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					     Pakistan and the MDBs: Project Summary Table # 5 of Active and Planned MDB Investments 1
The following tables are organized by sector and provide a brief description of each project in Pakistan that is currently under
consideration for financing (PROPOSED) or active (APPROVED) by the MDBs. All proposed projects are listed first, followed by
approved projects. Project descriptions are paraphrased directly from MDB websites and project related documents. Some projects
under preparation may not be included if they are not yet publicly posted by the MDBs.

Table 1. Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry Sector.
    Project Name             Timeframe/Amount/                                MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                                 Information
                           Environmental Category
                                                                              World Bank
Balochistan Small          PROPOSE D                         The overall development objective is to help the Baloc histan Province              Projectid=P089378
Scale Irrigation           Estimated Date of                 better manage its scarce water resources for rural development and                  Cont act: Manuel
Project                    Negotiation: March 19, 2007       poverty reduction through: (a) restoring and increasing water storage; (b)          Contijoch Escontria,
                           Amount: $20 m                     increasing water productivity through a combination of engineering,                 mescontia@worldbank.o
                           (IDA=$20m)                        management and agricultural measures; and (c) building the local capacity           rg
                           Environment Category: B           and formulating a plan for sustainable surface and ground water resources           Executing Agency:
                                                             development and watershed management                                                Balochistan Irrigation
                                                                                                                                                 and Power Department

Sindh Water Sector                                           The project aims to improve wat er productivity through the pursuit of a            Project ID: P084302
Improvement                PROPOSE D                         reform agenda and required investments leading to a better management               Bank Team Leader:
                           Discussion was scheduled          system that links the canal command areas, the distributary, and the                Masood Ahmad,
                           on Oct 26, 2006                   watercourse level. Project interventions would: (a) define and implement            mahmad@worldbank.or
                           Amount: $140 million (IDA)        an enforceable water rights system among users, (b) devolve                         g

  This list covers active and proposed projects up to December 2006. Visit and ADB Pakistan webpage for a complete list of current and
proposed Bank projects. For an explanation of ADB Technical Assistance categories, see: The proposed World Ban k pro jects are
sourced fro m World Bank Monthly Operational Su mmary, South Asia Region, December 2006 ( Acronyms: IBRD=International Bank for
Reconstruction and Development, IDA=International Development Association, TA=technical assistance, AOTA=Advisory and Operational Technical Assistance,
PPTA=Project Preparatory Technical Assistance, ADF= Asian Develop ment Fu nd, OCR= Ord inary Cap ital Resources, TBD=To Be Determined.
  The bolded Environmental category ‘A’ projects are important to monitor as category ‘A’ means that the project may have significant environmental impacts. They
require a full Environ mental Impact Assessment (EIA ). Category ‘B’ projects are expected to have limited environ mental impacts. Thus, an in itial environmental
examination (IEE) is required to determine whether or not significant environmental impacts warranting an EIA are likely. If an EIA is not needed, the IEE is regarded
as the final environmental assessment report. The category ‘C’ projects are unlikely to have adverse environmental impacts. No EIA or IEE is required, although
environmental imp lications are still reviewed. No environ mental analysis is required for F1 (financial intermediary), and U (structural adjustment) projects .
                         Environmental Category: B      responsibility for water management, and (c) improve the reliability,            Executing Agency:
                                                        efficiency and equity of wat er distribution among the agricultural users.       Sindh Irrigation &
                                                                                                                                         Drainage Authority

                                                        The project aims to prevent the failure of the Taunsa Barrage that provides      Project ID=P088994
                                                        irrigation for 2 million acres and drinking water in the rural areas of          Cont act: Bank Team
                         APPROVED: March 15,            Southern P unjab. project components are: (a) rehabilitation and                 Leader:
Taunsa B arrages
                         2005                           strengthening the Taunsa Barrage and associated structures, (b)                  Xiaokai Li,
                         Closing Date: Dec 31, 2008     renovation of the electro-mechanical facilities, and (c) improving operation
Rehabilitation and
                         Amount: total $ 150 million    and maintenance and emergency preparedness.                                      Executing Agency:
Modernization Project
                         (IB RD + IDA= $ 123 million)                                                                                    Punjab Provincial Govt
                         Environment Category: B

