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									   College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Bulletin                      Jan./Feb. 1998        Volume 23, No. 1

       B u l l e t i n
   College of Pharmacists of British Columbia                            Jan./Feb. 1998               Volume 23, No. 1

  Council to Address Results of                                                                   Published By:
  Pharmacy Tobacco Sales Survey                                                             College of Pharmacists
                                                                                              of British Columbia
    n October 1997, Council mailed an opinion survey on                                   #200 - 1765 West 8th Avenue

  I pharmacy tobacco sales to 2,990 members.     The response
                                                                                             Vancouver, BC V6J 1V8
                                                                                               Tel: (604) 733-2440
  rate to the survey was 55%, with 60% of respondents voting                                     (800) 663-1940
                                                                                               Fax: (604) 733-2493
  “Yes” and 40% voting “No” to the question, “Should the Council of the                          (800) 377-8129
  College seek amendments to The Pharmacists, Pharmacy Operations                           E-mail: cpbc@axionet.com

  and Drug Scheduling Act to prohibit the licensure of pharmacies within                        Managing Editor:
  retail operations which sell tobacco products from the same premises?”                     Linda Lytle, Registrar

  Council discussed the survey results at its November 21 meeting and             Your questions and comments about
  approved a motion to initiate steps to lead to the removal of tobacco           this Bulletin are welcome and may be
  products from premises where licensed pharmacies are located. A task            forwarded to the Registrar.

  force has been formed to develop options for the timing and scope of
  these actions, and will present them to the College Council at its Jan-
  uary meeting. The three College councillors appointed to the task force are Gordon Hawkins, Shawn Sandhu
  and Barbara Thompson. The B.C. Pharmacy Association was also invited to participate on the task force, with
  the following three people appointed: Gerry Martin, Ken McCartney and Jon Strom.

  Meeting Held with Health Minister
       elpful discussions were held in       the program. She was given a copy        ucts to support smoking cessa-
  H the mid-November meeting                 of the new Code of Ethics as well,       tion are soon to be or are non-
  with Health Minister Joy                   and indicated she was “pleased to        prescription items; the Minister
  MacPhail, College President                see that the College has reviewed        also noted pharmacists have a
  Henry Mah, Vice-president Bar-             this important area and is keeping       primary opportunity to provide
  bara Appleton, and Registrar               up to date.” The Minister also com-      smoking cessation counselling
  Linda Lytle. The Minister re-              mented that in her travels through-      and intervention.
  viewed the C.A.R.E. Program                out the province, she has observed                           (Continued on page 3)
  Guide, showing much interest in            increasing pharmacist accessibility.
                                             Other areas of discussion with the           Table of Contents
Word Watch Success                           Health Minister are outlined below        News Stories                           1-3
           This past fall, the B.C.          in italics, with her responses also
                                                                                       In Brief                                   3
            Supreme Court ruled in favour    noted.
            of a cease-and-desist order
           lodged by the College against
                                             B The College’s revised bylaw             Drug Updates                               3

                                                submission - the Ministry’s re-        Community Pharmacy Corner                  4
 a North Vancouver business, Quantum
                                                view process will be completed         Hospital Pharmacy Insights                 4
Life Energy Natural Farmacy and Clinic.
The Pharmacists, Pharmacy Operations            as soon as possible.                   From the Registrar                         5
and Drug Scheduling Act (Section 27(3))      B The urgency of national drug            What Went Wrong?                           5
clearly stipulates that “no person may          schedules - the Ministry will ex-
assume or use in any form, combination                                                  C.A.R.E. Program                          6
                                                pedite these.
                                             B Pharmacy tobacco sales
or manner the word ‘pharmacy’.”                                                        PharmaNet                                  7
The College has had six other similar                                                  People News                                8
                                                (indicated to be addressed in
cases where action has been initiated by
the College but retailers have voluntarily
                                                November Council meeting and           Plan to Attend                             8
changed their operating names.                  member opinion survey) - prod-         College Staff Contact List                 8

        Our Mission: Safe and Effective Pharmacy Practice Outcomes for the People of British Columbia.
              College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Bulletin                                Jan./Feb. 1998   Volume 23, No. 1

