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From the Secretary General's Des


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									  For the year 2006-2007

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan
     2RB(F) 62/6, Unit-IX (Flat),
               ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

               From the Secretary General’s Desk

Gifted with its natural bounties and splendid socio-cultural heritage, the
modern State of Orissa is now on the move to achieve its rightful place in all
spheres of life. The voyage of Orissa to development needs to be
complemented by every stakeholder, individual, group or region. As
pioneering organization, Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan offers to
contribute its efforts for the economic development of Western Orissa while
retaining its pristine glory, its rich folk heritage, exquisite handicrafts and
rejoicing festivals and fairs.

I feel it my privilege to place the Annual Activities Report of Paschim Orissa
Agrani Sangathan for the year 2006-07. This document contains details of all
the activities that were undertaken by the organization in the past year. The
year 2006-07 was a very productive year for the organization during which
period it undertook several new programmes and played significant role in
organizing the same before the platform of general public.

While presenting the Annual Activities Report of 2006-07 I express my sincere
thanks to all the District Collectors of Orissa for providing all necessary help
and encouragement for furtherance of the cause of our activities.

Many organizations and people were extended hands to enliven our festive
spirit. I am thankful to them and last but not the least, the small but dedicated
groups of the volunteers have contributed immensely for the growth of the
organization without whose dedicated and sincere spirit we would not have
come to this stage of attainment of social goal.

I sincerely hope that all such like minded individuals’ organizations will
continue to support us in the future so that we can take forward our other
agenda to new heights.

For these and those I have not mentioned I owe many thanks.

Secretary General
Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                1
                   ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan
                                       -   A Brief Profile -

INTRODUCTION:                                      also about people pioneering the
Over the past few years Western                    cause of their cultural heritage to
Orissa has been in the news for all                its optimum.
the wrong reasons. There have
been reports of hunger, starvation,                Keeping in mind this need of the
ill health, impoverishment among                   region      to      disseminate     its    rich
the people. No doubt these socio-                  cultural heritage a group of like
economic problems do exist in the                  minded people who had passion
Western Orissa. But among all these                for the people and its culture
socio-economic          problems        one        joined together in the early part of
thing is      forgotten     i.e.   the rich        1990 to highlight this both at the
cultural heritage of the western                   state and national level.
region of the state. The state of
Orissa, especially the entire Western              BRIEF HISTORY:
Part of the state has a very rich                  This forum was established in the
cultural and musical tradition which               year 1994 at Bhubaneswar in order
is pure and has remained unmixed                   to bring togetherness, sharing each
by     the     influence    of     so-called       others sorrow and happiness, help
western cultural influence. Despite,               the people of Western Orissa, at
such         cultural      and      musical        times attending their official task at
divergence no effort has been                      Bhubaneswar           to    celebrate      the
made to bring these rare gems out                  cultural programmes of Western
of the closet of Western Orissa and                Orissa.     Mataraj        Dungdung        and
display their effervescence to the                 Rameswar Toppo were the founder
outside world. There is a need to tell             President and Secretary General
the people outside the region that                 respectively. They took a lot of
Western Orissa is not all about                    initiatives        and     motivated       the
poverty and impoverishment, it is                  people        of     Western      Orissa    to

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                                 2
                    ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

