STS Application Guidelines and Instructions by chrisdenman


									STS Application Guidelines and Instructions
(detach this sheet for your records)

The Student to Student Peer Leadership program is a very important part of Red Bank Regional
High School. It requires a great deal of time, commitment, and enthusiasm on your part. It is
extremely important that you adhere to the expectations and responsibilities that go along with
being a leader.

All applicants must –
      Be of junior or senior status for the upcoming year (2009-2010)
      Complete all parts of the application either typed or in blue or black ink
      Turn in application on time (NONE WILL BE TAKEN LATE – NO EXCEPTIONS)
      Sign up for and complete an interview on that date
      Be available for training in late August. TRAINING IS MANDATORY! THERE IS NO
         LEAVING EARLY OR COMING LATE! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are not able to go to the
         training, you will not be accepted as a peer leader. (There is a $20 fee for all STS
         leaders which includes the training expenses as well as a new t-shirt)
      Be available for Freshman Orientation – TBA

   1. The completed application deadline is MAY 18, 2009
   2. You must sign up for an interview time no later than the above date in the English office.
   3. Interviews will be held after school on the following dates:

    MAY 26, 2009
    MAY 27, 2009
    JUNE 2, 2009
    JUNE 3, 2009

    4. Interviews will be completed on a first come first served basis.
    5. Report outside room 209 at 2:35 on the appropriate date.


Good luck!
Unfortunately, due to the amount of applicants and the limited positions in the program, not all
applicants will be accepted. We take the following factors into consideration:

       Teacher recommendations
       Extra-curricular activities
       Academic integrity
       Your interview
       Your application
       Your attendance record
       Your discipline record
STS APPLICATION                   Did you apply last year? YES/NO (circle one)

Name: ____________________________ Homeroom teacher and #: ______________________


Phone number(s): _______________________________________________________________

Email address: __________________________________________________________________

Extra-curricular activities (including jobs): Next to each activity, include the number of hours it
requires of you each week. If the activity is only done during one season (like summer), then
please indicate that next to the activity.

                   ACTIVITY                                           HOURS PER WEEK


          Fall                    Winter                     Spring                   Summer

Please obtain three signatures from teachers who can attest to your leadership abilities and who
would recommend you for the STS program.

Print name of teacher and have him or her sign next to his or her name.

    1. __________________________________ X ________________________________

    2. __________________________________ X ________________________________

    3. __________________________________ X ________________________________

Will you be a JUNIOR / SENIOR next year? (circle one)

Would you feel comfortable running a Spanish-speaking STS group? YES / NO (circle one)
Please answer the following questions honestly:

    1. Why do you want to be an STS leader and what makes you a good candidate?

    2. If you become an STS leader, how will you motivate the freshmen to get involved in both
       the STS meetings as well as in school activities?

    3. Describe how you stay organized. In other words, how do you manage your time to
       include school work, outside work, family obligations, sports, activities, etc.?

    4. If you were assigned a group project for a class, and your teacher picked the groups,
       how would you prepare for it? In other words, what would your plan be for successfully
       completing the project?

Don’t forget to detach the first sheet and sign up for an interview date. If you have
any questions, students (NOT PARENTS) should email Mrs. Kanuga at
or see her in room 343. Having your parents call shows you are not ready for a leadership

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