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					 Government Information in the
        21st Century
 Small Business, Demographics, and
        Consumer Information
 Boulder Public Library - July 31, 2007

    Tim Byrne, University of Colorado
  Jennie Gerke, University of Colorado
Susan Simmons, Mamie Doud Eisenhower
              Public Library
 Government Information in the
        21st Century
A   continuing education program to train
  reference and public services librarians
  and library workers in the use of
  government information.
 The program initially focuses on five
  states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,
  Utah and Wyoming.
 Uses Federal Depository Librarians as
    Government Information in the
           21st Century
 The Government Information in the 21st Century
  Program is made possible by a grant from
  the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library
 Additional support is provided by the University
  of Colorado at Boulder as well as Arizona State
  Library, Archives, and Public Records; New
  Mexico State Library; Wyoming State Library;
  and the University of Utah.
 Government Information in the
        21st Century
 Allof the resources developed for this
  grant supported program are available to
  the public via WebJunction.
 WebJunction
 Government Information in the
        21st Century
 The  subject modules developed for the
  grant were developed by depository
  librarians within the five states.
 Most of the resources in the Small
  Business and Entrepreneurship module
  were created by Sandy Rizzo, City of
  Mesa Library (Arizona), and Sylvia Ortiz,
  New Mexico State University
Where to Start with Government
    Business Information
,    the official business link of
  the US Government.
 From supplying workplace posters and
  compliance forms and explaining how to
  do business with the government to
  offering help on international trade,
  providing industry research, and more, this
  site is a clearinghouse of federal (and
  state) information.
Where to Start with Government
    Business Information
 Small Business Administration (SBA)
 The agency and the site are designed to
  support businesses at every stage of
  development, from start-up to expansion,
  as well as businesses in critical junctures,
  such as when they require disaster
Where to Start with Government
    Business Information
 GPO   Access
 This portal to Legislative, Executive, and
  Judicial resources is made available
  through the Government Printing Office,
  and is a place to find many laws and
  regulations, documents, and other
  government tools.
  General Business Resources
A basic list of resources covered in this
       The Codes of Business:
          NAICS and SIC
 NAICS   (North American Industry
  Classification) and SIC (Standard
  Industrial Classification) are the Dewey
  Decimal system of industry. NAICS has
  been in use since 1997 when it replaced
  SIC which was developed in the 1930s.
 WebJunction guide to classification:
           Finding NAICS
 The  Census Bureau has an online index to
  NAICS. You can search all the versions
  (1997, 2002, 2007) and also look at tables
  comparing SIC and NAICS codes for
  earlier data.
What to use the NAICS code for
 Economic  Census
 County Business Patterns
 Survey of Business Owners
 Etc…
      Economic Census versus
      County Business Patterns
 Economic Census started in 1810, with complete
  business coverage since 1954. Now conducted
  every five years.
 County Business Patterns started in 1946,
  conducted every year.
 For a quick summary of what is available
  currently, check out the Census Latest Business
  Data site:
            Economic Census
 Available   in two formats
     American Factfinder:
      s_name=E0200A1 (1997, 2002)
     Census drill-down tables: (1992,
      1997, 2002)
        County Business Patterns
   Available in two formats:
       American Factfinder:
        datasets_5&_lang=en&_ts=170929518769 (2004 and
       Drop-down boxes: (this
        has data back to 1998)
   Need help? Check out the guides:
        Wages and Wage Data
 The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers much wage
  data at
 You can learn about wages by occupation,
  industry, employee benefits, and employment
  cost trends. Wage information for the nation,
  regions, states, and metropolitan areas is
  especially helpful.
    Work Hours/Leave Benefits
Employers must conform to various laws regarding
  hours and leave. One well-known law is the
  Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which
  provides protection from job loss due to certain
  events (care for a family member, serious
  medical condition, birth of child or arrival of
  adopted child) for a specified period of time.
DOL Wage and Hour Compliance Assistance:
   Job Posting/Searching & Vocational