become member of the Sangthan                       general the Nuakhai Bhetghat is
for a greater cause. The work                       organized      every     year    by the
rendered by them is praiseworthy                    Sangthan and is inaugurated by
and      their    tireless     effort     came      the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Orissa.
successful         in        forming          the   Culrural      troupes      representing
association             with            greater     several      musical     and     dance
farsightedness as well as renewed                   traditions of Western Orissa such as
vigor.     Subsequently           Mahendra          Karma,        Dalkhai,       Ghoomra,
Naik, Udit Pratap Dehuri and A.N.                   Sambalpuri etc display their artistic
Tiwari, (IAS Retd) became office                    skills on a wider platform with state
bearer of the organisation from                     of the art techniques justifying
time to time as its President. During               sound and light system. Over these
then the Sangthan faced many                        years, this has turned into the
hurdles and financial difficulties. It              mother of all cultural events taking
witnessed several up and down                       place in Bhubaneswar covering
during     this    time      and        all   the   folkloric tradition of Western belt of
members contributed their labour                    the State.
and strength to give a better shape
to the Sangthan. In joining together
                                                      Paschim        Orissa         Agrani
the people of Western Orissa in a
                                                      Sangathan envisions a society
place other then their own land the
members            of the          Sangthan           which free from hunger, fear
organized many functions unique                       and      a society builds upon
to Western Orissa              like Nuakhai           platform        mutual         trust,
Bhetghat,         Puspuni,         Puajuntia,         brotherhood and compassion. It
Chhadkhai, visa vis new members                       also challenges socio-economic
were enrolled in the Sangthan                         disparity and advocate a society
being        followed           with          the
                                                      of mutual goodwill and fellow
celebrations         Jayanti        of        the
renowned personalities of Western
Orissa. It is to mention that in

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                               3
                  ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

                 MISSION                    To organize the people from

To preserve and disseminate the               Western Orissa together to

Western Orissan culture, music and            celebrate     various     festivals

dance to the outside world and to             that is unique to the region.

provide a forum for the traditional         To organize seminars and

artists of Western Orissa protecting          workshops to emphasize the

them from the vagaries of modern              need    to    bring   a    holistic

spoilt art.                                   development to the region
                                              as a whole.

OBJECTIVES:                                 To disseminate messages to

The     detailed       objectives    are      the people outside western

enumerated in the Memorandum                  Orissa on the rich cultural

of Association. However, some of              heritage of the region.

the important objectives that are
close     to     the    heart   of   the             OUR MOTTO
organization are:–                          Love your tradition and culture
                                             and be proud of your origin.
    To work for the social and
        economic development of
        Western        Orissa   through
        advocacy and lobbying at                  CORE VALUES
        various levels.                     Professional
    To work for preservation of            Passion for social
        Western Orissa Art, music,            development
        dance, folklore and other           Hard working
        cultural activities.                Belief in the people’s
    To provide platform to the               capacity
        artistes and practitioners of       High integrity
        traditional arts and craft to       Sincere to the cause
        let others know their true          Committed to the values

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                4
                ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

AREA OF OPERATION:                                 THE TARGET GROUP:

At    present   the   organization   is
                                                   All the people of Western Orissa are
working for the entire Orissa. The
                                                   our target group. However, we give
activity   of   the   organization   is
                                                   special emphasis on the artistes
spread over all the 10 western
                                                   and       practitioners    of    Western
districts of the state. Besides, the
                                                   Orissan       Music       and    Dance.
organization is also active in state
capital of Orissa

      Promotion of Folk Music and Dance.
      Promotion of handicrafts and textiles.
      Socio-economic development.
      Promotion of tourism.
      Promotion of Sambalpuri Language.
      Celebration    of   Western        Orissa     Festivals     outside    the   region.

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                           5
                    ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

                    REPORT OF ACTIVITIES – 2006-07

During        the    reporting      period     believed that tribals of sambalpuri
Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                culture used to celebrate nuakhai
undertook       several     activities    to   thousand years ago. Nuakhai can
reach    its    long-term     objectives.      be attributed to the festival of the
While          implementing              the   aborigines. During the 2nd Century
programmes care was taken to                   BC Ptolemy described Sambalpur
disseminate the ethos of Western               as the kingdom of the Mundas and
Orissa to the forefront. In order to           Sabars. Gond, Binjhal, Sahara were
make the programme meaningful                  staying in this area much before to
an attempt was made to involve                 the Aryans. As time passes, the
maximum no. of people from all                 Aryans    gradually      adopted   this
walks of life. A brief report of               festival as their own.
activities has been given below.
                                               Nuakhai is celebrated through out
NUAKHAI                                        the historical south Koshal region.
About the Festival                             Nuakhai has been observed by
Nuakhai is observed welcoming
the     new     rice-paddy     of   the
season. In this point of view, one
can say that this is an agric
ultural based festival. No one for
sure, can tell since how long this
tradition is continuing. It is rather
difficult to ascertain any age, as
‘Arnna’ rice paddy, is offered to              different tribes in different names,
the Gods since long. But it is                 as the Dud Khadia and Pahadi
                                               Khadia called it as Jeth Nowakhiaa

