Document Sample
					                       GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND
                   Emergent Quotation Notice for Out Sourcing
In order to provide smooth water supply to the newly created Birsa Munda Central Jail,
Hotwar, Ranchi and its proper sewage disposal with proper sewage treatment at the jail
premises, we require qualified and genuine out sourcing agency to provide their services on
payment basis for the following jobs as per terms mentioned below :-

1.         Name of the Advertiser                            :       Executive Engineer,
                                                                     D.W.& S. Division,
                                                                     Ranchi East, Ranchi.
2.         Last date and time of receving the Quotation :            05/12/2007 upto 3.30 PM.
3.         Date & time of Opening of the Quatation      :            05/12/2007 at 4.00 PM.
4.         Place of receipt of Quotation                :            Office of the Executive Engineer,
                                                                     D.W.& S. Division,
                                                                     Ranchi East, Ranchi
5.         Quotation to be opened by                         :       Executive Engineer,
                                                                     D.W.& S. Division,
                                                                     Ranchi East, Ranchi
6.         DESCRIPTION :
  Sl                             Particulars                       Quantity   Rate to be quoted     Unit
1. (a)      Supplying all labour, tools, equipment & operation
            & handling of W/S centre including operation of 25
            HP 2 No. B.E. pump & doing W/S in in Birsa
            Munda Central Jail, Hotwar & its residential colony
            from Tower No. – 1 & Tower No. – 2 in all respect
            (only labour charges)                                  180 Days   @ Rs.               P/Day

     (b)    Supplying all labours, tools & equipment &
            operation & handling of sewerage treatment plant
            capacity 600 M3 including operation of 7.5 HP
            submersible motor pump – 3 No. situated in
            sewerage sump, operation of 2 X 3 No. 2 HP aerator
            motor situated in aerator lagoon & removal of big
            particles of sewage from grit chamber & its disposal
            at suitable distance, mixing of chemical in mixing
            channel & rectification of minor electric fault at
            S.T.P & W/S centre of Birsa Munda Central Jail,
            Hotwar in all respect. (only labour charge)            180 Days   @ Rs.               P/Day
1.    The Outside Agency should be registered contractors of D.W. & S. Deptt. Or Firm or
      Company/Non-Government Organizations.
2     The photocopy of following documents should be submitted with the Quotation.
      a) Registration Certificate in the D.W. & S. Deptt. Jharkhand.
      b) Labour License.
      c) Experience Certificate for such type of work.
      d) PAN Card of Income Tax Dett.
      e) Up to date Clearance Certificate of Commercial Taxes up-to-date &
      (f) Character Certificate of D.C. Concerned District.
3.    Quotation submitted without the above documents shall be out rightly rejected.
4.    The Superintending Engineer, D.W. &. S., Ranchi Circle, Ranchi reserves the right to
      accept or reject any or all the quotations without assigning any reason there of.
5.    Income Tax as applicable will be deducted from the Bill, Service tax will be paid
      extra, if charged.
6.    The quoted rates should be for per day operation and inclusive of all taxes, royalty,
      cess etc. complete.
7.    Successful bidder will have to enter into an agreement with D.W. &. S. Division,
      Ranchi East, Ranchi.
8.    5% of the ordered value as Security Money in shape of N.S.C./5 or 3 years Postal Time
      Deposit duly pledged to Executive Engineer, D.W. &. S. Division, Ranchi East,
      Ranchi will have to be deposited at the time signing the agreement.
9.    In case of any damage due to mishandling of sluice valve & other fittings and machine
      the total cost of the damages will be recovered from the bill of the agency.
10.   The agency must have an establishment in Ranchi town before the date of Quotation.
      The address of establishment in Ranchi must be furnished in the quotation.
11.   The Agency is requested to inspect the location before submitting their rate. The
      details of sizes of valves, locations, timing etc. may be obtained from the office of the
      undersigned on any working day during working hours.

                                                              Executive Engineer,
                                                   D.W. & S. Division, Ranchi East, Ranchi.