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									           The American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section Presents
                            The 2006 Fall Conference
                         Disaster Preparedness
                      and the Criminal Justice System
                                         New Orleans
                                    November 2-3, 2006
                                     Hotel Inter Continental
                                         444 St Charles Avenue
     Hotel reservations can be made by calling the Intercontinental New Orleans at 504-525-5566 or 1-800-
    445-6563. (Single/Double: $179) Reservations must be made by Wednesday, October 11, 2006 to receive
                                 the ABA Criminal Justice Section Room Rate.

                                    See Registration Form below.
                    Accreditation has been requested from mandatory CLE states.

The site of New Orleans will provide a unique opportunity for pulling together criminal justice
lessons learned from Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and other states affected by last summer’s
Hurricane Katrina, to see first hand its impact on the criminal justice system and to hear
recommendations from lawyers, judges and corrections officials directly affected about how
criminal justice systems throughout the country might be better prepared to respond to such
disasters in the future.

                              American Bar Association Cosponsors:
                            Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice
                                 Section of State and Local Government Law
                               Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division
                                               Judicial Division

                                     Cooperating Organizations:
                                             Alabama State Bar
                                     American Correctional Association
                                     Conference of Court Administrators
                                       Louisiana State Bar Association
                                   Louisiana District Attorneys Association
                              National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
                                   National District Attorneys Association
                                 National Legal Aid & Defender Association
                                  National Association of Attorneys General
                                             South Carolina Bar
                                               The Florida Bar
                                           Agenda (as of Aug. 22)

Thursday, November 2

1:00 pm          Welcome - Robert Johnson, Chair American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section, Anoka
                 County, MN
                 Keynote – Honorable Charles C. Foti, Jr., New Orleans, LA, Louisiana Attorney General

1:30 pm          Plenary session -Setting the Stage: The Gulf Coast Disaster in Perspective
                 Moderator – Stephen Saltzburg, Washington, D. C., Chair-Elect ABA Criminal Justice Section;
                 Court Official/Judge: Honorable Ginger Berrigan, New Orleans, LA, U. S. District Court Judge
                 (Invited); Prosecutor - Burton Guidry- LA Assistant Attorney General; Defender - Julie
                 Kilborn Baton Rouge, LA, NACDL Katrina Coordinator, Corrections Official - Richard
                 Stalder, Baton Rouge, LA Secretary, Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections

2:30 pm          Plenary session – Recovering from a Disaster:
                 Moderator – James Letten, New Orleans, LA, U. S. Attorney; Judge – U. S. District Judge
                 Lemon (to be invited); Judge Calvin Johnson; Defender – Phyllis E. Mann, Alexandria, LA
                 Criminal Defense Lawyer; Prosecutor - Paul D. Connick, Jr., District Attorney, 24th Judicial
                 District, Gretna, LA; Corrections Official - Cathy Fontenot, Baton Rouge, LA, Louisiana
                 Department of Public Safety and Corrections

3:30 – 3:45 pm    Break

3:45-4:30 pm Breakouts – Criminal Justice System Recovery: Lessons Learned
             Court Official/Judges: Moderator/Reporter, Dr. Hugh Collins (to be invited); Honorable Angela
             Janzen, Honorable Pete Garcia
             Defenders –Moderator/Reporter, Chuck Wynder Washington, D. C., NLADA; Virginia
             Schlueter, New Orleans, LA, Federal Defender, ED-LA; Derwyn Bunton New Orleans, LA,
             Juvenile Defender;
             Prosecutors – Moderator/Reporter, John J. Molaison, Jr., Gretna, LA Executive Assistant
             District Attorney, 24th Judicial District; Baton Rouge, LA; Darryl Bubrig, Sr. - LA District
             Attorney; Cecil R. Sanner, Cameron, LA, District Attorney 38th Judicial District; Michelle
             Epley - Clerk for the PD, Plaquemine Parish, LA
             Corrections – Moderator/Reporter, Keith Nordyke, Baton Rouge, LA; Mary Baldwin Kennedy,
             Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections;; Linda Ramsay,
             Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections; Marlon N. Gusman,
             Parish of Orleans, LA, Criminal Sheriff

Friday, November 3
8:00 – 8:45am Presentation of the ABA Criminal Justice Section Minister of Justice Award,
              Robert Johnson; Award Recipient: Norman Maleng, Seattle, WA King County Prosecutor

                 Reports from Break Outs – Moderator, Anthony Joseph, Birmingham, AL,
                 First Vice Chair, ABA Criminal Justice Section; John J. Molaison, Jr.,; Keith
                 Nordyke; Dr. Hugh Collins, Chuck Wynder

8:45 -9:45am      Plenary session – Preparing for a Disaster
                 Moderator: Fran Schmitz, National Crisis Management Coordinator, DOJ Counter Terrorism
                 Section; Court Official/Judge: Justice Catherine D. “Kitty” Kimball, New Orleans, LA,
                 Associate Justice, 5th District, Louisiana Supreme Court; Prosecutor: E. Pete Adams, New
                 Orleans, LA, Executive Director LA District Attorneys Association; Defender: Denise
                 “Denny” LeBoeuf New Orleans, LA, New Indigent Defense Board; Corrections Official: Eric
                 Sivula Baton Rouge, LA, DPS&C Corrections Services Investigations - Incident Management

9:45 - 10:00am Break
10:00 – 11:00am Breakouts – Preparing the Criminal Justice System for a Disaster:

                     Court Official/Judge: Moderator/Reporter, Judge Manuel Fernandez, Judge Wayne Cresap
                     Defenders - Moderator/Reporter Cynthia Orr, San Antonio TX; Margie Meyers, Houston, TX;
                     Carlos Martinez, Dade County, FL, Deputy PD; Malia Brink, Washington, DC, NACDL
                     Prosecutors – Moderator/Reporter, William Shepherd, West Palm Beach, FL; James Letten; E.
                     Pete Adams
                     Corrections – Moderator/Reporter, Martin Horn, NY, NY, Commissioner, NYC Department of
                     Corrections; Michael Hamden, Raleigh, N. C.; Eric Sivula, Baton Rouge LA, LA DPS&C
                     Corrections Services Investigations - Incident Management

11:00am – Noon Reports from Break Outs – Moderator, Joe D. Whitley; William Shepherd; Honorable
             Manuel Fernandez; Cynthia Orr; Martin Horn

                     Conference Summation: Readiness for the Future, Honorable Joe D. Whitley,
                     Washington, D. C., Alston and Bird, Former General Council to the U.S.
                     Department of Homeland Security

Break outs each will have 2-3 panelists present, with at least 15 minutes for discussion. A reporter for
each will be assigned to present what was discussed.
      Registration Form: Disaster Preparedness and the Criminal Justice System

Advance Registration deadline: October 18th, 2006

Return to: ABA Criminal Justice Section, 740 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005
or fax to 202-662-1501. Contact Carol Rose at 202-662-1519,

Program Fee: Members: $150; Non Members: $175







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