                                                        The P unjab Irrigation Sector Development Policy Loan for Pakistan will          Project ID=P096962
                         CLOSE D                        provide financing to t he Government of Punjab, which has embarked on a          Bank Team leader:
                         Approved: June 1, 2006         major reform agenda to improve fiscal management and service delivery.           Manuel Contijoch
Punjab-Irrigation        Closing date: June 30, 2007    The key elements of the reform program are: (a) public finance reforms to        Escontria,
Sector Developm ent      Amount: $ 100m (IBRD)          increase public spending and its efficiency for key priority sectors, while      mescontria@worldbank.
Policy Loan              Environmental category:        ensuring fiscal sustainability; (b) reforms that strengthen devolution and       org
                         N/A                            service delivery; and (c) reforms that improve the fiduciary and                 Executing Agency:
                                                        governance environment                                                           Punjab Irrigation and
                                                                                                                                         Power Department
                                                               Asian Development Bank
Balochistan Water       PROPOSE D                       The project will raise farm inc omes and enhance resilience to periods of        LOAN 34335013
Resources and           EST Board Approval: 2007        drought through investments in irrigation infrastructure and rural access        Bank Team Leader:
Rural Infrastructure    Amount: $ 121.33m (ADF -        roads in 12 of the poorer districts of Balochistan province.                     Paul J. Heytens,
Development             $85m)                                                                                                            pheytens
(formerly               Environmental category: B                                                                                        Executing Agency:
Balochistan Rural                                                                                                                        Irrigation and Power
Dev and Drought                                                                                                                          development
Sindh Coastal           PROPOSE D                       The overall project impact is income and government service access               LOAN: 37188013
Community               Board Circulation Completed:    increases for poor households in Sindh P rovince. The outcome is                 Bank Team Leader:
Development Project     Dec 21, 2006                    improved ecologically sustainable income and access to public services           Harriet (Betty) Wilkinson,
(formerly Sindh         Amount: $ 36 m                  for poor residents in the eight coastal talukas (sub -districts) of Thatta and
Coastal and Inland      Environmental category: B       Badin districts.                                                                 Executing Agency:
Community                                                                                                                                Coastal Development
Development)                                                                                                                             Authority (CDA)
                             PROPOSE D                           The key development objective of the project is to improve the productive              LOAN 33268-01
                             Loan Approval date: April 25,       potential of selected waters heds and their associated natural resource                Bank Team Leader: S.
                             2006                                base. An associated objective is to strengthen the capacity of the                     Ranawana,
FATA Rural                   Amount: $ 60m (ADF - $42m)          communities in the project area for participatory involvement in planning,   
Development Project          Environmental category: B           implementation, social, and environmental management, maint enance of                  Executing Agency:
                                                                 assets emanating from local development programs etc.                                  Ministry of Kashmir
                                                                                                                                                        Affairs and Northern
                                                                 The TA aims to prepare an int egrated irrigation rehabilitation project that           PPTA: PAK 37231-01
                             PROPOSE D                           addresses head works, barrages, field channels, on-farm water                          Cont act: Thomas Robert
Punjab Irrigated              October 20, 2004                   management activities, drainage, and groundwat er. The TA will include                 Panella,
Agriculture                  Amount: $ 595,000.00                sector analysis, development of institutional reform options , technical     
Development Sector           Environmental Category:             studies and designs, creation of capacity development programs, and                    Executing Agency :
                             TB D                                development of detailed TOR for ensuing project activities.                            Ministry of Water &
                             TA APPROVE D: June 16,              The TA will prepare a sector-like project to increase social and economic              PPTA 39364-012
                             2006                                development of the rural population in Barani areas of North-West Frontier             Bank Team leader:
Community Water
                             Amount: $ 900,000.00 (JSF)          Province and Punjab by introducing sustainable irrigated agriculture and               Arnaud M. Cauchois,
Storage and
                             Environmental category:             providing water for domestic and other uses.                                           acauchois,
Irrigat ed Agricult ure        3
                             A                                                                                                                          Executing Agency
Development Project
                                                                                                                                                        Irrigation and Power
                                                                                                                                                        Department, Punjab
                                                                 To finalize project design and carry out a comprehensive study of ( a) the             TA 39577
                             APPROVED: Sept 25, 2006             major market chains and possible gain of value along the chain, (b)                    Cont act: Arnaud M.
Bahawalpur Rural             Amount: $ 180,000.00                opportunities for existing private sector agribusinesses or market                     Cauc hois,
Development Project          Environment Category: To be         distribution to establish business partnership with small farmers groups, (c)          acauchois
(Supplementary )             determined.                         opportunities and constraints for private sector to establish or extend agro           Executing Agency:
Phase II                                                         processing or other employment intensive businesses in the project area.               Planning & Development

                                                                 To provide immediate assistance to poor and vulnerable small and                       GRNT-396460-12
Immediate Support            APPROVED: March 27, 2006            landless farmers, including those in inaccessible and mountainous                      Cont act:
to Poor and                  Amount: $ 5,000,000.00              locations devastated by the earthquake. The main components will             
Vulnerable Small             (JFP R)                             include: revitalizing agric and livestock activities; community -based                 Executing Agency:
and Landless                 Environment Category: C             initiatives; cash grants for rebuilding houses and livelihoods; and project            Ministry of Food,
Farmers Devastated                                               management and logistical support including helicopter services in                     Agriculture and
by the October 2005                                              inaccessible areas. The government agencies in part ners hip with national             Livestock
Earthquake                                                       and international NGOs will be responsible for implementing the project.

    In this Pro ject Su mmary, all environ mental category ‘A’- projects are highlighted as they are very important projects to be closely monitored.
                                                        The TA is to contribute to adequate mitigation of the adverse impacts of        TA 39589
Independent              APPROVED                       CRB IP-III and address the concerns of the affected people. The outc ome        Cont act: Takashi
Monitoring of            December 8, 2005               is to contribute to effective implementation of the Inspection Panel’s          Matsuo,
Remedial Actions for     Loan Amount: $ 150,000         recommendations. The TA activities will help all recommendations made 
Chas hma Right           Environment Category: N/A      by the Inspection P anel be adequately completed by the Government. The         Executing Agency:
Bank Irrigation                                         TA will provide updat ed and reliable information to ADB and the public to      Ministry of Water and
Project (Stage III)                                     monitor the progress of the Government’s actions. This will supplement          Power
                                                        and verify the information provided by the Government
                       APPROVED: December 8,             The propos ed P roject intends to (a) reduce flood incidents in the alluvial   ADTA 4719
                       2005                              areas and Indus riverine area located in the upper and lower slope of the      Cont act: Takashi
Hill Torrent
                       Amount: $ 150,000.00              command area of the Chas hma Right Bank Irrigation Project; and (b)            Matsuo,
                       Environment Category: B           increase agricult ural production in the alluvial area.              
                                                                                                                                        Executing Agency: Not
                        APPROVED                       The goal of the project is to support economic growth and employment         LOAN/33364013
                        Date: May 19, 2005             generation through agribusiness development. The project purpose is to       Cont act: Marzia Mongiorgi,
                        Loan Amount: $ 31million       develop a competitive and sustainable agribusiness sector. The project       mmongiorgi@adb. org
Agribusiness            Environment Category: F1       comprises: (a) agribusiness support service provision, (b) agribusiness      Executing Agency: Ministry
Development                                            finance development, (c) agribusiness capacity building, (d) agribusiness    of Food, Agricult ure and
                                                       policy and enabling environment development, and (e) project                 Livestock
                                                       management support.

