Minutes of Meeting 14th September 2010

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					Eurobodalla Dressage Club
Held on 14th September 2010
Air Raid Hotel, Moruya
Meeting opened at 6.00 pm

Attendance:       Ann Behringer, Di Georgeff, Sue Berry, Jayne Unterweger, Michele Hankins, Lisa Colbrook, Irene Adams, Megan Gandy

Apologies:        Fran Sanders, Vicki Evans, Alyson Hedges, Jeff Adams, Gerri Richard

 ITEM                                                                                                                       ACTION                    BY
    1. Matters arising from the Minutes of Previous Meeting
                  Re use of the showground in the event of bush fires – resend letter.                               Letter to Council               DiG
                  Exhibition weekend at Moruya Showground 25th and 26th September - DiG to contact a                    Showground
                   numbers of riders to ask if they are willing to put on a dressage display. Volunteers are              Exhibition                  DiG
                   asked to assist. If you are available that weekend, please contact Di Georgeff..
                  DiG to talk to Roydon Reid re costs of the PA system                                              Cost of PA System                DiG
                  DiG is still negotiating with Council for chains or gates to be placed on the yards, and we
                   will negotiate a donation towards the cost of these gates. DiG has a quote from Swan                                               DiG
                   Steel for this work, totalling $9,240.
                  Sponsorship program for our Championship Day is being formalised. Suggested name is
                   “Eurobodalla Toyota Dressage Championship”.
                  Information re bridle numbers be placed in the Newsletter. Also photos taken at our                    Newsletter              Di Walker
                   August competition be placed in both the Newsletter and on our website. HM to send out
                   emails to all members asking that photos taken that day be sent to Di Walker.
                  Christmas Party – to be discussed at the October Meeting.
                  Fund Raising – Megan Gandy offered to organise purchase of bulk chocolates being 10
                   boxes at $2.50 and 20 boxes at $1.20. Contact details be advised to Megan by HM.                      Fund raising               MG/HM

Page 1                                                       Eurobodalla Dressage Association      Minutes of General Meeting held on 14th September 2010
                   Showground cleanup for October – Di G to advise date so that HM can send out reminder               Showground                DiG/HM
                    email to all members.                                                                                 cleanup
                   Club Logo – still to be inserted in our newsletter and letter template.                                  Logo                 DW/HM

          Moved that the above be accepted.
          Moved:                      Ann Behringer
          Seconded:                   Sue Berry
     2. Correspondence
                   Email received from Liz Brantingham re Special Olympics fundraiser – Bay Players
                    production of the musical “Cabaret” to be held on 22nd October at Batemans Bay. Cost is
                    $25 per ticket. Anyone interested please contact Liz on 44 73 8376 before 8th October.
                   Details from Black Diamond Outdoor Supplies re “Instantly Hot Horse Showers”. Further
                    details contact Stephen Turner on 0438 242 873.
                   Letter for Kerri Riches re fund raising donations.

                Moved by Jayne Unterweger that Correspondence In and Out be accepted.

                Seconded:       Hetty Munda
                Carried         All

     3. Report from Treasurer
                Irene tabled a Statement of Income & Expenditure showing a balance for August showing a
                balance of $5,939.04.
                Moved by Hetty Munda that the Treasurer‟s Report be accepted:
                Seconded:       Megan Gandy
                Carried:        All

Page 2                                                         Eurobodalla Dressage Association   Minutes of General Meeting held on 14th September 2010
     4. General Business
                The Committee discussed the problem of riders presenting to judges late. All riders are
                 reminded that it is very important to present to the judge on time and in fact the EA
                 Dressage Rule states your draw time is the time that you should be entering the arena at
                 A, not the time you report to the judge. If every competitor is even two minutes late, the
                 time problem escalates. Riders are reminded that the full Dressage Rule Book is
                 available from the EA website but there is also a short précis of these rules on our
                 website under the heading of “Entry Forms”.

                Di Georgeff advised that judges have been finalised for our November championship.

                Committee decided that our championship would be run over two days, Saturday being
                 for Juniors and Ponies only. Sunday Open Events. The tests to be ridden are the same
                 as will be ridden at Shoalhaven Championship, being:

                 Junior & Ponies:
                 Prep 2, 3
                 Preliminary 1A, 1B, 1C
                 Novice 2A, 2B, 2C

                 Open Events:
                 Preparatory 2, 3
                 Preliminary 1C, 1D
                 Novice 2C, 2D
                 Elementary 3C, 3D
                 Medium 4B, 4C

                 It was also decided that no callers will be allowed on our Championship Days.

                Di Georgeff advised that KA Whyte had suffered a nasty horse fall. HM to send „get well‟                   Card                    HM

                Michele Hankins requested an invoice on Toyota for $1,000 covering sponsorship on our                Toyota Invoice                HM
                 Championship Weekend. Hetty to create and send to Michele.

                Sue Berry requested that Michele H email her the Toyota Logo for inclusion on our

Page 3                                                     Eurobodalla Dressage Association      Minutes of General Meeting held on 14th September 2010
                Advertising details from Toyota to be placed on our Newsletter. Michele to send to Di               Advertising              MH/DW
                 Walker for inclusion.

                Committee discussed Young Rider sponsorship. This to be discussed early 2011.

                Committee has decided to hold an extra meeting approximately two weeks before the
                 Championship weekend, to finalise details.

          Moved by Sue Berry that General Business be accepted.

          Seconded:               Hetty Munda

          Carried                 All

     5. Next Meeting
          Next Meeting to be held at the Air Raid Tavern on Tuesday 12th October commencing 6.00 pm
          Meeting Closed at 7.20 pm

Page 4                                                    Eurobodalla Dressage Association    Minutes of General Meeting held on 14th September 2010