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                                                                                   Business & Technology
                                                                                   Quantitative Finance

                                                                                   International Business

A Business Degree from a                 The Business Core
Technology School?                       Business fundamentals comprise             Quantitative Finance
In a word, YES. The influx of vary-      the core of the Business & Tech-           Quantitative Finance is a young field
ing and complex technologies within      nology program at Stevens. These           – just 10-15 years old – and until
businesses today challenges compa-       include economics, finance, calculus,      now has been offered exclusively at
nies to find better ways to bring peo-   probability and statistics, account-       the Master’s and Ph.D. levels. Ste-
ple, functions and high-tech applica-    ing, marketing, research, corporate        vens is proud to be one of the first
tions together in an effective manner.   finance, management, business law,         universities to launch Quantitative
                                         ethics, and entrepreneurship. In every     Finance as an undergraduate major.
Integrators who fully understand
                                         instance of learning, you will ex-         Within Stevens’ innovative Business
both the business process and the
                                                                                    & Technology program, the Quanti-
application of technology within that    amine case studies, hear from guest
                                                                                    tative Finance major gives students
setting can significantly enhance an     lecturers and participate in laboratory
                                                                                    the opportunity to apply scien-
organization’s performance. Business     settings to demonstrate and develop
                                                                                    tific and engineering methods and
leaders around the world are seeking     the critical thinking skills needed to     techniques to transform financial
recent graduates who are qualified in    solve complex business problems.           markets. Applications include:
many skill sets, but most importantly,   You will graduate with the compre-
those who understand technology and      hensive problem-solving skills so          • The use of mathematical models
                                         desperately sought after by                  to support more accurate asset
product commercialization.
                                                                                      pricing, stock selection, asset al-
                                         businesses who want to succeed in
Consider some of the opportunities                                                    location, and investment portfolio
                                         today’s competitive, technology-
Stevens business students enjoy:                                                      analysis
                                         driven environment.
• Engage in courses beyond “busi-                                                   • Computerized trading replacing
  ness as usual” – for example,          Technology and Science                       the traditional “trading pit”
  Computer Programming, Manag-           As a student in the Stevens business
                                                                                    • The quantification of statistical
  ing Innovation and Creativity, and     program, you will embrace technol-
                                                                                      parameters, such as volatility and
  Enterprise Architecture.               ogy and its applications as part of the      correlation of returns, leading
                                         business core, a unique curriculum           to new ways of assessing risk
• Join a senior design team com-         not found at other universities. In ad-      and designing effective hedging
  prised of engineering and computer     dition to a formal course in computer        strategies.
  science students and provide in-       science at the onset of your program,
  depth market research on the feasi-    you will learn about different kinds
  bility of a new product or service.    of technology and how they can be
• Participate in the “Pitch Olym-        applied to solve complex business
  pics”, an annual competition held      challenges. Instead of separating the
  at Stevens where venture capitalists   concepts of computer science and ap-
  and industry partners seek potential   plication development, the program
  investment opportunities in new        will teach you how to use the latest
  technologies, products or services.    technologies to deploy successful
                                                                                     Senior Projects
                                                                                     You will examine the many facets of
                                                                                     business: research and development,
                                                                                     production and service, distribution,
                                                                                     marketing, sales and revenue, or-
                                                                                     ganizational structure, management
                                                                                     information systems, and finance. In
                                                                                     your senior year, you will team up with
                                                                                     students from other disciplines, such
                                                                                     as biomedical or chemical engineering,
                                                                                     to form the “business side” of a senior
                                                                                     design project, applying the principles
                                                                                     of commerce and technology to the
                                                                                     engineers’ inventions. In other projects
                                                                                     you will apply the principles you have
business strategies. In the same spirit,   Career Placement & Internships            learned to solve a pressing business
the program also includes a strong         Stevens students have a significant       challenge for participating companies:
science component. Basic principles        competitive advantage in the job          Some of the senior projects from the
in physics, biology and chemistry will     market, and it is no surprise that 300+   Class of 2010 include:
give you the knowledge to work in all      companies continue to actively recruit
industries, including pharmaceuticals.                                               •   A customer relationship man-
                                           on campus. As a result, our students
This critical understanding separates                                                    agement (CRM) system for a
                                           have secured positions at companies
Stevens students from other business                                                     Philippines-based chrome mining
                                           in many different industries, including
graduates and will make you a highly                                                     company, including website devel-
                                           financial services, pharmaceuticals,          opment and a business feasibility
valuable commodity when you enter          telecommunications, government,               plan
the workforce.                             and manufacturing. What’s more, our
                                           graduates continue to secure starting     •   Support platforms for allowing a
Entrepreneurship                                                                         software development company to
                                           salaries above the national average.
Creative and entrepreneurial research                                                    develop a learning platform for stu-
is an integral part of the Stevens mis-    Business students at Stevens are              dents and teachers that features
sion. This is expressed through the        extremely successful in obtaining             business simulations
concept of Technogenesis®, which           summer internships with many of
                                                                                     •   An iPod application to be used for
leverages the expertise of students,       the world’s leading companies. Our            earthquake disasters for locat-
faculty and colleagues in industry to      location across the Hudson from               ing persons trapped in debris and
conceive, design and commercial-           New York City puts you in the hub of          crumbed buildings
ize new technologies. Stevens’ 2008        world commerce, and our Office of
ranking by Forbes Magazine as the          Career Development has relationships      •   Microfinancing in Guatemala
nation’s third Top Patent-Revenue-         with hundreds of companies who
Generating University underscores          recruit Stevens students because they
the success of this endeavor.              know their unique experience will
                                           help companies achieve their corpo-
As a business student, you will learn
                                           rate goals.
what it takes to transfer an idea from
the conceptual stage and put it into
play at solving the world’s greatest
challenges. This hands-on experience        The average starting salary for
is unique to Stevens and is one of the      a Stevens Business graduate is
primary reasons Stevens was named           22% higher than the national
in the top 20 “Most Entrepreneur-           average.
ial Campuses” in the nation by The
Princeton Review and Forbes.
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