      Benefits of NAPRA
          he National Association of Phar-                 the member organizations, na-          B development of national stan-
      T macy Regulatory Authorities is                                              dards of competency and compe-
                                                           tionally and internationally
      the voluntary umbrella association 3. Provide a national information          tency assessment
      for Canada’s pharmacy regulatory
      authorities and is composed of rep-
                                             clearinghouse and resource cen-                      B
                                                                                    promotion of information ex-
                                             tre to member organizations.           change among provincial phar-
      resentatives from all provinces ex-                                           macy regulatory bodies.
      cept Quebec. Formed in 1995,         Among NAPRA’s goals are:
      NAPRA facilitates the activities of              B
                                             the development of national drug The value of NAPRA for all
                                                                                provinces is the pooling of re-
      the regulatory bodies in their ser-    schedule harmonization
                                                                                sources to achieve greater advances
      vice to the public. The Associa-
      tion’s mission is to:
                                             national standards of practice for in the profession than could be
                                             sale of prescription and non-      achieved independently. This year,
      1. Promote the harmonization of        prescription drugs                 NAPRA will operate on a per capita
         pharmacy legislation and stan-
         dards across Canada
                                             promotion of national licensing fee of $22 per each active member
                                             standards                          of participating provinces.
      2. Represent the public interests of
                                                                                              Methadone Solution
                                                                                              Assay Program
                                                                                                  harmacists involved in the
           Health Care Team Communication                                                     P Methadone Maintenance Program
    The College was recently informed of several cases where a prescriber was ex-             have indicated interest in having
    cluded from discussions when patients began to exhibit uncertainty about ob-              methadone solutions they prepare ana-
    taining needed prescription drugs. The patients did not follow through with ob-           lyzed for quality assurance purposes.
    taining their prescriptions because of the receipt of inappropriate and inade-            Therefore, the College will begin a
    quate information from the pharmacists.                                                   random collection of methadone solu-
    As part of the health care team concept, it is essential that professional commu-         tion samples which will be assayed in
    nication is conducted between pharmacists, physicians and patients when pa-               an analytical laboratory. When the as-
    tients’ situations require it. In such instances, pharmacists should make every           says are complete the pharmacy will
    effort to contact prescribers for further discussion, by calling during office hours,     receive a written report describing the
    paging or calling after office hours as the physician and urgency permit, or con-         findings. This program will provide
    ducting the needed follow-up the next day during office hours.                            information to assure pharmacists and
                                                                                              their patients that the methadone solu-
                                                                                              tions provided by community pharma-
                                                                                              cies are prepared accurately and are of
                                                                                              consistent quality.
      Veterinary Vaccines
           n Alberta-based main supplier of vet-                                B meeting clients face-to-face to discuss the vaccine
      Aerinary vaccines to pharmacies has                        and other needs of their pets
      been refusing to supply products, citing pressure from
      veterinary associations. In a letter to the College of
                                                                 administering the vaccine and completing other ex-
                                                                 aminations of the pets
      Pharmacists of B.C., the British Columbia Veterinary
      Medical Association clarified that it has had no in-                      B
                                                                 having comprehensive knowledge about vaccines
      volvement with any suppliers regarding these sales,        (e.g. side effects, storage).
      having neither the jurisdiction nor the desire to pro-  Veterinary medicine and pharmacy are allied profes-
      hibit the legal supply of veterinary vaccines to phar-  sions which have always worked together well, and
      macies.                                                 every effort should be made to continue this coopera-
      It would appear that veterinary associations are taking tive approach. Any pharmacists dispensing pet vac-
      action with suppliers to support the interests of their cines should ensure they are fully knowledgeable
      members, namely:                                        about vaccines and impart appropriate information to
                                                              clients about their pets’ vaccines.

