Real Estate in Bedford Texas by hat10029


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									CATEGORY/                                                                       COMPANY
                    LAST NAME     FIRST NAME             E-MAIL                                      SPECIALTY             CITY
SKILLS                                                                           NAME

                                                                                  Gorman              Residential &
A/C & Heating       Mushegan      Michael   Mechanical, Inc.       Commercial           DFW
Aesthetician &
Makeup Artist       van Eeden     Karen        Spa Beaute       Skin Care & Makeup     Colleyville

                                                                               DFW Audi and        Audi new and used     Euless and
Auto Sales          Baillargeon   Bobby & Ann         Fort Worth Audi      sales and service    Fort Worth
                                                                                Team Oakley
Auto Sales          Baum          Danny            Auto Sales           New & Used         Colleyville
                    B                                                           Premier Bank          All Banking
Banking             Badger
                    B             Christopher           Texas           Services/Advice      Grapevine
                                                                                                    Career, Resume
Career                                                                                               Development,
Management                                                                          Right         Assessment, and Job
Consultant          Munson
                    M             JJim             Management         Search Strategy       Bedford

Carpentry           Jaime         Javier          Siemens            Set building       Grapevine
                                                                                                   Business Wireless
Cellular Services   Rush          Jon                  Wireless America        Services          Grapevine

Childcare           Levinson      Josh

Childcare           Levinson      Caroline
Childcare           Knight        Karley                            ages 3 and up       Colleyville
                                                                               Genesis Back &
Chiropractor        Jordan        Justin         Neck           Spinal Decompression   Grapevine
                                                                                     Wright Chiropratic
Chiropractor         Wright     Jerrod                                                & Acupunture                                  Southlake
                    r                                                                     Parkhill
Chiropractor        kParkhill   Wade                        Chiropractic           Chiropractic           Keller

                                                                                                          Website Design/ Video
                                                                                                           Editing & Production/
Computers           Purdy       Mitchell                              Computer Maintenance      Grapevine

CPA                 White        Alan                  Whitley Penn LLP           Tax/Audit           FW/Dallas
                                u                                                                           Traditional/Digital
Creative Memories               z           s                                            Creative             Scrapbooking
Consultant          Severide    aSuzanne    u           Memories             FaithBooking          Colleyville
                                                                                          Ballet                                     Highland
Dance               Lannin      Kelly                  Conservatory           Ages 3 and up           Village

                                                                                       The Dental &   Family dentistry/ braces/      Hurst/
Dentistry           Kubo        Wes        Implant Suite       perio/ surgery           Colleyville
                                                                                        Stephen P.
                                                                                     Anderson, D.D.S., Family and Cosmetic
Dentistry           Anderson      Stephen                        P.C.              Dentistry              Southlake
                                n                                                                           Pediatric/ Infant/
                                d                                                     Steele Dental         Adolescent/ Teen
Dentistry           Steele      a Linda        Specialties              Dentistry             Coppell
Embroidery          Hjelm         Kathy         Kathy's Originals      Embroidery/Gifts       Flower Mound
Equipment                                                                                                  Material Handling &
Distributor         Brown
                    B           Greg                    WW Cannon, Inc.        Whse Equipment            Dallas

                                                                                                              Coach/Rep for
Fitness             Sherman     Paige                Team Beachbody            Beachbody            Colleyville
                                                                                                           Public Relations &
Freelance Writer     Fenske       Angie                                     Marketing              Flower Mound

                                  G                                                                     Selling Furniture: Dining,
                                  a                                                                     Living, Bedroom, Office,
                                  y                                                   Home Store-n-       Accents & Cuisinart
Furniture Sells      Ritch        lGayle                 More                  Applicances             Coppell

                                                                                       Better-Built        Siding, Roofing &
General Contractor SGuice         Robert        Contractors, Inc         Remodeling               Coppell
Graphic Design/    c                                                                    Plus One
Copywriting/       h                                                                    Marketing                Graphic
Advertising        mSchmorleitz   Shellye                 Solutions         Design/Copywriting          Grapevine
                                                                                                        Original music to promo
                                                                                                         video/ Commericals/
Graphic Design/                                                                                         Movie; Graphic design-
Original Music for                                                                                       promo package, ad,
Events/ scoring      Kashoid      Denis                                       brochure etc.              Dallas
                                                                                                           Wellness Center
                                  D                                                   Abundant Life       Children and Adult
Healthcare           Sabey        Deana
                                  e     Wellness Center            Illnesses             Grapevine
                                                                                     Cook Children's                                  Ft. Worth,
                                                                                        Physicain                                      Denton,
Healthcare           Willcutts    Michael                                               Network         pediatric endocrinology       Lewisville