Table 2. Education Sector.
  Project Name            Timeframe/Amount/                         MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                               Information
                        Environmental Category
                                                                        World Bank
                       PROPOSE D                                                                                                   Project ID: not mentioned
Fourt h Punjab
                       Project preparation is        The objective of the project is to implement the education sector reform      Executing Agency:
                       underway                      program.                                                                      Department of Education,
                       Amount: $ 100 m (IDA)                                                                                       Government of Punjab
Policy project
                       Environmental category: C
                       PROPOSE D                     The objectives of the project are to: (a) implement the medium-term           Project ID=100846
Sindh Education
                       Project preparation is        education sector reform program and (b) improve participation, retention      Bank Team Leader: not
                       underway                      and t ransition rates, reduce gender and regional disparities, and improve    mentioned
                       Amount: $ 50 m (IDA)          quality in elementary and secondary grades.                                   Executing Agency:
                       Environmental category: U                                                                                   Department of Education,
                                                                                                                                   Government of Sindh.
Balochistan            APPROVED: June 22, 2006       The B alochistan E ducation Support Project for Pakistan aims to promote      ProjectID: P094086
Education Support      Closing: 31 Jan 2011          public-private and community partnerships to improve access to quality        Bank Team Leader:
Project                 Amount: $ 22 million          primary education for girls in particular. Project components consist of: (a)   Naveed Hassan Naqvi,
                        Environmental Category: B     establishing community schools in rural areas, (b) supporting private 
                                                      schools; and (c) capacity building for the B alochistan E ducation              Executing Agency:
                                                      Foundation, the implementing agencies, the parent education committees,         Balochistan Education
                                                      and teachers.                                                                   Foundation
                        CLOSE D                       The purpos e of t his development policy credit is to s upport the P unjab      Project ID: P090346
Punjab Education        Approved: July 1, 2005        Government’s education reform program for the attainment of the                 Bank Team Leader:
Sector                  Amount: $100 million (IDA)    Millennium Development Goals in elementary education. The project               Tahseen Sayed Khan,
Development             Environmental Category: C     would support:       a) public financ e reforms, b) reforms that are            TSay
Policy Credit - II                                    strengthening devolution and improving fiduciary environment and                Executing Agency:
                                                      governance, and c) education sector reforms.                                    Dept Education, Punjab
                        CLOSE D                       This purpose of this proposed third development policy credit is to support     Project ID=P097636
                        Approved: June 1, 2006        the Punjab Province's three year E ducation Sector Reform Program
                        Amount: $100 m                (PESRP). This proposed credit will complete the s eries of annual               Bank Team Leader:
Punjab Education
                        (IB RD+ IDA )                 programmatic development policy credits (DPC) in support of PESRP.              Tahseen Sayed Khan,
                        Total project Cost: $ 850 m   Phase II of PES RP is being prepared by the P unjab Government, and the
Policy Credit - III
                        Environmental Category:       Bank has been requested to support it through a new series of annual            Executing Agency:
                        N/A                           DPCs.                                                                           Department of educ ation,
                                                                                                                                      Govt of Punjab

Table 3. Energy and Mining.
  Project Name          Timeframe/Amount/Enviro                       MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                              Information
                           nmental Category
                                                                         World Bank
 Electricity                PROPOSE D                                                                                                 Project ID= 95982
 Distribution         and   Project preparation is    The objectives of the project are to (a) increase the efficiency, reliability   Bank Team Leader: not
 Transmission               underway                  and quality of electricity supply with reductions in technical and              mentioned
 Improvement                Amount: $ 200 m (IB RD)   commercial losses, increased availability of electricity, and improved          Executing Agency: Ministry of
                            Environmental category:   voltage profile, and (b) provide the technical assistance needed for po wer     Water and Power
                            B                         sector reform and investment planning and financing.

