             Priority Conforms
                                                                           R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes

         Notes to Vendors:
         Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                      Page 8
    Cell: C2
Comment: PRIORITY:
          R = Required - facility must be in system, either as standard functionality or customised feature
          D = Desired - facility should be in system, but suitable alternative or work around is acceptable
          N = Nice to have - useful additional capability but not critical to system acceptance

    Cell: D2
Comment: CONFORMS:
          F = Fully conforms - standard functionality and no modification necessary
          P = Partially conforms - standard functionality provides a degree of compliance with the requirement but needs some modification
          C = Not standard functionality - needs significant customisation to conform
          E = Not possible without extensive modification. Vendor's notes and or full response should document how they would meet the requirement
          NA = Not applicable, and vendor should state why their solution renders the requirement so.

             Notes to Vendors:
             Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                          Page 9
Appendix C: Technical Requirements
Section Reference Requirement                                                                                                    Priority Conforms
                                                                                                                                  R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes

Application Security    Use of application/module access needs to be tied to the user logon
                        External application access to data should be controlled through the Windows security
                        infrastructure                                                                                             R

Technical               Solution utilises Windows 2003 Server
Foundation                                                                                                                         R
                        System uses standard industry platforms including Microsoft Windows, .NET framework, XML
                        Web Services delivering a Service Oriented Architecture capable of running on windows, Unix
                        or Lynux machines                                                                                          R
                        The system should provide mechanisms for enabling and managing integration with other key
                        corporate systems including MYOB financials                                                                R

Customisation           Able to utilise standard industry development platforms including Java, XML user interface
                        design tools, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Progress ADM to customise the system                            R
                        N-tier application, allowing the differentiation between database layer, business logic layer and
                        user interface layer                                                                                       R
                        Customisation of user interfaces and business logic by authorised developers should be
                        possible in such a way as to not be compromised by future versions of the solution underlying
                        the system and customisation should be compatible with future versions of                                  R

Access Methods and The solution caters for the following classes/style of user access:
User Loads                                                                                                                         R
                    - Heavy/Full User                                                                                              R
                    - Occasional User                                                                                              R
                    - Enquiry/Read Only User                                                                                       R
                   Solution's client application component must be able to be run over the Internet, and support
                   remotely located users with minimal difference in performance to those directly attached to the
                   inhouse LAN                                                                                                     R
                   Availability of a portal/reduced functionality of modules/component of the solution suitable for
                   use by staff connecting remotely or to allow configuration of cut down versions for affiates or
                   volunteers                                                                                                      R

Future                  Highly scalable, able to be deployed for a small number of users initially to potentially exposing
Considerations          parts of the application to 1000's of users through on line interfaces or through the public
                        website                                                                                                    R
                        Solution should provide mechanisms for interfacing selected Customer data with systems at
                        external/partner organisations using industry standard XML                                                 R
                        Solution must be built on a service oriented architecture that will facilitate the integration of data
                        from other organisations or remotely connected devices and support the store and forward
                        messaging architecture required for this emerging environment.                                             R
                        Can the system integrate to external systems using XML Web Services                                        R
                        Security provisions should be in the underlying system to control information shared/integrated
                        with external users and systems                                                                            R

             Notes to Vendors:
             Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                                         Page 10
Section Reference Requirement                                             Priority Conforms
                                                                           R/D/N F/P/C/E/NA Response Notes

         Notes to Vendors:
         Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                      Page 11
    Cell: C2
Comment: PRIORITY:
          R = Required - facility must be in system, either as standard functionality or customised feature
          D = Desired - facility should be in system, but suitable alternative or work around is acceptable
          N = Nice to have - useful additional capability but not critical to system acceptance

    Cell: D2
Comment: CONFORMS:
          F = Fully conforms - standard functionality and no modification necessary
          P = Partially conforms - standard functionality provides a degree of compliance with the requirement but needs some modification
          C = Not standard functionality - needs significant customisation to conform
          E = Not possible without extensive modification. Vendor's notes and or full response should document how they would meet the requirement
          NA = Not applicable, and vendor should state why their solution renders the requirement so.