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                     6
                ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

the Oram called it NowaKhani, the            blessings. During the festival houses
Munda      called     Jam-nowa,        the   are decorated, principal deities
                                                          (including ancestors) were
                                                          worshiped with ‘khiri’ made
                                                          from     the     new    harvest,
                                                          clothes    are      exchanged,
                                                          and sweets are prepared
                                                          and       exchanged.         The
                                                          exchange of sweets and
                                                          clothes between villagers is
                                                          called    'tihar’      exchange
Santhali   called     it   Janthar     and
                                             and     is     very    synonymous         with
Baihar Horo Nawabai, the Birjia
                                             'nuakhai'. In the evening devotees
called it Nawaba and Jam-nowa,
                                             feast, dance, and sing for hours on
the Parajas of Bastar and Koshal
called as Nowa-aani, Bihara
called it Nowa-jam. In Chotta
Nagapur area the Ashur tribe
a   sub-clan   of     the    Birjhia
called it as Nowaa. Even
beside Koshal l Nuakhai is
being celebrated by tribal of
tripura which throw a light
into   the     past        relations
between the north east tribes and
                                             Tribals worship bandevi and tribal
Koshali's. In Tripura the tribes called
                                             deities in the forest under a tree
it Mikatal, in East Bengal it is known
                                             called 'pirah' (like Pitha). They offer
as Nabarnna.
                                             cooked food prepared from new
                                             crops        (mandia        jaau,   or   rice),
At this time the first harvest has
                                             burned 'mada' (pure alcohol) and
been done, and the villagers are
                                             may sacrifice a chicken. It follows
thankful for the goddess’s Lakshmi

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                           7
                  ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

with other evening and late night      is engrossed with the blessing of this
dancing (dalkhai etc).                 unseen power.

First, the new rice paddy is offered   Nuakahi    is   a    celebration        of
to the I stha Devi of the family and   happiness. Different types of local
                                                 sweets and foods            are
                                                 prepared. All the family
                                                 members      join   together
                                                 and offer new rice to the
                                                 deity.     They     all      set
                                                 together to have new
                                                 rice, followed by Manda
                                                 (cake),    Porridge       (khiri)
                                                 etc. After food, they seek
                                                 blessing      from          the
the Village Devi then it is used for
                                       presiding-deity and from elders’
day toady affair. May it be the
                                       members of the family. Whatever
darkness of sorrow or may it be the
                                       may be the fact it is a celebration
bed of happiness people of this
                                       of the mass.
area (Koshal) believes that the
village deity has a major role to
play. This f aith in the deity gives
them immense strength to face
the problems or the world with

They    believe    that   due    to
observation of Nuakhai all the
sorrows and sufferings leading to
loss of crop could be removed.         People    forget     their    personal
Whatever may be the faith every        differences and greet each other.
moment of the innocent aborigine       Families staying far a near make it