                                                                Asian Development Bank
Renewable               PROPOSE D                     To develop indigenous, nonpolluting, and renewable sources of energy to         LOAN: 34339023
Energy Sector           Board Circulation: 10         help meet Pakistan's power shortage and diversify the power sourc es. It        Bank Team Leader: P.
Development             November 2006                 will also improve the quality of the power system, specially in rural areas.    Abeygunawardena,
Investment           Amount: $100m (OCR-$        Scope: Under the first set of sub projects Northwest Frontier Province          pabeygunawardena@adb.o
Program (P roject    100m)                       (NWFP) will develop a cluster of small hydropower from perennial high -         rg
1)                   Environmental category:     head rivers that are abundant in the province.                                  Executing Agency(ies):
                     TB D                                                                                                        Government of NWFP,
                                                                                                                                 Alternative Energy
                                                                                                                                 Development Board,
                                                                                                                                 Government of Punjab
                     APPROVED: December 13,                                                                                      LOAN: 37192023
Power                2006                        The P ower Transmission Enhancement Project I, will provide capacity to         Team Leader: Rune Stroem
Transmission         Amount: $ 236 m             the overload areas all over Pakistan. 19 sub-projects will consist of 50km      (rstroem@adb. org)
Enhancement-         Environmental category: B   of lines, 26 trans formers, 2 substations and 1 Static Var Compens ators        Executing Agency: National
Project I                                        (SVS).                                                                          Transmission & Despatch
                                                                                                                                 Company (NTDC)
                     APPROVED: Nov 27, 2006      The purpose of the PP TA is to support the Government’s strategy for            PPTA 38456012
                     Amount: US$900,000 (JSF)    continued poverty reduction through sustained economic growth by                Bank team Leader,
Power Distribution
                     Indigenous/Resettlement     assisting in the preparation of a power distribution enhanc ement project to    Rune Stroem,
                     category: B                 ensure a sufficient and stable power supply through the distribution system
                                                 in Pakistan.                                                                    Executing Agency: Ministry
                                                                                                                                 of Water and Power
                     APPROVED: November          This private sector project involves construction of a run-of-the-river, low    Loan 38928
                     21, 2005                    head, 79 MW hydel power generating complex. It is located at the New            Bank Team Leader:
                     Amount: $ 37 million        Bong escape, some 7.5 km downstream of the existing Mangla Dam                  Michael Peter Barrow
New Bong Escape      Environment Category: B     (whic h was completed in 1967), on the Jhelum River, in AJ&K. The P roject
Hydropower                                       site is some 120 km from Islamabad. It will be fed by water originating from    Privat e Sponsor: Laraib
Project                                          the Mangla Reservoir, which is released, through the Mangla powerhouse          Energy Limited
                                                 (1,000 MW), into the Bong Canal. There is no new reservoir or other water
                                                 storage envisaged for the project
                     APPROVED:                   The objective of the TA is to ensure a reliable and high-quality power          PPTA/37192012
                     October 4, 2005             supply to an ever-increasing number of industrial, commercial, and retail       Bank Team Leader: Rune
Power                Amount: $ 500,000.00        consumers. This will underpin national economic growth and poverty              Stroem,
Transmission         Environment Category: B     reduction.                                                            
Enhancement                                                                                                                      Executing Agency:
                                                                                                                                 Ministry of Water and
                                                 The purpose of the proposed SS TA is to strengthen t he institutional           TA 39353
Operational          APPROVED: July 14, 2005     capacity and technical capability of the Office of the Energy Advisor (OEA)     Bank Team Leader: Rune
Support to the       Amount: $ 150,000           to enable it to perform its functions effectively. The TA will result in: (a)   Stroem, rstroem@adb. org.
Office of the        Environment Category: B     allowing OEA to fulfill its mandate through a process of consultation with      Executing Agency: Office of
Energy Advisor                                   energy sector-related agencies within the count ry (central and provincial      Energy Advisor
                                                 ministries, regulatory bodies, state-owned enterprises, and private s ector
                                                 companies present in Pakistan) and with external agencies (including
                                                 multilateral and bilateral donors, and pot ential international investors); (b)
                                                 providing a direct communication link between the government and ADB to
                                                 facilitate/streamline t he formulation of ADB 's interventions in the energy
                                                 sector; and (c) capacity building of OEA staff.

Table 4. Finance.
  Project Name          Timeframe/Amount/                        MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                                Information
                      Environmental Category
                                                                     World Bank
                     PROPOSE D                                                                                                     Project ID= 90690
                     Appraisal: EST October      The objectives of the project are to: (a) accelerate economic growth and          Bank Team Leader: Not
Second Poverty
                     2006                        maintain macroeconomic stability; (b) improve governance through                  mentioned
                     Amount: $ 300 m (IDA)       financial management and civil service reforms; (c) invest in human capital       Executing Agency: Finance
Support Project
                     Environmental category: U   and narrow gender gaps; and (d) strengthen social safety nets.                    Division, Ministry of
                                                  The project will build capacity to improve the accuracy,                         project ID=P076872
                                                 comprehensiveness, reliability, and timeliness of intra -year and year-end        Bank Team Leader: Ismaila
                     APPROVED: September 6,      government financial and fiscal reports at federal, provincial and district       B Ceesay,
                     2005                        levels.                                                                 
Improvement to
                     Amount: total cost = $ 93                                                                                     Executing Agency: Office of
                     million (IBRD+IDA = $84m)                                                                                     the Auditor General of
Reporting and
Auditing Project
                     Environment Category: C