             Notes to Vendors:
             Refer to end page for comments on Priority and Conforms fields                                                                          Page 12
Processes used by the Organisation

                                     Comment   Playgroup   Family Mbr
MBR       New Member Entry                        Yes         Yes
          Renewal                                 Yes         Yes
          Re-Join                                 Yes         Yes
          Termination                             Yes         Yes
          Card issue                              No          Yes
          Card Re-issue                           No          Yes
Organisation Mbr
Finance Department - Requirements Session

Finance department is seeking general reforms to business processes that simplify and improve the effectiveness for

Dept:      Requirement
Membership Simplification of data entry for each of the
           stated "processes"

              Automation of document production at the
              end of each business process

              Card re-issue

              Lapsed Membership handled automatically

              Renewal notices sent automatically
          Subs / Renewal payment

          Reduced member fee promotions

          Member communications

Events    Event costing and Financial management

          Web and Back office prices

          Grants and Sponsored events
          Event history against member

          Event Pricing automatic

          Registration process

Reports   Aged trial balance (Debtors)
          Transaction history
          Email reminder of Overdue amount
          Daily transaction activity
ms to business processes that simplify and improve the effectiveness for processing from departmental activities.

           Expected outcome
           The process of entering a new member, renewal, join fee and the
           resulting financial transactions in Finance system is just one step
           All membership questions are entered from the one screen, and
           resulting finance transactions are calculated and created simultaneously

           Multiple payment methods available, including entry of credit card from
           completed form, entry of credit card for clearing with payment gateway
           "real time", send invoice for payment by cheque or Internet, or
           combinations of all the above on the same screen
           The software calculates the correct price based on type of member,
           join/renewal process, dates, and the time since membership lapsed

           Ability to adjust price in accordance with the above if the member holds
           a concession card
           Operators prevented from making an incorrect GL posting when
           entering transactions
           As the operator accepts the entry, the dates used for management of
           the membership (next renewal, paid to, subs year, with accural of next
           financial year amount in GL
           Ability to produce invoice using a predefined template that will be
           selected automatically for the process being performed.
           The ability to set up different templates for each process, and easily
           maintain these or add new templates using familiar technologies such
           as MS WORD
           Using these templates produce automated responses for Thankyou
           letters, promotional letters i.e. happy birthday emails to members and
           children, member pack, join / renewal is linked to the process being
           These automated responses will mail merge fields from the database
           and in particular the process into the template .
           Ability to define alternate layouts for email version of these templates,
           that also use mail merge and insert fields from the database that are
           used for that process
           Ability to send these as Email , Fax, Post
           Send as a PDF
           Ability to process a Card re-issue for $5 that created the corresponding
           sales transaction in Financials, re-issues the card, produces the correct
           template based document to accompany the card, in one step from a
           single data entry screen
           Records re-isssue of card against members history
           When entering renewal is subscription overdue by greater than the
           grace period allowed for this type of membership, the operator is
           prompted to "optionally" charge a rejoin fee
           If a rejoin fee is to be included, the rejoin fee income is apportioned to
           different GL Accounts to the renewal itself.
           The rejoin fee is added as a separate line item on the invoice
           Renewal sent on anniverary of joining
Renewal is a notice not an invoice, but template can be adjusted as
described above
Renewal is cc'd to relevant playgroup volunteer
Invoice and payment created as invoice entered
Payment is applied by the system against the freshly created invoice

Income from both web and Back office transactions all appear in the
same application "real time" as they are created
Finance can choose when batches of transactions are released into
Finance systems
Ability to identify source of a batch on transactions to an operator, and a
business function, by staff of on line
Ability to offer differing member rates, or in certain cases free
membership for specific promotions, that doesn’t distribute income to
the normal subscriptions GL accounts, but sends an agreed "fixed cost"
amount to another GL account for costing purposes.
Ability for member to choose how they will receive Renewals, Invoice
and other official documents such as statements through a Web form,
after login in the member only area of the website.