  College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Bulletin                   Jan./Feb. 1998    Volume 23, No. 1

 (Continued from page 1)
 B The College’s efforts     to encour-
                                                                         In Brief
     age more pharmacies to provide
     methadone - the Minister was in-
                                              B Triplicate Prescription Form Changes
                                              Pharmacists are no longer required to submit the data entry copy of
     terested in issues related to            the Triplicate Prescription (TPP) form to Pharmacare. The form is
     pharmacy-based needle exchange           currently being reprinted and will consist of two copies only - one for
     programs and was alerted to the          the prescriber and one for the pharmacy.
     potential problems/concerns of
     pharmacists regarding this area of       Until all prescribers use the two-part form, pharmacy managers are
     pharmacy.                                asked to ensure the data entry copies are disposed of in accordance
                                              with College guidelines for the disposal of confidential patient docu-
                                              ments. The pharmacy copy of the triplicate form must still be re-
      Drug Updates                            tained by the pharmacy, per current procedures.
                                              B Obligations When Changing Insulin Brands or Devices
                                              Members are reminded that insulin is included on the College’s “List
                                              of Noninterchangeable Drugs,” which means pharmacists should not
♦ Vitamin and mineral products con-           be dispensing different manufacturers’ brands without obtaining pre-
  taining more than 1 gram of ele-            scribers’ approval. Pharmacists are obligated to advise a patient’s
  mental iron per container must be           practitioner when changes are made from syringe administration to
  sold from the no-public-access area of      pen administration of insulin.
  pharmacies. Examples of products
  which are sometimes found stocked in        B Emergency Contraceptive Pills
  error outside the dispensary are: One A     A Patient Information Sheet is normally distributed with oral contra-
  Day Advance Adults (90 size), One A         ceptives. The sheet is not required when the medications are dis-
  Day Advance Adults 50 Plus (90 size),       pensed for emergency contraceptive use (i.e. two doses at once, fol-
              ®                          ®
  One A Day Advance Fem, Centrum
                             ®                lowed by two doses later) as the information is not appropriate for
  130 bonus pack, Centrum Forte 130
  bonus pack, Stresstabs with Iron, and
                                              this use.
  various generic brands. Pharmacists
  should check their iron-containing stock
                                              B Facsimile Transmission of Orders
                                              The College is still awaiting federal approval for pharmacists’ fac-
  routinely, and ensure their merchandis-
  ing staff is aware of the restriction.
                                              simile transmission of orders to licensed dealers. Members will be
                                              notified and given guidelines when this practice becomes legal.
♦ Orphenadrine (e.g. Norlfex ) is

  scheduled as A-3-2, and must be sold        B Access to Member Database Granted
  from the no-public-access area of phar-     College Council has approved access by the B.C. Branch of the
  macies with appropriate pharmacist          Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists to contact information for
  contact.                                    pharmacists in Districts 6 and 7. This will ensure these members are
♦ Kwellada with lindane, from Reed
                                              aware of the Branch’s various support services for helping maintain
  and Carnrick, has been reformulated to      and enhance hospital pharmacists’ practice.
  Kwellada-P , containing permethrin.
♦ Two laxatives, Doss , manufactured by
                           ®                  B Pharmacy Service Over the Holiday Season
  SmithKline Beecham Pharma, and Reg-
                                              In response to consumer concerns, the College and pharmacies
  ulex -D, manufactured by Whitehall-         throughout the province coordinated efforts to provide service to the
  Robins, have been pulled from the mar-      public on Christmas and New Years Day. Thanks to the participation
  ket after the federal health department     of over 400 pharmacies, the College was able to prepare lists of open
  learned the active ingredient in them       pharmacies by geographic area and distribute them to all pharmacies.
  may damage chromosomes and cause            Pharmacies closed on the two holidays were still able to indirectly
  cancer. Both products contain a drug        assist their patients by posting the lists of nearby open pharmacies on
  called danthron, an animal genotoxic        their front doors. This approach worked well, and with the continued
  carcinogen posing a potential risk to hu-   involvement of members, will be conducted again next year.
  mans that outweighs its medical bene-
  fits. Both manufacturers have voluntar-     B Revised “Rules of the College”
  ily withdrawn their products.               The complete revision of the “Rules of the College” is enclosed with
                                              this Bulletin mailing.
             College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Bulletin                                Jan./Feb. 1998    Volume 23, No. 1

                              Community                                                           Hospital Pharmacy
                           Pharmacy Corner                                                             Insights