                                                           Asian Development Bank
                     PROPOSE D                   The objective of this project is to promot e the development of microfinance      GRNT:40145012
Microfinance for     Amount: $ 2, 000,000        by expanding microfinance outreach and services to the poorest.                   bank Team Leader:
the       Poorest    (Grant)                                                                                                       Sukanda Lewis
Project              Environmental category:                                                                                       (
                     TB D                                                                                                          Executing Agency: Ministry
                                                                                                                                   of Finance
                     APPROVED: December 14,      The proposed TA will s upport sector developments for improved access to          AOTA: 39492012
Improving Access
                     2006                        financial services and implementation of key measures under the program.          Bank team Leader: Julie
to       Financial
                     Amount: $ 2,00, 000                                                                                           Rogers (
Services Project
                     Environmental category:                                                                                       Executing Agency: Ministry
                                                                                                                                   of Finance
Improving Access     APPROVED: December 14,                                                                                        LOAN: 39492013
to        Financial   2006                         The goal of the proposed IAFSP is to assist the government to reduce                 Bank Team Leader: Julie
Services (Phase I)    Amount: $ 320 m              poverty, build an inclusive financial sector, and promote sustainable                Rogers (
Program               Environmental Category: C    economic growth utilizing modern technologies and applications to lower              Executing Agency: Ministry
                                                   cost of delivery of financial services and to improve efficiencies.                  of Finance
Preparing the         APPROVED                     The objective of the TA is to assist ADB and the government in preparing             PPTA 36155012
Privat e              October 13, 2005             and finalizing the design of the PP I S DP and assist the government in              Cont act: Rainer Hartel,
Participation in      Amount: $ 1,000,000.00       establishing the institutions and some pilot transactions facilitating     
Infrastructure        Environment Category: C      seamless transition from the design to implementation of the SDP. The TA             Executing Agency:
Sector                                             will support developing policy, regulat ory, and institutional reforms for the       Ministry of Finance
Development                                        PPI SDP.

Table 5. Health and Other Social Services.
  Project Name           Timeframe/Amount/                          MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                                  Information
                       Environmental Category
                                                                        World Bank
                      PROPOSE D                    Earthquake Disability: The objectives of the project are to (a) improve the          Project ID: 99542
                      Board Presentation: Est.     quality of life of people with disabilities and their families in the earthquake -   Bank Team Leader: Not
                      December 2006                effected areas; and (b) reintegrate them into s ociety through community -           mentioned
                      Amount: $ 5 m (Trust Fund)   based rehabilitation services.                                                       Executing Agency: Pakistan
                      Environmental Category: C                                                                                         Poverty Alleviation Fund
                      PROPOSE D                                                                                                         Project ID= 98437
                      Appraisal: January 2007      The objective of the project is to strengthen the Lady Health Worker                 Bank Team Leader: not
                      Amount: $ 150 m (IDA)        program so as to improve maternal and child health outcomes through: (a)             mentioned
Community Based
                      Environmental category:      improved access to promotive, preventive, and curative services at the               Executing Agency: National
Maternal and
                      Not mentioned                community level; and (b) dramatically improved delivery of these services            Program       for     Family
Child Health
                                                   in poor and underserved areas.                                                       Planning     and     Primary
                                                                                                                                        Healt h Care, Ministry of
                                                                                                                                        Healt h
                      APPROVED: January 26,        The S econd Partnership for P olio Eradication Project (SPPEP) for                   Project ID=P097402
Second                2006                         Pakistan will assist Pakistan's effort to eradicate polio through supply of          Bank Team Leader: Inaam
Partnership for       Amount: $61.4 m ($ 46.7 m-   the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV ) for the country's supplementary                        Haq,
Polio Eradication     IDA )                        immunization activities during 2006-07.                                              Executing Agency: The
Project               Environment Category: C                                                                                           Ministry of Health

                                                              Asian Development Bank
Iron and Folic        APPROVED: March 17,          The project is aimed at reducing anemia and folic acid deficiency in two             PIDs: 38104012
Acid Fortification    2006                         low-income, high risk districts by providing significant levels of added             ADB contact: Axel Weber
in Smallscale         Amount: $ 1,997,500.00       dietary iron and folic acid via small mill chakki flour fortific ation. It is also
Chakki Milling to     Environmental category:     aimed at building capacity of district and provincial government to regulate,    (
Improve the Lives     TB D                        monitor and support chakki fortification flour; building c apacity building of   Executing Agency: Nutrition
of the Poor,                                      local government, child/women welfare groups and NGOs to create                  Wing, Ministry of Health
Especially Women                                  community support and consumer demand for fortified flour.
and Children
                      APPROVED                    The TA will assist the government in designing a health insurance for the        AOTA: 37359012
                      Amount: $350,000            Province of Punjab. It will: a) identify needs to review, revise, amend and      Bank Contact: Axel Weber
                      Environmental Category:     develop existing health insurance and healt h care, b) assess results of and     (Aweber@adb. org)
Developing Social
                      TB D                        lessons learnt from other projects, and c) help design the Social Health
Healt h Insurance                                                                                                                  Executing         Agency:
                                                  Insuranc e Project. The TA will be implemented over six months.
                                                                                                                                   Department    of   Health,
                                                                                                                                   Government of Punjab

Table 6. Industry and Trade.
  Project Name           Timeframe/Amount/                        MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                               Information
                       Environmental Category

