Bankrupcy Law in North Carolina by yrn18055


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                                                      TITLE                                                       VOLUMES


ALR 2nd                                                                                v. 1-100
ALR 2nd Later Case Service                                                             44 volumes
ALR 2nd Word Index to Annotations
ALR 3rd                                                                                v. 1-100
ALR 4th                                                                                v. 1-90
ALR 5th                                                                                v. 1-20 w/2004 ed of index
ALR Blue Book of Supp. Decisions - Permanent volume                                    10 volumes
ALR Federal                                                                            v. 1-197 + Index
ALR Word Index to Annotations - Desk Book                                              v. 1-4
Atlantic Reporter                                                                      v. 1-200
Atlantic Reporter 2nd                                                                  v. 1-720
Collier Bankrupcy Cases                                                                v. 1-50 (canceled 12/2003)
Corpus Juris Secundum              TAKEN                                               v. 1-101A + paper index and TOC volumes - current subscription
Federal Cases and Digest                                                               v. 1-30
Federal Digest             A FEW VOLUMES TAKEN                                         v. 1-72
Federal Register                                                                       v, 40, # 33-41 (2/1975) - v. 45, #.25 (12/1980) - Bound
Federal Register                                                                       v. 66, #. 2 (2001) - present
Federal Reporter                                                                       v. 1-300
Federal Reporter 2nd                                                                   v. 1-999
Federal Reporter 3rd                                                                   v. 1-161
Federal Rules Decisions                                                                v. 1-181
Federal Supplement                                                                     v. 1-999
Federal Supplement 2nd                                                                 v. 1-999
Modern Federal Practice Digest                                                         v. 1-58 + 4 index volumes
North Western Reporter                                                                 v. 1-300
North Western Reporter 2nd                                                             v. 1-586
Northeastern Reporter                                                                  v. 1-200
Northeastern Reporter 2nd                                                              v. 1-701
Pacific Reporter                                                                       v. 1-300
Pacific Reporter 2nd                                                                   v. 1-966
Permanent ALR Digest                                                                   v. 1-100
Southeastern Reporter                                                                  v. 1-200
Southeastern Reporter 2nd                                                              v. 1-505
Southern Reporter                                                                      v. 1-200
Southern Reporter 2nd                                                                  v. 1-720
Southwestern Reporter                                                                  v. 1-300
Southwestern Reporter 2nd                                                              v. 1-979 (bound)

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                                                                                    BOOKS TO BE OFFERED

ALR 5th                                                                                                        v. 1-20 w/2004 ed of index
Southwestern Reporter 2nd (Texas Cases only)                                                                   v. 980-999 (bound)
Southwestern Reporter 3rd (Texas Cases only)                                                                   v. 1-279 (paper) - current subscription
Supreme Court Reporter                                                                                         v. 106-115b
Supreme Court Reports                                                                                          v. 1-105
Supreme Court Reports, L.Ed., 2nd                                                                              v. 1-135
Supreme Court Reports, L.Ed., 2nd - Later Case Service & Index                                                 with 1998 supps.
Supreme Court Reports. L.Ed.                                                                                   v. 1-100
Texas Digest, first series            TAKEN                                                                    v. 1-41A
Texas Digest, second series                                                                                    Current subscription
Texas forms - legal and business            TAKEN                                                              Current subsscription
Texas jurisprudence 2nd: a complete, modern statement of the law and practice of Texas, including both TAKEN   v. 1-73
Texas jurisprudence 3rd: a complete, modern statement of the law and practice of Texas, including both TAKEN   Current subscription
Texas Practice - all parts            TAKEN                                                                    Current subsscription
Texas Reports                                                                                                  v. 1-163
U.S. Code Annotated               TAKEN                                                                        Complete set - current subscription
U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative Service                                                             1951 - present - current subscription
U.S. Code Congressional Service                                                                                1942-1950
U.S.Statutes at Large                                                                                          v.1 (1789-1799) - v. 105, Part 3 (1991)
West's Bankruptcy Digest                                                                                       v. 1-25 (canceled 1998)
West's Bankruptcy Reporter                                                                                     v. 1-266 (canceled 6/1999)
West's California Reporter                                                                                     v. 1-286
West's California Reporter 2nd                                                                                 v. 1-76
West's Federal Practice Digest 2nd                                                                             v. 1-92
West's Federal Practice Digest 3rd                                                                             v. 1-120
West's Federal Practice Digest 4th         TAKEN                                                               v. 1-114 with 2009 supps. (canceled 1/2010)
West's Louisiana Digest 2nd                                                                                    v. 1-60 (canceled 1/2010)
West's Texas Cases reported in South western reporter                                                          Current subscription


Alaska statutes, 1962 : [old binders] containing the general and permanent laws of the State of Alas
Alaska statutes, 1962 : containing the general and permanent laws of the State of Alaska TAKEN
West's Alaska digest 2d
Alaska rules of court
Alaska rules of court
Arizona revised statutes, annotated : prepared under legislative authority, Laws 1956, chapter 129
Arizona rules of court : state and federal
Michie's Alabama Code
Arkansas code of 1987 annotated

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                                                                                BOOKS TO BE OFFERED