                                                                                                      number of patient confidential-
    The following article appeared in the November/December 1997 Bulletin. During
    editing, the meaning of several sections was altered. The article is reprinted below
                                                                                                  A ity and ethical issues arise when
                                                                                                  hospital staff discover materials in a
    with these sections rewritten for greater clarity.
                                                                                                  patient’s possession or hospital
                                                                                                  room which are suspected to be il-
                                Accountability Procedures
                                                                                                  licit drugs. If handled carelessly,
    Accountability requirements have been in place for some years. New prescriptions              possession of these materials could
    must be hand-initialed by the pharmacist responsible for dispensing them; repeat pre-         expose hospital staff to the possible
    scriptions must be hand-initialed in some form of log by the pharmacist who received          risk of criminal charges for posses-
    the refill authorizations, and by the pharmacist responsible for dispensing them.
                                                                                                  sion or trafficking.
    However, as many pharmacists have pointed out, the term “dispense” includes the
    monitoring of the profile, the final check of the filled prescription and the pharmacist/
                                                                                                  The preferred method to handle
    patient dialogue. These steps are often not carried out by the same pharmacist.               found materials is:
    The Community Pharmacy Practice Committee offers the following suggestions for                B With a witness, the staff person
    pharmacists to meet their accountability obligation:                                             who finds the suspected illicit
                                                                                                     substance should place it in a
    The pharmacist responsible for the monitoring of the profile:
                                                                                                     bag. The bag should be sealed
        There must be indisputable identification of the pharmacist monitoring the profile           and both staff should sign it.
                                                                                                  B Label the bag with the date and a
        and DUE messages for both new and repeat prescriptions either electronically or
        by handwritten initials. It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure a policy is in
        place whereby one of these options is used.                                                  factual notation that describes
        If there is any concern that pharmacists codes are known to others and could be
                                                                                                     the material (e.g. “green plant
        used whether or not the pharmacist was directly involved in the monitoring, a                material,” “unidentified white
        hand-initialed system must be used.                                                          powder,” “found substance”).
                                                                                                     Do not speculate on the label
    The pharmacist responsible for checking the final product:
                                                                                                     about the possible chemical con-
        Handwritten initials for both new and refill prescriptions, and for balances dis-            tent of the material.
        pensed are required.
    Examples of procedures in place in pharmacies for these two functions include:
                                                                                                  B For hospital staff safety and ac-
                                                                                                     countability, ensure there is a
        a) There is a policy that the monitoring pharmacist’s handwritten initials are al-           tracking mechanism (or form) in
        ways entered in a particular location on the prescription, and that the checking             place so the material is signed
        pharmacist’s handwritten initials are always entered on a second location on the             for if it is transferred from one
        prescription. A similar policy is in place for the refill log entries.                       staff member to another person.
        b) There is a policy that the pharmacist monitoring the profile writes his or her
        initials, followed by a slash; the pharmacist responsible for the final check enters
                                                                                                  B At the earliest opportunity, the
                                                                                                     material should be turned over to
        his or her initials after the slash mark. Never enter initials without the
        appropriately-placed slash mark clearly identifying which action or actions the
                                                                                                     local police for destruction or
        initials refer to.                                                                           disposal. Depending on hospital
                                                                                                     policy, the material should be
    The pharmacist responsible for the pharmacist/patient dialogue:
                                                                                                     stored in the ward or pharmacy
        A log of this information represents some logistical problems, as the prescription           narcotic cabinet until police ar-
        may not be picked up immediately. The Committee would appreciate hearing                     rive.
        from pharmacists who have developed systems which are as efficient as possible
        and which allow for the retrieval of the information easily at a later date, should       B Since the material has not been
        it be required. Ideas may be directed to the Community Pharmacy Practice Com-                chemically identified or quanti-
        mittee, c/o the College office.                                                              fied, do not enter it into the phar-
                                                                                                     macy narcotic records.

College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Bulletin                           Jan./Feb. 1998       Volume 23, No. 1

From the Registrar
     n behalf of the College staff, I would like to thank “This is a dumb question.” My response is, “There’s
O pharmacists for their involvement and support of        no such thing as a dumb question. It is better to clar-
College programs this past year. The development of ify a matter before going down the wrong path.”
projects to fulfil the Council’s goals is enhanced by     We have established toll-free telephone and fax num-
the involvement of College members, either as com- bers, and we are seeing more use of our e-mail ad-
mittee participants or as independent contributors.       dress. We usually receive between 30 and 40 calls
One of my primary goals is to encourage member                  daily, and we have a staff rotation system to ensure
contact with the College office. We are emphasizing             the availability of a pharmacist information officer
consultative services and setting up systems to make            each day. Your calls are helpful to us, since they keep
it easy and comfortable for you to call us to clarify           us up to date on the issues of the day. If we receive a
legislation, practice standards and Council policy po-          flurry of calls on a particular issue, we have the op-
sitions. Callers often begin their queries by saying,           portunity to take quicker steps to address the problem.