                                                                     World Bank
    NWFP First        APPROVED: June 1, 2006      The propos ed First NWFP DPC is a transition operation that will complete        ProjectID=P090689
   Development        Amount: $ 90 m (IDA)        the series of three IDA credits that assisted the government's fiscal reform     Bank team lead: Paul
   Policy Credit      Environmental category:     agenda, and will also commence a new series of IDA support for the               Wade,
                      N/A                         government's medium-t erm reform program with a strong emphasis on     
                                                  human development and inclusive growth.                                          Executing Agency: Ministry
                                                                                                                                   of Finance, Govt of NWFP
                                                            Asian Development Bank
                                                  The project aims to assist the government in formulating the industrial          LOAN: PAK 30191-01
Industrial Effluent   PROPOSE D                   efficiency and environmental management sector development program,              Cont act: Rune Stroem,
Treatment and                                     combining policy and institutional reforms with an investment package for
Cleaner               Amount: $10 million         industrial environmental management for enhancing industrial production          Executing Agency:
Production            Environmental Category:     efficiency, employment of cleaner production technologies, waste                 Min Env, Loc al Gov & Rural
Technology            A                           reduction, and treatment of industrial effluent.                                 Development
                      PROPOSE D                   The TA aims to undertake a holistic analysis of future areas of                  AOTA: PAK 37206-01
                      Fact Finding Mission: Oct   comparative advant age of Pakistan's economy to assist in identification of      Cont act: Naved Hamid,
                      2005                        key priority sectors which need t o be focus ed upon, in terms of policy and
                      Amount: $150,000            strategic planning, to strengthen Pakistan's international competitiveness.      Executing Agency:
                      Environmental category:                                                                                      Min of Commerce
                      Not mentioned
                      APPROVED: 7 Feb 2006         The designed impact of the TA Loan is to create and diversify job and           LOAN: 38447013
                      Amount: $ 6.5 m (A DF-$5m)   income-earning opport unities in the rural areas especially for the landless,   Bank Team Leader: Ahsan
Rural Enterprise      Environmental category: C    wage earners, and women. The int ended outcome is to develop market             Tayyab,
Modernization                                      facilitation processes by identifying and filling market gaps within selected   Executing Agency:
Project                                            subsectors in rural and peri -urban areas, and strengthening the                Ministry of
                                                   competitiveness of the target groups.                                           Industries,Production and
                                                                                                                                   Special Initiatives

Table 7. Law, Justice, and Public Administration.
  Project Name           Timeframe/Amount/                         MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                              Information
                       Environmental Category
                                                                      World Bank
                      PROPOSE D                                                                                                    Project ID: 90501
Land      Records     Board Negotiation: EST       The objective of the project is to establish an efficient, transparent, and     Bank Team Leader: Not
Management and        December 2006                accessible land rights recording system in order to reduce litigation, bring    mentioned
Information           Amount: $ 45 m (IDA)         about long-lasting tenure s ecurity and promote an enabling investment          Executing Agency: Board of
System Program        Environmental Category:      climate.                                                                        Revenue, Government of
                      Not Mentioned                                                                                                Punjab
                      PROPOSE D                                                                                                    Project ID: Not mentioned
Second     Sindh
                      Project Preparation is       The objective of the project is to implement reforms to improve fiscal and      Executing Agency:
                      underway                     financial management, governance, public service delivery, and the state's      Department of Finance,
                      Amount: $ 100 m (IDA)        regulatory framework.                                                           Government of Sindh,
                      Environmental category: U
                      PROPOSE D                    The A DB says the expected impact of the TA clusters (TA C) is improved         AOTA:38612012
Support         for
                      Amount: $ 11,300,000         governance to support poverty reduction. The outcomes of the TA C will be       Bank team Leader: Sandra
                      Environmental category:      (a) improved access to justice, especially for t he poor; ( b) improved         Nicoll (
Reforms         TA
                      TB D                         delivery of public services at local level through devolved governance          Executing Agency:
                                                   structures etc. The S RC was complet ed on November 8, 2006.                    Economic Affairs Division

                      APPROVED: December 22,       The objective of the TA is to prepare a comprehensive report on                 AOTA 39003
                      2005                         Balochistan's economy which includes estimates of provincial income             Cont act: Naved Hamid
                      Amount: $300,000             accounts, and a discussion on the state of Balochistan's economy, with a
Economic Report
                      Environment Category: N/A    view to assisting the Government to set its development priorities              Executing Agency: Finance
                                                                                                                                   Department. GoBalochistan
Results Based         APPROVED: December 16,       The objective of the TA is to strengthen the RBM capacity of the                TA 38344
Monitoring of         2005                         government at Planning Wing (PW) of FPDD and at the Monitoring and              Cont act: Mohammed Azim
Projects              Amount: $ 500, 000           E valuation (M&E) Units/Cells of P rovincial Planning and Development           Hashimi
                    Environment Category: N/A        Board/Departments (PP DDs/PPDB) in four provinces of Balochistan,     
                                                     Nort hwest Frontier Province (NWFP), Punjab, and Sindh.                         Executing Agency: Ministry
                                                                                                                                     of Planning & Development
                    APPROVED: December 15,           This TA provides for capacity building support to Pakistan through a            TA 37717
                    2005                             Resident Mission poverty consultant. It will especially focus on monitoring     Cont act: Safdar Parvez
                    Amount: $100,000                 the implementation of the poverty reduction strategy paper (P RSP) and 
Support for         Environment Category: C          provincial-level plans as well as reviewing and helping develop new             Executing Agency:
Poverty Reduction                                    programs on poverty reduction. This would also help the P akistan
Initiatives                                          Resident Mission serve as a knowledge node on poverty in the country.
                                                     The goal is to expand and improve analytical and policy dialogue work on
                                                     poverty in Pakistan, and enhance the poverty focus and development
                                                     The project aims to fundamentally reform the Central Board of Revenue for       Project ID: P077306
                    APPROVED: December 7,            a more efficient and effective revenue administration system. Project           Bank Team Leader:
Pakistan Tax        2004                             components are: a) management and institutional development, b) human           Esperanza Lasagabaster,
Administration      Amount: $24.4 million            resources development, c) improving revenue operations, d) establishment        elasagabaster@worldbank.
Reforms             (IB RD) + $78.5 million (IDA )   of a Tax Audit function, e) creating a tax compliant culture, f) adopting       org
                    Environmental Category: C        responsive information technology systems, and g) infrastructure                Executing Agency:
                                                     upgrading and development.                                                      Cent ral Board of Revenue