America's Job Bank
Maintained by US Department of Labor,
 updated daily. Listings from federal and
 state employment services. Select job title
 and pinpoint location within range from
   Job Posting/Searching & Vocational
Occupational Outlook Handbook
 From US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  Describes job duties, working conditions,
  required training, education, earnings, expected
  job prospects in wide range of occupations.
  Searchable by occupation or through A-Z index.
  Partnered with Occupation Outlook Quarterly
  (, a
  periodical with more in-depth treatment of recent
  trends in occupations.
   Job Posting/Searching & Vocational
Career Guide to Industries
Also from the BLS. This publication explains
  the nature of various industries and details
  the occupational aspects of these
   Employment: Licenses and
This is done at the state level.
Financial Assistance: Basics
SBA podcast
  General Sources of Financial
The official web site of the SBA includes
 information on their loan programs,
 eligibility requirements, and regulations
 and compliance issues:
  General Sources of Financial
Be sure to check out the Colorado state
 SBA offices for further information as each
 state will offer specific incentives:
  General Sources of Financial
 While the SBA does not offer grants to
 potential new business owners, their web
 site does lead you to various organization
 and foundation web sites that might prove
 useful to those entrepreneurs who are
 looking for grants information.
     General Sources of Financial
   The Entrepreneur's Reference Guide to Small
    Business Information, 3d edition, The Library
    of Congress Business Reference Service has
    compiled a great bibliography of sources for
    both new entrepreneurs as well as established
    business owners who are looking for additional
    information on owning a business..
 Regulations and Compliance
 In the United States, businesses must
  observe rules and laws related to
  everything from the design of their
  buildings and the taxes they must pay to
  hiring and labor rulings and packaging and
  claims guidelines. Many of these rules and
  laws are federal and there are also state
  areas where compliance is required. A
  number of agencies can assist in this area
  of the business world.
     Business Regulations
 Helps businesses save time and money
  spent on regulatory compliance by
  providing quick and easy access to
  business laws, government regulations,
  forms and agency contacts. The site
  includes forms, contacts, posters, and
  even links to state agencies, as
      Business Regulations
 Has a section for business and nonprofits,
  including getting employer ID number,
  export license, state business license,
  sections for special situations (vets in
  business, minority businesses, self-
  employed), business forms (,
  and workplace posters.
      Business Regulations
Federal Register
 The official daily publication for rules,
  proposed rules, and notices of Federal
  agencies and organizations, as well as
  executive orders and other presidential
       Business Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations
 The codification of the general and permanent
  rules published in the Federal Register. It is
  divided into 50 titles that represent broad areas
  subject to Federal regulation. Each volume of
  the CFR is updated once each calendar.
 Individual volumes may be purchased from GPO
  or bookmarked online.
       Business Regulations
 The public face of the United States
  government's erulemaking initiative , facilitates
  public participation in the federal regulatory
  process by improving the public's ability to find,
  view, and comment on federal regulatory
  actions. Businesses can visit to
  view notices and make comments about
  proposed federal regulations.
       Business Regulations
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
 Provides a great deal of information about
  regulations in the areas where businesses and
  their products interact with consumers.
  Warranties, product labels, energy stickers, anti-
  trust laws, and more fall under their umbrella.
 Business Publications (includes information
  about telemarketing and enforcement):
      Business Regulations
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
 Encourages small businesses to find and fix
  hazards to prevent workplace injuries and
  illnesses, and assures the safety and health of
  America's workers by setting and enforcing
  standards, providing training, outreach, and
  education, establishing partnerships, and
  encouraging process improvement in workplace
  safety affairs.
     Business Regulations
US Dept. of Labor
 The Department administers a variety of
  Federal labor laws including those that
  guarantee workers’ rights to safe and
  healthful working conditions; a minimum
  hourly wage and overtime pay; freedom
  from employment discrimination;
  unemployment insurance; and other
  income support
    Who are your customers?
 Demographic   information in WebJunction:
 Lots more then we will cover here, so
  check it out
          Census versus
    American Community Survey
 Census,   every ten years (since 1790)
  survey goes to everyone in the United
 American Community Survey, every year
  (since 2000), survey goes to a sampling of
  the residents of the United States. By
  2010, it will cover all the communities in
  the United States.
         American Factfinder
 This  (as mentioned before) is the
  database containing the most recent
  Census statistics, from many of the major
  surveys and the population and economic
    Census Bureau A to Z list
 Looking  for information on a particular
  population or group? Check out the A-Z
  subjects index from the Census Bureau
Consumer Information:
  Joe’s Car Repair
      What Kinds of Consumer Info
           Would Joe Need?
   Recalls
   Crash test and rollover ratings
   MPG
   Contact info for car manufacturers
   Taking the Scare Out of Auto Repair
   Annual credit report for business loan
   Banking questions
   Identity theft precautions as a business owner

         Search for recalls of
          cars, parts or tires
         Search for complaints
          about cars
         Service bulletins from

 Crash  tests and rollover ratings
 Electronic stability control
 Tires
 Air bags
 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  and Specifications
Miles Per Gallon
   Fuel Economy Guide
   Sell cars, distribute
    Fuel Economy Guide
   Compare cars
   User MPG
   Alternative and Flex-
    Fuel Vehicles
   Gas prices
Contact info for Car Manufacturers
Pueblo’s Federal Citizen
  Information Center

   Questions regarding bank accounts
   File complaint or ask a question
   Read Consumer advisories
          Not a National Bank?

   Savings and Loan:

   State-Chartered Bank:

   Credit Union:

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