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                 8
                      ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

a      point     to    join   together    to   During   the   year    2006      Nuakhai
celebrate this festive occasion.               Bhetghat was organized at Adivasi
                                               Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar on
Nuakhai Bhetghat at Bhubaneswar                17th December 2006. An attempt
Nuakhai is perhaps the biggest                 was   made     to    invite    maximum
mass-based festival in the entire              number of people belonging to
Western Orissa and is celebrated               Western Orissa. The occasion was
by every household. Over the past              graced    by   the     Hon’ble     Chief
few years it has also transcended              Minister, Sri Naveen Patnaik. The
the barriers of religion and even the          programme      started    with     formal
minority community also celebrates             inauguration by       Sri Pyari Mohan
this           festival                                                      Mohapatra,
along              with                                                  Member of
others.     In      the                                                       Parliament
twin      cities      of                                                          (Rajya
Bhubaneswar                                                              Sabha) who
and         Cuttack                                                      hinted       at
huge       numbers                                                                  the
of             people                                                        importance
belonging             to                                                 of Nuakhai
Western Orissa come to sing the                and commended the effort of the
glory of their culture. Keeping in             Paschim Orissa Agrani Sanathan.
mind this great tradition Paschim              Prof. Sadhu Charan Panda, Vice-
Orissa             Agrani       Sangathan      Chancellor of Utkal University of
celebrates Nuakhai Bhetghat every              Culture was the Chief Speaker who
year at Bhubaneswar. Though it                 gave out an in-depth analysis on
started in a smaller way at present            the significance of Nuakhai. Sri
it has become one of the most                  Naveen    Patnaik,     Hon’ble     Chief
talked     about occasions         in    the   Minister graced the occasion as
state.                                         Chief Guest. He said that Nuakhai
                                               festival is a festival of the farmers

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                        9
                   ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

which        has     now      become          Mr. Gunanidhi Das for his
synonymous with unity and cultural               contribution    to Sambalpuri
integration of Western Orissa. The               music.
songs and traditions espousing the            Mr. Babajee Nath who is a
cause of Nuakhai handed down                     noted Pala singer and has
the generation is unique to be                   contributed immensely to this
reminisced through such kind of                  form of folk music in Western
Bhetghat (gettogether). In this way,             Orissa.
we     champion      the   cause     of       Mr. Gopal Sahu who is well-
collectivity, in a way sense of                  known not only in Western
togetherness.                                    Orissa but also in the entire
                                                 state for his significant role of
Felicitation of People with
                                                 Kansa          Maharaj         of
                                                 Mahabharat fame during the
On this occasion an attempt was
                                                 Dhanu Yatra held every year
made to felicitate some people of
                                                 in      Bargarh,     a     place
Western Orissa who have excelled
                                                 prominence         and   Distrtct
themselves in the field of art,
                                                 head quarters in Orissa.
literature, Sports and culture. They
are:                                      Cultural Programme:
                                          In the evening cultural programme
      Mr.   Nilamadhab       Panigrahi
                                          was held with pump and splendor.
        who have contributed to the
                                          Cultural troupes practising song
        field of sambalpuri grammar.
                                          and dance sprouted on the soil of
      Mr. Michael Kindo who was a
                                          Western Orissa were invited to
        hockey Olympian from Orissa
                                          perform during the occasion. This
        and in turn has inspired many
                                          was also an occasion to showcase
        youths from Western Orissa
                                          the popular dance and song forms
        for opting hockey as their
                                          like   dalkhai,    ghumra,      dulduli,
                                          rasarkeli, sambalpuri dance, karma
                                          dance       etc.      which         drew
                                          enthusiastic     applause    from    the

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                 10
                     ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