                                                                                      Victory Cancer
                                                                                        Clinic and         Cancer Clinic and
Healthcare           Ashton       William   Research Center          Research                  Keller

                                                                                                       Heathcare Consulting &
Healthcare                                                                                               Development (Real
Consulting           Eudaly       Daryn                  SPC Capital, Inc.        Estate)                 Grapevine
Healthcare                                                                           eHealth Systems, Healthcare Technology
Technology           Ashton       William             LLC.           and Consulting                Keller
                                                                BABY-     CAN BABY-
PHONE (B/H/C)                    WEBSITE                       SITTER'S    SITTER
                                                                                        WORK            REFERENCES FOR WORK
                                                                 AGE       DRIVE?
                                                                                         AREA             (F-Faith or O-Outside)

817-238-1616 (B)

817-507-7829 (C) 
817-354-2834 (B)
817-632-6700 (B)
   (Ft Worth)
817-313-5060 (C) /

214-597-9842 (C)
                                                                                                       (F) Bruce Wilson 817- 410-4671 Ext
817-305-0445 (B)                                                                          100

                                                                                                       (F) Tom & Lori Halverson 214-869-
           or                                           5250; (F) Bill & Julie Lowery 214-
817-905-2599 (C)                                                                            533-5371
                                                                                                               (F) Scott Werntz
214-223-0910 (C)                                                                                   

972-880-3333 (C)       

                                                                  16         YES      and Southlake
 817-488-9192                                                     14         NO       and Southlake
 817-498-7776                                                     13         NO                        (O) Mr. Ryan Young 682-552-1862
                                                                                                          (F) Lynne Huggins (teacher)
817-328-1922 (B)                                                                 (F) Jon Brooks (staff)
                                                             (F) Jim & Michelle Miller
                                                       (F) Tammy & Steve Anderson         (F)
 817-488-4186 (B)                 Kim & Kris Whitely

 817-337-5199 (B)

 817-727-6212 (C)


                                                       (F) Mrs. Sarah Onderdonk 817-528-
 817-845-1105 (C)                  6401

 972-317-0194 (B)             (F) Mrs. Angie Fenske
 817-571-2100 (B)
 817-788-2100 (H)
 682-465-2173 (C)


 972-304-3311 (B)                   (F) Marion Greer
 214-850-8693 (C)                                         (F) Jerri Wright 817-442-5715

 214-357-2846 (B)

817-875-7961 (C)
817-251-2082 (H)
214-762-4759 (C)


972-245-0193 (B)    

  817-400-0673   (O) Dolores Jarboe 214-630-0611


 817-328-1921 (B)  
682-885-7960 940-
243-0104 972-316-

817-401-0021 (C)

214-208-6131 (C)          

817-401-0021 (C)                          TBD
                       Category examples include: Dentistry, Real Estate, Lawyer, Airline, Doctor, etc.. OR you
                       may use this column to list any additional skills/licenses you or anyone else in your family
                       household may have on the side. Examples include: You have a Master Electrician
CATEGORY/SKILLS        license, You have a Home Décor business, You sew curtains, You paint themes in
                       children's rooms, You are an artist, You are a counselor every year at church camp, You
                       are a carpenter--this is anything else you may do as a hobby or on the side; any skill other
                       than what you do for a living.

   LAST NAME           Yours, spouse, teen (baby-sitter)

  FIRST NAME           Yours, spouse, teen (baby-sitter)

      E-MAIL           This should be the e-mail address you would like to be contacted at

COMPANY NAME           Yours or anyone else in your household's place of employment

                       Speciality examples include: Pediatric (Doctor), Contracts (Lawyer), Residential (Real
   SPECIALITY          Estate)

        CITY           City where business is located

      PHONE            Contact number for business goes here unless you have a separate line for a skill you are
                       including and then you could list your cell or home number can go in this column

     WEBSITE           Company's website info

BABY-SITTERS IN        Fill this section out if you have children in your family who are old enough and have an
   FAMILY?             interest in baby-sitting

         Age           Age of the baby-sitter goes here
   Do they drive?
  City they live in?   You could list the city they live in as well as the area or parameters of interest
                       You may list up to two references in this column; if possible, list the names of your Faith
  REFERENCES           family references first; specifiy with a "F" for Faith or "O" for Outside reference

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