                                            What Went Wrong

     The following incidents highlight reports received and investigated by the Inquiry
     Committee. This information is provided to help all pharmacists reflect on their own
     practice and take steps to ensure that similar incidents will not occur in their setting.

                                                                                          solution 5 mg/mL, 2 mL every four
  Sound-Alike, Look-Alike Drugs             Expired Drugs Dispensed
   ♦ A prescription for azithromycin 250     ♦ A prescription for cefaclor suspen-        hours by mouth, was labelled with
     mg, two tablets immediately, then          sion was dispensed with medica-           the directions to take two (5 mL)
     one tablet daily for 10 days, was          tion that expired one month before        teaspoonfuls every four hours. The
     labelled and dispensed as ery-             the prescription was dispensed.           patient took a number of 10 mL
     thromycin.                                                                           doses and experienced nausea and
                                             ♦ A prescription for oral contracep-         dizziness.
   ♦ There have been two separate in-          tives was dispensed with medica-
                                                                                      ♦ A prescription for Pred-Forte eye
     stances of prescriptions for Cylert       tion that expired 10 months before
     37.5 mg being incorrectly refilled        the prescription was dispensed.          drops was dispensed incorrectly
     with Effexor 37.5 mg. The pa-                                                      with pilocarpine. The patient ex-
     tients reported that because Ef-       Lack of Privacy                             perienced discomfort from using
     fexor is imprinted with the number      ♦ A patient receiving a prescription       the pilocarpine on an hourly basis.
     37.5, they thought it was the cor-         for a cholesterol-lowering agent      ♦ A prescription for warfarin 1 mg
     rect medication and took a number          expressed her concern that the          tablets was dispensed with war-
     of doses before experiencing ad-           pharmacist made comments about          farin 5 mg tablets (labelled as 1 mg
     verse effects and contacting the           lifestyle issues related to eating      tablets).
     pharmacy.                                  less and exercising more in a man-
                                                ner that enabled others near the     Failure to Review a Patient
   ♦ A verbal prescription for divalproex       dispensary to hear.                  Profile
     750 mg twice a day was tran-                                                     ♦ A prescription for four Bricanyl

     scribed, labelled and dispensed as      ♦ A patient expressed his concern                                           ®
                                               that details about his prescription        Turbuhalers and two Pulmicort
     venlafaxine 75 mg twice a day.                        ®                              Turbuhalers was dispensed one
                                               for Zovirax cream were discussed
   ♦ A prescription for clomiphene 50          in a voice loud enough for others          day after the same medications
     mg daily on days 5 to 9, was la-          near the dispensary to hear.               were refilled at another pharmacy.
     belled and dispensed as                                                          ♦ A prescription for Tylenol No.3

     clomipramine. This error was re-       Wrong Drug                                  was entered on the wrong pa-
     peated on two subsequent refills.       ♦ A prescription for cotrimoxazole         tient’s profile. The label had the
   ♦ A prescription for Negram 500 mg
                                               was incorrectly dispensed with           wrong patient name on it.
     four times a day was labelled and         cotrimoxazole DS. The patient no-
                                               ticed the discrepancy before taking    ♦ The local computer medication pro-
     dispensed as naproxen 500 mg                                                       file for a patient contained deroga-
     four times a day.                         any of the incorrect medication.
                                                                                        tory comments about the patient’s
                                             ♦ A prescription for morphine oral         demeanor.