Control over which managers can set up an event and assign costing
Ability to set the MYOB Project code against an event
The MYOB project code to appear in transactional information passed
back to MYOB
Ability to pre-set which GL codes are used for Event income
Inability for operators to change the GL distribution once set
Abillity for event income to be distributed to differing GL accounts
depending on the type of activity
Both Web and back office event prices are drawn from the same place,
so once set up, the prices used by all sales channels are the same

Event funding invoiced and income assigned to project
Event history held against the member for enquiry, checking of payment
details, date, method and number of attendies, guests and special
One step entry of registration and payment details
Prices calculated aiutomatically based on number of attendies, options,
with manual override for special cases
Price selected based on event details, early bird, web based, date range
and or membership status
One step entry of registration and payment details, allows operator to
send invoice / confirmation letter that uses fields merged from the
database and the new registration as an MS Word document, PDF or

Replaces statement if email reminder is sent
Reports of daily activity from a dept or business area grough by internal
operators and on line transactions
ntal activities.
General Requirements Session

Dept:       Requirement                       Expected outcome

All         The operational steps for all     Operators can assist in data processing for
            "processes" is made consistent    other departments where needed
            across membership, accounts,
            events, grants, fundraising.

All         PDF is used for sending           A simple method is used to create and
            documents such as invoices and    maintain the PDF template, such as MS Word
            renewals                          or Convenient and user friendly XSL style
                                              sheet editor
                                              When this document refers to a PDF version
                                              of a document being sent it means that the
                                              production of the PDF, and the email of this
                                              PDF using a predefined email form will occur
                                              without additional keystrokes by the operator

All         Financial control                 All financial transactions created in
                                              subsiduary modules use access control to
                                              prevent operator from changing the GL codes
                                              All access control for GL posting is managed
                                              centrally by those with security access to the
                                              appropriate central set up area

                                              All set up for back office systems is the same
                                              as is used for Web transactions
            Credit card security              Protecting credit card details from
                                              unauthorized viewing by unauthorised staff
                                              On screen display of credit card masks some
                                              of the card number displayed
                                              Ability to search for a credit card payment by
                                              credit card, web or payment authorization
                                              number, then link that back to the actual
                                              batch or operator entry session

All         MYOB                              Simple MYOB export of transactional data
                                              Supports MYOB V18 (Accounting plus)
                                              Supports MYOB Premier (Future use)
All         Budget                            Ability to create an export of Membership
                                              income for a given transactional range for
                                              import into MYOB Budgets
Donations   On line form used for donations   Donations entered from the web remain
                                              unchanged and use existing form from
                                              existing provider
                                              Payments sent through payment gateway
                                              It would be nice to have ability for member to
                                              choose payment method and frequency for
                                              direct bank or credit card deduction
Events and Fundraising - Requirements Session

Section     Requirement
Art Union   Art Union Raffle management and
            auditing system

Forms       On line survey tool

Events      Ability to create events


            Information collection

            Table allocation


CRM        Basic information

Donations Donations from Web

Business   Bulk email
CMS      Content production

         Content manager


Web      Playgroup portal

         Board member portal

AWARDS   Awards process
Expected outcome                                                              Document
Custom built Art Union Ticket sales system to manage the sales of
tickets by Paygroup
Web based form to take Book order forms from Paygroups using                  AU01
Playgroup portal (after login)
Book orders collected in back office system collecting / displaying           AU00
the information currently recorded manually in excel
Playgroup Reconcilliation Form accessed by Playgroup through                  AU02
Portal, that allows the playgroup to nominate the person to whom the
tickets were sold(Not name is manually entered, not a lookup from
database. When add a new line copies details of last line entered to
make data entry quicker for multiple tickets from the same person)