ALR 5th                                                                                                  v. 1-20 w/2004 ed of index
West's Colorado revised statutes annotated : under arrangement of the Colorado revised statutes TAKEN
Colorado court rules : state and federal
West's annotated California codes.
Connecticut general statutes annotated
Connecticut rules of court : state and federal
California rules of court : state and federal                TAKEN
District of Columbia Court Rules annotated
District of Columbia Official code, annotated
Delaware code annotated (Including Rules).                   TAKEN
West's Florida Statutes Annotated : under arrangement of the official Florida statutes        TAKEN
Florida rules of court : state, federal & local               TAKEN
Official code of Georgia annotated                  TAKEN
Illinois code of civil procedure and rules of court : state and federal
Idaho code : containing the general laws of Idaho annotated             TAKEN
Burns Indiana statutes annotated                 CERTAIN VOLUMES TAKEN
Iowa code annotated
Iowa rules of court : state and federal
Baldwin's Kentucky revised statutes annotated : certified version
Kansas statutes annotated                  TAKEN
Compiled edition of the Civil codes of Louisiana/1940
West's Louisiana statutes annotated                  TAKEN
Louisiana rules of court: State & Federal
Michie's annotated code of the public general laws of Maryland.
Massachusetts general laws annotated : under arrangement of the official General laws of Massachusetts
Massachusetts rules of court : state and federal
Maine revised statutes annotated, 1964 : being the tenth revision of the revised statutes of the sta
Michigan compiled laws service
Michigan court rules annotated
Minnesota statutes annotated                   CERTAIN VOLUMES TAKEN
Minnesota rules of court : state and federal
Mississippi code 1972, annotated : adopted as the official code of the State of Mississippi
Vernon's annotated Missouri statutes
Montana code annotated
New Hampshire revised statutes annotated, 1955
New Jersey statutes annotated
New Jersey rules of court : state and federal
Revised statutes of Nebraska : comprising all the statutory laws of a general nature
New Mexico statutes, 1978 annotated
New Mexico rules annotated
McKinney's consolidated laws of New York, annotated

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                                                                                      BOOKS TO BE OFFERED

ALR 5th                                                                                                     v. 1-20 w/2004 ed of index
McKinney's New York rules of court : state and federal
Nevada revised statutes : containing all statute laws of Nevada of a general, public, and permanent
General statutes of North Carolina : annotated
North Dakota century code. Including court rules annotated.
Oklahoma statutes annotated                   TAKEN
Rules governing the courts of Ohio
Purdon's Pennsylvania consolidated statutes, annotated
Rhode Island court rules annotated
General laws of Rhode Island, 1956 : completely annotated
Code of laws of South Carolina, 1976 : annotated
South Dakota codified laws
Vernon's Texas codes and statutes                  TAKEN
Official Texas administrative code - Titles 16,25,30,31,34,37,40,43, including old versions of some
Texas register
Tennessee code annotated
Utah court rules annotated
Utah code annotated 1953
Code of Virginia, 1950 : annotated
Virginia rules annotated : advance court rules and practice service
Vermont statutes annotated                    CERTAIN VOLUMES TAKEN
West Virginia code annotated : court rules
West Virginia code annotated
West's Wisconsin statutes annotated
Wisconsin court rules and procedure : state and federal
West's revised code of Washington annotated
Wyoming statutes, annotated
Wyoming court rules annotated
Washington court rules annotated [2nd edition]

                                LAW REVIEWS

Baylor law review                                                                                           v. 1- (1948) - 55 (2003) - bound; v. 56-57 (2004/05) - paper
Columbia law review                                                                                         v. 92(1992)- 98(1998) - bound; v. 98 (1998) - v.104(2004) - paper
Cornell law review                                                                                          v. 78(1992/93) - v. 81 (1995/96) - bound; v. 82 -89(2004) - paper
George Washington law review                                                                                v.61(1993) - v.66(1997/98) - bound; v.67-73 (2005) - paper
Georgetown journal of international law [formerly Law and policy in international business].                v.32 (2000) - v.34(2003) - paper
Harvard Environmental Law Review                                                                            v.13(1990) - v.27(2003) (v.14-22 mostly bound)
Harvard law review                                                                                          v.106(1992/93) - v.111(1998) - bound; v.112-116(2003) - paper
Houston law review                                                                                          v.1(1963) - v.40(2003/04) - bound; v.41-43(2006) - paper

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                                            BOOKS TO BE OFFERED

ALR 5th                                                           v. 1-20 w/2004 ed of index
Louisiana law review                                              v.41(-1980/81) - v.57(1996/97) - bound; v.58-63(2003) - paper
Loyola law review                                                 v.6(1951) - v.42(1996/97) - bound; v.43-49(2004) - paper
Michigan law review                                               v.95(1996/97) -v 96(1998) - bound; v.97-100(2003 - paper
Oklahoma bar journal                                              v.71,no.28(9/2000) - v.74, no. 35(12/2003) paper
Oklahoma law review                                               v.45(1992) - v.59(1997) - bound; v.51-57(2004) - paper
SMU law review                                                    v.46(1992) - v.56(2003) - bound; v.52-59(2006) - paper
South Texas law review                                            v.4(1959) - v.44(2002) - bound; v.45-46 (2005) - paper
Southwestern law journal                                          v.32(1978/79 - v. 56(2003) - bound; v.57-59(2006) - paper
St. Mary's law journal                                            v.4(1972) - v.34(2002/03) - bound; v.35-37(2006) paper
Texas Bar Journal                                                 v.23(1960) - v.66(2003) - bound; v.67 - current - paper
Texas law review                    TAKEN                         v.18(1939/40) - v.81(2003) - bound; v.82-83(2006) - paper
Texas Tech law review                                             v,5(1973/74) - v34(2003) - bound; v.35-37(2006) - paper
Tulane law review                                                 v.67(1992/93) - v.72(1997/98) - bound; v.73-77(2003) - paper
Virginia environmental law journal                                v.13(1993-94) - v.16(1996/97) - bound; v.17-25(2009) - paper
Virginia journal of international law                             v.35(1995) - v. 44(2004) - paper
Virginia law review                                               v.79(1993) - v.84 (1998) - bound; v.84-89(2003) - paper

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