             College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Bulletin                   Jan./Feb. 1998      Volume 23, No. 1

          he pilot phase of the C.A.R.E.                                               the B.C. Branch of the Canadian
      T Program is continuing until                                                    Society of Hospital Pharmacists
         June 1998. The project is           pharmacists. Assuming that all four       were invited to appoint Ombuds-
      meeting the strict timeline and        tools meet the evaluation standards,      man Observers to the C.A.R.E.
      budget expectations of the College     pharmacists will be offered a choice      Committee and its subcommittees
      Council. Several questions and         when the design of the program is         (one for each of the four assessment
      concerns have arisen from mem-         finalized.                                tools). The BCPhA has named the
      bers, and the following points are     For each assessment cycle, individ-       following appointees: Jay Ross, Ted
      noted for clarification purposes.      ual pharmacists will be able to           Koelewyn, Tammy Toriglia, Geoff
                                             choose from among the available           Squires and Roy Scherrer. The
      A primary objective of the                                                       B.C. Branch of CSHP has ap-
      program is to provide a choice         assessment tool options. When the
                                             final version of the program is ap-       pointed Rubina Sunderji to the
      of assessment tools for
                                             proved, it is not contemplated that        C.A.R.E. Committee.
      The four assessment tools cur-         College staff will direct an individ-     Sample Professional Portfolio
      rently under consideration during      ual pharmacist to use a certain as-       confidentiality situation resolved.
      the pilot phase of the C.A.R.E.        sessment tool for the initial identifi-Last fall, College members were
      Program are the:                       cation of learning needs. During       contacted by mail to request the re-
      B     Knowledge Assessment
                                             the pilot, it may become apparent
                                             that some tools are more useful or
                                                                                    turn of two pages from the sample
      B     Structured Performance           feasible than others in certain cir-
                                                                                    Professional Portfolio in the
                                                                                      C.A.R.E. Program Guide. Patient
            Assessment                       cumstances.                            names had been inadvertently re-
      B     Practice Review / Audit
                                              The current pilot phase of the
                                                                                    tained on the two pages, and expert
      B     Professional Portfolio             C.A.R.E. Program is voluntary.       advice provided to the Council indi-
                                                                                    cated that the materials should be
        It is the intent of the Council, com- Pharmacists who have signed up for retrieved. College members have
        mittee volunteers and staff that      the pilot phase of the program and
                                              who now find they do not wish to      criticized the tone of the letter and
        each of the four assessment tools
        be evaluated for reliability, valid-  proceed are free to discontinue their the absence of detailed information
                                                                                    about the reasons for the recall.
        ity, feasibility and acceptability by involvement with the pilot phase at
                                              any time. They will not be part of The Registrar, along with represen-
                                              the program acceptability survey      tatives from the hospital whose
          Apotex / PACE’s                     scheduled for the summer of 1998. records were used, met with the
     educational grants                       They will be included in the early    families of the two patients. After
              appreciated                     groups to be assessed once the pro- hearing about the sequence of
               The College of Pharmacists of  gram is finalized by Council in the events, the families indicated their
               British Columbia would like to fall of 1998.                         satisfaction with the steps taken by
               gratefully acknowledge the
               support received from Apotex / Pharmacists who want to continue the College to correct the situation.
    PACE in the publication, distribution and their involvement in the pilot phase One family specifically requested
                                              but who need deadline extensions      that no punitive action be taken
    presentation of the written modules and
    workshop programs for the C.A.R.E.        are welcome to contact the College against the involved pharmacists. It
    Program. With the instructional portion   office to make the necessary ar-      is unfortunate that the timing of the
    of the program completed, our partner-    rangements.                           visits to the families was not within
    ship with Apotex / PACE on this educa-                                          the control of the College, and a
    tional project has concluded. Without     Ombudsman Observers                   conservative approach was thus rec-
    the support of Apotex / PACE and its      appointed to C.A.R.E.                 ommended by legal counsel. Phar-
    continued commitment to educational       Committee and subcommittees.          macists who wish to discuss further
    initiatives for pharmacists across        In response to expressed concerns details of the incident are welcome
    Canada, the educational process for the   about the practicality of some of the to contact Registrar Linda Lytle at
    pharmacists of British Columbia which     assessment tools and other issues, the College office.
    was undertaken by our College would       the B.C. Pharmacy Association and
    not have been possible.