Table 8. Transport & Communication Sector.
 Project Name          Timeframe/Amount/                             MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                              Information
                     Environmental Category
                                                         World Bank
                    PROPOSE D                                                                                                        Project ID: 100681
                    Project identification is        The objectives of the projects are to: (a) accelerate access to                 Bank team Leader: Not
Rural               underway                                                                                                         mentioned
                                                      communications in unserved and underserved areas by using target ed
Telecommunicatio    Amount: $ 124 m (IB RD)                                                                                          Executing Agency: Ministry
                                                      subsidies for rural expansion, (b) stre ngthen legal, policy, regulatory and
ns and e-Service    Environmental category: B                                                                                        of Information Technology
                                                      spectrum management and (c) monitor functions and expansion of e-
                                                      services.                                                                      and Telecommunications
                    PROPOSE D                        The objective of the program is to enhanc e export competitiveness by           Project ID: Not mentioned
National Trade
                    Board Decision: Est.             reducing the cost of trade and transport logistics and bringing s ervice        Executing Agency:
                    December 2006                    quality to international standards.                                             Planning and Development
                    Amount: $ 300 m (IB RD)                                                                                          Commission
                    Environmental category: C
Karachi Dockers     PROPOSE D                        The objective of the project is to make the nation's ports more competitive     Project ID: not mentioned
Labor Board         Project preparation is           by reducing their labor costs and thus the cost for users.                      Executing Agency: Karachi
Restructuring:        underway                                                                                                    Port trust
                      Amount: $ 75 m (IB RD)
                      Environmental category: C
                      Active                       The project development objective is the sustainable delivery of productive    Project=P099040
                      Amount: $100 m (IBRD)        and efficient National Highway S ystem, contributing to lower transportation   Bank Team Leader: Zafar
Highways              Environment category: B      costs. The government of Pakistan is implementing a National Highway           Iqbal Raja,
Rehabilitation                                     Improvement Program (NHIP). The program was initiated during FY02    
Project                                            using OP’s own resources. The Highway Rehabilitation Project is financing      Executing Agency:
                                                   a distinct segment of NHIP works (about 856 km of highway improvements         MOC/NHA
                                                   along the national highway N-5) over a five year implementation period
                      APPROVED: April 28, 2005     The purpose of the project is to pilot-test a mechanism for linking poverty    GRNT/38617012
Enhancing Road        Amount: $ 1,000,000.00       reduction to the road network to ensure that the poor can access the           Bank Team Leader:
Improvement           Environment Category: TB D   advantages offered by road development and improves their livelihoods.         Madhumita Gupta,
Benefits to Poor                                   The expected outcomes are increase connectivity within villages and  
Communities in                                     thereby secure sustainable access to education and health services,            Executing Agency :
NWFP                                               markets, and job opport unities of the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP).     NWFP Works and Services
                      APPROVED: December 13,       The project will contribute to reversing the devastating impact of the         GRNT/39631-01
                      2005                         earthquake and so revive economic activity and enable people to resume         Cont act :
Earthquake            Amount: $ 115,000,000.00 (   their livelihoods and return to normal life. The sectors involved in this      Executing Agency :
Emergency             $ 80,000,000.00 (A TF)       project are: (a) transport; (b) power and (c) health and education;            Ministry of Finance
Assistance Project    Environment Category: B      earthquake's impact.                                                           Cont act : Asif Bajwa,
                                                                                                                                  Additional Finance
                      APPROVED: December 13,       The proposed project is designed to achieve three specific objectives: (a)     LOAN/37559013
                      2005                         improve road sector efficiency on the main transport corridors in Pakistan,    Cont act: Allan Lee,
Financing Facility-
                      Amount: $ 773 million        (b) support regional cooperation by removing or relaxing physical,   
National Highway
                      (OCR- $ 770 m) + ADF $ 3     institutional and other barriers to improved transportation and increased      Executing Agency:
                      m                            trade; and (c) institutional capacity building of NHA.                         National Highway Authority
Sector Investment
                      Environmental Category:

