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					                                                         Business Immigration
Reed Smith                                                Information Sheet 2

                                 Non-Visa Nationals

1.     General Conditions
       The reverse side of your work permit sets out the important conditions which govern
       your stay in the UK as a work permit holder. Please also bear in mind the following
       key points:-

          Your work permit gives you permission to work for the employer named on the
           permit, in the position and for the period stated on the permit. It is not a general
           permission to work in the UK.

          If your role in the UK should alter substantially it may be necessary to obtain a
           fresh approval for that new role.

          If you wish to change employer a fresh work permit for that employment will
           need to be obtained.

2.     Procedure for entry into UK

          With effect from 13 November 2003, all work permit holders coming to the UK
           for 6 months or more are required to obtain an entry clearance visa as a work
           permit holder (in addition to the work permit) BEFORE coming to the UK. The
           entry clearance visa must be obtained within 6 months of issue of the work permit.
           You will need to apply for the entry clearance visa from the nearest British
           consular post (British Embassy/High Commission/British Consulate General) in
           your country of normal residence BEFORE you travel to the UK. Please refer to
           Information Sheet 7 "Work Permit Holders and Entry Clearance Visa
           Requirements" for further advice.

            However, you will not need an entry clearance visa if your work permit is for less
            than 6 months.

            The only nationals who do not need to obtain an entry clearance visa are from the
            following countries who will be joining the EU on 1 May 2004, namely :

              Cyprus
              Czech Republic
              Estonia

 Reed Smith 2003
                Hungary
                Latvia
                Lithuania
                Malta
                Poland
                Slovenia

            On arrival in the UK, you must produce to the Immigration Officer: your current
             passport, your work permit and, if appropriate, your visa for entry as a work
             permit holder which will be endorsed in your passport.

            It is the function of the Immigration Officer to check that the work permit is in
             order and that you still intend to come here to work in accordance with the terms
             of the permit. The Immigration Officer may ask you a few questions as part of
             this checking process. Problems only arise if the Immigration Officer suspects
             that the permit has been issued fraudulently or if the basis upon which the permit
             was issued has since changed substantially e.g. you are no longer coming to work
             for that employer.

3.       Requirement to Register with the Police

            Certain nationals are required to register with the police following their entry to
             the UK. (Commonwealth nationals are exempted from this process as are US
             nationals and Japanese nationals). The Immigration Officer will inform you if
             you are required to register, or a stamp will be endorsed in your passport to state:
             "the holder is hereby required to register at once with the police".

            If you are required to register with the police you must immediately contact your
             local police station if you live outside London or the Overseas Visitors Records
             Office if you live in London whose address is: Ground Floor, Brandon House, 180
             Borough High Street, London SE1 telephone 020 7230 1208. Please also refer to
             Information Sheet 5 "Police Registration" for further advice.

            You will be issued with a Police Registration Certificate. Please read the
             conditions on the Certificate carefully as these state the circumstances in which
             you must continue to register changes to your address and your status whilst you
             are in the UK.

     PLEASE NOTE: Failure to register with the police when required is a criminal offence.

4.       Travel abroad during the currency of your work permit

            You are free to travel abroad during the currency of your work permit.

            You must carry your passport, your original work permit and if you are required
             to register with the police, your original police certificate of registration and have
             these available to produce to the Immigration Officer on each return entry.

 Reed Smith 2003
          You must leave the UK no later than the last day endorsed in your passport unless
           an application for permission for you to remain here has been filed with the UK
           immigration authorities.

5.     Application for a work permit extension

          If you are required to stay here longer than the permit originally granted, it is
           possible for your UK employer to apply for an extension of your work permit.
           The extension application must be filed within the last 3 months of your current

          It is advisable to apply as soon as possible during that final 3 month period to
           allow the maximum time for the extension application to be processed before your
           permission expires.

          It is vital that any extension application is filed before your permission expires
           otherwise you will have become an overstayer which is an immigration offence
           and may prejudice future applications.

          Your passport and those of any dependant family members will also need to be
           submitted with the application for endorsement with the extension of your
           permission to remain in the UK.

6.     Multiple Entry Work Permits

       There are separate arrangements for work permits issued for holders of Multiple Entry
       Work Permits. Please refer to Information Sheet 6 for further details of the Multiple
       Entry Work Permit.

7.     Application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement/Permanent
       When you have completed a continuous period of 4 years residence in the UK as a
       work permit holder, you may be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain
       (permanent residency). Please note that this does not apply in the case of Multiple
       Entry Work Permits and TWES permits.

8.     Your Family
       The Immigration Rules enable certain members of your family, namely your spouse
       and, in some circumstances, your unmarried partner and dependant children over 18
       to accompany you to the UK as dependants of a work permit holder.

       Each family member accompanying you must first obtain an entry clearance to
       accompany or join you as your dependants BEFORE they come to the UK. The
       entry clearance visa is obtained from your nearest British consular post abroad. Each
       member of your family will need to complete one application form VAF1.

 Reed Smith 2003
       For further details about which family members may accompany you and the
       procedure for obtaining entry clearance, please refer to Information Sheet 4 "The
       Family of a Work Permit Holder". Please see Information Sheet 6 concerning the
       family of holders of Multiple Entry Work Permits.

9.     Tax/National Insurance Contributions/Pension etc
       Your move to the UK may have implications for your tax status and upon other
       employment-related contributions you make for National Insurance, pensions etc.
       Please ensure that you contact your tax and financial adviser for the appropriate
       advice before you make arrangements to relocate to the UK.

       Should you have any further questions relating to the issues raised in this information
       sheet may we also refer you to the Reed Smith Information Sheet 1 "FAQs Work
       Permit Holders and Families".

              This information sheet is provided for general guidance only.
                               Please contact the following
                       for further advice on specific applications:

UK Contacts
Peter Alfandary       Direct Tel:   +44 (0) 20 7556 6703
Caron Pope            Direct Tel:   +44 (0) 20 7556 6833
Jennifer Carr         Direct Tel:   +44 (0) 20 7556 6725
Nadine Barnole        Direct Tel:   +44 (0) 20 7556 6847

US Contact (New York)
Sophie de Bellissen Direct Tel: +1 (212) 702 1385

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