College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Bulletin                  Jan./Feb. 1998     Volume 23, No. 1

Changes to Drug                                                               Upgrades to
Strengths                              longer be included in DUE check-
                                                                              Pharmacy Software
Returned by                            ing performed by PharmaNet. In            he HealthNet/B.C. Professional
PharmaNet                              reviewing this decision, it was        T and Software Compliance Stan-
                                       noted that approximately 30% of all    dards, jointly authored by the Col-
    ffective 1 December 1997,
E   First DataBank began to stan-
                                       Duplicate Ingredient/Duplicate
                                       Therapy messages returned to phar-
                                                                              lege of Pharmacists and the Min-
                                                                              istry of Health, require that all
dardize how “units” are displayed
                                       macies are generated due to            software vendors contact the
in the drug strength field. As a re-
                                       methadone. In anticipation of this     HealthNet/B.C. Quality Assurance
sult, pharmacists are seeing drug
                                       change, the College will be devel-     Administrator prior to the release
strengths expressed as “units” on
                                       oping an education package related     of any software upgrades to users.
PharmaNet patient records dis-
                                       to significant drug interactions and   The purpose of this contact is to
played as followed:
                                       monitoring criteria for methadone      determine whether or not a com-
B Singles, tens and hundreds are       which will be distributed to all       pliance evaluation is required. The
   listed out (e.g. Novolin GE         pharmacies.                            requirement for a compliance eval-
   NPH 100u/ml)                                                               uation is based on the type and ex-
                                       The second change relates specifi-
B Thousands are expressed in           cally to the Duplicate Ingredient/     tent of changes to the PharmaNet
   MU’s (e.g. Ostoforte 50,000u is     Duplicate Therapy checking. Cur-       functionality.
   “Ostoforte 50mu” cap)               rently, PharmaNet adds a ten-day       The bylaws to the Pharmacists,
B Millions are expressed in            tolerance to the expiry date of a      Pharmacy Operations and Drug
   MMU’s (e.g. Intron A                prescription in order to account for   Scheduling Act state “the phar-
   3,000,000u is “Intron A             noncompliance and washout issues       macy manager and the pharmacy
   3MMU” vial)                         for the purposes of this DUE check.    owner must equip the pharmacy
B Billions are expressed as BU’s.      With the proposed change, only a
                                       three-day tolerance will be added to
                                                                              with an in-pharmacy system which
                                                                              meets the requirements set out in
Changes to Drug                        the expiry date. That means that a     the current PharmaNet Compli-
                                       100-day supply of any drug, for ex-    ance Standards.”
Utilization                            ample, will remain active on the
Evaluation                                                                    It has recently come to the atten-
                                       PharmaNet record for the purposes      tion of the College that some phar-
   he PharmaNet Users Group has        of duplicate checking for 103 days     macy software vendors are provid-
T been actively reviewing the          instead of 110 days.                   ing noncompliant versions of phar-
DUE functionality on PharmaNet         The date for implementation of         macy software to users. Pharmacy
in an attempt to ensure that the       both of these changes is expected to   managers are encouraged to verify
messages returned to pharmacists       be early in 1998. Please contact the   with their software vendor that the
are meaningful. At a recent meet-      PharmaNet Coordinator at the Col-      new release is PharmaNet compli-
ing, two changes were proposed.        lege with any concerns or com-         ant. If this is not possible, please
Methadone (PIN 999792) will no         ments regarding these changes.         contact the PharmaNet Coordina-
                                                                              tor at the College.

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                                         College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Bulletin                                Jan./Feb. 1998        Volume 23, No. 1