Playgroup Licence summary report using current years book sales in AU03
format provided (Can be printed through MS Word or Excel)

Ability to offer raffle to non member groups

Allows simple construction of Survey using WYSIWYG editor
Surveys deployed in a simple one step process
Real time uploading of revelent survey responses into CRM (so in
cases where collecting prospect information, details and interests
are uploaded as prospects)
Segmentantion and Analysis tool for survey results

Events created and released for on line registration from back office
Members registering for event have registration recorded against
Non members have to provide name / address and contact details in
order to register
Ability to include a "tick and flick" box for registration to record that
person is willing to abide by "terms and conditions"
Ability to (without the assistance of a developer or HTML expert) add
additional forms and / or fields to the on line registration process
aimed at collecting additional information from the person
registering, that is required to retain a profile of interests against that
person within the CRM
Ability to not ask non member style questions if already a member or
vise versa
Collect specific interests from person as the register
Use survey and response forms to collect additional information from
person as they are communicated with before, during and after the
Use surveys to identify events and topics that were of benefit to the
Offer membership links within communications to non members
Offer services and donations within communications to all
Table allocation by host / guests
Ability to manage registrations when sold tickets
Export registrations to excel to allow a team of people to work on
table allocation and positioning
Track who purchased one of the available sponsorship packages

Ability to send confirmation email and / or SMS to those attending an
upcoming event
Ability to cancel a booking
Ability to refund a registration
System that manages people and customers without creating
duplicate data entry
Ability to link customers and contacts using multiple types of user
defined links
Ability to link / hyperlink through to other related data in the database

Ability to jump to other people based on their relationship
Email to / from customers from CRM
Sent email stored in Outlook sent folder
Read email uploaded from Outlook and pops up related customer

User defined fields against customers and people, that doesn’t
require a database administrator to maintain
Simple criteria based list generator (That ideally doesn’t require SQL
Web form to accept donations
Donations entered from backoffice or web are recorded in Customer
Donations from backoffice or web send financial data into Financial
Ability to pay a donations along with membership
Ability to alter the membership web join/renewal to purchase
membership and make a donation in the one transaction
Ability to create a "thankyou letter"
Ability to alter business rules so when donation over a set amount a
manager is advised to make personal contact
Retain records of amounts people give and when
Allow entry of and record histroy of split gifts/soft credits
Security on Donor information restricting access to personal details

Email bounce handler that will update the bounced emails in the
database automatically
Unsubscribe handler to update database directly when unsubscribe
through external bulk email service (i.e. Without need for an operator
to download CSV and update database directly)

Ability to personalise all outbound business communications to
include name / details from database
Communications associated with all process including but not limited
to donation responses, event attendance, via templates for
documents and email forms that are used by staff
Workflow control of content production / approval by channel, so
different staff members authorise content for their area
Any group of people can be assigned content creator status
Printer friendly pages
Email this page to a friend
Subscribe to this page
Polls facility with reporting on results available so it can combine
results with other data in CRM
Simple "subscribe to" button that captures name / address and type
of publication the person wishes to receive
A news publishing system that manages news content publishing,
segmentation, site access based on type of news and intended

Ability for playgroup volunteers to maintain a web site for playgroup,
which is actually a sub site of the main website
All new content of that sub site approved by Playgroup staff before
Allows playgroup to access members of that playgroup
Facilities to assist playgroup in the management of their own bank
account using the portal
Playgroup manager can maintain income / expenses budget and
actual from portal for thei bank reconcilliation
Portal allows playgroup volunteers to communicate with each other
through portal, and these communications recorded in the CRM

Ability to manage raffle booking , reconcilliation through portal
Facility for board members to have login access to manage personal
contacts through the CRM

Collection of names of nominees for awards
Facilities to assist with the management of awards presentation at
Wizard custom fields object inserted as
a page in wizard

Conditional branching in wizard
Do not need Corp accounts or
sponsorship, would be on using user
defined fields or services (if used)

Description: Free Invoice Creator document sample