Table 9. Water, Sanitation, and Flood Protection Sector.
  Project Name           Timeframe/Amount/                        MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                               Information
                       Environmental Category
                                                                      World Bank
Sindh Water           PROPOSE D                    The objective of the project is to improve wat er productivity through the     Project ID: 84302
Sector                Appraisal: December 2006     reform agenda and require investments leading to a better management           Bank Team Leader: Not
Improvement          Amount: $ 140 m (IDA)       system that links the canal command areas, the distribut aries and the             mentioned
                     Environmental category: B   watercourse level.                                                                 Executing Agency: Sindh
                                                                                                                                    Irrigation and Drainage
                     PROPOSE D                   The objective of the project is to prevent the occurrence of disastrous            Project ID: not mentioned
Second Punjab
                     Project preparation is      barrages failure and ensure their sustainable us e, providing improved and         Executing Agency: Punjab
                     underway                    reliable irrigation and drinking water supplies. Project preparation is under      Irrigation and Power
Rehabilitation and
                     Amount: $ 100 m (IB RD)     way.                                                                               Department
                     Environmental category: B
                     APPROVED: June 1, 2006      The objective of the project is to improve the viability and effectiveness of      Project ID=P083929
Punjab Municipal     Amount: $ 58.9 m (IB RD-    urban services provided by the participating Tehsil Municipal                      Bank team Leader:
Services             $50 m)                      Administration (TMAs ), and to make such improvements sustainable and              Jaehyang So,
Improvement          Environmental category:     replicable in other.                                                     
Project              A                                                                                                              Executing Agency: Govt of
                                                            Asian Development Bank
                                                 The TA would look into (a) a mechanism for sustainable financing of urban          TA 38405
                     APPROVED: February 2,       infrastructure and services; (b) building capacities at the local level to plan,   Cont act: Gulfer Cez ayirli,
SSTA Mega City       2006                                                                                                           gcezayirli@adb. org
                                                 prepare, and manage bankable projects and help adoption and
Development          Amount: $ 10 million                                                                                           Executing Agency
                                                 implementation of commercial principles in the provision of infrastructure
Project              Environment Category: C                                                                                        City District Government
                                                 and services; and (c) support for a selected set of priority investments in
                                                 urban environment and infrastructure and services.                                 Karachi
                                                 The objectives of the project are (a) improving living conditions and quality      LOAN: PAK 37003-01
                     APPROVED: December 13,      of life of the people of Rawalpindi by improving the wat er supply and             Cont act: Shakeel Ahmad
                     2005                        sanitation facilities, solid waste management, wastewater treatment, and           Khan, sakhan@adb. org
Rawalpindi           Amount: $ 60 million (OCR                                                                                      Executing Agency:
                                                 slaughterhouse; and (b) ens uring sustainable urban investments by
Environmental        $20 million +ADF $40                                                                                           City District Government,
Improvement                                      strengthening institutional capacities of the Rawal Town (RT) and
                     million)                    Rawalpindi Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA), promoting policy                 Rawalpindi (CDR)
                     Environmental Category:     reforms focused on greater devolution of authority, and involving all
                     A                           stakeholders in service delivery.
Support to                                       The TA aims to strengthen implementation and integration of the cabinet-           AOTA: PAK 38573-01
Implementation of    APPROVED: June 24, 2005     approved Gender Reform Action Plans and ot her gender policy                       Cont act: Sandra Nicoll,
Gender Reform        Amount: $456,500            commitments in governance reform programs of the Government.             
Action Plans         Environmental category: C                                                                                      Executing Agency:
(GRAPs)                                                                                                                             Ministry of Finance
                     APPROVED: December 8,       The project will support sector work on specific policy reforms and improve        Loan 37218 Contact:
Balochistan          2005                                                                                                           Sekhar Bonu,
                                                 sector performance; (a) strengthen sector planning, management and
Devolved Social      Amount: TASF $400,000                                                                                
Services                                         monitoring; (b) develop local government and community based
                     TA Grant: $5 million        governance capacity in the social services; and (c) provide implementation         Executing Agency:
                     TA Loan: $5 million          support to policy reforms, performanc e grants and capacity building            Planning and Development
                     OCR: $130 million            activities under BDSSP                                                          Department, Balochistan
                     ADF: $65 million
                     Environment Category: B

Table 10. Multisector/ Integrated.
  Project Name          Timeframe/Amount/                         MDB-Stated Objective s & Main Acti vities                              Information
                      Environmental Category

                                                                     World Bank
                     PROPOSE D                                                                                                    Project ID= 95983
                     Project preparation is       The objective of the project is to promote economic growth in the major         Bank team Leader: Not
Punjab Large
                     underway                     cities through strategic planning, integrated infrastructure investments, and   mentioned
                     Amount: $ 100 m (IB RD)      efficient urban service delivery.                                               Executing Agency:
                     Environmental category:                                                                                      Planning and Development
                     TB D                                                                                                         Department, Government of
                     ACTIVE                       The project aims to improve access to urban services and housing, rural         Projectid=P099046
                     Amount: $30 million (IDA)    services and infrastructure, decentralization of public sector governance,      Cont act: Raja Rehan
Infrastructure and
                     Environment category: B      other human development, health, participation, and civic engagement.           Arshad,
Services Project
                                                                                                                                  Executing Agency:
                                                                                                                                  AJK-Local Govt, Rural
                                                                                                                                  development, P&D, PWD &
Pakistan             ACTIVE                       The E arthquake Emergency Recovery Credit (E RC) Project will support           Projectid=P099110
Earthquake           Amount: $400 million (IDA)   emergency recovery efforts over a three y ear period, to mitigate the           Cont act: Raja Rehan
Emergency            Environment Category: B      negative impact of the eart hquake, and restore livelihoods, rebuild houses,    Arshad,
Recovery Credit                                   purchase critical imports, and strengthen cap acity for implementation and
                                                  hazard risk management.                                                         Executing Agency: NA

                                                            Asian Development Bank
                     APPROVED: August 18,         Focusing on improved infrastructure sector deliveries, the TA loan will (a)     Loan 38458 Contact: Rune
                     2005                         enable infrastructure sector institutions to conduct project preparatory        Stroem, rstroem@adb. org
                     Amount: $ 25 million ADF     activities in a timely manner and at international standards and best           Executing Agency:
                     only                         practices; (b) ensure implementation readiness of the subprojects as well       Planning Commission
                     Environment Category: C      as the subsequent infrastructure projects, and (c) improve institutional
capacities within the infrastructure agencies to meet such strategies,
business management needs, and process changes as required by recent
sector policies, reforms, and regulatory agencies.

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