audience. This showed that even if              PUSPUNI
people live in Bhubaneswar and                  The festival, Puspuni (full moonlit) is
Cuttack with extreme urbanization               celebrated on Pousa Purnima, a
they have not forgotten their roots             night unique to the Koshal region. It
and culture. This gave the ultimate             marks    the    completion    of   one
satisfaction to us as the main                  agricultural cycle. Based on an
objective       of    the     organisation.     agrarian economy, this festival has
Songs in praise of local heroes and             its religious overtone. The over
deities are the celebrated themes               jubilant mood of people gives a
focusing the cultural hoots.                    dimension      to    the   celebration.
                                                Aiming at the full moon, people
                                                start dancing to the tune of their
Chhadkhaii comes a day after
                                                echoing foot falls.        Villagers in
Kartika     Purnima         sacred     Hindu
                                                general so singing, beating drams
calendar month in Orissa. People,
                                                and playing music such festivals
mostly prefer vegetarian to non
                                                minimize rifts among the villagers.
vegetarian food. As the family
                                                Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan
members         are    bereft    of     non-
                                                celebrated this occasion on 7th
vegetarian food for the whole
                                                January 2007. During the occasion
month,         immediately       the     day
                                                traditional puja were held and
following        Kartika      Purnima      is
                                                community feast was organized.
celebrated as Chhadkhai a revelry
                                                More than 100 families participated
with non vegetarian items (mostly
                                                in this programme. Traditional song
mutton). In some villages, people
                                                and     dance       programmes     were
have      general      get-together       on
                                                organized on the occasion.
Chhadkhai. This festival upholds the
proverbial saying, if you do not
take non vegetarian, you may                    INSTALLATION CEREMONY
resort    to    rebirth     as   a     crane.   The new Governing Body took over
Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangatan                  the affairs of the organisation. So a
celebrates this with all its members            formal Installation Ceremony was
with usual enthusiasm and gaiety.               organised on 23rd October 2007 at

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                      11
                      ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

Bhubaneswar. This was also utilized                international         importance          were
to bring together all its members                  observed during the year.
and patrons to chalk out the future
plans. Cultural programmes were                          National        Youth        Day   (12th
held      on     the      occasion.         The            January)
installation           ceremony            was           Republic Day (26th January)
attended by all the new Governing                        International Women’s Day
Body Members along with the                                (8th March)
patrons        and     advisors     of      the          Utkal Divas (1st April)
organisation.                                            Independence             Day       (15th
                                                         Gandhi                Jayanti         (2nd
Western Orissa takes proud of its
illustrious    sons     daughters         those
have excelled different fields who
have contributed immensely for the
                                                   The year 2006-07 was an eventful
socio     economic            and       cultural
                                                   year for Paschim Orissa Agrani
growth of the region.               Paschim
                                                   Sangathan.       It    undertook          many
Orissa        Agrani     Sangathan         tries
                                                   meaningful programmes with view
remembering them in observing
                                                   to promoting the glorious tradition
their birth days (jayanti). During the
                                                   of    Western     Orissa.      In    spite    of
year      birthday       of     Gangadhar
                                                   achievements          we      encountered
Meher, the celebrated Oriya poet
                                                   certain difficulties. There have been
was     observed        followed with a
                                                   many hurdles on the path including
symposium on his literary out put.
                                                   that of resource constraint. It is
Similarly,      Western       Orissa      takes
                                                   decided        that    the     organisation
proud of giving birth to Vir Surendra
                                                   would     seek    financial         assistance
Sai, a relentless freedom fighter
                                                   from various Government and non
against         the       Britishers.       The
                                                   Governmental               sources            to
organisation reminisced him and his
                                                   implement certain the programmes
struggling       days.        Besides,      the
                                                   effectively.      However           we       are
following days of national and

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                                  12
               ANNUAL ACTIVITIES REPORT- 2006-07

determined     to     make       further   FINANCE
headway      tiding   over     all   the   The   income         and     expenditure
difficulties those come in between         statement for the Financial Year
with view to promoting the glorious        2006-07    of    the   organisation   is
tradition of Western Orissa.               clearly reflected in the financial
                                           statement       of   organisation   duly
                                           verified        by     the      Charted

Secretary General
Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan                                                  13
ing the glorious        2006-07    of    the   organisation   is
tradition of Western Orissa.               clearly reflected in the financial
                                           statement       of   organisation   duly
                                           verified        by     the      Charted

Secretary General
Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan

Paschim Orissa Agrani Sangathan

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