                                    College Staff                                                               People News
                                     Contact List
                                      (* Indicates part-time staff)             Ext.
                                                                                       Announcements                             starting a syringe disposal pro-
                                                                                       Council is pleased to announce the        gram in the West Kootenay.
                            Reception                                           200
                                                                                       following appointments:
                                                                                                                             B Roy Huston, owner and phar-
                                                                                       B Melissa Haynes, as a member
                            Amin Bardai*                                        400
                            Internship Program Site Coordinator
                                                                                                                                 macist at Medical Tower Drugs
                            Yvonne Beavington                                   200      of the College’s Board of Exam-         in Abbotsford, received a Cer-
                            Senior Receptionist
                                                                                         iners.                                  tificate of Appreciation from the
                            Sharon Clark
                            Hospital Pharmacy Practice Consultant / Inspector
                                                                                       B Linda Lytle, as a member of             Palliative Care Committee at
                                                                                         the Board of Directors of the           MSA General Hospital for his
                            Traci Deman                                         220
                            Executive Assistant                                          Canadian Foundation for Phar-           donation of time, advice and
                            Elsie Farkas                                        242      macy.                                   support to the Abbotsford Pal-
                            Registration Secretary
                                                                                       B Ed Maydaniuk, as Chair of the           liative Care Program.
                            Julie Ford*
                            Community Pharmacy Practice Consultant /
                                                                                         Community Pharmacy Practice         B The B.C. Branch of the Cana-
                            Inspector - District 5                                       Committee.                              dian Society of Hospital Phar-
                            Marge Gardner
                            Administrative Manager
                                                                                       B Mits Miyata, as the College’s           macists presented the following
                                                                                                                                 awards for 1997:
                                                                                         representative to the Pharmacy
                            Sharon Kerr                                         239                                                Glen Brown
                            Professional Development Liaison Officer                     Examining Board of Canada for
                                                                                                                                   Distinguished Service Award
                            Lorraine Kerrigan                                   212      another three-year term.
                            Administrative Secretary
                                                                                       B Brenda Osmond, as the Col-                James Conklin, Annabel Wee
                                                                                                                                   Hoechst Marion Roussel Residency
                            Doreen Leong*                                       203
                            Assistant PharmaNet Coordinator
                                                                                         lege’s representative to the              Projects Award
                                                                                         HealthNet Working Group for               Victoria Cox
                            Linda Lytle                                         201
                            Registrar                                                    Medical Practitioners.                    Hoffman-La Roche Residency Award
                            Email: ljlytle@bcsc02.gov.bc.ca

                            Sharon McLachlan                                    241
                                                                                       B Rubina Sunderji, as the Col-              Carlo Marra, Fawziah Marra,
                                                                                         lege’s representative to the              David Patrick
                            Assessment Programs Assistant
                                                                                                                                   B.C. Branch Publication Award
                            Email: cpbc@axionet.com                                      Therapeutic Initiative’s Scien-
                            Margaret McLean                                     235      tific Information and Education           Peter Zed
                            Community Pharmacy Practice Consultant /                     Committee.                                Pharm.D. Award
                            Inspector - Districts 1, 2 and 3
                                                                                                                                 At the Branch’s November
                            Heather Murphy                                      211    Achievements
                            Junior Receptionist
                                                                                       B Erica Gregory, Trail Safeway            AGM, Carlo Marra was
                                                                                                                                 elected President for 1998.
                            Brenda Osmond                                       202      Pharmacy Manager, received
                            Director, Professional Conduct Review Program
                                                                                         the Commitment to Care Honor- In Memoriam
                            Email: blosmond@bcsc02.gov.bc.ca

                            Carol O’Byrne                                       240
                                                                                         able Mention Award for Health    Council regrets the passing of
                            Director, Assessment Programs                                Promotion, presented by Phar-    member and former Councillor
                            Email: cpbc@axionet.com
                                                                                         macy Practice Magazine for       Lorne Snook of Kelowna.
                            Melva Peters                                        223
                            PharmaNet Coordinator
                            Email: mmpeters@bcsc02.gov.bc.ca

                            Neetika Sethi                                       214                          Plan to Attend

                            Regan Ready*
                            Community Pharmacy Practice Consultant /
                                                                                       B Council Meetings                      B 11th National Oncology
                            Inspector - District 4                                     Friday, 27 March 1998                       Pharmacy Symposium
                            Email: reganr@ibm.net
                                                                                                                               Montreal - Saturday, 2 May 1998
                            Lynn Taylor                                         219
                                                                                       Friday and Saturday, 12-13 June
                                                                                                                               Contact: Tel. (403) 432-8406,
                            Administrative Assistant                                   1998
                                                                                                                               Fax (403) 432-8407
                            Rick Thomas                                         236
                                                                                       B Annual Meeting
Printed on Recycled Paper

                             C.A.R.E. Program Assistant Coordinator
                            Email: cpbc@axionet.com                                    Saturday, 13 June 1998

                                    The Bulletin newsletter provides important College and pharmacy practice information. All pharmacists are expected to be aware of
                                    these matters. Licensed pharmacies must have the last three years of Bulletin issues on file as per reference library requirements.

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